Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapter 1


Chapter 1-Meeting with a Guardian

What in heaven’s name is happening? All I could do was look at him in a stupid way as he held out his hand, as I took it, the feeling I got was a palpable wave of love, I felt dizzy and he knew it, he helped me with a strong arm on my forearm. I knew I had never met this man before, apart from my dreams. He had a certain way about him which even now at this early stage suggested that I could trust him. He had grey hair and strong features. He reminded me of an old movie star called Jeff Chandler. ‘We can change our appearance to suit the situation. This is to make you feel comfortable. Please come with me, and I will explain everything.’ I could have been going to another planet and I would have gladly gone! We walked up the lane which was a single track road and very secluded, gradually we came to a pair of very large and I presume ancient oak trees. The track ended a few yards further up and the view was restricted in all directions. If someone wanted real privacy this was the place. With a wave of his hand a door appeared! It stood there as though it would fall down. I looked round the back of it; it was just a flat door standing there. He looked at me with mild amusement. ‘Trust me, this will be a shock to your mind, but we know you can take it, we have been monitoring you in your dreams, and in your everyday life.’
I said, ‘Who is we, exactly?’
‘I will tell you later; please let us enter the transfer-room.’
As we entered the door, I had an overwhelming feeling of security. I could tell we were dropping down very quickly, I asked him how deep we were going? He said, twenty-three miles!
We came to a stop, the door opened, I couldn`t believe my eyes!
A massive room or maybe I should call it a large space, the size
of four football pitches and there are three U.F.O.s hovering in the middle, with several small humanoid creatures looking at us!
‘It’s nothing to get bothered about,’ he said, ‘they are old friends.’
I said to myself, I’ll wake up in a minute. ‘You won’t’ he said.
I asked if he could read my mind, and he said ‘We can, but we don’t usually. You have a higher state of consciousness and that has earned you the right to join us, come, you need refreshment, a cup of tea perhaps?’
Right again, I thought, but he already knew.
‘I`m only a teacher,’ I said.
‘Yes, but you have a subconscious knowledge which would be able to withstand the shock of being given all the information which you will receive, also you have had many past life experiences that will be useful to us.’
‘Oh,’ I said, ‘and what would they be?’
‘Mainly Yoga, please follow me into the data room.’
We walked to a wall which then opened up! There were no doors or handles; it’s as if the place was in tune with the people or higher beings. I was beginning to realise the enormity of it all.
‘That’s the word,’ he said, ‘Realization. Prepare yourself for Reality.’
There are a number of gadgets around but the one I was attracted to was a sort of book, like a laptop, the light was coming out of it, not from the screen, but all of it.
‘Dan, please look into the book.’
‘I don’t even know your name.’ I said.
‘Yes, you do.’
I at once knew his name was Sionn.
‘We will be keeping a Log of all your experiences from now on; try to be conscious of this and your thoughts will be uploaded to central databank. You can also relate to whoever will get access to your thoughts later as Students; these recorded experiences will be a useful tool for us. I will also ask you again later if you still want to carry on with your training. You can still go back to your life as a retired school teacher.’
For student purposes: I will refer to God in the higher case letter from now on, please be aware of this. It is a mark of respect to the deity, or whatever you believe God to be.


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