Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapter 19


Chapter 19-Sub plane Base

I woke up in my bedroom, but I knew it was a part of the sub base. I started to do all the usual things that people do, then I went to the wardrobe and dressed, everything was the same. I knew also that Sionn had something to do with it! There was a knock on the door, I knew it was sionn. ‘Come in,’
‘Dan, will you please join us in the briefing room?’
I thought that the greeting was a little cool but then I remembered he is a Guardian and not an ordinary person. I thought to myself, I am still Dan Sherman but I knew I wasn`t.
I arrived at the briefing room where I met Sionn, and other members, I assumed they were Guardians or official coworkers. There was also a beautiful young woman there who I knew was Reeas! I went over and took her hand. She got up and smiled. She looked perfect! I couldn`t take my eyes off her.
‘Hello, Dan, we finally get to meet in the human body.’
‘Yes, and I like it!’
Sionn said, ‘As you know, Kallo is back with us and is in interrogation; he won’t reveal were he has put the container or what he was going to use it for, but we know that if he had got to the control panel he would have triggered a device which would have released the spores in the container, we also know it isn`t at Far-Station, or rather Yalton, and we also know it isn`t on any of the other planets within the Yalton system.’
‘How do you know that?’ I said.
‘Because, Dan, he would not destroy his own empire.’
I felt stupid for asking that question. ‘Can I see Kallo,’ I said, ‘I want to ask him some questions?’
‘We already tried that, also he was monitored and scanned, he must have found some way to bypass our system.’
‘Well it can`t hurt anything then can it?’
‘Okay, Dan, when you are near to him try to be calm and just open your mind to his thoughts, he will think you are a trainee and won`t be able to get to him mentally, do you understand?’
I walked into the detention room. Kallo looked at me with contempt.
‘Why, if it isn`t the dancing beast-man’
He was behind some sort of force-field, it was OK for me to touch, but of course he couldn’t.
‘Come closer, are you afraid? Maybe you feel vulnerable without the light suit, or the Tourgen body?’
I stood there looking him over. He was about six foot three with dark hair and a mustache and small beard, the kind of looks that people would sometimes associate with a villain.
‘Well, have you no tongue?’
‘Why are you doing this, Kallo? Do you want to be the
‘Well, you made a mistake at the control centre, didn`t you?’
‘Not at all, I wanted you to find me; I knew exactly what you would do. Do you think I couldn`t hear you and the Yalton making all that noise! I was waiting for you!’
My mind was now in pieces. I had to try and keep it together. ‘Why did you allow yourself to be caught then?’
‘It is all in my plan, I now know the material from the container has been distributed to the systems that I alone picked, I can now inform you that if I am not released in seven days I will detonate the containers. Now dance back, and tell your masters, Trainee!’
I informed Sionn what I heard, but he already knew, as he had monitored the meeting.
‘Well, we now know what Kallo has planned. He opened up to you pretty well, didn`t he?’
‘Yes he did, but only because his plan is now ready and he has set the date for the destruction of whatever world, or worlds the containers are on.’
‘Dan, follow me into the other room we are going to try the technique we tried when you were neutralized by Kallo.’
We walked to the other room and I sat down.
‘Just relax and try to stay calm.’
I was looking at a screen on the wall; then I was looking at Kallo! After five minutes I knew what the name of his accomplice was, but as I tried again, it was as though Kallo knew what I was up to, and the screen went blank.
‘Durian 2,’ I said.
Sionn looked elated.
‘We have been waiting to find out who was supplying information to outside sources, but we could never put a name to him until now!’
‘Who is Durian 2? I said.’
‘He is a Trainee-Guardian. His brother is also a trainee, he is Durian 1 they both come from a highly spiritual family on the planet Gyron, in my home Galaxy! We didn`t suspect anything simply because we thought both brothers were beyond suspicion. We will bring them in for questioning at once.’
‘Can I have some time to relax?’
‘Of course you can, Dan.’
‘I want to ask a special lady to take a trip with me.’


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