Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapter 17


Chapter 17-The Underground Devil

We started to move again and after a short while Fagil said, ‘The hallway where the Bourin lives is five-hundred yards further up the roadway.’
I said, ‘If we are lucky he will be asleep.’
‘No.’ Fagil said. ‘He will smell us long before we come into view!’
‘Yes, and I can smell him,’ the stench was terrible. After another minute I could see it, it was a giant of about twenty foot tall and around three tons in weight. I could see a collection of weapons, and there was a small grotto or cave
where it probably slept or ate.
‘Why doesn`t it come into your area?’ I said.
Fagil said, ‘The light drives it back!’
It was pacing about as though it knew something was about to happen. It grabbed a large club from the floor and came nearer. I told Reeas to stay clear unless I was about to get killed. She was holding the sword as though she knew how to use it, and she probably did.
‘Right, I’m ready.’ I said. Reeas said, ‘Be careful.’
I walked nearer until I was about fifty yards away then I stopped. I looked around at the immediate area sizing everything up; I noticed there was a ledge at the rear of the Bourin about thirty feet above the wall. The creature was surprisingly agile, I noticed, it swayed from side to side moving the club from one hand to the other. I looked back and noticed the Yalton were in prayer again, they were standing in a ring holding hands.
I said a small prayer lifted up my axe and charged. I then slid on my side as I reached my opponent; I hit it in the leg with my axe. To my surprise it didn`t fall, but tried to stamp on me. I got up quickly and swung my axe which hit the Bourin’s club. My axe was now stuck in the club! I leaped back. Reeas had seen what had happened and came running. I shouted to her to get back but she didn`t do as ordered; she swung the sword and hit the Devil on the side making a large gash. The Bourin stepped back took hold of the axe and pulled it out from the club. Reeas again swung the sword, but the Bourin also swung the club at the same time. Hitting Reeas, I didn`t think anything of it, I knew Reeas was strong, but I underestimated the strength of the Bourin. Reeas lay still. I wanted to go over and help her, but I knew what I had to do. The Bourin now had both weapons. I ran while grabbing the knife from around my neck and jumped. I hit the Bourin in the eye with the knife and before he could react I jumped from his shoulder onto the ledge above. He looked up at me as the blood came gushing out of the wound. I looked over at Reeas and saw the Yalton had formed a ring around her and were praying. I knew she was badly hurt, and I wished she had stayed were she was but she is a warrior like me, and we are Tourgen. I looked down at the Bourin; there was no sign of emotion and no sign of fear, just hate and evil. I held the knife in both hands and jumped. The knife went in its scull up to the hilt. Then it slowly toppled over and I jumped off as it hit the ground I could see it was already dead.
I ran over to Reeas. The Yalton were still praying but I could see she was dead. The Tourgen didn`t feel much emotion but I did and I couldn`t stop the tears. I thought to myself, maybe it was the first time a Tourgen had cried?
‘My people will take Reeas back to our spiritual hall,’ said Fagil. ‘We will continue to pray for her, but we must hurry there is not much time left!’
‘What`s the point.’ I said.
‘The point is the Universe is at stake!’ It was Sionn’s voice!
‘You heard Your Masters voice?’ Fagil said.
‘You know what you must do now then?’
‘Yes, but please give me a moment to reflect.’
‘I’m sorry, Dan, but we must hurry we have to get through this door. This is the entrance to Junction 50. You will have to use all your strength!’
My mind was in a whirl. I felt anger, frustration, and sadness all in one. I couldn`t do anything about the sadness, but I could take the other two out on the door! There were two massive boulders in front of it. Then a very large metal bar slotted into two metal plates, at each side of the door secured with the biggest padlock I had ever seen. Right, I thought, let me get the axe. I slotted the axe under the boulder and heaved, once I got it moving I simply rolled it away. I could see the Yalton were impressed. I did the same with the other one then I took the axe and smashed it down on the padlock. It broke into several pieces. Now all I had to do was simply lift off the metal bar. I noticed that the door only opened outward which was toward me and there was no handle!
‘You will have to smash it,’ said Fagil.
I didn`t know how thick it was but knowing the people on Far- Station, I guessed it was pretty thick.
‘OK,’ I said, I grabbed the metal bar, and I ran at the door using the bar as a battering ram. There was an almighty bang but the door was still solid. This requires a great deal of force I thought. I then stood still and tried to focus my mind as in yoga. The Yalton were also praying in a circle as usual. After about five minutes I went over to the boulder and using all my strength I lifted it onto my shoulder, I then ran at the door and smashed into it. The noise must have been heard on the surface but I couldn`t care less. The boulder was broken in pieces so I moved them away; I noticed the door was split slightly.
I could feel the power increasing in me! I was now more powerful than ever. It was as though the angrier I was, the more powerful I became. I ran over to the other boulder and lifted it easily. With one huge lungful of air I ran as fast as I could.
The noise was incredible! The door splintered into pieces, and I was thrown through to the other side, landing on my face. Luckily I hadn`t hurt myself.
I looked up to see another large Bourin holding a very large club in one hand, and a chain in the other!
OK, my friend, I thought, if you want to play I`m your man.
It walked over to me. I wasn`t even nervous this time, I knew I could take It quite easily. It swung the chain down from its right hand. I side stepped It with ease. Then I jumped onto its chest scratching both of its eyes out. It dropped the weapons and took hold of me around the back of the neck with its right hand. Then as It was about to hit me with its left hand I caught It and bit one of its fingers off. Then I bit another one off, it let go of me. Now it was in panic! I walked over to the metal bar which used to secure the door and picked it up; I then walked casually over to the Bourin and smashed it down on its head. It fell dead. I looked over at the Yalton; they were ecstatic! ‘You have defeated the strongest being in this planetary system. Fagil said, ‘you are to be praised!’
The Yalton were now holding hands again and chanting. I thought, we haven’t got time for this but I must be patient. The other thing I thought about was Kallo; surely he must now know we are trying to break Sionn out. The Yalton stopped chanting! Then I heard a faint noise from the tunnel ahead. Then I saw a faint light. ‘My brothers are coming.’ said Fagil. The light was now beginning to get very bright; also the sound of humming was also calming beyond belief!
‘Reunion is at hand,’ Fagil shouted. ‘With the help of our heroes let us go forth and release our savior!’ I picked up the axe and Reeas`s rucksack and followed.’


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