Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapter 5


Chapter 5-Andromeda

Looking at the scene before me was totally mind boggling, even after all the knowledge prescribed to me. Coming up on the screen in my mind or whatever it was that I was seeing was the Andromeda Galaxy in all its awesome beauty, also on the screen were all the planets that were able to sustain life!
‘We have a job to do on Relmar 7 in sector 27.’
‘Do you ever get some time off from this job, or whatever you call it?’ I felt a little reckless for saying it.
‘You will learn more quickly the next time you look into the light book and then you will not ask such questions. But I will say this, whenever I feel to be in need of a little rest and relaxation I go to my parent’s house on one of the astral sub planes.’
‘What about reincarnation? They must have been back many times since you were there in that lifetime.’
‘Yes, many times. But we can go to whatever incarnation we want to.’
Wow, I thought. Imagine going to whatever place and whatever family you were born into!
‘There is much karma built up and burned up around families; this is because they have lived many lives together. Now prepare for Job experience. We have arrived.’
Looking at the planet from orbit I thought it was something like looking at Earth, but as I studied it I could see the continents were different. Sionn said, ‘You will experience a soothing feeling as all the information is given to you by the ship.’
I don’t know how long it took, I wasn`t bothered, as I felt incredibly calm and rested. I could also speak Relmic the language of the planet, and the other six planets that have been inhabited by them.
Relmar 7 was several hundred years ahead of Earth so everyone spoke the same dialect which was handy and the population was peaceful mainly because there was only one ruling government. Sionn informed me of the mission we were about to undertake: We were to save the planet from total destruction! I felt shocked.
‘Do you mean we go from helping one poor soul from the astral plane to saving an entire planet?
‘Not just one planet, but all seven.’
‘I thought we weren`t supposed to interfere with other people or cultures?’
‘Normally we don`t but this is an exception. A scientist we take it upon himself to experiment with materials found on an uninhabited planet newly discovered by Relmic astronomers. If we don`t stop him in time one hundred and twenty-billion people will die, are you ready?’
What a question! How could I be ready for something like that?
For students: ‘The people on Relmar are very much like humans with some differences, their heads and eyes are larger and they are taller by several inches. ‘Just lean back on the wall and you will fall out into space.’ I already knew we would be OK with our suits on but I wasn`t ready for the feeling of being in space with just a suit and no oxygen tank or other usual things one associates with space travel! I couldn`t get my old head around the knowledge that a suit which isn`t visible and doesn`t seem to have any life supporting properties would save me from dying!

Now for you students out there: Time for another lesson. Yes, I know you want to know how the light suit works but I am also a trainee so I can’t tell you just yet, just know that it is an awesome piece of technology and I’m sure glad we have it, all I had to do was think my way down to the planet! The view was really something until we came into sight of the gigantic buildings which seemed to be everywhere, there didn`t seem to be any spare land. My first thought was, what a shame. These poor people have no greenery, but as I was now finding out rapidly by means of my now enlarged state of consciousness. Most of the greenery was under the oceans and in orbit under massive glass domes; I couldn`t help thinking this could be the future for Earth in several hundred years.’
We guided our way down through the thousands of space shuttles which were streaming along in all directions.
‘We cannot be detected as you know, so we won`t be bothered.’
We landed near a huge building with a sign which read:
451st District Biochemical and Food Reprocessing Unit.
I already knew we couldn`t be seen as the suits were so technologically advanced that even though Relmic science was much more superior to Earth’s, Guardian technology was light-years ahead of Relmar.
I can`t help thinking that I will wake up sometime and be back in my old bed but I really don`t want that to happen anyway I could always go there in my dreams couldn`t I?


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