Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapter 18


Chapter 18-Junction 50

I wanted to sleep and relay back to Grenwer what had occurred but there simply was no time!
‘Will we meet any more enemies?’ I said.
‘Probably, but they can`t have realized, as yet, about the enormity of what has happened, or there would be mayhem!’
By this time there were more and more Yalton coming to greet us. Before long there were more Yalton than the space would allow, so we had to stop and make our way to another large cavern room. This one was gigantic, bigger than a cathedral were more Yalton were waiting. The whole place was brighter than outside and my eyes were starting to hurt. Fagil said, ‘You will get used to it in a while; also we have only two hours to reach Sionn. We know he is still alive as we are still receiving his mental signals.’
I said, ‘Can you pick up anything relating to Kallo?’
‘Right,’ I said, ‘Where exactly is Sionn?’
‘He is being kept in a small dungeon type room which is heavily guarded but we cannot take the chance of storming it as it would take too long and Sionn would be lost before we could get to him.’
‘Oh, great,’ I said, ‘what are we going to do?’
‘There is a secret tunnel we made years ago that is right under his cell, in fact, there are tunnels under most of the cells as we had the foresight to hope that something like this would happen one day! All you have to do is climb the steps we made to the underside of his cell and break your way in. There is only a few feet of soil which is held up by scaffolding and then of course the cell floor. You will have to use your axe!’
‘OK,’ I said, ‘let’s get on with it.’
‘No,’ replied Fagil. ‘First, let us pray.’ I stood in the middle of the Yalton and cantered my thoughts. The light and sound was incredible. I felt I could take on an army!
‘When you break through you will have to be very quick to stop the guards coming in; also take the isolation leads off Sionn’s head!’
‘What?’ I said.
‘Sionn will be isolated. That means his consciousness will be put into an isolation vessel if we are not quick enough.’
‘Wait a minute,’ I said, ‘Do you mean Kallo has found a way to steal some ones consciousness?’
‘Yes, and once he is in there Kallo could transfer him anywhere as his prisoner!’
Oh, this keeps getting worse, I thought!
‘Once you reach Sionn you will know if he is aware of you, and whether he is himself. Don`t forget the blaster, you will certainly need it!
‘Wait a minute,’ I said, ‘there will have to be a change of plan.’
‘What?’ Fagil said.
‘You will just have to trust me. Is there a way to the central guardroom?’
‘Yes, but why do you ask?’
‘I have an overwhelming desire to go there!’
‘But that is the one place we don`t want to go to!’
‘Yes,’ I said, ‘and that is the last place they will expect us to go. Let us lose no more time.’
In less than half an hour we were underneath the guardroom. We had to be very quiet, as I knew Kallo was near, in fact, he was in the guardroom; I just knew it!
I said, ‘There is now less than an hour to reach Sionn, right?’
‘Yes.’ said Fagil.
‘Then Kallo will obviously be expecting us.’
‘Yes, but we don`t even know where he is!’
‘I do.’ I said.
Fagil and the others looked stunned.
‘Where is he?’ they asked.
‘He’s in the guardroom!’ I said.
Before they could say anything I swung into action. The stairway led right up to the underside of the guardroom floor. I gripped the axe with both my hands and smashed the scaffold away then in seconds I swung it upwards. The rubble came down, and I leapt into the room already holding my blaster, I killed three of the guards before they could react, at this point I wasn`t bothered whether it was on stun or kill! I couldn’t believe my luck as Kallo was running for the console but I knew I could beat him to it. I grabbed him by the throat and just held him in the air with one hand while I blasted the console. I could now see the other guards were surrendering. So I flicked the blaster on to stun with one hand and fired. They fell were they stood. I knew Kallo’s little trick of using his finger to kill me wouldn`t work this time as I was now much too strong for that, also the instrument panel was useless now. I knew this was a momentous event as there was a great cheer from underground passages, and also from other areas. With the system destroyed. I knew Kallo was vulnerable now. His light suit was programmed into the Far-Station system. He could kill himself maybe, but I wasn’t bothered either way, as I had him in my grip, and I was elated. He would now be put in a secure place where he belonged. The Guardians would now be able to access Far-Station, or as it would now be called, ‘Yalton.’
I ran to the cell where Sionn was being held with Kallo still in my grip. Sionn was lying on a table with a metal skull cap on his head with wires and other components coming out of it. He had a different body, but I knew it was him he also had a device fastened around his neck like a large dog collar with a chain attached so that he couldn`t move very far. I removed the skull cap then I pulled at the chain with one hand and it snapped then I gently raised Sionn up while still holding Kallo with the other hand. They were now facing each other. The thing I didn`t notice while I was holding Kallo was that now he was quite dead! I dropped him to the floor. Sionn looked at me and smiled, he said, ‘You have done well, Dan, but the container with the deadly material in it has been moved to one of the other planets in the former Far-Station system, we need you to retrieve it, I will interrogate Kallo when I get back to the astral substation, I will await you there in the dream state.’ He touched me behind the neck to retrieve the information he needed.
All at once Sionn became deadly pale, and in the next second he was dead! Five seconds later he was back! ‘Oh, I forgot, Dan,’ he said, ‘you can go and welcome Reeas back she’s waiting for you below.’ Within another two seconds he was gone! What kind of power has Sionn got? What kind of being can conquer death itself? I was stunned.
What did he just say? Reeas alive! I jumped up and ran back down the steps to the tunnel and all the way to the large cavern where the Yalton said they had taken her, the light was awesome. I entered the hallway and stared in amazement at the Yalton who were surrounding the stone table where Reeas was lying. Could Sionn be wrong? No way, I said to myself! The Yalton started to make way for me; I walked up to the table, Reeas was looking at me with those big green and yellow cat-like eyes, she said, ‘I wondered how long you would be.’ I grabbed her and had to restrain myself from squeezing too much, after all, I didn`t get much time for gentility did I.
‘I knew you would be OK.’ I said, ‘but I thought I would see you back at the sub base but this is a big bonus!’
‘Yes, I could have stayed there and even come back as another clone but I wanted to help you now. Sionn approved it.’
I told her what Sionn had said and also that everything was now getting back to normal for Yalton.
‘Well then, let’s go and cuddle up together and sleep,’
‘lead the way,’ I said.
I knew Fagil had everything in order. The Yalton had all of the surface beings totally in submission, except the ones who were friendly. I knew it would take quite a while to get back to normality. The weather on Yalton was not good, in fact it was like winter all the time that is one reason why the Yalton started to live underground in the first place, so I suppose things wouldn`t change in that respect, but now they were the masters.
Reeas and I went to a corner of the vast cavern to sleep, but first I said, ‘Do you want to dance?’
‘As a matter of fact I do.’
‘OK, how about a classic, the Bolero?’
You students will say: How can two Tourgen’s dance the Bolero? Well we did!
We had an hour of the most beautiful ball room dances you can think of in a very large and spiritual place. Can you think of a better thing to do my student friends?
Then we went to sleep in a corner where we cuddled up together. You ask how did we get the music? We simply left that to the Yalton.


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