Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapter 10


Chapter 10-Preparing to be cloned

Back at the sub plane base I was feeling less and less confident. How could I handle this? Grenwer knew what I was feeling. He said, ‘You cannot be given too much information otherwise they will know. You will be scanned as you go through the junction any higher readings of consciousness will be found. We can give you such things as language and defense training but not much else.’ I thought, just great!
‘What if I’m killed again?’
‘You would of course come back here; we have a contact for you to meet at a place called area 96. She is a special agent who has been working at Junction 43 for some years, she is a Trainee-Guardian called Reeas. She cannot show up on there’re monitoring systems. You will have to be very careful.’
‘What will she look like?’

‘She has the body of a Tourgen like you will have.’
‘Why can’t she do the job then?’
I already knew I had said the wrong thing and he knew that.
He also knew I was under a lot of pressure so he didn`t react to it.
‘I`m sorry,’ I said.
‘Come, let us go to the cloning room, you have to be cloned before you can look into the light book this time.’
The room was clear apart from a table and a large glass dome over it I could see the huge body of the alien I was going to inhabit under the glass. I knew there was also a physical body of the same alien on the physical world planet which I would transfer to later. I would be able to use this spiritual body to accustom myself before actually waking up in the physical.
For any students who are finding these changes of worlds and changes of consciousness hard to get used to, please ask the inner guide or the spiritual guide for advice.
‘Lie down on the table and relax.’
I simply slid into the Tourgens body. The feeling I had when I became conscious was of raw power. I was wearing a one piece suit of a material I wasn`t familiar with. I started to feel angry! I had the urge to smash anything that wasn`t agreeable to me. Grenwer said, ‘Don’t fight the aggression; let it come but control it.’
I was able to see what I looked like through a mirror. I was looking at a body of human appearance but with striped skin like a tiger which was red and black. I was 8 foot tall and about 45 stone with teeth that could bite through chain mail and nails that could rip apart any animal on Earth, but of course I wasn`t going to be on Earth. The feeling of aggression was getting stronger and it was strangely tempting to smash everything in the room to pieces, Grenwer knew this but just stood there like a … Well, like a Guardian. He knew it was better for me to get this aggression out now in the spiritual rather than at Junction 43.
‘You will be known as Cloft, a criminal from Deanna 12; a planet which is a temporary home for the Tourgens, it is not far from Far-Station.
It is time to look into the light book, it will give you any info you need such as language and customs.
‘Wait a minute! Do you mean to tell me I will be a criminal? What about the job of getting into the location to free Sionn, also how will I meet the special agent?’
‘She is called Reeas.’
I felt the anger starting to come out. Grenwer knew this and said ‘Dan, you will not only be given enough data, but you have also been given special powers. The body you are in will be able to withstand more than enough harm; it has triple the strength of a normal Tourgen body, the only life form you will have to avoid trouble with are the security people and a life form known as the Bourin. They are what I can only describe as what were Trolls in the children’s books of old; they are extremely hard to hurt and are about fifteen-foot tall with enormous strength!
‘Is there anything else I should know or should I simply ask to get killed as soon as I step into the entrance!
‘You will feel different later. Please look into the light book.’
The feeling was of calm, then of confidence and then extreme confidence.
Grenwer was right; I did feel different, extremely different. I felt like I could challenge anybody or anything. The feeling of strength was overpowering. I simply had to test myself and Grenwer knew it, which is why he insisted on me transferring into the body on the astral plane first.
‘Come with me.’ He said.
I knew I had been given skills such as self-defence and weapon training, not that I needed any weapons.
Grenwer said, ‘Try lifting this weight.’
It was a normal barbell but with about half-a-ton of weights on it, I already knew I could lift it, not only that, I could throw it through the wall twenty-feet away.
‘Dan, don’t think you can’t be hurt when you transfer to the physical world, there will be beings there that know you are strong but they could still kill you with a number of things, so we will attempt to heighten your sense of E.S.P (extra-sensory-perception) with a mental probe. Please sit down and be still, try to be calm and receptive.’
All I could think about was my wife and son waiting for me, I wonder what they would think if they could see me now! A metal hat shaped object was lowered on to my head with wires coming out of it.
‘Why couldn`t I just look into the light book to get this ability!
‘It would not increase your higher mental abilities, such as
The feeling was of calm and then of knowing, I knew exactly where Grenwer was even though I couldn`t see him.
‘The senses you have won`t be as great as they are here on the astral world but they will be good enough to know if someone was trying to injure you. You can sleep and transfer to the Terick 3; it is the physical planet that is nearby Far-Station. Be calm and rest. I will be there when you wake up.’

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