Dan Sherman Book ‘All Worlds’ Chapter 3


Chapter 3-Lightship

We walked through the wall again into another room.
‘You can rest awhile if you want but you don`t need rest, your body has been rejuvenated by the light chair you were sitting in but you already know that.’
‘Yes, I feel fine. There is some information I would like to know. How old are you?’
‘Yes, we can withhold information if we deem it necessary but we now don`t need to keep anything from each other, you now know I am 3,500 years old in this incarnation.’
‘That is one long life.’ I said.
‘Yes, but time has no meaning on the inner planes.’
I also knew I could move into other states of existence such as dreaming. We all move about in our dreams but most of us don’t remember when we wake up. I used to have lots of lucid dreams when asleep at home; they were like out-of-the-body experiences but were a disappointment when I woke up as I wanted to stay there. Now I would be able to learn and travel wherever I was needed on whatever plane of existence I was on!
Sionn said, ‘You are now receiving sustenance from the very walls and everything connected with this base. You do not need to eat or drink while in your body. Later if you feel the time is right you will be able to leave the physical body altogether, and transfer to an artificial body suit, such as the one you are now going to use for the journey.’
If anyone had told me yesterday I would be going to Andromeda with a 3,500-year old man of higher consciousness I would have laughed at him, even if it had been Sionn, but now I am a different person, being, or consciousness!
The ship was hanging in mid-air as we walked through the wall again; it was the size of a small motor cruiser; the kind people use at the harbour for showing off but this ship I knew would do much more than just move.
Sionn said, ‘We will let the ship fit you up with the suit.’
I knew it wasn`t going to be just a suit but even I couldn’t believe what it was capable of!
I stood with my back to the wall of the ship when it then wrapped itself around me! I felt invulnerable and totally safe.
I knew that this suit, like the ship itself could withstand any attack; or even a nuclear bomb! I let my fingers run up and down the surface of it, it was very shiny and slippery, I just couldn`t grip it. It was also transparent. Sionn said, ‘You can also change your shape and appearance. If we were to go to another planet we would take on the appearance of the locals also we would be given any info or data to speak with them or any animal life.’
My God, I thought, I could talk to the animals.
‘What about sex?’ I said, ‘it is one of few things on earth that shows love for someone,’
Sionn replied. ‘It is natural that you think about such things, so that is why you have the option of keeping your body for as long as you want; in time you will see it as a burden.’
Sionn made the thought-transfer to get the ship underway and before I could think we were out in space. The ship could move at light speed almost immediately. We were already past the solar system and on route to Andromeda. I could see the screen in my vision but it wasn`t a physical screen; I could see it as the ship saw it a blur of tiny lights melting into one giant overpowering glow. It took me awhile to adjust but I was now getting the hang of it. The technology was way ahead of me even with the light book, but with time I could get used to this awesome way of life. The thought struck me; I could live forever like this.
Sionn replied, ‘We do live forever; all things pass on to higher realities.’


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