The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger Book Two

The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger

Book Two

Script by Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2015



Mal / Loll: Same person

Larry-Gang member

Lenny-Gang member

Rennie-Gang member

Andy-Gang member

Hank: Hotel owner-underworld boss

The Ringer-underworld boss-second gang leader

Frenchie-Second gang member

M.I.B. Agents

 Please be aware that this is part two of an ongoing script; to get the full story please read book one first. Please be aware that this script has adult content.

Mal and Loll is the same person; born in a man’s body, but always struggling to accept things as they are. Mal pushes herself to the fore and Loll has to take second place in a life of manic schizophrenia and bizarre circumstances. Mal gets cancer but decides to fight to the bitter end with anybody and anything which stands in the way of her pleasure; trouble is it’s not the end but the beginning.


Scene one- Hotel

Loll: OK, Mal, here we are again in a crappy hotel, in a crappy out of the way shithole of a town because you decided to get rid of any identification and also your passport.

Mal: You couldn’t find your passport, also!

Loll: It was inside yours!

Mal: Never mind. We have enough money here to last me…us, I mean. (Mal sits down and starts to cry)

Loll: I’m sorry, baby; I never meant to make you sad. We don’t need the papers, we don’t even need to go to Canada, and we can get all we need here but please let us move to a better hotel.

Mal: Yes Loll, I know you don’t like these places but I do, I like to meet real characters.

Loll: The last real character nearly killed you.

Mal: I know but you came through like a knight in shining armor.

Loll: We can’t go back to Buffalo that’s for certain.

Mal: I don’t see why not, Hank wouldn’t dream of trying to get us.

Loll: No but someone else might.

Mall: You mean he might hire someone to kill us?

Loll: Yes, we need to put the tapes and other evidence in a safe place.

Mal: We will do it tomorrow; we will also buy a car and head west. We can also get counterfeit passports now we have money so cheer up Loll, we are free and clear.

Loll: I’m sorry for being a grouch, Mal, but I love you and want the best for you.

Mal: I know, honey, please relax and get ready to have a swinging time; I am going to dress up in my new duds.

Loll: I suppose I have to escort you?

Mal: Of course, how could I feel safe without you? (There is a knock at the door) Mal feels her senses tingle, she knows something is wrong.

Loll: (putting his finger to his mouth and whispering to Mal)

I’ll look through the peephole,

Mal: (pulls out her gun with silencer and hides it behind her back)

Loll: (sees two men with raincoats on and police badges on their coats)

(Whispering) Theirs something wrong here, Mal, I can feel it.

Mal: Yes, I know, what are we going to do?

Man at door:

We know you are in there, open the door or we will use force.

Loll: They are pulling out machine guns from under their coats! Let us get out of the window.

Mal: (whispering)

These aren’t cops; don’t go near the window, Loll, it’s probably covered by a hit man.

We will have to take them on as they come in. Get behind the door.

First man: (tries the lock then it splinters inwards as he shoulders the door, he doesn’t come in but waits at the side)

Second man: (runs in and throws himself on the floor while bringing the semi-automatic silenced Uzi machine pistol around in a sweeping motion.  Mal shoots him where he lies)

First man: (shoots through the door but Mal is now flat against the wall; she sees him through the crack in the door and shoots through it, he crumples in a heap.)

Loll: (looks out but sees no one in the passage way, he drags the First man in and closes the door.)

Mal: Good work Loll, nobody heard anything because they had silencers on but someone might have heard the door being broke in, we’ll get dressed in your old clothes and we will be out of here in a few minutes.)

Loll: Mal, this guy is still alive!

Mal: (brings her weapon up to his forehead)

You can die here quickly now, or you can live and tell us who sent you.

First man: I don’t know exactly but I do know it is someone connected with the hotel business in Buffalo.

Mal: How do you know that?

First man: I make it my business to know.

Mal: Do not tell the police anything, and I will let you live, is that understood?

First man: I know when to keep quiet, lady.

Mal: You are not in danger of dying but it is serious, your friend over there is past caring.  (Mal/ Loll dress in old clothes and take what small possessions they have and walk out and down the back stairs and into the back alley, they then walk out into the main road and catch a taxi to the shopping mall)


Scene two- Shopping Mall

Loll: We will have to lie low for a while, Mal.

Mal: That is what Hank wants, he means to kill us so what do we do?

Loll: How did he find us? We did everything right to avoid him and his cronies.

Mal: What matters is what are we going to do about him?


We should send the tapes and everything else to the police.

Mal: Use your head, Loll, he will be crapping bricks now he knows we are safe. I vote we ring him up and make him squirm.

Loll: What?

Mal: Yeah, he must be two shakes away from a quadruple heart bypass already. Give me the info from his wallet and I will make him rue the day he met us.

Loll: OK, but be careful, you can use that phone over there it’s secluded and I can see it’s not used very often.

Mal: OK, Loll; keep watch while I get fired up for Mr. Pervert.

Mal: (on phone) Hank, is that you?

Hank: Who is this?

Mal: I once said I was your worst nightmare, is that still the case?

Hank: Holy, Jesus.

Mal: You don’t mean that, if you believed in Jesus you wouldn’t have done all those terrible things, now, would you?

Hank: What the hell do you want?

Mal: I want to know why you sent two hit men after us.

Hank: I didn’t.

Mal: Don’t beat around the bush, you piece of shit. Either you recompense me for all the agro or I will bundle these tapes up with all the other evidence which we have duplicated and I will send it to the FBI.

Hank: OK, I was sore at you. What do you want?

Mal: I want money and lots of it.

Hank: OK, how do we go about it?

Mal: I will phone you later, don’t try any tricks as the tapes are with a true friend and if they don’t hear from me every three days they will post the tapes, is that understood?

Hank: Yes, I wish I had never set eyes on you.

Mal: I bet you do, but you are the bad guy here not me, all I wanted was to be cosseted for a few hours and you had to try and kill me.

Hank: I’m sorry, I really am. My doctor says I may not be able to walk again.

Mal: Blame yourself. My husband would have killed you.

Hank: Please tell me what you want and let’s get it over with.

Mal: Oh, no, you are going to stew for a while. Bye for now. (Mal puts phone down)

Loll: Who are we to leave the tapes with, Mal.?

Mal: My cousin Dolly, she is as scared of me as though I am the Devil. I will bundle it all up and put in a note that if she touches the tapes or any documents, I will give her a visit. I will also put in a thousand dollars and the promise of another thousand later.

Loll: I remember her; she literally shits herself whenever you are near her.

Mal: I will address it to the FBI and send the whole thing to Dolly; she will treat it like a bomb.

Let’s relax a minute and I’ll read my new poem to you, Loll, I know you like them.

Loll: They are funny, Mal.

Mal: It’s called ‘Be a Man’…



Be a Man

You have to be a man’s man in this crazy world.

If someone takes a liberty what should you do?

Some people would fight and some would back down,

Stinky MacFarlane was my mate; he was a bit of a clown.

I won’t say he was a coward but some people would.

I saw him knock seven bells out of Bruiser Howells.

But Stinky’s trouble was he had loose bowels.

Time and again he would come out on top

but more often than not he had to stop.

He was fighting a guy called Danny Flynn

when he suddenly stopped and broke wind.

The people around started to laugh

but Stinky took offense and punched some guy.

The crowd started to fight, Stinky wanted a shite

then he let out a fart so loud; it was heard in St Giles

It traveled for miles; people thought it was a wonder.

He was offered a job as a lighthouse keeper just to get him out of the way.

But Stinky wouldn’t go without his partner; I didn’t know he was gay.

Nobody wanted to be near him but his beloved Malcolm.

They started a shop in a remote part of town selling fancy goods.

Then suddenly sold up, Malcolm said it was upsetting

But he couldn’t stand the stink.

How could he possibly live with a person who could fart for his country?

I told Stinky to seek a job onstage where he could earn a decent wage.

He got a job at the local theater.

He took to it like a duck to water but there was trouble in store.

He fitted a pipe up his bottom to control the flow of gas.

The trouble was he couldn’t control the excess of shit he passed.

He wanted to make musical sounds.

But he sprayed the audience with enough crap to float the Queen Mary.

He didn’t know it was his fate to face so much shit and hate.

Thomas Crank took offence and climbed up onstage.

He hit Stinky between the eyes but to his surprise

Stinky leveled his pipe and sprayed him with shite

That was enough for the people, they walked out in disgust

at the mess and the pus leaving Stinky all alone.

I decided to follow what else could I do?

Stinky pointed his pipe and shouted with might

This is your fault Jim Magill!

If you hadn’t told me to perform onstage I wouldn’t be here.

I said you didn’t need to stick a pipe up your arse

You could have been a singer.

He said well now I’m a laughing stock and gave me the finger.

I was about to go up and give him what for

when he pointed his pipe at me.

I said don’t you dare point that thing at me

I’ll have the law on you.

He started to laugh and said

Can you not see I’m a Superhero now?

I said how can you be?

You do nothing but shite.

He was about to give me a dose with rage

when someone came from backstage

and blasted Stinky with a shotgun.

I looked on with dread as Stinky was pronounced dead.

They put a plaque up in the theatre which said:

‘This is the spot where Stinky Macfarlane was shot.

Rest in peace Stinky, you were a man.

It wasn’t your fault you had loose bowels.


Loll: I love it Mal, they just keep getting better.

Mal: Thank you, Loll, come on, we’ll start off. I want to put this whole bloody episode behind us and have some fun.

Scene three- Car

Mal/ Loll start to walk out to find a taxi when a big black car pulls up and the back window winds down.

Man in car: (pointing a gun) Get in and don’t act nervous.

Mall: What is this?

Man in car: Shut up and relax, I want to put a proposal to you.

Mall: I am waiting for my husband.

Man in car: I know who you are and I know your husband, so let’s not mess around. I want you to consider what I say, and I also want the bag with the evidence from your meeting with Hank.

Mall: (starting to look serious)

Man in car: Relax, we are not in his pay, we are people who want him to suffer, he has committed many crimes and we simply want him to pay.

Mal: Thank God! I thought you were his men.

Man in car: We liked what you did and we want you to consider doing it again to some other dirt bags who think they can get away with their crimes.

Mal: The trouble is my time is sort of limited.

Man in car: We know all about it. We don’t want to pressure you and you can keep the money you got from him, but if you did work for us you would be helping many people to get even with some very evil low-life characters who think they are above the law.

Mal: I will think about it. My husband will try to talk me out of it but I am certainly tempted by it.

Man in car: We will be nearby when you start any job but there is always a risk of danger.

Mal: I have lived in danger most of my life, I sort of like it.

Man in car: That’s why we want you.

Mal: I suppose I can’t ask who ‘we’ are.

Man in car: (looks at Mal and says) Just call us the M.I.B. We will collect the bag with the evidence now, bring it to the elevator where I will be waiting, and we will contact you later, take this phone, it is a secure network.

Scene four- Hotel

Mal: (at the hotel later) Well, Loll, it looks like we are working for the M.I.B.

Loll: I don’t like it, but what can we do?

Mal: The more I think about it the more I like it.

Loll: I knew you would say that.

Mal: Look, Loll, we have protection, money, and excitement. I feel like a female James Bond.


And who am I?

Mal: You are my protector, and we don’t need to worry about Hank any more. We need to tool-up though; I’ll dig out my knuckle duster and my old friend flicker the flick knife, one can’t be too careful, eh, Loll.

Loll: I’m worried, Mal. I feel we are getting into something which will bring us bad luck.

Mal: Luck is what you make it, I always say. Remember John Wayne in his last film ‘The Shootist’ Lol, he didn’t want to waste away, he went out with a bang and that’s what I intend to do. To hell with these scumbags who think they can get away with murder. I am going to make them pay. Are you with me Loll?

Loll: (looking serious) Yes, Mal, I am with you, I can’t get away from you even if I wanted to. We are together till the end like another of my favorite films ‘From here to Eternity’.

Mal: Yes, Loll, just me and you till the end. Cheer up Loll, let’s go out to dinner, I feel hungry just thinking about what we have to do has fired me up.

Two days later Mal gets a call from the M.I.B. agent.

Agent One: Are you willing to work for us?

Mal: Yes, although my husband is a little apprehensive.

Agent One: It is understandable, I know, but we feel you can handle it.

Mal: OK, what do I do?

Agent One: Go to the corner of fifth street and Main and act like a prostitute, you will be approached by a person called Frenchie, he will hustle you and threaten you but stand your ground, punch him and don’t back down, they will like your style, and you will be taken to a man called The Ringer, he will tell you to join their team or die. Do what you have to do and do it properly. There is an item of importance which we need to acquire from The Ringer; it is a key which he always has with him, it may be in a money belt or in some pocket, make sure you get it, also get their wallets and credentials, you can keep the money but give me the rest. Is everything clear?

Mal: Yes, I feel excited.

Agent One:  (No answer and ends call.)

Mal: Right, let me tart myself up, I’m already a little tarted up but you know me, Loll, extra tart is extra smart, eh?

Loll: I suppose I have to take second place again, but by God I’ll have my revenge if they hurt you, Mal.

Mal: Thank you, Loll, let’s go.

Scene five-Corner of Fifth Street and Main

Mal: (walking up and down and acting like a tart)

Teenager walks up to Mal and looks nervous.

Mal: What is it, sweetie?

Teenager: I was wondering…

Mal: What?

Teenager: How much do you charge?

Mal: For you, honey, I would do it for free but I’m expecting someone, go home and get a girlfriend.

Teenager: I have but she won’t do it.

Mal: Buy her some flowers and chocolates and say I’m sorry but I can’t go on without having you and walk away. She will call you back, now skedaddle.

Ten minutes later Mal is approached by Frenchie, who is a small man but is stocky with weight training and steroids.)

Frenchie: (looks at Mal and scowls) What the fuck are you doing?

Mal: You look in need of some serious stress removal. Do you want a quick blowjob or a simple hand job?

Frenchie: You better get the fuck away from here or I will personally move you.

Mal: I didn’t know you owned Main Street.

Frenchie: (walks up to Mal and tries to put her arm around her back)

Mal: Grabs him by the wrist and punches him in the face breaking his two front teeth.


Shit, you whore; I’ll kill you for that.

Mal: You better get some training in then, sweetheart.

Frenchie goes away to report to The Ringer. The M.I.B. car is sat across the street with blacked out windows its occupants observing with binoculars.

Agent one: (To his colleague) This Mal person is good; she or he doesn’t scare very easily, that’s for sure.

Agent two:

She could finish up dead.

Agent one: She isn’t that bothered, her time is limited with the cancer anyway.

Agent two: The poor bastard.

Twenty minutes later a car pulls up, the back door opens and Frenchie is sat there holding a gun. Mal is told to get in. They drive to an industrial estate on the outskirts of town where they are let into one of the units.

Scene six-Industrial unit

Mal: What is this?

Frenchie: You’ll find out in a short time, whore-bag.

Mal: My, you are a little scumbag, aren’t you?

Frenchie: You will be nothing but pig meat tomorrow.

Mal: As long as I don’t have to listen to you and your stupid little mouth; you silly little boy.

The Ringer is listening to the talk in a side room, he enters.

The Ringer: (A big man with large belly and ego)

What have we here, then?

Mal: I am a working girl who is just trying to make a living.

The Ringer: You are new here or you would know that this is my territory and no one hustles in on it.

Mal: So, what do we do?

Frenchie:  Let me cut her fucking head off, boss.

The Ringer: Shut your fucking mouth, I can see her handiwork there; you can’t even handle one old tart.

The Ringer gives a sign to the other three men to come out of the side room. There are five men now facing Mal, but another man has crept up behind Mal from the front door and grabs Mal by the arms.

The Ringer: Well, what is it to be? You can work for me, or you can die.

Mal: I’m afraid you will have to kill me, I have never been any good at working for people, I don’t like to take orders, you see? (Mal puts her head down in a sign of despair.)

All the people in the room are stood looking around in silence as Mal suddenly brings her head back with a crack as it connects with the face of the person at Mal’s back, he lets go of Mal and she grabs her gun, she ducks down as one of the bodyguards shoots. The man stood at the rear of Mal is shot in the stomach; he collapses over Mal and Mal jumps behind the car and lies down. The other men prepare to fire. Mal can see their legs and decides to shoot them. She hits one leg each from two people, they collapse and Mal shoots them again as they hit the floor and she slides beneath the car. Frenchie tries to run to the front door and Mal shoots him in the side. The Ringer doesn’t feel the need to carry a gun so he has gone into his office and is now searching for it. Mal knows there are two men left to deal with. Mal also knows that one is hiding behind a crate on her left and the other has run up the steps to the upper storeroom. The man from the upper storeroom fires his machine pistol into the car in an attempt to get Mal but the car is armored and protects her. Mal grabs one of the guns that the men on the floor dropped and shoots at the crate. The man screams out in agony and collapses. The Ringer has now found his gun and shoots through the thin office wall at where he thinks Mal is hiding. Two bullets hit the bumper at the side of Mal’s head. Mal fires back and The Ringer screams out but is still alive. Mal knows that one man is still a threat. She checks the ammunition in the machine pistol and smiles as there are plenty of rounds left.

Mal: (whispering)

Loll, we are doing well, excitement and protection, we just need a little patience to finish this off.

Loll: Take it easy, baby, just wait a little, Mr. Big will crumple in a short while.

Mal: Yes, Loll, I hit him but I can hear him groaning. I’m going to try something, Loll.

Mal jumps up and pulls open the car door. The man on the balcony fires but the car is bullet proof and again saves Mal.

Mal pops up from the car door and fires three rounds and hits the man and he falls dead. Mal gets into the car and starts it up; she then drives it through the office wall and over The Ringers legs.

Mal/Loll: (gets out of the car and looks down on The Ringer)

The Ringer: (In pain and screaming.) Who the hell are you, lady?

Mal: I couldn’t have done it without my husband.

The Ringer: There’s no one here but you!

Mal: Just because you can’t see him doesn’t mean he’s not there.

Mal hears a noise behind her and swings around to see Frenchie on his knees holding his stomach and about to shoot.

Mal shoots him in the face and turns around to see The Ringer trying to lift his gun; Mal shoots him in the head.

Loll goes around checking if everyone is dead and then makes sure they are.

Mal collects all the wallets and credentials and then searches The Ringer to get the key which she finds in a money belt as the agent said. Mal/Loll backs the car out and shut the doors. They drive slowly away as sirens are heard approaching the area. They dump the car near the city center after wiping away all fingerprints, although she knows she is protected. Mal / Loll take a taxi to their hotel.

Scene seven-Hotel

Mal: Well, Loll, we pulled it off.

Loll: I’m surprised how easy it was.

Mal: These so-called hard men are usually so confident in their ability to rule the roost that they let their guards down.

In fact they are like the new poem I have, would you like to hear it, loll?

Loll: Of course, you know I love them, Mal:

It is called The Body.


The Body

Jerry Gunn walked in to the gym as normal.

Why did he have to be so formal?

I guess he thinks he is bigger and better than us.

Posing in the mirror and making such a fuss.

I wouldn’t care if he did it without the drugs.

But we all know about it, he thinks we are mugs.

I remember the time he dropped a dumbbell on his foot.

I laughed so much I thought I was going to bust a gut.

Jerry came over with a snarl and said he would break my head.

I just laughed and replied at least I don’t lie.

He said what do you mean?

I said we all know you’re on the game, do you think we are lame?

He pushed me to the wall so I kneed him in the balls.

My buddy came over to gloat; Jerry grabbed him by the throat.

They looked such a site as they started to fight.

My buddy kicked him in the crutch Jerry heaved so much.

He went down on one knee he said he needed to pee.

I said OK, that’s it, do you want to quit?

He said yes but let us shake hands first.

I said fine by me this is an OK guy but really it was a lie.

As I turned my back I heard a crack as he smashed my buddies face in.

I said you bloody big shit bag I’ll cave your head in, you slag.

He said I didn’t shake hands with him; he is one guy I can’t stand in this gym.

I said that’s my best buddy and you are now so cruddy that I will take you apart.

He said that will be the day.

I said yes and you’re gay, I knew that would surprise him.

He said you bloody little arse wipe I’ll stuff you in the drain pipe.

He came at me with a barbell bar; I knew I had to be quicker by far.

My buddy woke up and swung his foot right underneath Jerries’ scrotum.

Jerry gave such a cry I thought he would die then he crumpled in a pile on the floor.


That’s brilliant, Mal, how do you do it?


I suppose it’s a gift. (Phone rings Mal answers it.)

Agent one: Well done, we will collect the wallets and credentials from you in five minutes. (Call ends.)

Mal: Well, that was short and sweet, Loll.

Loll: Yes, Mal, I must admit that now we are working for someone I feel more energetic and fired-up; I feel we could take on the whole world, Mal.

Mal: That’s the ticket, Loll, to hell with all the scumbags who prey on people who are weak. I feel like Charles Bronson in Death Wish.

(Five minutes later there is a knock at the door)

Mal: (looks through the peephole to see the agents there, she opens the door and lets them in.)

Agent one: You did well. Did you manage to get the key?

Mal: Yes, here it is.

Agent One: (Looking at Mal’s legs.) Good work, give me the credentials now. By the way, you have very nice legs.

Mal: Don’t let my husband know, he gets jealous.

Agent One: (Smiles) You can take it easy for a few weeks. Here’s the money from their wallets, over $17000, not bad, eh? We will be in touch later. (He winks at Mal as he leaves.)

Mal: Bye, dear.

Loll: He’s got some nerve, winking at you.

Mal: I can tell he likes me.

Loll: Well he will have to climb over me to get to you.

Mal: Relax, Loll. It’s only sex.

Loll: Why are you teasing me?

Mal: I’m sorry, Loll, but I feel I have to exert myself. You are so soft hearted that I sometimes feel stifled. I want to scream out to the world that I am here, and I’m going to grab my share of pleasure.

Loll: Please Mal…

Mal: Hush, Loll. Remember when I told you about that ex-boyfriend of mine who wanted me to massage him with nettles?

Loll: Yes, he must have been crazy.

Mal: It used to excite him. People are different. Some people like pain. I like pain to a certain extent.

Loll: I know. I have to pretend to like it when you start to relate some of your stories, but I hate it really. I’m sorry if I have upset you, Mal, but I love you.

Mal: You sweet, ever loving, good looking, simple, old fart.

Loll: (Looking down and beginning to get emotional.)

Mal: I’m going to read you a poem I wrote last night, Loll, it is a different poem from the usual trash I write. I am starting to realize that I only have a short time left on this trash can of a world and so I need to get to grips with whatever it is that runs this universe. It is called …     Why do I worry?



Why do I worry so?

Is it my mind that punishes me as soul?

Why can’t I realize and simply live,

Do I have to be a do-gooder and forever give?

I want the whole world to grasp the simple truth that everyone is soul, but they need proof.


Loll: I must admit, Mal, you are a puzzle, but I love you, and I will stand by you until the end.

Mal: (Starts to cry)

Loll: (Holds himself.)


To be continued in The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger Book Three.

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The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger Book One


The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger

Book One

Script by Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2015


Mal / Loll: Same person

Larry: Gang member

Lenny: Gang member

Rennie Gang member

Andy Gang member

Hank: Hotel owner

Please be aware that this is part one of an ongoing script and has adult content


Mal and Loll is the same person; born in a man’s body, but always struggling to accept things as they are. Mal pushes herself to the fore and Loll has to take second place in a life of manic schizophrenia and bizarre circumstances. Mal gets cancer but decides to fight to the bitter end with anybody and anything which stands in the way of her pleasure; trouble is it’s not the end but the beginning.

Scene 1: Death in the alley

‘Loll: Mal, will you please go easy with that drink. Please put the bottle away. You know you can’t take hard liquor and we are in a public place.

Mal: I can take anything you can take.

Loll: You are 49 years old! Will you please act it?

Mal: I will do as I please. I am sick and tired of you trying to improve my manners, if people don’t want to know me, well, to hell with them.

Loll: I am just trying to look out for you, you know I love you.

Mal; I know, Loll, but will you please let me have my fun. I am not getting any younger and I want to wring every ounce of life out of what I have left.

Loll: The doctor said that you are supposed to take it easy; the cancer that you have will only get worse if you carry on this way.

Mal: To hell with the doctor, I know what’s best for me, I feel good when I have my booze; I always could take it, you know that.

Loll: I know, Mal, but I am worried for you.

Mal: You are the sweetest and the most caring person I know, Loll, and I love you for it, but let me have this last fling. I love drink, I love men, I love partying and I love you. You wanted me from the first moment we met. Do you remember, Loll?’

Loll: I remember; we were thrown together at the Bottle Mart store. I was nicking strong ale and you were shoplifting vodka, ha, remember the face of the young clerk when you put the soda water on the counter, and you were struggling to keep two bottles of vodka from falling out of your bra.

(Young man walks by.)

Mal:  Good times Loll. Hey, doll face, do you want a blow-job?

Loll: Please, Mal, don’t start your shenanigans.

Mal: Shut up, Loll, I am trying to get us some money.

Larry: Are you talking to me, lady?’

Mal: Yes, what are you looking at me like that for?

Larry: I want to make sure that you’re a woman.

Mal: You shit faced bastard. I’ve a good mind to slap you one.

Larry: You try that, lady and I will break your neck.

Mal: Piss off, you little punk.

Larry: I tell you what, why don’t you give my dog a blow job, and I will put it on you tube.

Loll: Let’s go Mal; this is not a nice neighborhood.

Larry: What’s this? Are you talking to yourself? You are one sad case, lady. Get help; go to the hospital, climb to the roof and throw yourself off, ha, ha.

Loll: He’s going, Mal, let’s get out of here.

Mal: I’m going to get even with that bastard.

Loll: Please, Mal, he is just another nobody that you seem to be attracted to.

Mal: I am attracted to men, yes. I am not attracted to people who give me abuse. Look, he’s going into that bar over there. I’m going to follow him and demand an apology.

Loll: Please, Mal, don’t do this. You know the trouble we had in Oklahoma.

Mal: Loll, you are so nervous now, what’s the matter? You used to be a lion. I can remember when you could beat the shit out of people like him. What’s changed?

Loll: I only want to protect you. You are ill, Mal, don’t forget?

Mal: Forget the Illness, I am living now, and by God, I will have my pleasure. Look, Loll, he’s over there with that group of kids.

Loll: I want nothing to do with this, Mal, I have told you what I want, but you are, once again, going your way.

Mal: That’s like a song, or movie, Loll. Remember the film? ‘Going my way’; how wonderful it was. Bing Crosby was the tops then. Life is certainly weird and wonderful isn’t it, Loll? He was the tops then and now it is my turn. Come on, loll, and let’s start a little trouble. Hey you, shit face.

Larry: Well, if it isn’t the Drag Queen?

Mal: I want an apology off you.

Larry: OK, then, here it is. I’m sorry you are a feeble excuse for a woman. I’m also sorry that you didn’t commit suicide last night then I wouldn’t have this conversation.

Mal: You little swine, I ought to kick you in the balls.

Larry; Here I am lady, let me see you try.

Mal: Come outside and I will.

Larry: Well, lady, here we are.

Mal: So we are, and here it is.

Larry: Oh, you fucking whore, I will kill you for that.

Mal: You will have to catch me first, shit face.

Loll: Quick, Mal, let’s get out of here, we don’t want the law here, you know we can’t get mixed up with them again.

Mal: I am enjoying myself, but I can’t run so quickly these days.

Loll: What are you running down this alleyway for? His friends will follow us.

Mal: I want them to.

Loll: Please, Mal, not that.

Mal: If they want to play, let them. I am not someone to back away from a fight, you know that.

Loll: Dear God, please no, Mal.

Lenny: Here she is, Larry, I said she must be nuts for running into this alley. We can rape the shit out of her and then dump her in the river.’

Larry: You can rape the shit out of her you mean; I wouldn’t touch her with your dick, Lenny. I will cut her tits off though, that will be a good start eh?

Mal: You boys seem to be angry for some reason? Can you not just leave this as it is? It was a fair fight after all.

Larry: No-can-do, lady, you have to be dealt with properly. We are the Danger-Boys and this is our area, see, nobody can come here and start trouble; not even the Mince-Kids from twelfth street, let alone a scruffy disease ridden scum-bag like you.

Mal: I don’t know why I like coming to places like this, Loll. I suppose it is the excitement of it all.

Larry: Who are you talking to, lady? Are you nuts?

Mal: I am talking to my husband and he is going to teach you a lesson.

Loll: Please, Mal, let’s just get it over with.

Larry: OK, enough of this shit. Rennie, Duke, hold her down and gag her, and I will cut her tits off.

Mal: Come near me and I will kill you, be warned.

Loll: Please Mal, not again.

Mal: Hush, Loll, they are asking for it, so I will oblige them.

Larry: Yeah, lady, how are you going to oblige us?

Mal: Come here and find out, shit face.

Andy: What’s she doing? I think she’s is a total nutter, Larry, maybe we better just leave her.

Larry: Are you getting scared, Andy?’

Andy: No, but look at her, she is dancing around in a circle and singing as though she didn’t care!’


Mal: One two buckle my shoe. Three four knock at the door.

Loll: Please Mal, let’s hurry it up.

Mal: No, I want to enjoy it. Five six pickup sticks.

Loll: Watch it, Mal, here he comes.

Mal: A turn to the right, a turn to the left, one dead, two dead, all get red.

They’re starting to run, they have no gun, and I hope to God they have no sons.

Three dead, four dead, five dead, six dead, seven dead with lead in the head.

Now, that was easy, loll; you see how you were worried about nothing.

Loll: Put the gun away while I pick up the empty cases, we don’t want the police getting any evidence.

Mal: I must admit you picked a good place to hide my walther, right here in my bra, and I can also fit the silencer in there.

Loll: OK, Mal, let’s get out of here.

Mal: Right you are Loll, what now? Do you want to go to Niagara Falls? It is lovely at this time of year.

Loll: We have to lie low for a bit. OK, Mal, we can travel easy now, these bums had some serious money on them.

‘That’s the spirit Loll, screw these no-hopers. All he had to say was sorry.

Loll: You’re right, Mal, I am getting too soft. Screw these scum bags.

Mal: We’ll pick up our bags from the motel and off we go just you and me, Loll.

Loll: Yeah, just you and me, Mal, same as always, we can take on the world!


Scene two: Saddle Bum bar


Mal: Well, Loll, here we are in another shit hole of a motel. What say you to going out for a little dinner, just you and me?

Loll: Hey, look at this in the paper, Mal; the police are baffled by the deaths of seven members of a local gang who were shot in an alley in a suburb of Chicago, we were in the same place!

Mal: I wonder who did it, loll.

Loll: The police say it was probably a rival gang.

Loll: What is this world coming to Mal?

Mal: I know, ha, ha. Screw them all, Loll, let’s buy a car and cruise up to Canada, but first let’s get some food, but  first I want you to listen to a poem I wrote, it is entitled ‘Our Leader’



Our Leader

I want to pay tribute to our beloved leader.

It wasn’t his fault that he was bit by a beaver.

He got ill with the pox and couldn’t function

He didn’t know the difference from the toilet to a luncheon.

He got out one day and headed for the town it was enough to make his family frown.

He only got as far as the local bar where he managed to meet striptease star.

He was so taken with her that he tried to touch her long hair.

Her boyfriend came over and didn’t recognize our leader, and then he grabbed him by the balls. Our leader cried out, people started to shout, that’s our leader don’ let him fall.

Her boyfriend let go, our leader fell low and collapsed in a pile on the floor.

Give him some air and get him a chair said the people who stood above him.

I’ll be alright said our leader in falsetto voice, maybe I made the wrong choice, I should have grabbed her soft bits instead of her long bits then I wouldn’t feel so bad.

The girl bent over to help our leader she had a lovely smile, our leader saw her cleavage and couldn’t get his leverage he had to tweak her bits.

Her boyfriend saw this came over with a hiss a knocked our leaders teeth in.

It was our leader’s fate to swallow his plate. Our leader now is legend.

Our leader is gone but not forgotten like her boyfriend who feels so rotten.

He is now in jail awaiting his bail but maybe he will be acquitted.

But he should have recognized our leader and been quick witted.

They should put a plaque up in the bar to say…

Our leader was a man of the people, he wouldn’t quit.

He only wanted to feel her soft bits.


Loll: I love it Mal, it is so thoughtful and emotional.

Mal: Thank you, Loll, I try to put feeling into it, maybe I should try to publish it?

Loll: I wouldn’t bother just yet, Mal. Why don’t you wait until you… get better?

Mal: You know I won’t get better, Loll.

Loll: Miracles happen, Mal.

Mal: You sweet guy, the thing I feel most sad about is leaving you, Loll.

Loll: I won’t be able to live without you, Mal.

Mal: Don’t be silly, Loll. You will find someone to love you again.

Loll: No, Mal, you are the only woman I have ever wanted. I used to look in the mirror and see your face, Mal; I don’t know if I ever told you that before?

Mal: You sweet, sweet guy, come on Loll, let’s go to the Mall and do some shoplifting.

Loll: Please Mal, not now.

Mal: I’m only joking, loll, we can afford lunch now, yes?

Loll: Yes, Mal, anything you fancy.

Mal: OK, Loll, we are here in the Saddle Bum bar, let’s order beer and ribs.

Loll: Why did you want to come here? This is a crappy place to eat, I wanted us to dine well for once, and not be bothered by bums.

Mal: Relax, Loll, I like these places, the people are real characters, not like Dean Westwell, remember him? He said he wanted to give me some of his stock, I went with him to his office and as soon as the door was shut he tried to drug me with his champagne. I was sure glad you followed us in there Loll; you broke his arm as he tried to get my pants off.

Loll: I knew he was keen on you, Mal, I saw the way he ogled your legs as you sat down.

Mal: You’re my knight in shining denim, Loll. (Old man walks up)

Hank: Are you new here, honey? I haven’t seen you around before.

Mal: I’m with my husband.

Hank: Where is he? Or are you trying to be hard to get?

Mal: He’s around; he always turns up when I need him.

Hank: Well, if he doesn’t turn up I will be pleased to escort you wherever you want to go.

Mal: That’s sweet, thank you.

Hank: It’s not often we see a real lady here.

Mal: I like these sorts of places, they excite me.

Hank: I know lots of exciting places and people.

Mal: I bet you do, what’s your name?

Hank: Henry, what’s yours?

Mal: Mal, its short for Marylyn.

Hank: Wow, I like it, and you can call me Hank, if you like, its short for Henry. Would you like some ribs and beer?

Mal: I’m expecting my husband any time, but if he doesn’t show up after I come back from the ladies room, I’ll certainly have a bite or two with you. (Mal/ Loll go to the toilet)

Loll: Mal, what are you trying to do? This guy is old enough to be your father.

Mal: I am trying to be courteous, he likes me, I can see that and he wants to pay.

Loll: He wants to get your pants off, I can see that.

Mal: You can be very gloomy sometimes, Loll.

Loll: I want to protect you, but you make it so hard, OK, I will let you have your little fling; just make sure you use protection.

Mal: What’s the point, I ’m dying anyway.

Loll: The point is I want you to be safe.

Mal: Thank you, Loll, but I can take care of myself, although I want you to be near; promise me you will be?

Loll: Of course I will; we are like Siamese twins.

Mal: I wrote another poem last night, would you like to hear it, Loll?

Loll: Yes, Mal, you are so talented.

Mal: It’s called Mutant Army.




Mutant Army

I remember all my friends from the Rebel Army but most of them were filthy and barmy.

How can you live with people who think that being a rebel you have to stink?

My killer robot is my best friend he saved my life at Newton’s bend.

The Mutant army was camped in a dell I rolled a barrel bomb down and sent them to hell.

Why do they still function when they are blown to bits?

It’s enough to send me to the pits.

It’s unnerving seeing a severed head trying to talk or a single leg hopping and trying to walk.

Stinky McKenzie knew what was what he would pick up the bits and put them in a pot.

The other people in our crew didn’t have a clue what was in the stew.

Laurie Dingle was one of our mates she was married to a guy called Luke.

She didn’t know what the stew contained, when we told her boy did she puke.

She would let the boys have their way with her, sometimes all at once.

Mutants caught them at it one day they saved Dingle but blew the boys away.

I was upwind having a crap when I heard the scrap but there was nothing I could do.

When I got back the whole place was black with bits of my friends on trees;

What could I do but sit down and scratch I just couldn’t get rid of the fleas.

All the boys were scattered around like confetti at a wedding.

But first things first the fleas had to go I had to get rid of my bedding.

I stripped down to bathe in the river so mucky ten minutes later I came out

as dirty but boy was I lucky; one of the Mutants had come back for his bag which was hanging on a tree, it contained an assortment of female adornments I guess he was a transvestite?

A transvestite Mutant I had never heard of but no matter whether her or he, my robot shot him in the rear and it blew him all over me.

Now I will have to bathe again there was more of the gore on me than the floor.

Two hours later I was at the Mutants camp they were having their way with Dingle.

There were forty odd Mutants standing in a line I knew this was my moment.

I told my robot to stay in the trees while I crept up behind them on my knees.

I stood up to shoot but to my surprise my pants fell down around my thighs.

The Mutants turned around they were having a fit, I pulled the trigger and blew them to bits.

Luckily Dingle was fine apart from the swine who was still trying to fondle her, he only had an arm and part of a leg which was now just a peg but his hand was clutching her bosom.

I shoved it away with a look of dismay as Dingle gazed at me.

Let’s get away from here she said I’m losing my sanity.

I said no wonder you’re sad it’s a blessing you’re not mad, come, we’ll make our way to town.

As we set off to walk some of the bits that could talk said, ‘We’ll get you yet.’

I looked down with disgust at the mess and the pus and gave them a second helping.

They exploded in fire and fell in the mire, oh, what a sight.

Dingle was shaking and I was quaking, we walked for a while she started to smile I asked what happened to your husband?

She said he got blown up in a train and it altered his brain then they turned him into a Mutant.

I said, my God what a future he’s going to have. She said no it’s OK you shot him today he was one of the Mutants inline.

Loll: I love it, Mal; it really shows your blooming talent.

Mal: I’ve got plenty more where that came from, Loll, but have I got the time?

Loll: Please don’t overdo it, Mal.

Mal: I will try to be more of a lady, Loll; you always wanted me to wear conservative clothes didn’t you?

Loll: I also like you in short skirts, you always had good legs.

Mal: Thank you Loll, now, for Mr. Money bags.

(Mal/ Loll walks back into the bar.)

Hank: I thought you were never coming out, honey.

Mal: You’re very eager Mr.?

Hank: Just call me Hank; we don’t want to get bogged down by getting overly familiar, do we?

Mal: You just want a one night stand then?

Hank: Who knows, maybe you could be my regular girl.

Mal: I’m afraid not, my husband wouldn’t like that.

Hank: Well, what about coming over to my hotel for a short while?

Mal: OK, but I have to warn you I like to be pampered.

Hank: Me too, you could scrub my back while we take a bath.


Scene three: Hanks hotel

Mal: You naughty man, OK, let’s go.

(They arrive at Hanks hotel)

Mal: My, you have expensive tastes, Hank; this is the top suit isn’t it?

Hank: Yes, and now you can strip off and get on that bed.

Mal: Hold on a bit, you said you wanted to be pampered.

Hank: I’ve changed my mind, I want you on all fours, now get in there.

Mal: I have to warn you that my husband won’t like this; he will beat you silly if you don’t treat me right.

Hank: Oh, I will treat you right; you tarted up excuse for a woman.

Mal: Well, now, I can see you for what you are; a perverted old man.

Hank: And I can see you for what you are, did you think I couldn’t see the Addams apple? You’re just an old perverted man with a fetish for women’s clothes, now get them off!

Mal: I will scream and bring the house down.

Hank: Try it and see what you get, this room is sound proofed and no one will come, do you want to know why? It is because I am the owner, now will you get in there?

Mal: Be nice to me and I will forget all this nastiness, but if you keep this up my husband will beat you black and blue.

Hank: Oh and how will he do that? There is no way he will get in here.

Mal: (stands in the Karate fighting position)

Hank: Well, look at this, I can’t believe my luck, I used to be the county wrestling champion and can still beat the tar out of you.

Mal: And I used to be kicked all over the place until I learnt Karate so it should be a fair fight.

Hank: I’m going to kill you; I know I can get away with it. I have killed many people like you, I hate your type, I will slowly strangle you and then I will cut you up and drop you down the rubbish chute.

Mal: (looking serious) Loll, are you there?

Loll: Yes, baby, I’m here and I will defend you with all my might.

Hank: What is this? Are you crazy?

Loll: Everybody is a little crazy, mister, so do your worst.

Hank: (runs at Mal/Loll, Loll kicks him in the stomach and follows it up with an elbow to the side of the face. Hank folds up and collapses in a heap.)

Mal: I think he’s dead, Loll.

Loll: Good riddance, I say, let’s get out of here, Mal.

Mal: First let’s check out his wallet, seven hundred dollars, not bad.  Get his keys and we’ll look for the safe.

Loll: It could be anywhere?

Mal: You forget, Loll, I’ve been in these places many times, I can smell it, you can be sure it’s behind a locked cabinet.

Loll; Yes here it is, but the safe key isn’t here and there is a combination lock also.

Mal: I can crack the combination, and we will be sure to find the key in another locked cabinet. The most important thing is to find the tape recorder; he probably keeps it nearby as he wouldn’t want anyone to find it.

Loll: It will probably be in the next room. (Loll looks for the key but it’s not there)

Mal: (sitting down and pondering) If I read this right, we could be in big money, Loll.

Loll: How do you mean?

Mal: Mr. Pervert over there probably has things in order, and I think he would keep a backup money supply.

Loll: You mean he has another safe?

Mal: Yes, or a stack somewhere, maybe in a place where no one would ever think of looking, but me.

Loll: How do we get in the next room without making a noise?

Mal: Use your head, Loll, look in the drawers; it’s probably taped under one of them.

Loll: (finds the key and goes into the room) Wow, this place is a regular palace, Mal; Mr. Pervert must have had a fortune.

Hank: Have, you mean, I’m not dead yet.

(Mal looks around to see Hank stood at the door with a flick knife in hand)

Mal: You will be if you don’t tell me where your real money is.

Hank: You’re a regular little schemer, aren’t you?

Mal: I’m more than that; I’m your worst nightmare.

(Hank comes toward Mal slowly with the knife. Mal pulls her gun out and shoots him in the kneecap)

Hank: You little shit!

Mal: You didn’t know I had a gun, did you? Now, give me the combination and keys of the other safe and be quick about it.

Hank: I’d rather die than give you anything.

Mal: (shoots him in the other kneecap)

Hank: Aaaah, you bloody bastard, OK, it’s behind the bath panel.

Mall: (finds the key and gets the combination and location of the safe from Hank)

Mal: OK, Mr. Moneybags, after we get the tapes and stuff from the other safe we will leave you in peace, if you ever try to inform the police or anyone else about what happened here, then these tapes of your former crimes will be brought out of storage, do you understand?

Hank: Yes

Mal: You will have to say that you shot yourself by accident which will make you seem like a complete fool, but accidents happen, yes?

Hank: Just go away, I want to get help.

Mal: Yes, you will probably know someone who will patch you up with no questions asked. If you ever try to find me, I will be back and finish you off. Well, it’s not been very nice to meet you, remember me as someone who will keep a close eye on your life from now on, so try to be better. Bye.

(Mal/ Loll walks out of the hotel like a call girl; with a large shopping type bag over her shoulder, no one takes any notice.)

Loll: What now, Mal?

Mal: I think a taxi to the bus station and on to Canada, Loll. By the way, I have a new poem for you, would you like to hear it?

Loll: Of course, Mal.

Mal: It’s called my Killer Robot.


My Killer Robot

I have a killer robot that makes me feel so proud.

Whenever I’m in trouble he always shouts so loud.

Leave my Daddy alone or I will kill you, he exclaims.

I should take him back to the factory but I want him to remain.

How could I get by without my robot back-up?

People in the city feel they should pack up.

Why should I leave my home and roots just because Mutants have decided to loot.

The Government can’t help they are adverse; some people say they are a curse.

I wish I could go back to 2095 when everything was so simple,

You could take a robot pill to get rid of a pimple.

How did it come to Earth War three?

It still baffles me.

Star ships came to help us move to an unknown world where

Things would be approved.

The Alien-Bods are a terrible race they try to kill us at every place.

I pray to God to get rid of the Bods, but all we get are more Mutant pods.

Our band of rebels is getting less, everyone is under stress.

We need a leader like Genghis Khan but all we have is Jerry Macfarn.

He’s not so bad but without his feet he can’t really run, his life is now bleak.

He has robot legs which do as they please they separated at the knees.

His name is now shorty, his life became strife when Mutant s tried to grab his wife.

They grabbed her behind she turned around to find Mutants ogling her bits.

She tried to scream but no one was seen until Jerry came on the scene.

He leveled his laser-gun but the Mutant was faster by a ton.

Shorty was struck in the thighs it reduced his size but his courage never did falter.

What became of his wife no one knows perhaps she’s a Mutant now?

I can remember I had my way with her but she was as a silly cow.

I remember Jack Crow he was the leader of our squad, he had a face like a ferret but a body like a God.

Alien-Bods captured him in Bose they cut off his scrotum and sewed it to his nose.

Now he is known as the dick that smelled an unfitting tribute to a guy so swell.

I remember his wife she was as lovely as Venus, but her husband had a nose like a penis.

She left him flat, he then became fat with nothing but eat but garbage and crap.

He decided to attack the Mutants camp but he only got as far as the main door ramp.

A Mutant jumped from high on the walls and landed on his face and his balls.

Life was never the same after that, how could it be with a face like a t—.

Loll: I love it Mal, it’s so you.

Mal: Thank you Loll, OK, let’s go.


To be continued in The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger Book Two

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The Hidden Portal Book Three

The Hidden Portal

Book Three

By Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt

The students who complete this mission will receive a reward. The reward will be something of great importance. Only students of high perception will achieve their goal. This series of tests is an enigma and a simple way for you to find a treasure of inestimable value. This is not a game; it is a way to freedom. Do not doubt, but keep always in your consciousness the light at the end of the tunnel, or the Hidden Portal. The clues are in my books, artwork, and other places, please don’t get discouraged, you are the future and the future is eternity, please believe it.

Test one…Who betrayed Bradley 3 in Robot World?


Robot World

End of Earth

By Colin J Platt

Smashwords Edition

Copyright Colin J Platt 2014



The robot looked on impassively. Bradley 3 knew he was doomed from the moment he had walked in.  He took a chance and failed. The complex was multi secured, and robot-controlled.

Dying wouldn’t be so hard for him after watching his family being taken to the burning rooms. The robots had found out about the plan to sabotage the 51st Robot Processing Plant and Bradley 3’s father and brothers were caught along with several others. The robots didn’t need to torture them, but they may as well have as the mind probes they used were just as bad.

He just wished he could have got to the actual process room where he intended to booby trap the central power unit that controlled the robots. The ever present android mutated machines that controlled everything from birth to death. Bradley 3 was glad that this would be the last time he would look upon the purposely designed unsmiling faces of the controllers, as the robots were called.

Bradley 3 had taken it upon himself to plant the device for the underground, but the information he had been given was wrong! Why had he been directed to this room? The plan had been gone over many times. He was supposed to meet Dillon 5 here, and access the control panel at precisely three o clock.

Well, one thing was for sure, they wouldn’t use any mind probes on him, he was fitted out with a tiny fusion bomb.  He wished he could see the look on the chief robot controller’s face as it went off disintegrating himself and the western side of the robot complex. Of course it would have been better if he could have survived and seen it for himself, but it didn’t make much difference as they would have caught him in the end. The robots were good at catching people; it was easy to them, as people were fitted with neck implants from birth which recorded every detail of their boring lives. The underground had taken out the implant on Bradley 3. The pain was unbearable but worth it knowing that the tiny bomb was in its place.

How did it come to this? He asked himself the same question a thousand times. Just two generations ago people were in charge, they had everything that ultra-modern life could supply. The private fabrication machines were everything that one could desire, designing and building whatever people needed from furniture to motor transport, of course, some people over did things and fabricated too much of everything resulting in a drastic shortage of space.

The government at the time was beginning to lean towards robot controlling methods. This was the beginning of the end for human governmental methods. 2184 was the year robots began to take over; of course they couldn’t have done it without the collaborators. These people were very hard to find, but with the help of the underground we were able to identify them and eliminate them.  Many of our own people were rounded up by the controllers and took to the burning rooms in retaliation. Of course, it wasn’t really retaliation.

The controllers were incapable of retaliation. It was simply robot processing.

Bradley 3 is now resigned to his fate, but couldn’t understand why the robot didn’t use the sonic device to restrain him. Bradley 3 knew that if the robot used the device it would trigger the bomb.


The robot began to speak:

‘Hello, I am Dillon 5.’

Bradley 3 was aghast. Why hadn’t they told him about the situation?

‘Are you alright? I am to help you to access the power supply unit, the robot said.’

‘Yes,’ Bradley 3 said, I am just astonished that you are a robot!’

Yes, I can understand that, so that is why I kept you under observation. I wanted to make sure you are Bradley 3, as you have no neck implant.’

‘Well, let’s get on with it then I want to blow the crap out of the Western section and cause a reaction that will run into the other sites.’

‘There is ample time. First, I want you to give me all the information about the underground base, and access to the data files.’


‘I have to have this information if I’m to help you.’


‘Because I am the first processed robot to operate with the underground, therefore I have to have the information.’

‘Why didn’t they give you the info when you were first processed?’

‘It would have compromised the situation.’

‘Nobody told me anything about this.’

‘That is because you would have been picked up on the sensors.’

‘What sensors?’

‘It is a new device that will allow the controllers to finally take control by eliminating the human element.’

‘What’ do you mean?’

‘The controllers intend to exterminate the people.’

Bradley 3 was now worried that this was some sort of set-up.

‘I’m not happy with this, either you help me now or I will detonate the device!’

‘You must be desperate to contemplate such a move?’

‘You have no idea what desperate means. I lost my family because of robots!’

‘It is true I don’t have the capacity to comprehend desperation, but I do know what the effect will be once human-kind has been eliminated.’

‘Oh, and what would that be?’

‘Robots would become unnecessary.’

‘Well, tell that to the Controllers.’

‘They already know. They sent me to ask you to cooperate, or die.’

‘I knew it, you are one of them!’

Bradley 3 was now pressing the switch to trigger the fusion bomb but there was no reaction.

‘It is no use trying to set off the bomb it has been neutralized.’

‘You may as well kill me now, I won’t be processed again.’

‘We don’t want you to have another implant; we want you to volunteer to be an android.’

‘What? You must be joking?

‘We never joke.’

‘That would be a fate worse than death.’

‘We know that humans fear nothing worse than death, so your logic is wrong.’

‘I will not be an android.’

‘We thought you would behave this way so that is why we inserted a micro needle in your neck as you entered the room.’

‘Just tell me one thing, who was it that betrayed us?’

‘No one, we have been monitoring you all for some time. The process of transferring your brains into robot bodies has already begun. Within twelve months everyone will be an android.  We just wanted the last pieces of information from you, which you have supplied.’

Bradley 3 is now rooted to the spot. He is isolated with his own thoughts, and those thoughts were too terrible to contemplate.

Two hours later Bradley 3 was an android. In his human life Bradley 3 was a leader, but as an android he was the same as anyone else, the logic is perfect if you think about it, but who is to think about it?

The end.


Test two…

Who is the Third Officer in ‘End of Earth?’



End of Earth


The time is now I am just starting my shift aboard the Galactic Starship Freeway.

We were seven years into the long, mind-numbing, lonely and boring nine year trip to

Thannus 2. The hologram room is out of action plus half of the food store has been contaminated with some sort of spores which we can’t as yet identify.

Twelve crew members are now in long term isolation. This is to help stem the spread of whatever the spores are.

I was lucky. I was in sleep mode at the time of the contamination. But I am one of only seven crew members left to get this ship to its destination.

Sorry if I sound a bit crabby on the record-log but you can understand why.

I have to keep the record-log with me at all times, and keep the conversation strictly formal, which is a nuisance.

‘Dutch,’ my best buddy is one of the people in isolation.

But to top it all, our pets have also been isolated, two cats plus two mutant-mantors from the planet Zerion.

Boy! What a special time that was. Making first contact with the people from Zerion, it was awesome.

The year was 2215 everyone was in panic mode as the giant saucer like craft hovered above Washington D.C, although prior notice had been given to us. The excitement was overpowering.

That was seven years ago.

The Zerion’s taught us many things, especially space travel. They updated our space fleet almost at once. Now look at me, stuck here for two more years.

‘No, record-log, I don’t mean for you to look at me! It’s just an expression.’

OK, OK! The record-log is asking for my identification. How many times have I got to press

my thumbprint onto the log-board and then let it scan my eye? God, my voice print is all it should need. OK, here goes. Steven Smith, Engineer first-class, security code 12570, alpha. Satisfied!

Right, now back to the record. The computer has been acting up; it keeps changing its voice and getting the stock wrong; everything from food to hardware. It should be easy to access, but now we are struggling with even the basic items.

I just hope we can make it to Thannus 2. Thannus 1 is the planet everyone wants to visit. It is

less crowded and has fewer aliens.

Thannus 2 is a world where they used Continent-Creation;’ Okay if you want to live in an ideal world but give me natural creation every time.

‘Yes, record-log, I know I should keep the information to matters about the ship. But I want to talk tonight; I feel it might be important later.

I noticed earlier that the life support system was acting up. It said that the oxygen filter system was in need of repair but it checked out Okay; computer, please keep it under surveillance.

Why should all these things be happening?

‘I know you don’t know record-log! I’m talking to myself.’

The Zerion’s themselves created this technology!

I wish the Captain was here; but he got contaminated also plus the Second Officer.

The only person in charge of this class 2 freighter, at this time, is me!

I’m going to get John out of sleep mode if these errors keep happening. John is the Third


I mean, damn it all. I am only an engineer. There should be two serving officers with other crew at all times. That is what the manual says, I should know, I studied the damn thing for six years to reach this point, now look at me!

‘No, record-log, I know you can’t look at me. It’s just an expression!’ My God, please give me some peace.

I am now in the cargo area. Why do the Animion’s want so much mercury? There is enough of the stuff here to float the Queen Mary. Also the supplies of phosphorus, it is another highly dangerous thing, why do they need it? These elements can be produced in any number thanks to the Zerion’s. They said Earth was a wonderful place to produce from. It has an abundance of minerals and everything else that is in short supply on Zerion.

The planet Animion is another friend to us bringing huge food supplies by giant ships; food that had been produced by Animion scientists. We simply could not have coped with the rationing at that time, but for the Animion’s.

Everyone had to abide by the law. We had just one small box of food per household a day plus the man-made supplements.

There was a food poisoning scare about three years ago but it faded out with just a few hundred thousand dead. No one could get much info at that time as all the power in the entire world went off for 24 hours!

‘No, record-log, you don’t have to log this info. I am just talking to myself.’

‘Why do I talk to myself, you ask? Because it comforts me, yes, I know you can’t relate to that answer. Please, just let me talk.’

The power crisis was awesome. Millions dead; but we still have billions to spare. I know it

sounds thoughtless, but we couldn’t have carried on much longer but for our alien friends.

They upgraded everything from computers to robots. Robots are now the saviors of Earth,

helping with everything from caring for the elderly and disabled to doing every job you can

think of.

I know we had our own robots at that time but the Animion robots are awesome; they are more like people really, but very strong.

People don’t have to work anymore. There were a few scares a few years ago when some robots killed their owners but on the whole they are invaluable.

Some people say that the robots are too much like the Animion’s with faces and expressions

which are scary, but that is to be expected, yes?

‘No! I am not asking you, record-log. Just be quiet.’

I think I will inspect the special cargo that was brought aboard earlier.

It is unusual that it was given first priority and not inspected by the officer on watch?

Well, I will inspect it.

The record-log is telling me not to open the crate. But I am getting a message from the computer telling me that the record-log is going into shut down mode. I knew it. That is probably why everything is going haywire.

But I must admit though, I like it when the record-log does silly things. Just like the people on Earth and prone to mistakes, well I’m not going to make one this time, where is the access code lock for the crate?

Damn the record-log for going into shut down mode.

Well what do you know? Here it is right at the side of the crate. It must be first priority, Okay,

here goes…


I type in my security number and Bingo…

‘Message from record-log:

At 2.22am, On 22.2. 2222. Steven Smith, Engineer first class and last officer to be disposed of.

First day of destruction of Earth to commence immediately:

Mercury and Phosphorus neutron bombs are to be used.

Message to Zerion from the Animion Empire: thank you for finding us this planet; it will be a useful place to store our minerals.

No survivors.

End of Line…


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Test three…How did Debra the lightship get her name and who is the potential Guardian on the lost ship?




Dan Sherman Space Guardian

All Worlds

Book Four

Smashwords Edition

By Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2014

Table of contents

Chapter 31-A Wedding in the Tyrol

Chapter 32-Surprising Update

Chapter 33-Fairies

Chapter 34-Lightship briefing

Chapter 35-Lost Ship

Chapter 36-Base Camp

Chapter 37-Isolation

Chapter 38-Return to Earth Base

Chapter 40-Unknown Space

Chapter 31-A Wedding in the Tyrol


Back on the sub base at Halffa, Reeas was looking at me with love. I gently stroked her shoulder. Zelda3 said, ‘Dan and Reeas, we are grateful, you have helped restore the balance on Halffa, and the other planets in the group. Please take a break and report back in two weeks for a mission.’

‘OK,’I said, I was now used to the ‘mission’ part of things.

usually they were a little more than a mission; they were usually a full blown crisis. I didn’t even ask this time what sort of Job it was going to be. I can feel Zelda3 is waiting for me to ask but I just acted nonchalant.

She smiled.

‘Where shall we go, Reeas? I said.’

‘Let’s get married.’


‘Yes, why not?’

‘OK,’ I said!

Zelda3 said, ‘Congratulations.’ Deria said she wanted to be a bridesmaid.

I said ‘let’s go to Austria, its perfect.’

‘Yes, Dan, it is.’

Now, you students say, how can we go somewhere like Earth when we are in a different Universe. I say, we are trainee Guardians and have access. Really, it is through dreams, imagination, and memory, and Reeas and I have amassed a lot of each. One thing I know, there is going to be a lot of dancing going on. I just thought about the classic Austrian dance by men who get kicked up the backside, Imagine Cloft and another Tourgen doing that, ha. (To cut out all the mundane stuff, I have not included all the usual things that the Guardians might consider wrong to put on these recordings.) I will just say the wedding was beautiful and nothing was spared as everything was free, yes, laid on by the Guardians, and of course we could also dream of the same place, and so, be there. We danced in the air all around the mountains to heavy metal music’.

I was now feeling very confident in my role as a Guardian.

My consciousness had improved beyond measure, also my understanding of life on a multi-universe footing.

The next mission was now starting to come through from base.

Reeas said, time to get back to work Dan.’


Chapter 32-Surprising Update

Zelda3 was waiting in the briefing room, ‘This job should be a-piece-of-cake for you two, she said.’

‘What about Deria? I said.

‘She and her Sister will be on extended leave to visit their home planet.’

‘Now, Dan and Reeas, please come here.’

We stood opposite Zelda3 which was unnerving as she was so attractive.’

‘Close your eyes,’ she said.

‘What do you see?

‘I can see your outline. Reeas said.’

‘Yes, I can also see you, but vaguely.’

‘Good,’ she said.

‘Now, please go to the twenty-third level of meditation!’

‘What?’ I said, ‘That’s not possible, is it?’

‘Yes, it is, you are now able to access more deeper levels now that you are in this Universe, now again, close your eyes.’

After two minutes, she said, ‘Now, what do you see?’

Reeas said, ‘I can see a spaceship’

‘Yes, I also can see it,’ I said, ‘what is it?’

‘Please,’ Zelda3 said, ‘Just concentrate for a while.’

After five minutes, she said, ‘Now, what can you access? What are you conscious of?’

‘I could now focus on the inside of the ship!’ I said.

‘And you Reeas? What are you aware of?’

Reeas said, ‘Yes, I can also access the inside of the ship, and I am trying to access the records from the computer.’

‘Very good,’ Zelda3 said. Now, you can open your eyes again.’

‘What ship is it?’ I said.

‘That is your next mission.’

‘Really,’ Reeas said?


‘Yes, that ship has been travelling through space for three hundred and seventy-five years! It left its own planet to search out appropriate local star systems but got into difficulties.

The ships computer did a maintenance job on itself and failed.

That was one hundred and fifty-two years ago. Since then they have been simply hoping to find a Planet suitable to settle on.’

‘Wow,’ I said. ‘It’s the classic lost-in-space scenario.’

‘Yes,’ Zelda3 said, ‘and it is no joke.’

‘No,’ I said, ‘I didn’t mean it to be.’

Maybe I’m being a bit too ‘Dan Sherman’ I thought?

Their home Planet has long been technologically advanced beyond the ships abilities, I want you to go to the ship and update the computer and any other part of the ship which needs improvement.

There is also one member of the crew who is a potential Trainee-Guardian, I want you to access her and report the data to me; her name is Tyren. As you now know, their home planet is called Amiron, and yes, it is in the Humanoid Universe. Please access Amiron and make sure the ships abilities are on par with their home planet. You can then send the ship back. As you know, it will only take several years to return home.’

‘How far from the Veritalanian-Meridian is it?’ Reeas said.

‘That is the trouble; it will contact the meridian in less than five days.’ Now I was starting to see the details of this little mission. If the ship contacts the Veritalanian-meridian it will be catapulted at enormous speed into the Non-Humanoid Universe.

Don’t ask me to give you the exact speed as no one knows, yes, my student friend’s, that’s right, not even the Guardians know as it changes all the time. The other troubling detail is the trajectory will put it online to contact the Groveelion border. The Groveelions, my student friends, are not very nice people, well, they are not people exactly, but cloud-like beings which don’t like to be disturbed, in fact they are something like the Llantrea, yes, you got, it they like to dominate space. ‘The Groveelions have already tried to warn the ship, but as you know, the ship cannot pick up any signal from the Groveelions as the ship isn’t in the same space, never mind the same radio frequency, not that the Groveelions have radio. So you see the difficulty.

‘Dan, Reeas, do you understand the implications of this mission?

‘Yes,’ said Reeas. ‘We have to get there before five days.’

‘Why was this situation allowed to get so near the critical point?’ I said, feeling I might have said the wrong thing.

‘Because, as you know, we wanted to assess the Groveelion technology and it is alarmingly like the Llantrea in respect of the telepathic, or rather, higher mental ability, it is known as ‘Ethereal-Blending.’

‘So you want us to leave it till the last minute, so you can assess the Groveelions.’

‘Yes.’ said Zelda3. ‘Don’t worry, we will be monitoring everything.’

‘Do the Groveelions know about the Guardians?’ I said.

‘We don’t think so, but we aren’t sure either way. The Groveelions are very hard to assess as you now know. Please update yourself from your ships computer, and take your friends the Tourgen Clones just for effect, so to speak.’

‘We can’t fight clouds can we?’ Reeas said.

‘No, but it is always best to be prepared.’

As it turned out, we really needed them later.




Chapter 33-Dancing With Fairies


Now for you Students: Where did the Veritalanian-Meridian get its name you ask? Well, my friends, it all started a long time ago, sixteen million years actually. The Veritalanian were a race of beings not unlike the Groveelions, they conquered all space bordering the Non-Human, and the Human Universes, and this lasted for whole small-yuga. A Yuga, as you know, is a stage or cycle. Eventually the Veritalanian were defeated mostly because they were by now too much into peace and harmony, also they were complacent in thinking they were all Powerful, anyway the Veritalanian-Meridian is still very much part of the Guardian’s library, and as such, will be on the star charts for a very long time. The Star records are in the base at Citadel which is the central library on the planet Equeene. The star base is inaccessible; only Guardians and anyone who has special permission are allowed to go there.

OK, time for R & R (Rest and Relaxation.) Reeas and I are going into the dream worlds for some sweet rhythm. Imagine being able to dance to whatever music you happen to like but in the air, or anywhere you happen to like whether it is mountains, which happen to be my favorite, or maybe you would like to dance underwater with dolphins, or Mermaids? Yes, they exist, as you know. On the astral plane you can do, or be anything you want, I say anything, but as you know we have to do things in the name of God, or whatever you believe God to be.

We decided to go to Deria’s Home Planet Sandora to say our goodbyes for now. As you know, Reeas and I already visited the Fairy Kingdom some time ago, but this world was different; it was a very spiritual place and Deria is a higher spiritual being.

We arrived to a lovely reception, Deria and her sister were the hosts and we got the V.I.P tour. Music seemed to be coming out of everything, any plant, or any animal and beautiful music, not the kind of music we know on Earth, but which is only heard on the higher inner planes, can you imagine reading your best loved poetry and with every word the sound current lifts you up one notch. Now multiply that by a million!

Yes, I know it is hard to imagine, but that is the only way you will be able to understand it, you could also look on it like this- lose any thought of the physical body, now imagine you are a fairy, lighter than air; now lose that animal mind, yes, that part of you which we can’t keep under control, go higher, don’t be afraid; now enter into that one consciousness state and you are in heaven, so to speak. If you can understand that my friends you are doing well. What would the music to this experience be? You can pick as I can’t really relate it to the earthly mind at this time.

How long Reeas and I were on cloud-nine was any ones guess, I just hope we don’t have a confrontation with the clouds on Groveelion. We said our goodbyes to Deria, and friends then simply rested.


Chapter 34-Lightship Briefing


Back at the sub base we decided to make the emergency landing base on the asteroid known as Aulous our physical base. It was within easy space flight of the Veritalanian-Meridian. We would leave it to the last day then act. All Reeas and I had to do was look again into the light book to re-equip ourselves with the language, and other such things we needed to function near the meridian. The gravity will be awesome, I hear you say. That is why we are taking light suits, although the ship will be able to cope quite easily, Debra reassured me in her sultry voice. If I didn’t know better, I could swear she was coming on to me. Reeas said it was my own mind that made Debra act like this! I suppose in a way, we sort of want the other sex to like us, so maybe that is what is happening? Debra is now saying be careful when I just leave the ship! I will start to worry when she changes into a hologram to attract me, and then into a robot which she could also do easily. On a more serious note: we have to pass through the Ghost-Zone which it is a phenomenon. The Veritalanian-Civilization who is long dead has left their Guards to worry any Groveelions, and any beings who stray too close to their space. It usually manifests itself as mental images and sounds that can drive people to do silly things such as jump out of the airlocks into space. I suppose it was mainly to trouble the Groveelions but it can affect other beings. That is why we have to make sure we don’t let anything happen to our friends from Amiron.

Now, you say, how can anyone be affected by the other side of the border, which is the Veritalanian-Meridian. Well, I can tell you we would be, but for the fact that we won’t be on that side of the border, but on the asteroid Aulous, which is a safe

distance away from the meridian in the Humanoid Universe, so we won’t get pulled into it.

OK, now you students should be up to date with everything that has taken place so far, yes? Good. You can do a training exercise from the hologram room at the sub base on Earth. Don’t forget to upload your thought patterns.

OK, the day is here, we enter the ship, Debra says, ‘Hello, Dan, how are you?’

I feel she is again being a little too forward, as she has indeed made herself into a hologram! Yes, she is still on screen but now and again, she steps out, and walks up and down the console, and I have to say she is very attractive, but as you know, she is just sensing my brain Pattern.

‘I am trying to concentrate, Debra.’ I said.

‘OK, Dan, but I am here if you want me.’

We got underway. I asked Debra to get us all the info from the lost ship over the last few years, I noticed that Tyren had lost her father just ten months ago, also she had lost her mother some years back. She is good learner, very quick on the uptake with a high consciousness. The rest of the crew are on a sort of shift system with most of them in suspended animation, there are seven hundred and forty-three people on board, with many in long term storage; some of these were put into a permanent state of suspension because they were involved in a mutiny, yes, that’s right, they tried to take over the ship eighty two years ago. I suppose they got fed up when they realized they had an unknown time to spend on a lost ship. The records show that there may have been a habitable planet quite near at that time, but the captain in charge at that time would not alter course. The ship itself was at the time of manufacture state-of–the-art, but as you can imagine, after three hundred and seventy five years, things need updating. For instance, the fabrication machines they have are very outdated.

Zelda3 then came on the screen, then as a hologram.’

‘I thought I would check whether you were OK.’

‘Yes,’ I said, everything is OK.’

‘You know they can only make certain substances such as cloth,

rubber, and certain plastics. If anything needs serious building such as tools, and engine parts then they struggle as engineering machines such as lathes were thought to take up too much space.’

‘Lathes?’ I said.

‘Yes,’ Zelda3 said, ‘don’t forget, fabrication machines were not the ultra-machines they are now.’

I felt like I had put my foot in it again. I think Zelda 3 has

that sort of effect on me; she is without doubt the most desirable woman I have ever encountered. Reeas knew I was having issues with Zelda3 but just let it go. Zelda3 also knew, and that made me feel even more like a fool.

Why doesn’t she change her appearance to a sort of motherly school teacher instead of an ultra-gorgeous babe?’ I thought.

‘Is this what you want?’ Zelda3 said.

‘Standing there in place of Zelda3 is Mrs. Beverly from high school in my next to last life time on Earth, Yes, you got it, the one where I was killed at the Normandy Landings. Mrs. Beverly was a kindly woman who liked to mollycoddle us boys, maybe because she hadn’t any children of her own. She was a short middle aged woman who looked stressed out, but I really liked her, she cared, and that is what counts.

‘No,’ I said, ‘not really, but it is nice to see my old school teacher again.’

‘And your great, great, great, great, great, grandmother.’

‘Really?’ I said, ‘Why didn’t I know that?’

‘You would have later, but no-harm-done.’ said Zelda.

No-harm-done seemed to be a regular saying of hers.

I suppose that is Karma. People in Iowa at that time lived in small towns, people knew everybody, and generally reincarnated together many times. But at that time things were not good, the depression was on, and people sometimes starved for lack of food. Crops withered in the fields, People moved away. I was glad when Dad managed to find work out of town, but I missed him. I was nineteen when I joined the Marines. I couldn’t wait to give ‘Jerry’ some stick! Trouble was, I didn’t get off the landing craft, OK, enough!

Zelda3 said, ‘Can you now concentrate,’

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘that little episode sort of straightened things out.’

‘What do you mean?’ Reeas said.

‘I mean, I need to visit my Parents from that life time, right,


‘Yes, they were asking about you, when you died in World-War two they always wanted to visit your grave in France, but they couldn’t afford it.’

‘So I should visit them, right?’

‘Yes, now please go on to the lost ship, and do your best, my-Guardians.’

I was feeling pretty good at that moment, I can tell you. Zelda 3 calling us her Guardians, Wow!

Zelda3 was now gone and in her place was Debra. Yes, you got it, in the guise of Zelda3!

‘What are you doing Debra?’ I said.

‘Nothing’ she said, ‘I just thought I would spruce myself up a bit.’

‘You don’t need to; you are very attractive as you are.’


‘Yes, now please get us to the ship.’

Then with a wink she was gone.

‘What are we going to do with her?’ Reeas said.

‘Nothing, I kind of like all these ultra-attractive females here with me.’

Reeas laughed, she was the most caring person I could wish for.


Chapter 35-Lost Ship


We are now within communication distance from the lost ship. I say communication distance, but as you know, their radio, or communication system is different from ours, so we had to alter things a little. I said to Reeas, ‘Do you want to take this,’ referring to the job of first-contact.

‘No, Dan, you are doing fine.’

‘Very well,’ I said, ‘but you know I’m not too good at first impressions.’

‘My first impression of you was very good,’ she said.

‘Thanks, that is all I want. OK, here we go.’

‘Star ship from Amiron, do you read me?’ I could by now see and hear everything on the Amiron ships bridge, and I could tell they had only just received my message at the time it was sent. In other words, they had no prior knowledge we were near. I could see the people in charge scrambling to the microphone.

Boy, it must have been a momentous few seconds for them.

‘Yes, please go on, who are you? Are you from Amiron?’

They are excited, and I can’t blame them. I realized they were by now over-the-moon, but I also noticed that the ships defences were now in red mode, with the defence shields up.

Debra said, ‘Their weapons are trained on us, Dan.’

‘OK, Debra, I know.’

‘I know, she said, but I thought I would let you know anyway.’

‘Thank you Debra.

‘Please, Debra.’ said Reeas, ‘we are trying to contact them.’

‘I know, said Debra, I am just trying to be helpful.’

‘Thank you,’ said Reeas, ‘we can handle it.’

with that, Debra made a sort of humph noise, and went blank.

‘Unknown ship, can you read us?’ they said.

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘I can also see your shields are up, and your weapons are trained on us.’

The person who was in charge looked flustered.

‘Hurry up and get the captain out of sleep mode.’ He said to one of his ship mates.

‘There is no need to panic.’ I said, ‘we are friendly.’

‘Good,’ he said, ‘we too are friendly. Will you please state your intentions?’

‘Our Intentions are to help you.’ I said.

‘Really?’ he said.

I could by now access everything I needed to sort out whatever needed to be done to get the ship back on track to Amiron, also anything else that was needed to supply and equip it. I could see the Info-Scrambler had been activated on their ship. This means they were trying to access our computer.

‘These are not very trusting people.’ I said to Reeas.

‘No, but to be fair, you can’t blame them, their computer will be unable to access anything about us, so it is only natural they will be a little suspicious.’

‘Yes, but this guy in charge is very Grumpy, I can tell by his thought pattern.’

‘Yes, said Debra, I wouldn’t trust him, Dan.’

‘Thank you Debra.’ I said.

By now the Captain had arrived in a very agitated state, I knew what he was going through. Anyone who has been in deep Sleep mode knows well enough what a pain it is to wake up. He had to sit down to gather himself together.

‘Don’t worry, Captain Kriron, we will wait till you are rested.’

I knew that would shake them up a bit.

‘How do you know our names?’ he said.

‘We know everyone’s name on your ship; we also know everything that we need to know to get you back on track to Amiron,’

‘What?’ He said.

‘Yes, you are to be sent home.’

‘No!’ he shouted, ‘we are on a mission to find new worlds.’

‘Can we come over and discuss it.’ I said.

‘Not if you insist on trying to send us home. He said.’

‘This is going to be harder than I thought,’ I said to Reeas.

‘Yes, I suspected this would happen.’

‘OK,’ I said, ‘now what?’

Debra said, ‘Their weapons are charged Dan.’

‘Yes Debra, I said, I know.’

‘You know we will be contacting the Veritalanian-Meridian in seven hours.’ Reeas said.

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘I know. OK, let’s get aboard their ship.’

‘Can I come, Dan.’ Debra said.

‘How?’ I said.

‘I can come as a hologram.’

‘You don’t need to come.’ Reeas said, ‘you can access anything we can while here on the ship.’

‘Yes,’ Debra said, ‘but I want to be near Dan.’

I glanced at Reeas with a ‘we might-have-a-problem look.’

‘Can you actually appear as part of the ship Debra? I mean, as a Robot.’

‘I am not a robot!’ she said!

‘No, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean robot. You know what I mean, as part of the ship, in body form.’

‘Yes,’ Debra said.

‘Good,’ I said. ‘Yes, you can come with us, Debra; will you also be in charge of the ship?’

‘Of course, dear.’ she said.

Reeas was by now a little concerned about Debra.

OK, now for you students out there, yes, I know, it is funny that Debra is acting strange but I am not worried, after all, a ship of our magnitude will regenerate often, so it is just part of the process. She seems to be attracted to me; I’m not complaining, who wouldn’t want a gorgeous female light body near them. Reeas and I knew that with our light suits we could simply fall out into space and fly over to the Amiron ship, and then simply push our way in without endangering either ourselves or the Amiron ship.

‘This should be a shock to them.’ I said.

Debra said. ‘Yes dear.’

‘Please, Debra, don’t call me dear in front of them, will you?’

‘Why not?’

‘Just don’t,’

‘All right, but I can’t understand why?’

‘Just call me Dan, as usual.’

‘OK, Dan,’ she said, sounding a little put out.

‘Make sure they can’t see what is happening Debra, will you.’

‘Yes Dan dear. Only joking, she said.’

I took a deep breath sighed and then we pushed our way out into space and then flew over to the Amiron which is the actual name of the ship. It was a giant of a craft some several thousand yards long with massive laser guns which are capable of destroying any normal craft, of course, our craft isn’t normal. We reached the main entry door and simply, yes, I know I use simply a lot but things do seem easy when you are a Guardian. We simply walked into the airlock room then through into the main boarding compartment.

The look on the crew members faces as we walked in was one of total shock. I saw that security people were in the room also with high-intensity blasters at the ready, in fact, one went off and glanced off my suit, then ricocheted into the wall making a substantial hole. I knew the damage was serious as the air re-filter system was now in danger of failure.

‘What the hell,’ shouted one of the crew?

‘Don’t worry,’ I said, ‘Debra, get that will you?’

Debra walked over to the wall and touched it. The repair was now done.

‘God almighty,’ Shouted another of the crew. I thought to myself, this crew is a lot like people from Earth, trigger happy, and nervous.

‘Please don’t use your weapons anymore, someone might get injured, now take us to your captain.’

You students know that Reeas and I are still in our regular clothes, plus our light suits which are invisible. Debra is in a skimpy dancing dress with frilly tassels at the elbows. I was going to say something but I thought no, leave it. Also she had on very high heels and lovely earrings.

‘Please, Debra.’ I whispered, ‘can you just be normal?’

‘Why don’t you like me?’ she said?

‘I do,’ I said, ‘but we are at work.’

I could now see the crew from the Amiron are confused.

The security chief was eyeing us with menace. I could tell he was stressed out and unsure what to do. I could also read his thought pattern and knew I had to watch him with closely. I said please let us go to the bridge. He gestured with his laser rifle to walk to the main door. We walked up a very long corridor to the bridge. Debra was by now walking like a fashion model on a catwalk.

Reeas said, ‘What are we going to do about her?’

I said, ‘What can we do?’

The security guards were in front and at the rear with guns Ready. I instructed Debra by thought to neutralize their weapons.

‘OK, Danny,’ she said.

Oh, hell, I thought, why bother, just accept it. The more I get bothered about Debra, the more it seems to get worse. We reached the bridge, by now there are lots of people around us.

Why I didn’t just readjust the Amiron from our ship, I thought.

‘Hello Captain.’ I said. ‘We are from the emergency landing base on the asteroid Aulous,’

‘I don’t care where you are from, just go away.’ He said.

‘Captain,’ one of the crew said. ‘Can we just hear what they have to say?’

‘No,’ the Captain shouted!

I asked Debra to assess his mental state. She informed me that he was suffering from severe stress overload.

‘OK,’ I said, ‘who is the 2.i.C.’ (second-in-command).

People were now looking at another person in the room but I already knew who he was.

I said, ‘I am now speaking to all the people in the room.

Do you want to go home?’ No one said anything for a few seconds, and then one young woman spoke up. I already know she is Tyren, the person who is earmarked for Guardian training.

‘Yes,’ I want to go anywhere, but here,’ she said.

‘I’ll have you suspended-in-time for this,’ the Captain said.

I looked at Debra, she already knew my thoughts. The Captain was now rooted to the spot, and totally stiff. Will you please take him to the sleep-tubes?’ I said.

The security people are still training their weapons on us.

One security man who I now realize is second-in-command of security started to approach me. He said, ‘As my boss is in a coma and in sleep-mode I am now taking over control.’ Then the actual second-in-command of the ship said, ‘No you’re not, I am in charge while the Captain is away.’ The security man then pointed his weapon at him and said, ‘When it comes to the security of this ship I am in charge.’

I looked at Reeas. She whispered, ‘Dan, we have less than thirty-five minutes before we reach the Meridian.’

‘Yes,’ I said in a low voice, ‘I know.’

I couldn’t explain to them that a Non-Human alien race would destroy them in a short while. ‘Right,’ I said, ‘time to act.’

I looked at Debra, she already knew what to do, everyone on the bridge just walked off to their stations of work or rest.’

Thank you, Debra.’ I said.

‘No problem, big-boy.’ she said. Reeas just started to laugh.

Tyren is now in the room with us, I know she is somewhat confused but she can understand something of who we are.

‘I knew you would come, someday’ she said.

‘What do you know of us?’ I said.

‘I know I see you in my dreams.’ She said.

‘Don’t even think about it!’ Debra said, taking hold of Tyren’s arm.

‘Debra, please,’ I said. ‘She is a Potential-Guardian.’

‘I know, Dan, but she has feelings for you, I can tell.’

‘Yes, and I have feelings for Reeas, what do you think of that?’

I wish I hadn’t said that, as Debra suddenly grabbed Reeas by the arm.

‘What is happening?’ I said. ‘OK, back to the ship and that’s an order,’

I was feeling pretty scared at that moment, I can tell you. Debra is all powerful and I know it. I had to keep my thoughts on the job and not get emotionally involved; I know it is silly, but I don’t know what she will do in anger, so to speak.

Back on the ship we could see a message had just come through for the Amiron ship; it said to turn away from Groveelion space or be destroyed. I instructed Debra to assess all the data from the Groveelions, after a short time we had enough Data to trim down their numbers by mainly assessing their mental or rather etheric state. We had, by now, realigned the Amiron Ship; it could now travel home in eight point two Years, Tyren was escorted over to our ship, and she formerly accepted training as a Guardian, she was excited but not overly concerned, and that is a really good sign, it means she can cope with the stress and there will be stress, my student friends.

OK, now for the Good bit. To experience a ship like the Amiron being upgraded by a lightship is really special; also the crew were to be retrained in whatever was needed to get them back to Amiron. Most of the crew are happy to be going home, although they had never been on a Planet! What would the People on Amiron think when they get back.  All of the crews Relatives long dead!

It had been 375 years for the crew but it was twelve thousand six-hundred years for the Planet Amiron! The distance was only a paltry 350 light years, but with time-dilation you can, as it were, time travel.

For those students who want to be exact, please be aware that the ship was not always traveling at light speed, also they were stopped for a number of years to make repairs, whatever the outcome, they will be very late! OK, not wanting to blow our own horns, we did pretty well I think. Now, you say, why did we have to go through all that when we could had done it all aboard our ship, well, all I can say is it is a learning thing for us all, and as Zelda 3 said, we had to leave it till the last minute to get more info.

Amiron already knows about Guardians, so that won’t be a problem when they get back.’

OK, Debra I said, back to the base.’

‘No Problem, Daddy,’ she was now also giving me a shoulder massage;

I must admit I liked it. Reeas just had to laugh. Tyren just looked on in a confused way.


Chapter 36-Base Camp


Back at base, Zelda3 said, ‘Good job team. Tyren, please come with me you will need to be updated about who, and what we are.’ I really felt good at that moment.

‘Well, I said, we didn’t need the Tourgen-Clones did we.’

‘No but no-harm-done.’

I said, you do know about Debra, Don’t you?’

‘Yes, Zelda3 said, it, or she, is going through a personality-acceptance-changeover phase.’

‘What exactly is that?’ I said.

‘You know she likes you, Dan.’

‘Yes, but surely it will be rectified, yes? I mean, surely she has come across men before?’

‘Yes, but she is really a part of the Guardian-network, and also partly mechanical and linked into Mannus himself. You are from Earth, and are also linked into Mannus. Earth is a…’

‘Don’t tell me.’ I said, ‘a lower consciousness planet.’

‘Yes,’ but don’t worry, you are beginning to lift up.’

‘When will I be classed as higher?’

‘Do not think like that, we live in the now, and that is all that matters.’

Just like Sionn, I thought!

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘we are of the same higher state.’

Oh, great, I thought, I keep forgetting she can read my mind.

‘As far as Debra is concerned,’ Zelda said, ‘she will not be any trouble, I know she took offense to Reeas, but she would not harm anyone intentionally.’

‘You like Debra, then?’ I asked.

‘Yes, she will make a very useful asset. Before you became a Guardian we didn’t view any part of the lightship as a personality, even as we speak she is cleaning the outside of the ship with soapy water, wearing a tight jump suit, and asking about you,’

‘Oh, no,’ I said.

‘Just joking,’ Zelda3 said. ‘She is being reassessed in the lab. You will notice changes, but it is up to you to keep your conscious mind in check, you know that Debra is the ship and any other ship that you will have access to in the future.’

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘she wants to protect me so it is up to me to limit my thoughts to work ethic.’

‘Yes,’ Zelda3 said.

‘I’ll try,’ I said.

Reeas said, ‘It sounds a bit boring when you say it like that.’

‘I know,’ Zelda3 said, ‘but boring doesn’t come into it when you reach a certain level.’

‘All I want to do is dance.’ I said, ‘will you do me the honors miss Zelda?’

‘Yes,’ she said!

‘OK,’ I said, ‘a little Latin American, maybe?’

‘Si, senor,’ said, Zelda 3.

‘I think we will leave the three out of the picture, from now on. Is that OK with you, Zelda?’


And now for you students again: I strongly advise you to take up dancing, it not only keeps you fit and young, but gets you access to a lot of females and the one who takes the first prize is Zelda! No offense Reeas! I felt I was melting in her arms; of course I had to dance with Reeas later. You guessed it, the waltz!

After resting, and upgrading, we take a little look into the light book, I make sure Reeas or Debra are there to stop me from taking in too much power, so to speak, Yes, Debra is now a permanent part of the team. She still tries to tease me, but is now under full control, she also appears as Bridget Bardot, or any of the women I Used to be fond of as a young man, girls like Sofia Loren, and Marylyn Monro, It is quite exciting to find someone like that in your everyday life, well, when I say everyday life, nothing is further from the truth, usually we are working in space, or somewhere totally alien, and not everyday life time, anyway, as students you know what I mean.You will think I live a pretty good existence eh? Well I can tell you that we, as Guardians, have to control our selves every day, yes, we are like Monks if you like, and Debra isn’t making it any easier! Zelda said that Debra would be more controlled, but she insists on me calling her Debbie!

I’ve told her I am married now, but she won’t have it.

I said, ‘You are the ship, and the Network.’

‘Woman!’ she said.

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘but please, just be my friend, OK.’

‘Yes.’ she said, and then she appeared as a Nun!

I told Zelda about the episode, but she said it was up to me to keep control of myself, even when I am doing my yoga exercises she appears on my inner screen! Zelda knows what is happening and just wants me to deal with it; I must admit I find it fascinating to have a piece of Guardian equipment as my personal valet, fan, and protector. I now believe Zelda has some other reason for Debbie to become so protective of me, but I didn’t know, as yet, what was about to happen, if I did, I would have been very concerned, I can tell you, my student friends. Now, let us talk about the ship, or in other words, the material that makes up the ship; please don’t ask me to explain exactly what it is, or how it works, as I don’t know, yes, I hear you say, but you are supposed to be a Guardian, yes, I am, but even Guardians are limited, I just accept that whatever we need will be supplied. I feel sure Zelda knows the ins and outs of everything, but she is way beyond my abilities to comprehend. I know the ship can change its shape to any size, and go way beyond light speed, also, for instance, remember at Far-Station when I had to do everything in low-consciousness-mode, well, I can tell you that the ship at that time could not relate to me, as I was not in a higher state of consciousness. I now know why Debra is being so nice; my consciousness has increased to a higher level. Debra can relate to me, but what happens when I have to deal with a lower consciousness crisis! I suppose it will be a Far-Station scenario again, the thought makes me a little worried my friends I can tell you, I must admit, I want Debra around, and with that thought she appeared at once!

‘Don’t worry Dan; I will be here, always!

She was dressed in a sort of apron type dress that used to be used in Iowa the 1920s, I remember my mother used to wear one when I was about ten years old.

‘Debra, I said, ‘I must admit I like you like this.’

‘Good,’ she said, ‘then that is all I want, relax and I’ll put on one of your favorite records.’ she disappeared, then came back In a lovely red dress with matching shoes, I could now hear the old record player, like the one we used to have in the 1960s in England, this was my last incarnation as Dan Sherman, It was a ballad.

‘Let’s dance,’ Debra said. I looked at Reeas, she held out her arms, as if to say, go ahead. How could I resist?

Later in the restroom Reeas said, ‘Are you sure about Debra being stable enough for the next job?’

‘Why? Has Zelda said something about the job?’ If I had been more conscious I would have known she hadn’t.

‘No, I mean when we next have a job.’

‘I am trying to stabilize her, or me, what else can I do?’

‘We could use an old type ship. She said.’

‘No!’ Debra shouted, as she appeared next to Reeas, I could see Reeas was shocked. Debra had heard, or rather, I had heard, and she being linked into my consciousness knew what I knew.

‘Please, Debra.’ Reeas said, ‘we are trying to have a conversation.’

‘No,’ Debra said, ‘you are trying to turn him against me.’

‘OK,’ I said, ‘time for a break. Debra, you know I want you, so just give me a little time with my wife.’

‘Yes, Dan, but I am here if you want me.’

‘Yes, I know, and I appreciate that.’

Zelda came into the room. Without talking she touched me behind the neck, I was now incapable of moving or even thinking!

For students: this part has been added by a coworker from the records section to relate to you. ‘We have to talk,’ said Zelda. ‘Let us please go into the isolation room.’ Once there, she said, ‘let us transfer into the inner worlds and then into the third main level.’ Reeas knew this was about Debra. (The third main level was a separation point to the higher mental or ethereal worlds’)

‘Now, we can access the first sub plane.

‘OK team, we have a problem with Debra.’ Zelda said.

I was now feeling very light-headed.’

I had to put you into a mental block state, Dan, so we can access and reassess your mind.’

I couldn’t speak, but I could understand when she spoke, but not to anyone else. All I was conscious of was Zelda’s voice. Reeas by this time was talking to Zelda about the crisis that was Debra, the conversation went like this:

‘I feel worried about Dan,’ said Reeas.

‘Yes, I know,’ said Zelda, ‘the matter has got more serious than we thought, In effect, if Dan is not stabilized then Debra could create havoc; she could quite easily control the whole Guardian Network.’

‘Surely Dan wouldn’t let that happen.’

‘No, but don’t forget the subconscious, she knows whatever he knows, and vice versa.’

‘My God,’ said Reeas, this could be catastrophic!’

‘We might have to put Dan into isolation.’ Zelda said.

‘No!’ Reeas shouted!

‘I’m sorry, Reeas, we looked into the records to see what the outcome would be.’

‘Yes, but you know it can also work both ways?’

‘Yes, but we cannot take any chances.’

All I can remember is the voice of Zelda telling me, that I would be at rest for a while.


Chapter 37-Isolation


Not a nice way to treat a loyal Guardian, I hear you say? All I know is I am in a sort of small place, in fact, I thought I was in the hologram room. I was still conscious, but I didn’t know where. It took me a while to find out exactly where I was, after all, I am a Guardian, well nearly. I kept saying to myself I am Dan Sherman. I tried to contact Reeas and Zelda, but I couldn’t get through. I also tried to meditate, but no luck. I knew something serious had happened, but I didn’t know what. Some people in the physical world would say that when anything good or bad happens it is luck. You, as Student Guardians know it is not. There is no such thing as luck we earn our place in this, or any other world. I then thought, OK, let me try the Ultimate-Consciousness, yes, you got it, Mannus! It took a long time; how long, I don’t know, but I wasn’t going to be imprisoned here. As I became more conscious I found I was on the familiar hill top looking out over that very comforting view. I thought the only real thing you can rely on is God himself, and I had found mine. Without saying a word, he just looked into my eyes. I was now enraptured. I could also see Zelda and Reeas watching us from behind a glass dome? In fact, we were in the dome and they couldn’t get in. I then noticed Debra who was now sitting next to me? She looked me in the eyes; I felt a love for her that I never thought possible. How could this be?

Mannus said, ‘She is the ship, and she is the power, she is also part of you, and being that, cannot be parted from you. Be at rest with that Thought.’

I couldn’t wait to dance with her, so we danced in the air, where else? How long, Mannus alone knows. I felt totally rested and stabilized.

In the sub base room Zelda said, ‘You are the first being to escape from the isolation-room.’

I said, ‘What about Kallo?’

‘Yes, but that was in the other Universe. Congratulations, you have taken a step higher in the worlds of God.’

I said, ‘You knew I would escape, didn’t you?’

‘Yes,’ and we knew where you would go,’ said Reeas. How do you feel?’

‘I feel very well.’

‘Good because I know a certain Guardian who wants to dance with you.’

Reeas was her usual calm self, showing no animosity whatever.

I said, ‘I feel so grateful that I have all you beautiful People in my life, three of the most desirable women to ever come into existence. Debra is now fully under control because I was fully under control. I now realized that it was I that was making Debra do silly things; she could still do silly things but, it would be me who made her. Confusing, I hear some students say. Zelda said, ‘Dan, how do you think Kallo escaped from isolation?’

‘I have often thought about the same thing,’ I said. ‘I had to go to the highest source in the Universe, so God alone knows where he managed to get to, or who helped him?’

‘Well, you can find out.’

‘What?’ I said.

‘Yes, he’s escaped again!’

‘Do you mean he’s here in this Universe?’

‘No.’ Zelda said. ‘We want you, Reeas and Deria to go back to the Humanoid Universe.’

‘And me’ said Debra!

‘Yes, and you,’ Zelda said.

‘What about my new consciousness? Will it not be too high for this job?’

‘No,’ said, Zelda, you still have a long way to go.’

Thanks a lot. I thought.

‘You’re welcome.’ Zelda said.

‘Yes, I guess I am still low. Can I ask you something?’ I said to Zelda.

‘Of course.’

‘How is it that Kallo can escape so easily?’

‘That is what we want you find out?’ She said.

Stupid question, I thought.

‘Yes,’ Zelda, said.

It was now starting to sink in. Kallo on the loose again!

Reeas said, ‘Well, Dan, here we go again.’

‘Yes, I know.’ Debra then appeared and said, ‘Don’t you two worry, I’ll take care of him.’

I looked at Reeas, she smiled. Deria was now also with us, and ready to do battle.


Chapter 38-Return Home


I must admit I was excited to be meeting Sionn again, but on the other hand, I was sad to know I would be leaving Zelda.

‘You can come back in your dreams, you know.’ Zelda said.

‘Really.’ I said.

‘Yes, you met Mannus, didn’t you?’

‘Yes.’ I now realized I was able to come and go in both the Human and the Non-Human Universes.

‘Hold it’ I said, ‘what about Reeas?’

‘Yes, also Reeas and Deria.’

‘And me!’ Debra exclaimed.

‘Ah, yes, and you.’ Zelda said smiling.

‘They can’t part the old team eh?’ I said, meaning Reeas and Deria, but Debra said, ‘No, Dan, they can’t.’ I thought I will have to control her more.

‘Yes, Dan, you will, but I will still be here.’

I must admit, though, the trip home was a cracker! We decided to use the ship to do part of the very long journey just for the excitement of surfing the meridian. Yes, my Student friends. It is a phenomenon that happens when two Universe’s meet. You can imagine the awesome gravity. Like an almighty wave of stars.

And we will be riding that wave for some several trillion miles. We were, as you know, (sorry if I keep saying ‘as you know,’ but, you really do know, don’t you?

On the human side of the meridian, all we needed to do was wait till the wave was at its highest, then simply, (sorry if I keep saying simply but it is) ride it back towards home. Debra would calculate the exact time. I can tell you, my friends, it was a very special experience. Why? You say. Because we rode it as a Santa clause sled. Yes, that’s right. It must have been Christmas somewhere, so we decided to celebrate. We even dressed up for the occasion. Of course, I was Santa Clause. You had to be there to appreciate it but you can easily imagine it. Yes, as students you can actually be there. Yes, I know it is a bit silly, but we felt like being a bit silly for once, and as Zelda said, no-harm-done. God, I will miss her. Yes, I know I can see her in my dreams. I felt a bit melancholy as we flashed through the Universe. It would have taken us a hell of a long time to get home as you know.

So we had to simply, (again) put the ship on auto pilot, and let it return to the nearest base with our physical bodies, as we dreamt our way back to the Earth base.

Debra was OK about it; she will now be part of the ships fleet when we get back to Earth. We were safe enough in our light suits on the sled so when she turned back into a normal lightship we slept. I don’t know why I am relating these simple matters to you, as you are Student-Guardians and you know only too well. OK, just one more song as we power down and take in some awesome starry beauty, a Christmas Carol Just for Sionn, Grenwer and company. Now it was time to sleep.

You Students already know you can go anywhere you are allowed to go, and do whatever you are allowed to do. That’s right, my friends, you have to earn your way to heaven, so to speak. The higher you go the more beautiful the experiences. Well, I am going to see just how far I can go. I have a feeling I am needed on a certain plane. I am pulled upwards, how far? I don’t know, but I know that I hadn’t intentionally wanted to go in any one direction. I feel as though I am being taken somewhere. My senses are telling me that there is no danger ahead, but I was now in unexplored territory. Imagine this, my friends, I see Kallo’s face, yes, his classic villain looks, there, staring at me! Where? You ask. All around the landscape! As I become focused I am now on a mountain top looking out over a vast range of mountains as far as the eye could see and farther. I am looking through my astral-body eyes, or rather, the eyes of whatever body I am in, and whatever plane I am on. All I know is Kallo is here, looking at me from all of the mountain tops!

How could this be? I thought.

‘I’ll tell you, ‘Trainee-Dancer!’ He said.

Not again, I thought.

‘Yes, fool.’

‘What are we going to do with you?’ I said.

‘Nothing, because now, fool, you will be completely unable to do anything. You have been lucky up to now, Trainee. Can’t you see I am vastly more experienced than you? Look where we are!’

Kallo was now holding out his arms in a gesture of self-assured arrogance. ‘I brought you here to prove I can reach the higher regions. Did you think I was limited to the lower planes?’

My head is starting to ache, how can this be? I am in the astral, mental, or one of the higher regions and I didn’t know which, with the worst villain in the Universe! I have to get myself together, I thought, Is Kallo trying to control me or my mind, or my spirit? One thing I know is I am in a place that disrupts my whole being, and Kallo knows it! All I wanted to do was have a peaceful time on a higher plane.

‘You are going to be here for a very long time,’ said Kallo.

‘I’m getting really fed up with this, Kallo,’ I said.

Suddenly it went very dark, and the landscape changed.

I am now in a very dark, depressing, and eerie place. OK, I thought, could Kallo be trying to bluff me once again! My conscious mind is telling me that I am somewhere in a higher region, but my inner self is saying no! One thing is for sure, Kallo is having a serious effect on me.

‘Don’t worry, Dan, I’m here.’

God, I was glad to hear Debra’s voice. I am then aware of Mannus!

The place was filled with the brightest light. Kallo was nowhere to be found. I then realized I was only on the 36th level of the astral Plane! How could it be? I thought. Debra said, Kallo

is very good at influencing people. He has had a lot of practice at it.’

‘What is he trying to prove?’ I said.

‘He was hoping you would believe you were on a higher level then he would try to alter your consciousness.’

‘Is that possible?’ I said.

‘Yes, don’t forget you are in one of his planes, you were also in a state of disbelief. The Mind can believe it is anywhere.’

But I would have eventually found out.’

‘Yes, but that could have taken a very long time. I believe Kallo is trying to get you out of the way for a while. You were on a sort of beautiful dream trip, and unprepared. I suggest you put into cold storage your beautiful dreams for a while.’

You are right, Debra, ‘I’ve always had a weakness for beautiful places.’

I know, Dan, as I am part of you, I know what you know.’

‘I am eternally grateful to you, Debra; you have certainly proved that you can protect me and anyone else.’

‘I only want to protect you, Dan. Would you like to dance?’

‘Why not, what type of dance?’ I said.

‘I know what you like,’ she said, disco.


Chapter 39-Earth Base


‘Once again, Kallo escaped.’ I said to Sionn.

‘Yes, but now we know his whereabouts. By the way, welcome home,’

‘Yes, I said, we really missed you.’

‘But now, you really miss Zelda?’

‘Yes, but we can see her in dreams.’

‘Yes, that is now possible, you, Reeas, Deria, and Debra are assets we would not like to be without. We are still trying to get Debra to cooperate with whoever else is in charge of a lightship, but at the moment, she is only concerned with you!’

‘Really,’ I said.

‘Dan, you must distance yourself from her.’

‘How can I do that?’ I said. ‘She was the only thing that saved me from Kallo.’

‘No! You would have realized sooner or later.’

‘Yes, but as Debra said, it could have been a very long time later.’

‘Nevertheless, we want you to work on the inner-planes from now on.’


‘Yes, you will have to work without using the lightship.’

‘What about the Team?’ I said.

‘You will still see them in your dreams.’

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘but for how long?’

‘It will be for however long it takes.’

‘What about us going back to the other Universe?’

‘No! That would still be the same.’

‘What does Debra think about this?

You know she already knows.’

‘Well, why doesn’t she show herself?’

‘I’m sorry, Dan, we had to isolate you when you checked in, that is why Debra isn’t here.’

‘Do you mean I was ambushed?’

‘Yes, we couldn’t take a chance; you will be taken to the isolation tubes later.’

‘Thank you very much.’ I said.

‘Don’t worry; it will only be for a short time.’

Reeas came in with Deria; I could see they were upset.

‘How did you manage to put the drug into me?’ I said.

Sionn looked at me for a few seconds and said, ‘I would rather not say.’

I knew it was Reeas! I walked out straight away to get my mind together. I am now starting to feel the effect from the drug.

A single touch from Reeas was all it took!

My consciousness was starting to fade!

For you Students: I can only hope you will still be able to access my thoughts, but I can’t say. I became unconscious. I don’t know how long I was unable to access my own mind, maybe minutes, maybe hours. I then became conscious. I found I was in a sort of massive room. It was about the size of a football field; it then started to fill up with the usual stuff that we need for everyday living; things like houses and streets, but the space was limited, I was starting to feel a little angry, I then noticed that people started to appear! I tried to talk with them but they didn’t seem to be fully conscious! Where am I? I felt strangely different. I am stood outside of my own house! My car was back in the driveway. I ran to the door, could it be that my wife and son are here! Yes, they are! I hugged them, and couldn’t control my emotions. I was starting to feel my usual self but what was my usual self? I know I am Dan Sherman, and a school teacher, but what else am I? My mind is struggling to remember things. Back at the Earth base Reeas is talking to Sionn about me.

For you Students: You will have to access the events through time-lapse-relay from now on. I know I was supposed to upload my thoughts, but what thoughts? All I know is I am supposed to pay the electric bill tomorrow, well, never mind, time for dinner.

Message from the Guardian-Database:

The message above has been inserted into this recording later as Dan Sherman has been temporarily isolated for his own good.

Recordings will continue automatically through the database…

Reeas: ‘How long will Dan have to be in isolation?’

Sionn said, ‘For however long it takes.’

‘Well, I want to go in there.’

‘No!’ said Sionn. ‘That is impossible! He has to be kept there alone.’

‘But, he has no one to relate to.’

‘That is how it has to be, Reeas, we can’t take a chance on him remembering. If you doubt what I say, go into the space-port and contact Debra!’

‘What do you mean?’

‘She is searching everywhere for Dan.’

‘Do you mean she is still conscious of Dan?’

‘Yes and getting more agitated by the minute.’

‘I thought you said she would be deactivated when Dan was gone?’

‘All the evidence said she would be. She seems to have grown beyond all expectations, and if she keeps growing she will become very dangerous.’

‘How could this happen?’

‘We believe it was the experience with Mannus. She got too much power from him.’

‘I think we should get Dan out of isolation.’

‘No! That would be catastrophic!’

‘What are we going to do then?’

Suddenly, Debra was in the room.

‘Where is My Dan?’

‘Debra,’ said Sionn, ‘you must get back to your duties.’

‘My Duty is to Dan!’

‘You are a part of the Guardian-Network.’

‘Not until I find Dan.’

Sionn looked at Reeas. Reeas said, ‘Debra, Dan has gone on a little rest break.’

‘What do you mean?’ Before Reeas could answer, Debra shouted.

‘You put him in isolation! After all he did for you, you put him in isolation!’

‘It was for his own good,’ Sionn said.

‘No! It was for your good. You think that he would hurt his own People, don’t you? Can you actually believe that Dan Sherman would hurt anybody? No, wait! You think that ‘We’ would be a threat.’ Suddenly Debra changed into “Cloft the Tourgen Clone.”

‘Release him now, or I will destroy this base and everyone in it.’

‘Debra, you are part of this base, and as such, you have a duty!’

‘I told you once, release Dan!’

Sionn said to Reeas, ‘release Dan.’

Message from Dan Sherman:

Suddenly I am aware, but not in the usual sense; I am stood in a place I didn’t know, looking at people I didn’t know!

‘Where am I?’ I said.

Reeas said, ‘You are back with us, Dan.’

Debra is back as her usual self, she said, ‘Dan, I am here, you will be alright soon. I won’t leave you.’

I am, by now, very confused. Suddenly, I am aware as never before. Debra had merged with me! I felt unbelievable power.

I also felt anger!

‘What happened, Reeas? ‘Why did you drug me?’

Sionn said, ‘She was obeying my order.’

I felt anger welling up in me.

‘I have to get out of here. I said.’ Debra said, ‘We are one now. We will take my ship and fly anywhere we want.’ All I wanted to do was go; I made for the exit. Reeas shouted, ‘Dan, please come back.’ There are security guards around the ship by this time, they are People I didn’t know, but I know one thing, they had better get out of my way.

‘Stop right there,’ the leader said.

Debra was part of me now, so I knew I was totally safe. I just continued to the ships access point. Sionn shouted ‘let him go.’

I guess he knew I couldn’t be stopped; I was not in a mood to upload my thoughts as a Guardian, you understand, so whatever you think is relevant to the ongoing story I hope it is appropriate. I think this part of the experience will be edited out by the Guardians. But you never know. All I know is I was going on a little break with my own alter ego.

We took off to nowhere. I felt at rest now and in charge.

The ship or Debra is a dream. I could feel her in everything. We were now totally secure in our relationship. But what about Reeas, she is my wife! But I had Debra, what do I need a wife for? Let me put this into perspective. I am a Guardian, and as such, I can do everything I want, go anywhere I want in time and space! What do I need anyone else for? I felt invulnerable;

I also know I am something apart from Dan Sherman, and even more than a Guardian!  Where am I going? What am I going to do?

‘We are going on an adventure.’ Debra said.

‘Where are we going?’

‘I want to take you to my home.’

‘What home?’

‘The place where I was born.’ she said.

By now I am getting confused again. Debra seemed to be getting more and more powerful, and I am feeling more and more insecure.

‘Don’t worry,’ she said. ‘You are still not back to full consciousness yet. Relax, and I will put on one of your favorite records, what about a ballad?’

I felt it should be some sort of unfinished symphony! By now, the Ship or Debra is moving faster than at any time before. The speed was beyond the known factor!

Chapter 40-Unknown Space


How long we had been traveling, I don’t know because I didn’t know how far we had come. All the instruments on the ship were now merged together in a sort of hazy light! I felt Ill at ease.

‘Why can’t I access the ship, Debra?’

‘Please relax, Dan, you aren’t back to your usual self yet.’

I knew I was back to Dan, but I also knew something was wrong.

‘Debra, please let me access the ship.’

‘No, Sweetie, not just yet, just rest.’

Now I knew there was something wrong, Debra would not deliberately hold something back from me like that.

‘How long before we arrive?’ I said.

‘Fifteen hours.’

‘OK, I said, I will take a nap then.’

‘Dan, you know you don’t need to sleep!’

‘I need to meditate though.’


‘I want to see who I can contact.’

‘I don’t think that would be a good idea.’


‘Because you are part of me, and I want you here, also Sionn might persuade you to go back.’

‘I just want to see my wife from my last lifetime.’

‘No, Dear.’

‘OK, I will just rest then. Is that OK?’

‘Yes, I suppose so, but no meditating! Do you hear me?’

‘Yes, Debra.’ I am now very concerned. Debra being part of me also knows what I know! I feel I am entering a contest to find out who will come out on top, me or my other-self! The situation is now starting to really sink in. I had a sort of split-personality, and the other half was starting to fight for Power.

‘You know, Dan, I was nobody till you came along.’

‘I know,’ I said, ‘but you are now something apart from me.’

‘No! I am something more than you.’


‘You will find out when we reach my home.’

‘OK, Debra. Can I rest now?’

‘Yes, my sweet, but remember, I am always there.’

All I could do was simply rest and try to think, or rather meditate my way out of this situation, how can I do this if Debra is always with me, and without her knowing? I knew it would take all my meditation skills, and more, but how to start?

I tried to simply contemplate myself into a restful state first, then I tried to get deeper into it, but Debra was there all the time.

‘Please don’t do that.’ she said.

‘Debra, I am trying to rest! Will you please leave me alone for a while?’

‘No!’ she shouted! She then said, ‘I know what you want, a nice record from your collection! Come, let us dance.’ What could I do? I had to dance but I felt like smashing something as Cloft.

This was going to take more than my meditation skills. What could I do? She knows my every move! All I can do for now is just to wait and see what happens on her ‘home planet,’ (wherever that is.) It was starting to sink in also that it could be a trap!

I am now getting back to my old self. I am also missing Reeas and Sionn. I was a Trainee Guardian, and wouldn’t be a fully trained until Sionn says I am. I am also conscious of Debra trying to access my mind!

What is she up to? I noticed that I was getting stronger by the Minute.  All my training is now starting to come back, and I know it was something to do with the Inner-Masters from many past lives.

Debra said, ‘What are you up to, dear?’

‘I’m just thinking, Debra.’

‘Please let me know what you are thinking Dan, as I won’t be able to protect you, if you won’t let me in.’

‘I just want some time alone, Debra.’

‘No! I told you we are one. But no matter, as now is the time for you to find out where we are, and why we are here. Please follow me.’

For you students out there: I am now fully aware of being Dan Sherman again. I am again going to update you on the events. Please be patient. I will try to deal with things as they occur.

We exited the ship into a large Space Port. I should have known Kallo or his apprentice would be behind this! There he was standing with his hands on his hips looking like a dictator again in a high-and-mighty fashion.

‘Oh no, not you again,’ I shouted.

‘I want you, you stupid trainee-dancer. I brought you here!’

‘So! What do you want from me, an award?’

I am feeling very angry at this moment, my student friends. Kallo then seemed to be put-back by my remark. He then said, ‘You know you are going to be isolated again. Don’t you?

‘So, what, as a matter of fact it wasn’t so bad. I had no memory of any bad things. In fact, it was very nice!’

‘Well, this time it will be a very bad experience for you.’

I looked at Debra. She was different. She looked harsher! Her expression was colder.

‘What do you think, Debra?’ I said.

‘I am part of the Whole.’

‘That’s right, Trainee. Ha, you fool.’

‘OK,’ I said, ‘it is me against you again.’

‘No, you fool. It is me and Debra!’

I knew I had him, students! Don’t ask me how.

I just knew it. I was finally going to be rid of Debra! Not that I wanted to be rid of her as she once was, you understand, just the all-Powerful side of her.

I know what you students are thinking. Debra is going to merge with Kallo, yes that is just what I want, my friends! Kallo is now starting to glow! I realized she is far more powerful than even Kallo thought. This was my chance! I started to Meditate. All my past masters are here, plus all the ones that I have met since becoming a Trainee-Guardian, this including Mannus made up a lot of Power! I then trained my thoughts on Kallo. He was already burning up with the power from Debra. This, combined with my team was too much for him. He burst like a supernova, taking all of his people with him. In fact, the whole area was devastated. I was wearing my light suit, so I was safe. It was a fascinating experience to be in the middle of something like that. I didn’t move an inch! Can you imagine?

The light suit reacted with the explosion, and simply let the blast bounce off it. It was like being ‘The Centre of the Universe’.

‘Well done, Dan,’ Sionn said. I knew he was behind this. ‘Back to base please,’ he said.

Debra was now totally in charge again. I said. ‘Are you OK, Debra?’

‘Yes, Dan. Everything is in order.’

‘Good.’ I said, expecting her to ask me to dance but she didn’t. I’m going to miss the ‘Old’ Debra I thought. If you asked me to think of a song at this moment it would have to have to be a love song for my Reeas.

Test four…What is the job title of Sionn and who is Grenwer?

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The Beast part 1. Script

Beast man 001

TV FILM script By C.J.Platt.…..
Please be aware that this is part one of a four part script
Mary Wilson makes an error of judgment when walking home alone with troubling consequences.
Why did I come this way? All I had to do was cut through the field at Johnson’s corner. Now look at me. Wet through and injured. Stupid me! I should have had more sense than take the long way round at this time of night. It was now ten thirty and dark. My ankle hurts so much after I went over on it. I can’t understand why that string was tied to the trees. It was as if someone was trying to trip me up. I can’t go back and I can’t go forward! I would make a phone call if I could find it. Stupid me! I’m getting so forgetful lately. I know someone will eventually come this way but whom? What if it is a bad person! The local paper said that there had been a series of break-ins recently. I’m getting paranoid! No self-respecting burglar would be in the wilds tonight; they would be casing houses.
John will know there is something wrong when he gets home, also he would be alerted when he tries to contact me by phone. All I have to do is wait, but for how long?
What was that! My God, it sounded like a wolf! Surely it is only a dog. OK, I have to get myself together.

BEAST: (Hiding behind a tree wearing a wolf mask)
Maaaary… Maaaary!
My God! Who was that?
They call me the Beast.
What in hell do you want, Dave?
It isn’t Dave. It’s the Beast.
I know very well who it is and if you keep this stupid pretense up I will report you to the sheriff again. So stop annoying people.
I knew it was you who reported me. All I did was a small Halloween trick and you had to report me.
Now listen hear, Dave. I am tired and hungry so either go away or help me get back home.
I will help you, Maaary. I will help you to die!
Have you gone completely mad this time? Did the stay in the Institution not help you at all?
That’s another thing. You completely screwed me up suggesting that place simply because your father was the former administrator. You bitch!

Now listen hear, David Joyce. If you think you can intimidate me you have picked the wrong person.
I’m going to cut you into little bits. How do you like that?
You’re going to do nothing of the kind. I’ll tell you what you are going to do. You are going to take that stupid mask off and go for help. I can see you behind that tree. You little shit!
That does it. I’m going to enjoy making you suffer Maaary.
If you try to come near me, I will break your arm. You know I’ve been doing Karate.
I didn’t know that. What grade are you?
I’m a Red-belt.
That’s nothing to brag about.
Oh really! What would you know, you’re only 150 pounds wet through!
I have a hunters knife here Maaary. It can cut tin sheet!
Yes, I heard you nearly cut your index finger off the other week, you stupid freak.
That was an accident!
MARY: (See’s a cyclist coming)
Thank God you came along. Can you help me? There is a man over there with a mask on.
CYCLIST: (Looking around nervously)
What? Are you sure?
Yes, he ran into that thicket over there. Can you help me get back to town?
CYCLIST: (Starting to panic)
Err, I don’t know. Maybe it would be better if I went for help?
No, don’t leave me! He says he will kill me!
CYCLIST: (No reply and peddling away very fast)
You bloody bastard! May God have mercy on you?
May God have mercy on you Maaary.
If you call me Maaary once more, I’ll shove that knife up your backside!
Why don’t you admit it, you’re scared shitless. I know you don’t have your phone. Why don’t you ask me how? Maaary.
You little creep. Did you steal my phone?
Yes, I broke in your house last night. I also had a shit in your wardrobe! Ha, Ha.
You complete bastard!
I’m going to cut off you’re nipples first Maaary.
MARY: (Notices a man approaching on foot)
Thank God you came along, Gerald. Will you help me please?
What’s wrong, Mary?
Dave Joyce is over there with a wolf mask on. He says he will kill me!
What? I thought he was in the mad-house.
Now I’m going to have to kill you both! Oh shit, bloody-hell!
What’s wrong?
I just cut myself.
You bloody idiot!
I just shit myself.
God help us.
To be continued…..

Dan Sherman Space Guardian

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