Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapter 9


Chapter 9-I meet my dead family

OK, time for another lesson: As students you know you can travel
anywhere in time and space. Soul is unlimited in dreams and in
meditation, so just relax and enjoy.
Please upload your thoughts again as they are very important to
the Guardian database, in fact they are the database! Oh, and if
you manage to come across the Fetid-black-creeping-plant-lizard
please let us know where it is as someone has managed to let it
escape from the third lower sub level. We get this all the time.
People think it is funny to acquire these exotic creatures then
transport them to other levels but it is no joke. OK, back to
I knew exactly where to go. Being dead was just like lucid
dreaming, just think about a place and you’re there, but the
feeling of total excitement was nearly too much to handle. I
Knew I couldn’t tell them anything of what I was about to do
at Far-Station.
The street where they lived was just an old Row of terraced
houses in an ordinary town in the Northwest Of England. I
looked around. Everything was the same, even the neighbours were
the same, how could this be? I realized I Had a lot to learn
about the dream worlds. My heart missed a beat as poppy our
old dog came bounding over and jumped into my arms, she had
been dead twenty years! I couldn’t help the tears. I looked up
and Mum and Dad were standing there! I was overwhelmed for
several minutes but as you know, time isn’t the same as it is
on the physical plane.(I lost my parents shortly before my wife and son.
I don’t want to go into it at the moment, so I will just leave it at that.)
After the usual hugs and greetings we
settled into a sort of uneasy conversation about the usual
things which happen in everyday life on Earth. How would they
react if I told them about the things that took place during
my time as a Guardian! All I could do was play along and act
as though I was still teaching and that everything was alright.
They obviously thought I was dreaming and didn’t know I had died, but I Realized I couldn`t tell them about it. Of course they knew about my wife and son dying. They said they visit regularly. My parents looked thirty years younger. I realized that was what usually happened on the inner worlds, we stay at the age we were comfortable with.
I couldn’t wait to get to my house which was only within walking
distance. I got up to leave as though it was just another short visit as indeed it was. I have been visiting them regularly in dreams, only now I can remember the whole experience. The feeling of elation and of knowing my parents were actually there was very special. I knew that whatever happened at Far-Station things would be alright. I walked as quickly as I could. Why am I walking? I thought. I could fly over, yes?
No, I realized it might cause trouble, as some people here still think they are on the physical planet Earth and not the astral world. I rounded the corner of the Street where my grandparents once lived some forty years before when all at once they appeared at the door! My mum must have informed them I was walking by, God, why can’t I just live here and forget the mayhem on the physical world, but then I realized that whatever happens on the physical worlds also happens on the inner worlds. I greeted my Grandparents as usual with hugs and laughter, everything was as I remember, warm and loving. They said things were the same; I thought, that’s nice, things should be like that everywhere but of course they aren’t. Things on the physical plane were always changing; in fact, the only thing on Earth you can rely on is change itself. I said goodbye. The feeling I experienced as I walked to my house was mixture of excitement and apprehension, what if I didn`t want to leave? What am I saying! I have been visiting this place regularly in my dreams haven’t I? One thing I did know was I had to keep the visit short for now, my mental state wasn`t in the best condition, I had to concentrate on the enormous task at Far- Station! I arrived at my house; my wife was already standing at the door, the first thing she said was, ‘I know you have died but they wouldn’t give me any more information. I also know you have to do something of great importance in the physical world before we can properly live here together as a family. What does it all mean, Dan?’
My head was in a mess. I was torn between the elation of meeting my deceased wife, and I was about to be reborn as a war-like alien. I also had the job of saving the Universe!
I said, ‘Please don`t worry, whatever happens we will always be
together. Let us just go in and enjoy the day.’ The good thing
is that a day on the astral plane could be like a week on the
physical world, so we had ample time to enjoy each other as a
family. John, my son, was the same as ever, always in some sort
of trouble. He said when are you coming back, Dad?’ I replied
‘I will be back as often as I can; I have some important work
to do in another area.’
All too soon, I had a nudge from Grenwer to go back to the sub plane base for another briefing.


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