Dan Sherman Space Guardian. ‘All Worlds’ Chapter 11


Chapter 11-Terick 3

I woke up in a place exactly the same as the one on the astral world! Grenwer was there.
‘Am I on the Physical or the Astral?’ I said.
‘You are now in the physical body of a Tourgen!’
I arose from the table and walked around the room, I looked at myself through a mirror although I didn`t need clothes as the private parts of tourgens are hidden inside the body for protection. My skin was thick enough to stop a knife attack by humans but was still vulnerable. Grenwer advised me to put on a protective suit that was widely used on Terick 3; it could repel most weapons but not the blasters which the security forces used, although they usually used the stun weapon first. (It was the same gun but on a different setting.) The population have weapons of all kinds such as blasters. Another thing to watch out for are the Ancrons; they are a dog-like creature who are and very dangerous, they can kill most beings with ease.
‘How big are they?’ I asked.
‘They look like hyenas but are twice as big,’
‘Why don’t they get rid of these things?’
‘The government doesn’t care as these types of creature do them a favor by creating fear.’
‘How do I protect myself from them?’
‘They know they will get respect if they kill something bigger and stronger than themselves, but don’t worry about them as they are in a special isolated area.’
‘So the government, such as it is, doesn`t bother about getting rid of these creatures as they are keeping down the evil population, and creating fear. Is there anything else I should know about?’
‘There is one other very dangerous creature called the Vennam, but you won’t need to worry about them as they are also isolated in a special area. There are other animals but not many, as most have been killed by other life forms which have been brought here by aliens.
‘What about Karma?’
‘Yes, you will have to kill other life forms, but your Karma will be balanced out by helping to save numerous galaxies from destruction.’
‘Do you really believe that could happen?’
‘Kallo had the container with enough material to destroy whatever world it came into contact with or galaxy; once it spreads there is no telling where it would go and no stopping it, when it is set free and expanded through fabrication machines that will be the beginning of the end. It is my belief that Kallo will try to use his influence in the Far-Station worlds to transport the deadly material to most, or all of the higher conscious planets. I think he wants to make himself Ruler of the known Universe!’
‘What about the astral worlds, they will still exist won’t they?’
‘How can they? Without the physical worlds the spiritual worlds have no function.’
‘Couldn`t they transfer to another plane of existence?’
‘If Kallo destroyed most of the higher physical planets souls on the inner planes would not be able to reincarnate fast enough.’
I thought about Elaine and John and how life used to be so simple.
I couldn`t get it through my ugly tiger striped head that the future of the Universe depended on me.
‘You must get to Sionn! Only he can tell us when Kallo will strike. You have the abilities you have the power and you have the knowledge but don’t let that be your downfall. You will have to act stupid and aggressive most of the time, as Tourgen’s do. You also have exceptional eyesight which may help you locate Sionn. When you do find him he will know what to do as you have been given information he will need.
‘Do you mean the mind probe?’
‘Yes, he will touch you behind the head and retrieve it.
You know, Dan, he isn’t in his light suit and he will be in another body.’
‘What? How will I know him?’
Of course I shouldn’t have said that, I would know him by thought wouldn`t I?’
‘Yes, he will lead you but you have to concentrate, you haven’t got your sense of higher-consciousness as you had before, so be aware. You will be transferred onto a prison ship where you…’
‘Hold on a minute! What do you mean a prison ship?’
‘Yes, we have to make it seem as though you are a dangerous convict.’
‘How will be able to find Sionn if I’m in a prison cell?’
‘You are only convicted of a relatively minor law.’
‘What’s that killing thirty Ancrons?’
‘No, you are accused of smashing up a government official’s house on Jennan 4, a planet within a short light-distance of Far-Station.’
‘Wait a minute, how come I did this if I’ve only been in existence a short time.’
‘We managed to acquire the body shortly after the crime and secrete it here to Terick 3 where we cloned another body. This is the one which you now have. The other body is in suspension at the moment.’
‘Well, this body is now very hungry! I hope I can get the mission over quickly as I suspect this body uses a lot of calories. Grenwer doesn`t usually laugh I knew that, but even he had to smile.


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