Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapters 51-54


Chapter 51-Theren 1 Sub Base

Grenwer was happier than usual. He said, ‘The apprentice is at
present being held in isolation on the astral base here at
‘Good.’ I said, ‘I want to see him.’
‘Yes, but first, I want you to take the conscious-mental-probe
test. Try to locate Reeas and Deria.’
‘Yes,’ but you know Kallo’s apprentice is banking on us wanting
to bargain for his, and also Kallo’s release again.’
‘I know, but we have to try, maybe he didn’t make his normal exact preparations.’
‘I know, but I have something that will persuade him
better than mere threats.’
‘Oh, what is that?’ Grenwer said.
‘Please don’t ask, just let me see him, you can observe
through the monitors.’
I was led to the Isolation Cells; they were special astral
cells which were supposed to be escape proof, but Kallo
being Kallo, did escape more than once, well, I will try to
persuade this apprentice to stay for a while.
Kallo or the apprentice looked unmoved; he knew he was trapped, but probably thought it would be a short time till he escaped, he looked at me with contempt.
‘Well, look who it is, the-Trainee.’
‘Yes, and look at you, the Master, in jail.’
‘Not for long.’
‘Who are you? You look like Kallo, but obviously you are someone else.’ In the next instance I knew I had to get to him, for some reason, and I don’t know why? I simply walked into his supposedly escape proof cell. He looked stunned; he jumped up and ran for the door probably thinking that he could get out. I grabbed him by the neck as I turned into Cloft the Tourgen clone. He tried in vain to get free, I put my other hand
on his forehead as Mannus came into my consciousness. I could
feel the power starting to generate through me to the apprentice then from the apprentice to me. I released him; he slumped to
the floor unconscious. Grenwer came in.
‘How did you do that?’ he said.
I don’t know? ‘I just felt like doing it.’
‘Could it be that you are a Special-Envoy for Mannus?’
‘If I am, then I am, all I know is I have to follow my destiny.
The other thing is, I may not know where Reeas and Deria are,
but I know where they are not.’
‘Really?’ said Grenwer.
‘Yes, and we can’t use the worm-hole at Eta 63457.’
‘I thought so; we didn’t scan any irregularities, but to be sure it would take a lot of time.’
‘Yes, also it wouldn’t do us any good to go there anyway. Reeas
and Deria are not in any of the access areas known to us
from Eta 63457.’
‘What are you saying?’
‘I am saying they are nowhere to be found in this Universe.’
‘How do you know?’
‘Mannus told me.’
‘But there are no crossover points here in this sector of this
I know, but even so, they are not here. They were thrown into
Dark-Space, as you know.’
‘Yes,’ said Grenwer.
‘Well, they were then catapulted into another Universe.’
‘By what?’
‘By Kallo’s little helpers they operate in Dark-Space.’
‘We suspected something, but as you know, we can’t access the
‘Well now we can.’ I said.
‘You don’t mean you are going to go inside the Dark-Space, do
‘I have to.’
‘But Reeas and Deria are not there.’
‘No, I know, but the access way is still there.’
‘Dan, I know you have the protection of Mannus at the moment,
but once you access Dark-Space that protection will be gone.’
‘Yes, I know, but I have to try for Reeas and Deria. They would
do the same for me.’
‘You know that Dark-Space is a compilation of numerous black
Holes, don’t you?’
And if you get killed you won’t be able to get back?’
‘Yes, but that is only speculation, isn’t it?’
Grenwer looked at me in a knowing way as if to show his love
in the only way a Guardian can by just being in higher state
of consciousness!
I know I can reach them.’ I said.
‘Yes.’ Grenwer said. ‘And if anyone can reach them, it is you.’
‘Thank you.’ I said.

OK, now for you students out there again: you know we are on
the astral plane at the present time, so why don’t I just go into the Dark-Space from the astral plane? You say. I simply can’t risk going into Dark-Space from the astral plane because we might get stranded in there, maybe for a millennia or more. Yes, you say, but time doesn’t matter on the astral plane does it? No, but Dark-Space time could be different! We have never been into Dark-Space so it is a chance I can’t risk. We could get destroyed as soul. How? You ask. Soul without light is nothing, yes, you say, but what if we get killed in the physical Dark-Space? I say, I will risk it for my Reeas. At least it is the same plane of existence. The ship we will be using is the standard type, but don’t be put off with that. There is nothing standard about Debra; she is simply the highest technology in the multiverse, more than up to any danger that we will encounter. We have super fabrication-machines on board; that means we can replace any part, or even the ship itself with a little time. The ship itself is a law unto itself, regenerating with every second and even able to replace any person who is on board by cloning, although Sionn and company can grow bodies of any Guardian on any planet in any Universe. The ship had updated itself as usual, also Deria 2 and I had on our light suits already. We wanted to be safe rather than sorry.
The light suits are, as you know, again, the most technologically engineered clothing of any age, able to protect one from even nuclear blasts, how you say? The material is made from structured-atoms. But we don’t know how they will cope in Dark-Space.
I was now feeling scared again, not for myself but for Reeas
and Deria. I could tell Deria 2 was also uneasy. In fact she
told me that she wasn’t just a sister of Deria 1 but twin sisters, also they had never been out of contact for one minute in their entire lives, never mind one day, and their lives are very long. I felt like resting, or rather meditating. I’m going to try and contact all the Yoga Masters plus meditation monks
that I have known in numerous past lives on Earth and other
planets that I have incarnated on. I may be just Dan Sherman in
my last life, but altogether it makes up a very long list of
spiritual people plus masters. I know I have the backing of
Mannus, but in Dark-Space who knows what will happen. I feel
scared in the puny body of Dan Sherman, but in the body of Cloft
the Tourgen clone, I feel Invulnerable. I know it is an
animalistic thing. My brain is saying what can a beast type
person do to help you? You need to use brains and logic. But I
want to be Cloft! Is the beast inside me taking over? I sit down
in the lotus position again, and straight away I am on a
hill top overlooking a beautiful lake, I also know this place
as a Sanctuary. It is a place where spiritual people gather to find a master, some people manage it, but some don’t. I found the master in one past life but died a few days later, now that master was there plus more than fifty more, also numerous students. Maybe you are there also my student friends? Don’t scoff, it is totally possible. Mannus is in the center of the group, he doesn’t speak, but we can feel his power. Sionn is there also Grenwer plus Deria2 I also see Deria’s Brethren, and all manner of higher life forms plus Thalo and his people, also Fagil from Far-Station which is now the planet Yalton. They helped to bring Reeas back to life when she got killed by the Burin. OK, now I see this is serious stuff. I knew exactly what to do, and that was simply, yes, I know I use the word simply a lot, but believe me, my student friends, it is easy to contact God, a thing people don’t seem to want to do, as most people want the material things in life rather than the spiritual things. Believe me, I have had both and I can say the spiritual things are better because they lift you up to higher things, and so on to better worlds in future lives. OK, enough said about that, yes, I know you already know that, but I just want to reassure myself. I feel overpowered by the light and sound coming from everyone and everything. My head feels as though it will explode! Then suddenly everything was dark. But I could still function! I could still see and hear normally! I knew this was how Dark-Space would be. I have been given access to a world which has been inaccessible throughout the ages. I felt elation beyond words. I knew Deria 2 would be feeling the same, even though she is already a higher being. God, I feel Invulnerable! Yes, you say, but how about the beings who exist in the in the Dark-Space? I say I don’t care, I know we can now access it, and if so, we can overcome anything. My little fairy like friend Deria2 who is a Master Guardian and I can now enter a place where my darling Reeas and Deria 2’s sister are being held, or in isolation. Now is the time to act.

Chapter 52-Dark-Space

Debra was running at peak efficiency, it would only take us a short time to get to the worm-hole at Eta 63457. The
Retraction-beam had been disengaged, all we had to do was
get there, we knew there were no more traps as we had extra
info from the Meeting-of-the-Masters. I now felt confident,
although I was not going to be over confident; I had paid dear for that feeling many times in many lives and it takes a long time to learn my student friends. I went into the storage area where we keep certain important things and one very important thing was my Tourgen friend Cloft. Looking at the enormous body lying in the isolation-tube I knew this man made clone was a terrible thing to behold when it was angry, and that anger came from me! The responsibility of keeping such a terrible thing at bay was immense. I also knew that when used in certain circumstances it could be invaluable. The clone also had on a light suit, although we couldn’t be certain it would work properly in Dark-Space. Looking back down at it, I truly felt like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Coming up on the edge of Dark-Space the alarm sensor went off. Debra said, ‘Dan, we are approaching something that I am not sensing properly.’
‘Yes,’ I said, ‘It is Dark-Space, don’t be alarmed Debra.’ Reeas’s voice was now coming through the speaker. She said, ‘Dan, don’t come in here, it is a trap.’
I was shocked at first, and then I was conscious that Reeas
wouldn’t be able to send a message out of the Dark-Space, don’t
ask me how I know, I just know. My invaluable little friend Deria2 also agreed with me. Whoever sent the message was getting
worried. In my previous escapades I encountered a race of powerful beings known as the Llantrea. They are tree like creatures that can use telepathy to contact millions of their
friends and so threaten planetary systems. Maybe whoever sent the message has the ability to do the same thing? Obviously it was a first attempt to trap us by Kallo’s helpers, or to trap me in particular. Kallo is a prisoner, and probably they know that,
but maybe they don’t, maybe Kallo was supposed to report in
at a certain time, but when that didn’t happen they started to
panic! All I know is we are going in! I felt no danger as we
entered the Dark-Space, but as we got accustomed to the darkness
I felt a terrible depression. Deria 2 became more visible, and
I became less so. She at once adjusted herself, and became more
‘Dan,’ she said, ‘I feel scared, I haven’t felt like this for
a long time!’
‘Don’t worry,’ I said, if I read this right it won’t be dark
for long.’ I could see the space in front of the ship was dense.
Debra was glowing like a star! I also knew from Debra that the
outside of the craft was under extreme pressure! Pressure
that would crush any craft yet known apart from our craft!
Now, you say, how is it that with the Dark-Space being made
up of numerous black holes that everything outside the
Dark-Space isn’t being sucked in and destroyed? That is
a good question my student friends. The answer is Kallo and
his little band of helpers. Kallo himself is locked up,
but his apprentices are still there, they have some sort of
device which has great power to freeze the entrance to the
Dark-Space but we got through, right? Yes, but all I can say
is our ship has superior abilities for which I am eternally
grateful. Debra said, ‘Dan, there is a presence that I am not
familiar with taking control of the ship!’ I at once was on my
guard. But as soon as I saw the face of Mannus on the screen
I was at ease. He didn’t need to say anything, I just knew we
had to let him take control.
Debra said, ‘I feel totally at ease!’ That is something that you
wouldn’t expect a computer to say, eh? We were at once at speed.
A Speed that was up to then unknown in the physical realm; far
beyond anything even thought of, In fact, the instruments didn’t
even register. We were now shining with the light of a million
suns, also, we were, as I now realized, looping around the entire Dark-Space! Yes, my student friends. Don’t ask me how it happened, I can’t tell you, even the Guardians didn’t know, all I know is after about one hour we were in light space! That’s right. The darkness was gone also the black holes had been moved! Where? I don’t know! The only thing that existed where the Dark-Space had been was a very large asteroid which had a protective force field around it. It had been transformed into a space base.
Mannus was now gone from the screen, and Debra was again in full-control. She knew exactly where to go. I could already
see that the base was now just a basic mining station
with 25 buildings of all types. The force field would be no problem to access. We simply landed facing the front entrance that in itself was enough to make many of the inhabitants give up, but not all. OK, my fanatical friends, if you want to play it rough. I transferred my consciousness into Cloft and had Debra push through the force field. I simply walk through the walls of the ship while the airtight seal of the force field was still intact. The people on the base were in disbelief as a Tourgen beast man came walking through the ships wall.
‘Where are the hostages?’ I said, in my most aggressive voice. ‘They are in isolation,’ said one of the more confident human type beings.
I noticed that there were several Tourgens standing around.
Maybe they thought they could take me on. All I knew was I had
to get to Reeas and Deria. I ordered the ship to stun everyone.
I felt there were traps here. Deria2 was now flying around trying to locate her Sister and Reeas.
‘Here, Dan.’ She said it in a way that made me tingle with
apprehension. ‘They are in this building, but it has a time
fuse on it, and Reeas and my sister haven’t got their light
suits on.’
‘OK, I said. ‘How much time do we have?’
‘less than two minutes.’
The building was made of a material that was very strong, with
a door that was too small for me to access as Cloft.
‘OK.’ I said, ‘Time for meditation.’
I came out of the body, and then in the building within seconds.
I could see Reeas and Deria were secured in an isolation tube
with detonation fuses inside the thick glass.
Reeas shouted. ‘There is nothing you can do, Dan! There is no
I had never seen Reeas like this before. She obviously didn’t
know that they were back in light space, and thought that
we were about to be separated for eons maybe. At that moment I
felt a love for her that transcended time itself. I said, I love you, then I moved back in the physical body of Cloft. I ordered the ship to shut down everything but life support. Debra said she had located the fuses but was unable to defuse them as they were old fashioned simple clockwork devices! I couldn’t believe that something like that was going to beat us!
‘Quick,’ I said to Debra, ‘push your way into the isolation room.’ Debra said that the seal would be broken on the force field. I said I didn’t care I must get to Reeas. I guess I was clutching at straws because just then the whole place exploded in a strangely calm but intensely bright way. I knew they were dead, but I also knew they would be OK. Deria 2 and I were in our light suits, so we were protected. To describe the explosion, I would have to say that it was like flying through a star. The light was so bright that even with the light suit on I was blinded for several seconds. I couldn’t wait to see Reeas back at the astral base at Theren1. Hold on. You say! You said that they weren’t in this Universe! Didn’t you? Yes, my student friends, I did, and they weren’t. They had been sent through the Dark-Space into the next Universe some billions of light years away as calculated by Debra. But when we did our little light show ride we reversed it bringing back my wonderful Reeas and Deria. I trusted Mannus as if he were God, and I guess he is!
We started back to base. I slept and dreamed of my Reeas, although she didn’t know she was back in light space, Deria did, as she is a higher being.
We danced all through the journey. You can pick any song you
like my student friends, whatever you think is relevant.
I’m sure it will be appropriate.

Chapter 53-Debrief Astral Base

Sionn was standing over me as I became conscious at the astral base.
‘Nice going, Dan.’ He said.
I knew he was being sincere. Guardians don’t use snide remarks.
‘Thanks, but once again, I couldn’t finish it off as I had wished.’
‘Don’t blame yourself; there is nothing you could have done. The
fuses were unobtainable. Kallo’s helpers thought that they had
won when all they have done is put back their karma, again.’
I got up and looked around. Reeas was now in the room and in
her human type body which was very attractive. I went to her
and kissed her.
Deria’s 1 and 2 were also in their human type bodies and were equally as beautiful.
‘Please follow me into the conference room,’ said Sionn.
We walked into the conference room and there stood all
of Kallo’s people! Yes, the ones who had been on the asteroid
base. ‘We brought them in to see if they are in any way sorry
for what they did.’
‘I doubt it.’ I said.
‘No,’ shouted one of the Tourgens.
I didn’t think they would be in any way altered by the experience, but I was interested to see the reaction of some of the human type people.
‘What do you think?’ I said to a stocky man of about thirty
five with a long scar which ran from his forehead to his neck
and must have blinded him in one eye, as he was fitted with a
false android eye that looked in need of repair.
He looked at me and said, ‘Who are you?’
Sionn said, ‘He is the one who tried to defuse the bombs.’
‘Never,’ the man said. ‘He was a Tourgen!’
‘Yes,’ I said, ‘I was, and now I’m me, can anyone here realize what has happened?’
The man said. ‘Do you see this scar?’
‘Yes.’ I said.
‘Well, I did it myself to prove I can overcome any pain, and
also to accustom myself to accept android ways.’
‘Do you know where you are?’ I said.
‘We are where you took us, to trick us.’
‘I can smell a trap.’ said one of the Tourgens.
‘Yes,’ the others shouted.
‘We will leave them here for a while.’ Sionn said, Let us retire
to the other room. When we were out of earshot, Sionn said, ‘We
want the location of the base they use in the Galaxy-Unizylon,
the Planet is, as yet, unreachable.’
I said, ‘There seems to be a lot of unreachable places in space,
don’t there?’
‘There are more than you can imagine.’ Sionn said.
‘I don’t know? I can imagine a lot.’
‘It may be time for you to have another look into the light book,
but this time you will be upgraded even further.’
‘Really,’ I said.
‘Yes, but we also want you to keep your lower world consciousness.’
‘How can that be?’ I said.
‘As you know, we higher beings find it very hard to access the
lower worlds, so we need people such as yourself to help us.’
‘Yes,’ I said, ‘I understand.’
He then said, ‘You will receive lower world knowledge.’
‘What is that?’ I said.
Sionn seemed to be apprehensive to talk! I felt a bad feeling
coming on!
I am still going to be able to see my Reeas, and Deria, aren’t
‘Mannus wants you to be his Special-Envoy in the lower worlds.’
‘How low?’ I said.
He didn’t need to tell me, I already knew it was the lowest
point! I knew also that Reeas and Deria wouldn’t be able to help
‘You will have help.’ he said.
‘Why do you need me then?’ I said. I then realized I had said
the wrong thing, again!
‘Please follow me, Dan.’
The feeling I had at that moment was one of apprehension and
fear. I thought, why should I have these lower world feelings after being through what I have been through?
‘Sit down, and look into the light book.’
I felt let down, but I knew that this job of mine was no
ordinary job. It was more a way of life in these worlds
of God. But I still wanted to tell Sionn that I didn’t want this particular job!
I then looked into the light book. I could straight away see
Mannus looking back at me! He didn’t speak as usual but I knew
what he was saying. He wanted me to accept this job!
That was all. The next instant he was gone. Sionn said, ‘Are
you now convinced?’
‘I guess I have to be.’
‘Go to level one, find the agent who is abusing the Door.’
I knew Sionn meant the Portal at the main-level-crossing point;
this was the very important first stage to the physical body.
In other words, it was the stage where people got normal looking
bodies. Below this level and there would be any type body you could think of like the Non-Human Universe. I hope you students can keep up. Yes, I’m sure you can.
OK, I said to Sionn, ‘Now I want time with my Reeas.’
‘Yes, take your time and enjoy it. I’m sorry about this, Dan, but you know how it is with this job.’
‘Yes, I know.’
Reeas was very upset.
‘How can they ask you to go so low?’
‘I guess I’m qualified, I must be a Trained-Lower-Guardian, eh?’
Reeas was not impressed. Deria said, ‘If Mannus himself thinks
you can achieve this job then you are truly blessed!’
I thought about that for a minute. I then said, ‘Yes, I suppose
I am,’ although I didn’t feel it. Reeas and I spent some time on
her home Planet. I couldn’t help but wonder how long it would
be before I saw this beautiful place again. I just hope you
students are prepared for the lower levels, I’m sure you will
be fine, after all, you are Student-Guardians.
Now for a little contemplation, after thinking, and rethinking,
about the difficulties to be faced in the lower regions, I
realized I knew very little about them apart from Far-Station and the adventure with Tamia on levels 11, 12 and 13. Well, I will have to find out. I am going to put myself into deep meditation mode for a time. As usual, I was with some of my past masters. We did the usual thing which was meditation, and then talk.
‘You will have to be careful of the entities from beyond
the door. One of my masters said. They can trap you with darkness. Don’t let them touch you.’
That sounds like good advice, I thought.
For Students: You know that the entities can’t actually touch you, but in the astral world don’t forget we all have a spiritual body which can be touched by another from the same plane. Yes, I know you knew it. OK, sorry, I am getting a little over stretched. I needed to rest, so I decided to visit my home and family, Yes, Elaine and John, have already incarnated. But I can still visit them in our old home. The souls who they were then are still in existence. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s true. You students will realize soon enough. OK,
then. Back at the base Sionn said, ‘I have another companion for you to meet.’
I couldn’t believe my eyes when Kallo himself came walking in! I just looked on in disbelief. ‘He is now totally renewed.’ said Sionn.’
I said, ‘I don’t care what he is, I’m not going into the lower
regions with a psychotic murderer!’
Sionn looked at me with his usual stern expression. Kallo
then said, Hello, my friend, I’m Kallo. Have we met? Who were you referring to just then?’
He was now looking at Sionn.
‘We were talking about a person who was supposed to be going on
this trip, but is now unable to go.’ Sionn said.
‘Oh,’ Kallo said. ‘What a pity, do I know him?’
I was starting to get pretty freaked out now. I said,
‘I have to take another break.’
‘Please, Dan.’ Sionn said, ‘Can I talk to you for a moment.’
We walked into the other room.
‘Dan, please sit down and listen. I know this is a little unusual, but you have been in many unusual places and have had many unusual experiences.’
‘I know, I said, ‘but this is too much! I can’t stand to look at
the man.’
‘OK, that is easily fixed.’
‘No,’ I said. ‘Not his looks, he is Kallo!’
‘No, not any more he isn’t, he has been rejuvenated and by
Mannus himself, can you understand?’
I was in no mood to cooperate at the moment, and Sionn knew it.
‘Please go and rest for a while. I will check on you later.’
Sionn knew I was reeling against this. I felt I had been let
down again. I went to the restroom to lie down. OK, I said
to myself, let me have a reassessment of my whole career here
at Guardian base. I have been through hell-and-high-water
for them. I have done my bit to save various Worlds, and the Universe. Not to mention the Inner worlds. Now they want me to go into the very depths of the lowest plane and find an agent who is probably going to trap me in darkness for eternity, and to top it off they want me to go with someone who tried to
kill me at every turn! I wanted to meditate to Mannus. I needed to get away for a while. I woke up on the usual mountain side. Mannus was seated looking very calm and unmoving. I wanted to wait till the time was ready to speak but I had to get it over with. I said, ‘Why have I got to go to these dark places?’
‘You have been chosen because you have the correct consciousness.’
‘But am I experienced enough?’
‘He didn’t answer my question but said, ‘Approach me.’
For once he opened his eyes. I was enraptured. He looked into
my eyes. Time stood still. I don’t know how long I was there.
The feeling was one of intense delight and also intense light!
‘You are now a Guardian, do whatever you have to do.’
I woke up in the rest room. I lay there for some time just
pondering the words Mannus had said.
Sionn came in. He knew I had been to see Mannus.
‘Congratulations, you are now a Guardian.’
‘Thank you,’ I said. ‘Well, let’s get going.’
‘Hold on, he said. You know Kallo has special knowledge of the
lower regions’
‘Yes,’ I said. ‘But he doesn’t know himself as Kallo.’
‘So, when you want him to appear as himself, just ask him to
be Kallo, also You can ask him to be the other person.
‘Oh, I see, that’s a smart move. So when we need to go to one
of his little realms, we can go through as Kallo?’
‘And who is this other person?’
‘Yes, she agreed to do this, to be with you.’
‘This is madness.’
‘I don’t want her going into such a dark place.’
‘Don’t worry; she has volunteered to be put back in
‘Yes, she visited Mannus right after you.’
‘I can’t believe this. How long does she have to be in this
‘As long as it is required.’
‘Do you mean Reeas will be in her own mind but when we want Kallo to come through, he will?’
‘Hold on a minute. Why can’t Reeas have her own astral body?’
‘We want to make sure Kallo is kept in a secure mode, Reeas will
see to that.’
‘And what happens if he can’t be kept secure? I want to see
‘Yes, you will, although she will be in a lower state of
consciousness, but she will still be as you know her, she has also been given full Guardianship.’
I started to feel a little better.
I hope you students can access this, yes, I know it is a little
complicated but I know you can handle it.
I know one thing. I didn’t feel like dancing, as you can imagine. Onwards my Friends!

Chapter 54-Journey into the Dark Regions

We made preparations for the Journey. I asked Reeas if she
was OK. She said, ‘Yes, don’t worry I can handle it.’
‘How do you feel inside yourself? You know, consciously.’
‘I feel fine, when we get back, I will get my full consciousness
‘Good, although I would love you, no matter how you were.’
Reeas smiled. She had a beautiful smile.
Students: Please prepare yourselves for the lower regions. Make sure you can access everything from astral databank.
We transferred our consciousness into the vehicle that was
going to be our home for the journey. Yes, you guessed it,
Debra! How can a lightship transport us to the lowest
plane of existence? You ask. Well, my friends, really, it is not
a lightship but just an astral image that we can use for now.
Anything is possible here, my student friends. Debra was still
functioning but only through me. I was certainly glad she was
here but her use would be limited. Kallo was now becoming
more friendlier! I felt ill at ease with this. But I knew
I could handle it. All we had to do to get there was be conscious of the actual lowest plane; and we would be there!
The one thing I wasn’t ready for was the darkness. It was so dark that I simply could not see!
‘Don’t worry.’ Kallo said, ‘You will get used to it.’
Reeas was letting Kallo guide us for now. Debra didn’t say anything apart from the usual ship stuff. For you people
who can’t understand how the ship can function like this. I
can only say that it is part of me, and not the ship! After
several hours we came to a beacon. People with
special knowledge can see them; I noticed it was on red;
that means there was danger ahead! Our eyes were becoming
used to the darkness now. I can tell you it was a very
frightening place to be. There were no visible things that
you associate with normal everyday life; Just nothing of
interest! We couldn’t see very far also maybe three or four
yards, but we could see the beacon! I tried to get Debra to
shine a light from the ship but it didn’t help.
Kallo said, ‘We will have to get out and walk from now on.’
I said, ‘Why?’
He said, ‘The ship was stopping us from accessing the darkness.’
I thought about it and had to agree. Debra would have to revert
back into my consciousness.
‘A nice trick you can do there.’ Kallo said.
‘Thank you. The ship is part of me, you know.’
‘Yes, and very handy, especially when you are in the physical
world eh?’
I saw Kallo’s face as he thought about it. Can we really trust
him? I thought.
Kallo said, ‘Now we will have to cross the divide at the beacon.
We will have to beware as there will be a gatekeeper on guard.’
I felt a little relieved, as we had not met anything nasty
up to now, but it is early days yet. I wanted Reeas to appear
but I knew Kallo was the expert down here so I let him lead us
for now.
Suddenly a dark shape appeared in front of us! ‘Go back.’ It
said!’ I couldn’t make out any shape at all! It was just a
sort of blob on the ground which was throbbing!
Who are you?’ I said.
‘That is none of your business. My job is to stop anyone from
entering here!’
‘Dan, please let me handle this.’ Kallo said.
‘OK,’I said. Kallo then pointed at the Blob with two fingers
then spoke some words which I knew to be from the ancient Black-
Art books of Dalfien, (which was a lower world planet which Kallo himself destroyed some hundreds of years ago.) The Blob said to Kallo ‘You are the Dark-Angel who cursed us!’
Then it just vanished! I thought, my God, if this man could get
back to his other self he could again become all powerful.
‘OK, my friends,’ Kallo said. ‘We can go back.’
‘Hold on,’ I said. ‘We are supposed to find the agent at the
‘We did find him.’ Kallo said, ‘I neutralized him.’
‘No, it couldn’t be that easy? Mannus himself asked me to
supervise this job and I know we haven’t finished it yet. The
entity we contacted there was only the gatekeeper to stop people
coming in. We want the one who is letting people in, or
all manner of entities.’
‘Yes,’ Kallo said. ‘But where is he?’
My mind was starting to hurt! How can it? You say.
Mind is a separate thing from astral! I know that,
but nevertheless it does. I wanted to be away from this
place. Kallo said, ‘Let us go back to the door and
see what comes.’
I felt an almighty need to run. The place was starting to affect
me badly. How could Mannus think I could cope in here? I want
Reeas, I thought. I was looking at Kallo as I thought it and she appeared!
‘Thank God you are here.’ I said!
‘Don’t worry. She said. You haven’t got used to the vibrations
of the place yet.’
‘I know,’ I said, ‘this place is starting to affect me. Kallo wants us to go back to the door again.’
‘Yes, it is the only way to find the agent.’
‘OK,’ I said, ‘just give me a few minutes to adjust. You know
Kallo got rid of the gatekeeper to stop entities coming in.’
‘Don’t worry; he will be replaced with another.’ Reeas said.
‘Do you mean we will have to get by him as well?’
‘Not if we find this agent who is letting entities in.’
‘Why did Kallo want to go back to base when he got rid of the
‘I see what you mean. Surely Kallo can’t be getting back to his old self.’
‘Well, we are in his Domain, aren’t we?’
‘Very well,’ she said, ‘we will have to keep Kallo inside from
now on.’
‘What about finding the agent?’
‘We will try by ourselves.’ Reeas replied.
‘Want to dance? I said?
Reeas smiled, but I could see she was worried. We reached the
door. The feeling of dread was back again. I then noticed a very
dark and menacing shape appear in front of us. I knew straight
away this entity wasn’t supposed to be here. It was far too dark, even for this plane. Reeas was replaced with Kallo, as I became ‘aware.’
‘State your business,’ I said. No sound was heard. Then it lunged at us wrapping itself around us. I felt totally trapped, and also unbelievably claustrophobic. I could feel my mind starting to shut down. Then all at once we were on a totally lower level! I couldn’t understand it.
‘Where are we?’ I said.
I then heard Kallo’s voice. ‘Don’t worry, old chap, I know
where we are. This is a lower sub level, just give me a few
minutes to get my bearings will you?’ I was now on the
verge of panic! I was wrapped up in darkness and couldn’t
function. I couldn’t even stabilize my mind for meditation!
My God, I thought, if this is the end please make it
quick. Suddenly Kallo‘s voice came through. He said some
more magic words from the Dalfien book. I suddenly slumped to the floor.
‘Are you OK, my friend?’ Kallo said.
‘Thank you, I said, ‘We need something to lift this darkness.’
I thought of Reeas. She appeared.’
‘I was on the verge of panic.’ I said.
Reeas said, ‘There is nothing we can do about it as the
plane itself is made up of dark matter.’
‘OK, but now the entity has gone, surely we can try to bring a
little light of our own.’ I said.
‘How?’ said Reeas.
I concentrated on Debra and Mannus. We were stood directly in
front of the door when light from my own eyes began to shine
forth! I felt like a living lighthouse. Reeas stood there and
looked on in awe. I could clearly see a person stood at the
gateway. He was an identical copy or clone of Kallo, but he was
probably another apprentice.
OK, my fine fellow, I thought, you have been nabbed!
The light was now too much for him. He disappeared.
now I could relax. The next gatekeeper appeared almost at
once. He wasn’t friendly. But I could tell he was relieved to see us. He was a type of Burin, but had a higher consciousness. He said, ‘It has taken a long time to move the entity from the gate.’
‘I know, I said, but now you can move on.’
‘No!’ he shouted. I am the gatekeeper, and no one gets by me.’
I could see he was into his job, so I left him to it.
‘I think the gate is in good hands now, eh, Reeas?’
‘Yes, Dan, until another psycho murderer comes along.’
I had to smile. We transferred ourselves back to the ship then
back to base. Sionn was there as usual. ‘How do you feel? Dan,’
‘I feel good now, but I have to admit I was scared.’
‘Yes. It can be very disconcerting.’
‘Do you mean you have been down there?’
‘Yes, but it was a long time ago, don’t forget, I was also once
a Trainee-Guardian,’
‘Yes, and Kallo was also.’ I said.
‘What is going to happen to Him?’
‘He will be highly monitored from now on, although his
apprentices are still out there.’
‘How many are there?’
‘How many worlds are there?’ He said, ‘also we have a small job
for you to do.’
‘Oh, no, not again, can’t we take an extended holiday?’
‘A Guardian’s work is never done. The team will prevail,’ he said.
The work goes on my student friends! Please access the
relevant Database. Onwards!


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