Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapter 6


Chapter 6-Relmar

We hovered about fifty feet above the walkway. The first thing I noticed was most of the people were dressed the same, it was an off white sort of jump suit.
For students: you already know we can`t just pass through the walls as we are in the physical realm. We have to enter by the door, so we must keep out of the way of anyone. No one can see us but they will be able to feel us so be very careful.
‘We will make our way to the science room where the man in question is. He is called Dyon17.’
I already knew this info but I sure was glad he was reassuring me. We didn`t walk up the moving platform that was the stairway to the lab room, we simply floated by thought! I was in awe of this technology, I felt like a ghost!
We got to the room in question. We had to wait till someone entered before we could go in otherwise the door would open and it would seem unusual and cause suspicion. We didn’t have to wait long for access but we would have to wait a while for the actual incident to take place.
The room was nothing like laboratory back on Earth; most of the equipment was different but along the walls were screens with sections that opened up underneath them. I already knew these were fabrication machines; whatever was put in them would be reproduced in a fairly short time. I now knew how the planet would be threatened. Dyon 17 would try to reproduce materials found by Relmic astronomers from an uninhabited planet. They thought this material would bring wealth beyond measure, as some of the material was mixed with a very rare mineral highly sought by neighbouring planets but instead of getting permission for special test procedures, Dyon 17 would take it upon himself to show the government what he had achieved; the result would be an instant increase in the material but not in the quantities that he was expecting. The oxygen in the atmosphere would be depleted so much that people would have suffocated in their millions. Within six months ninety per cent of the population would be dead; of course in the meantime people would have fled to the outlying planets in panic in their private ships, and anything that would transport them off their world. Of course the damage would have been done as the spores would be carried on the people themselves. The time frame would be just three years for complete annihilation also the spores would still be around the planets for a long period of time. I couldn`t contemplate the picture that Sionn was painting of Relmar’s destruction. I just wanted to get it over with.
Sionn was watching Dyon 17 with his usual unconcerned look!
Dyon 17 was standing next to an access screen with a container. He was about to put the material in. There was another person standing next to him looking anxious, they both looked at each other, then a quite unusual thing happened. Sionn touched them behind the neck, in the next second both Dyon 17 and his accomplice froze on the spot. Sionn then took the container from Dyon17, he then resealed the lid then he pulled a small sack from his suit covered the container making it invisible. He then handed me the sack while he touched both men behind the neck again. The men started to move again, but simply turned away and went about their business as if nothing had happened!
Sionn took the sack off me and then we waited for someone to walk out of the lab before we could exit. We then made our way out of the building. My thoughts at this time were of how easy Sionn seemed to deal with these world changing decisions. We then flew up between the lines of shuttle-ships and back to our craft. I know all of this may sound like fiction of the highest kind. But as students you already know it to be true. I on the other hand am relatively new to all this so you can imagine I am still reeling from these extraordinary events.
Once inside the ship I asked Sionn how he made the two people freeze and forget what they were doing.
It was just an overpowering mental ability,
I asked him if they would remember about it in the future.
‘No, but we will monitor them and the planet regularly.’
‘What are we going to do with the spores?’
‘The container will be neutralised.’
I began to search the ships screen for information about other local planets; when I say local, I mean anything in the region of thousands of light-years. I noticed one called Sandera in a nearby sector, it was at the same stage as Earth and the wildlife was totally exciting with a huge difference in animal and plant life. I also thought I would practice some dance moves. I asked the ship’s computer to play some Disco. I realized the computer sounded like one of my old girlfriends from school called Debra, I asked if I could call it that.
‘You can call me anytime, Dan, and you can call me anything you want as long as it’s not ‘it’.
I thought this is funny, is she coming on to me?
I swirled around in my dance move to ask Sionn if we could check out Sandera when he disappeared! Seconds later, I was wandering what to do when a person appeared. A man of about 50 years old, He was a tall man; about six foot three, and was sneering at me. It took me a few seconds to realize, but I now knew it was Kallo, the outlaw Guardian. I started to move, when I was suddenly frozen to the spot and unable to talk.
Kallo said, ‘Don’t worry, you will get another light body someday, but for now you have to die. By the way, nice dance move, ha, stupid fool!’
I could see he had the container with the spores in his hands, but poor me the trainee-Guardian could do nothing.
With a flick of his finger I dropped to the floor unconscious.
(I didn’t yet realize it, but I was dead.)


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