Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapter 2


Chapter 2-Higher learning

‘Sit in the chair and relax.’
As soon as I touched the chair I was energized! I have never seen or felt anything like it before; it felt as though it was part of me, gripping my body like a living thing. The voice I heard was not Sionn`s but something else, whatever, or whoever it was seemed like an old friend speaking to me.
‘Once you look into the light book you will be able to do things that you never dreamt of. Tell me now; do you want to join us?’
‘You already know that answer, don’t you?’ I replied.
‘I have to ask, you understand.’
‘What about my home and the life I have or used to have?’
‘After looking into the light book you won’t even think about it. Do not worry; it will be sorted out later.’
‘Can I see my wife and child?’
‘Later, they are as you now know, still in existence.’
‘Then, yes, I want to be a Trainee-Guardian.’
‘Now, relax.’
As soon as I looked into the light book my mind was like a computer of the highest sort, after what seemed to be only a short time I came out of the book. That’s the only way I can describe it.
I knew stuff I never knew before, also I felt in balance with life. My body was pulsating from head to foot!
‘That is just the beginning; we can’t take a chance on overloading you.’
To describe my feelings at that moment is impossible. An ordinary man transformed in one day into a sort of superman. I could do higher mathematics; that is something I never could get my head around, also Physics, Philosophy and any other subject. But the one thing I was good at besides history was astronomy, I always prided myself on that, but now I knew everything I would want to know about it. I also knew how to dance! Yes, I always wanted to take Elaine to the dance hall to do proper ballroom dancing, but I always had two left feet, I just love the disco films, now I could do all the moves!
‘Why isn`t my head exploding,’ I said.
‘You know it is not your physical brain that knows these things, but your higher consciousness. Whatever you need to know, wherever you need to go, to do, whatever the Guardians need you to do, you will receive.’
I enquired if anyone else worked at the underground base.
‘It doesn`t need anyone to man it, it is self-regulating, no one can enter it, or find it without permission as the security is so technologically advanced. There are no entrances to the base. Before you ask how the UFOs managed to access it, I can tell you that our lightship helped them. The lightship can travel through any object. It wrapped itself around their craft and simply flew through the Earth’s surface into the base. Earth, as you now know is not just a planet; it is a star base and had been so for thousands of years.’
I knew it all along The U.F.O.S The M.I.B.S. (Men-in-black) and all the other stories, obviously some were bogus, but now I know.
Sionn informed me we were to go to the 27th sector of the Andromeda Galaxy. Wow! This morning, I was on the verge of depression and now I’m going to the largest galaxy outside of our own. 2.4 million Light-years! I knew that in just five days after we leave Earth and travelling at faster than light speed we would enter a worm-hole and almost immediately we would be there! I can tell you that there are worm holes adjacent to every galaxy; this enables the Guardians to access all parts of the Universe. The power system on the ship we were about to board is taken from the stars themselves, we would get all the power we need transferred to the engine which I can`t really describe as I don`t have as yet enough knowledge. I guess next time I look into the light book, I will gain whatever I need but all I wanted to do was dance.


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