Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapter 14


Chapter 14-The Caves of Vennam

We arrived at the transport which was a motor tricycle, ‘You’ve hurt your arm,’ Reeas said.
‘Grenwer said I was too strong for this body, but it did the trick, never mind, we`ll take care of it later.’ She got on the bike and I sat behind her, I said, ‘are you sure this thing can carry us?’
‘Don’t worry, but we might have to worry about being chased, we`ll stand out like–.’
‘like couple of beast people on a trike,’ I said, she looked at me; I could see she was fascinated by this beast that was able to converse in an intelligent way, which must have been unusual, but it was also the same for me.
We set off at speed. Reeas said, ‘We will have to dump the trike and get another transport, one which we would be able to hide in.’ By now it was starting to get dark.
Reeas said, ‘We will park up and look around for suitable shelter.’
‘I notice there aren’t any other road users on this part of the highway,’
‘No, I deliberately brought us here; it is a forbidden place,’
‘What do you mean?’
‘It is the dwelling place of the Vennam.’
‘That doesn`t sound good, I was informed of them earlier they supposed to be in an isolated area!’
‘Yes, but the security forces would not come in here!’
‘OK,’ I said, ‘but what are the Vennam exactly?’
They are an alien race who can kill most beings with one touch.’
‘Oh, great’ I said! ‘How the hell do they manage to exist with other life forms?’
‘Don’t worry, they won’t come near us, they are afraid of us.’
‘Have you actually seen one?’
‘No, but I know what they look like, they are half-man and half-snake, the bottom half is snake,’
‘You mean they have no legs?’
‘Yes’ and their skin is dark blue in color, also they are naked.’
Please, God, help us to get through this I thought to myself.
We rode for about two hours through a countryside that was desolate featureless. Reeas then said. ‘Let’s make for a cave and hide out for a while.’ We hid the trike in undergrowth. Reeas took out a rucksack from the carrier which contained food and provisions. We then made our way to a mountain range to the Northwest. I asked her why we hadn`t seen any aircraft, she said, ‘They are banned, anything which is too technological isn`t allowed, apart from blasters.’
‘I suppose that’s lucky for us then?’
‘Yes, although they will still be looking for us, they also know there are two of us. It was now getting dark, I noticed that my eyesight was starting to improve, just like a cat; I could also see the Ancon’s stalking us.
‘Do you see what I see?’ I said to Reeas.
‘Yes. They won’t try anything yet, they know we can kill them quite easily, they will wait till later.’
We reached the Caves-of-Vennam. There were many caves, also many holes in the ground, some were very big and others were quite small. These holes were dotted all over the landscape as far as the eye could see. I didn’t like the idea that there could be Vennam waiting down there. I said to Reeas these holes are probably interconnected. She said, ‘Yes, but we have to take a chance. We picked a cave and went in. I said, ‘Are you sure the Vennam are afraid of us?’ Reeas emptied the rucksack and looked at me. ‘Wouldn’t you be afraid of you?’ she said, smiling. There was food and water, medicine, also a knife, rope, bandages, a hacksaw and a blaster! I said, ‘Well done, Reeas. Why didn`t I keep hold of the blaster which I had at the area where I was to be executed!’
‘You know you can’t use the blaster on the Vennam, don’t you?’
‘Yes, I assumed so.’ I said. Reeas was smiling again.
‘Hold still and I will cut these chains off you.’
‘No need.’ I said, I then took hold of the chains and simply pulled, they broke easily.
‘I might have difficulty getting the manacles off though?’
I could hurt myself; I am much too strong for this body.’
I was now pulling the links off one by one; Reeas said you don’t need to impress me I know how strong you are; hold still I will cut the manacles off.’ I was now feeling a little silly.
‘Sorry.’ I said, ‘I’m still in awe of this body,’
‘I know, they are very impressive, and the constitution of it is very robust,’
‘You mean they are easy to look after.’
‘Yes, also they don’t need much food or water.’
Once the manacles were off she gently rubbed some ointment into my wounds and put a bandage on them. I was really getting to like Reeas!
‘What is our plan now, Reeas?’
‘We will wait till the early hours then make our way to the transport stop at ‘Quarter-Point,’ then we will break into a large truck and steal it.’
‘Wow, I said, it sounds easy.’
‘I hope it will be. We had better get some rest for a few hours. I will take the first watch,’
‘No, let me, I don’t really need rest.’
‘What do you mean you don’t need rest?’
‘They gave me some sort of boost before I went into the body!’
‘Dan, I must say you were really something to see back there!’
‘Thanks, but I think most of it was due to this body which is awesome, I feel I could take on anything.’ Reeas was now smiling at me.
‘We might have to before we are done.’
‘As long as I have you, I know I could do anything.’
‘What were you before you came here, Dan?’
‘Do you mean before I became a man-beast.’
‘I was a teacher on a planet called Earth.’
‘What did you teach?’
‘History, but all that pales into insignificance compared to what has happened since.’
‘What about you? Where do you come from?’
‘A planet called Erinon 5. It is in a triangle of Galaxies known as Zeta3. 1,500 light years away from here; our people are highly developed technologically.’
‘What are you doing here then?’
‘I am a Trainee-Guardian like you.’
‘What is your original physical form?’
‘I am human as you are.’
‘How much do you know about me?’
‘Not a lot, as yet, but that is probably for security reasons.
I have been here quite a while so it was quite easy to develop my higher consciousness without the security forces knowing. They only monitor people coming in to Far-Station; they also don`t expect a Tourgen to have higher learning.’
‘You mean you didn`t look into the light book!’
‘No, I`m self-taught, also they can`t monitor me.’
‘That`s incredible! You’re the perfect spy. What did you do before you became a Tourgen?’
‘I was a physicist.’
‘What makes you stay here?’
‘I want to do all I can to improve life here.’
‘Very commendable, but it`s like hell.’
‘Yes, but there are people here who deserve better and I can always dream travel, in fact, if you will keep guard I will report to Grenwer on the astral plane,’
‘OK, but please don’t be too long, this place gives me the creeps.’
‘OK, I will be as quick as I can.’
She went to a corner of the cave and settled down to sleep.
All I could do was look out at the wasteland that was Far-Station. The sky was deep red making the mountains in the distance look very menacing. The first sign that something was wrong was when I heard a sort of movement in the grass, and then I saw something looking back at me from about twenty yards away, It was sort of sitting up but way too tall for a normal man, and then I saw it. It was on its tail! A Vennam! Without waiting it started to race over to me.
‘Where’s that blaster,’ I shouted. ‘Oh, God, no, I can’t use it.’ Before I could think, the creature was nearly on me, all I could grab was the chain that used to be on my wrists. As the Vennam came into touching distance I side stepped it then hit it behind the head with the chain and manacle. It was dead before it hit the cave wall. Reeas was now up and had the blaster pointed just in case. ‘I thought we couldn’t use the blaster.’ I said? Reeas looked at me. ‘I have it set on stun but I doubt It would have worked on it. Maybe we should move on.’
‘I thought you said they were scared of us?’
‘They are supposed to be. Make very sure you don’t touch any part it. Let’s go.’
‘Did you manage to reach Grenwer?’
‘No, I didn’t have the time.’
I couldn`t resist looking at the creature on the cave floor, it was dark blue in color with a face like a large lizard, the skin was also oozing a thick liquid which was obviously poison.
We packed our stuff and carefully scanned the outside before we stepped out of the cave. Reeas had the blaster ready just in case.
‘I`m sure glad you weren`t asleep, Dan.’
‘And I’m sure glad you’re here Reeas. You know, Reeas; the name of this body is Cloft, don’t you?’
‘I like Dan, better.’


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