Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapter 4


Chapter 4-Dream Worlds

Sionn informed me that the next phase would be to learn and serve in the dream worlds while the ship was on its way to Andromeda, we would sleep then we would wake up in the other worlds; in this case the astral plane.
Ok, now I have to make my thoughts accessible to any students who may be able to access to deep-mental-logic programme on the Guardians computer banks. So from now on I will every so often upload my thoughts. Forgive me if I get a little carried away as I am new to this. I have been told to refer to you out there who can access these recordings as students, please forgive me if you are more than that.
I found it very easy to sleep but Sionn was helping me, the next thing I knew we were standing in a place that was so unbelievably beautiful. The feeling I experienced was something I have never felt before in my whole life, or my old life.
‘This is one of the higher astral worlds, a place people call heaven. There were children and wild animals playing together! A young girl stroking a tiger! A lion was carrying a boy on its back while a baby lamb was sitting nearby! People were waving and having fun together such as I’ve never seen before; the feeling was of joy and delight. I was speechless. I asked Sionn if this was prearranged for my benefit. Sionn said partly. But we have a job to do in the next town. I tried to keep my emotions under control, but it was very hard, as the experience played havoc with my senses. We walked along the lovely roads where everything seemed perfect, when a thought struck me:
‘Could we…’
‘I`m sorry, Dan, we can’t go to see your wife and son just yet, they are on a different plane at the moment but later you will meet them. You have to learn to keep your emotions in check, this is very important as you will be tempted and tested in many ways later. Your yoga training will help you also; never forget that you are a higher being and eternal.’
I felt disappointed, but knew he was right, as usual; had he ever been wrong, I thought.
‘Yes, even as a Guardian I made mistakes, one in particular.’
I couldn’t believe it, not Sionn.
‘There was once a Guardian named Kallo, we were past life friends and born on the same planet numerous times. He got corrupted by the power of office and is now an outlaw.
I trusted him and he stranded me on a deserted planet without my light suit. I had to leave my body there and transfer to the dream worlds. In other words I died! Kallo had disabled my suits power system, something that we thought was impossible at that time. Our technology was not as good as it is now; even now there are limits to our way of life, for instance, some black-holes are dangerous to us, but that is only in the physical world, as you know.’
I asked Sionn a question that had troubled me all my life:
‘Could you tell me how big the Universe is?
‘People believe the Universe is only about 13.5 billion light-years in distance. But we know it is much more than that also the inner worlds are much bigger than the physical worlds but of course, they are not physical, we will leave it at that for the moment.’
OK, time for another lesson for you Student-Guardians: You know the physical plane is the normal world where we all live whether it is Earth or some other planet. There are also other planes of existence; the next one up is the astral plane it is a very big place but not in the space that we know, also there are numerous sub planes, In fact thousands so please be aware when we are visiting these realms, which will be, very often. Of course, you are Trainee-Guardians so you won’t need to be lectured like this too much, right? OK, enough said.
We arrived at our destination. It was a small decrepit house with a scruffy garden and a feeling of depression about it. Sionn knocked at the door and a voice said:
‘Get the hell away from here.’
It took me by surprise; obviously this part of town has its share of problems.
‘Not really.’ Sionn said, ‘just this house.’
Sionn walked in. Suddenly a man came running at him!
‘I`ll kill you’ he shouted.
Sionn just stood there as the man lifted his arm! I didn`t notice the knife at first but I couldn’t help panicking as it came into contact with Sionn`s shoulder. I needn`t have worried as the knife just glanced off again and again. The man started to get tired, obviously thinking he was in the physical body.
Sionn calmed him down before trying to explain to him that he was being transported to a hospital in another region.
The man was escorted away by people from whoever was responsible for that sort of thing.
I said, ‘Couldn`t they have done what you did?’
‘Yes they could, but we had nothing else to do, and it was a learning experience for you.
‘So in a way we are like spiritual guides.’ I said.
I thought, Wow, can this be true? I was just an ordinary person from an ordinary town, in an ordinary country, on a small planet.
“Please don’t think that way. You are a Guardian-of-Space and as such, you are unlimited.’
We woke up back on the ship.


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