Dan Sherman All Worlds. Overview


‘You better move out of my way beast man.’ It said. I am now being informed that these adventures of mine in the inner worlds are going to be recorded for potential Guardians to use while asleep. I have to refer to you in future as Students. I apologize if you are more than that; please be patient and log into the Guardian’s database. I moved towards the monster with confidence. I knew I could easily kill it. For student purposes: Cloft is one of the strongest creatures in the Universe. Guardians have access to a network of unlimited knowledge and time; by that, I mean we can travel anywhere on the inner planes and once you are accepted by the Guardians you can also travel anywhere in time and space on the physical-plane. That is exactly what I am being lined up for. Please be aware that you are unlimited and as such eternal. I grabbed the monster by the throat while he tried to claw into my stomach. I ripped its head off. I am now being informed that I will not remember any of my experiences when I wake up; this is for my protection. I am now going to be debriefed at the astral sub base. Students please prepare your selves for the start of Dan Sherman’s adventures in time and space, onwards my friends.

I wake up in a sweat, my heart pounding. What is happening?
Every night for a week the same dream! I am standing on a lonely road and looking across at a tall man who is beckoning. I can read the street sign it says Giants Seat lane. I can also make out the town sign; it is Kelsay. Now I think about it I couldn’t make that out before! What does it all mean? Maybe I should go there? Ha. Get real, Dan! Me, a School Teacher who had to take early retirement through bereavement after my wife and kid got killed in a car crash go to a place I don’t even know exists. Well, I will soon find out, where is my Road atlas?
I don’t believe it! It does exist. Maybe I should go there?
Then do what? Do I really think a tall man is going to
beckon me? I must be going crazy. But it will be a day out and
I do need a change of scenery. I have been moping about here
long enough. I see it is up in Northumberland, that’s a three
hour drive!
In the car I feel excited and sad at the same time.
Elaine and John, my son, were killed on this very same road. I
will be nearing the memorial soon; it was put there by some
people who think it is right to leave flowers at places on the
road where people who they never met were killed! But who
am I to say; I just like to remember them and not mourn them at some place where no one goes. What’s this? There is a group of people standing at the memorial? Maybe they are broke down somewhere on the road. But there is no emergency call box here! My god! It is Elaine and John and the tall man from my dreams. I put the brakes on as I Pass by at speed. I pull onto the hard shoulder, I look around, but they are gone!
I carry on in a state of puzzlement, and disbelief. What the hell just happened! Am I still dreaming? I must stay calm like I used to be when I studied Yoga. It was the only thing that kept me sane after the accident. I was feeling pretty excited as I pulled into a pub car park In Kelsay. I ask a man who is smoking outside if he knows where giants seat lane is. He said, ‘There is nothing there, just a track which goes nowhere, also It is a place where ghosts have been seen and UFOs.’ Now my interest was caught, I thanked him and started off in the direction he gave me. After several minutes of driving and thinking I came to cross-roads, I also stared in disbelief as the tall man from my dreams was beckoning me!


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