Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapter 8


Chapter 8-Briefing

‘Just look into the book as you did before.’
After the learning session I felt different.
‘You have only been given a fraction of what you had before.’
‘How am I going to be able to do anything like this?’
‘You know the language of the area you also know enough to survive in the physical, you have also had numerous past lives as a warrior and so have the necessary skills we need, that, plus the training you got from the Light book will help you if you get into trouble.’
‘What do you mean survive?’
‘You won’t have the protection of the light suit.’
‘My God, how do you expect me to survive on a world like that with just my old body?’
As I said before, you won’t have your old body. We did use your DNA but the body you are about to get is one of the strongest in the physical universe. You won’t look as you once did, you will have the appearance of the people know as the Tourgens.’ The information was now starting to seep through to my mind.
The Tourgen, a bestial civilization nearly wiped out through its own in-fighting.
‘Don’t you think this character might be a little too grumpy for this mission?’
‘That is the point; no one will suspect a strategy like this.’
‘He could be right, who would suspect a character bent on self-destruction to attempt to save the Galaxy!
‘Dan, please understand, whatever happens, you will be all right. If you die you will come back to the astral base. In the meantime you will be able to travel to the third sub world of the astral plane. You now already know who you will meet don’t you?’
I did and I couldn`t wait.
Grenwer said ‘Be sure you don`t give out too much information, Just rest and be with your loved ones for a while.’


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