Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapters 20-22


Chapter 20-Trapped in Hell

I met Reeas in the restroom; she was lying on a couch looking peaceful. I said, ‘What are you thinking about?’
‘My home, I haven’t been there in a long time.’
‘Why don`t we go there?’
‘What about the problem?’
‘I asked Sionn if I could take some time out and he said yes, besides, if he wants us all he has to do is simply call us!’
‘I do want to see my parents, OK, let’s go, all I have to do is simply be conscious of my home and you have to be conscious of me, understand?’
‘Yes,’ I said.’
‘Ok, sit down here and hold my hand.’
The next thing I remember is being in a dark place with a very bad feeling of dread!
Where am I? I thought.
‘You are here,’ said Kallo.
I looked around and saw Kallo standing behind a glass wall, but then I realized it wasn`t an ordinary wall.
‘How do you like being behind a force-field?’
This can`t be happening, I thought.
‘Oh, yes it can, do you think you can get the better of me, trainee!’
All I could think about was Reeas! Where was she? I have got to be calm I thought, I am on the astral plane right? Well then, nothing bad can happen if I don`t want it to.
‘Oh yes it can, all I have to do is keep you trapped until the seven days is up. If you are here you won`t be able to interfere with my plans in the physical world will you? And don`t you worry about Sionn he has more important things to think about.’
Panic was starting to grip me! How can this be? Kallo was supposed to be monitored with high security technology! Did I get too close to him in the detention room?
‘I`ll make your stay here a little more interesting’ he said. The place suddenly went very dark, and then I saw the faint outline of what I knew was a large spider starting to emerge from the shadows! I didn`t know how big the room was, or what sort of space I was in! All I felt was terror as I hated spiders.
Students: Please send your thoughts as soon as possible, as I
need all the help I can get.
What would Sionn do? He would simply say it can`t hurt you as it is on the astral plane, and as such, it is without substance.
‘Wrong, my trainee friend, you are also on the astral plane, so you are made of the same substance.’
‘OK,’I said, ‘well, if you can conjure up a spider, I can conjure up a blaster!’
I concentrated with all my trainee consciousness and abracadabra; a blaster appeared in my hand! I fired but the spider was still there!
‘You are now in my domain, trainee.’
OK, I thought, if you want something that is animalistic and low in consciousness what about a Tourgen! I know all about being a Tourgen so I will be one again. I concentrated my thoughts on Cloft, in the next few seconds I was him again and willing to fight the whole world, or whatever world I was on. Kallo seemed surprised. ‘Well, what have we here?’ I saw the spider coming on. It was bigger now about twelve feet across. Right let’s deal with you first, I thought. Running at it I jumped and turning in mid-air I landed on its back, I then ripped it open; the gore was just as bad as the physical plane. Before Kallo could send anything else to pester me, I Ran at the glass screen separating us, now I knew Kallo had his weakness because although he was able to control most of the lower conscious life forms he wasn`t used to dealing with a higher consciousness in the body of a lower life form. I hit the glass wall with an almighty crash rolled over and got up. Kallo promptly disappeared. I sat down in the lotus position. I must have looked silly when Sionn came into view seeing a large beast type person in a yoga position!
‘We have Kallo back in check, I`m sorry you had the go through that, Dan, we had to try and weaken his consciousness and we did!’
‘Do you mean it was all a plan?’
‘Yes, we now have another name of one of he`s accomplices.’
‘Great, but why do I have to take all the rough stuff?’
‘Because you’re good at it, come.’
The side of the wall became the door to the sub plane base again, and I became Dan Sherman again.
OK, now for another little student lesson: You all know we can become anything we want on the inner Planes, and you know also we have to be responsible about what we do and to whom we do it; this applies to any of the worlds of God.’ Don’t forget, everything is a learning process and we are the teachers. The aim of the thought-transfer system is to supply information to coworkers throughout the inner worlds. Please use it and learn.

Chapter 21-Visit to Erinon 5

Reeas said she didn`t know that I was to be used in a ruse to get Kallo to divulge some part of his inner self. I said, ‘Forget it, it worked, didn`t it?’
Sionn said if I had known, Kallo would have found out and the plan would have collapsed. He also said sorry, he knew only too well how terrible things can be on the lower levels of the astral plane. Sionn now had the location of six of the containers, four of which came from Darian2 and his contacts who have now been arrested.
‘Dan, you may now go with Reeas to her home for a short visit, enjoy.’
‘I will as long as I don`t have to go through hell again to get there.’
We arrived at the outskirts of Reeas`s city Just by being conscious of it. It was a highly developed world with technology Earth could only dream of.
‘Why did you give all this up to go to Yalton, Reeas?’
I already knew the answer as she already told me on the way to junction 50, but I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the place. I suppose she just wanted to serve God, like a nun would do on our planet. I was starting to fall for Reeas, but I knew my wife was also waiting for me at home although she would have to reincarnate at some point. I was now a Guardian and that would mean I could possibly be anywhere at any time.
We arrived at the home of Reeas. It was a large manor style house set in its own grounds, with a beautiful lake facing the front door, everything was perfect, the weather, the view, which was similar to the place where I went on holiday once in the Austrian Tyrol, and the people were very friendly.
After we had met Reeas`s parents and had some food, we went for a walk in the countryside, being as this was the astral plane we knew we could do almost anything, so we decided to fly! Yes, just by thinking about it. We flew over the mountains. The people on this particular plane were used to seeing such things as it was a higher sub plane. We flew between the hills and valleys. I was feeling pretty good as we soared through the scenery, I also thought of one of my favourite classical music pieces.
Reeas was beautiful beyond words, and I knew that whatever body she was in she would still be beautiful. According to the records, she is medium height with long brown hair and brown eyes. She also has a perfect body. As you students know, we can we can alter our looks just by being conscious. But it is not just the looks that make Reeas beautiful to me, it is her aura, or her inner glow, she can bring out the best side of people, just like Deria can. I feel that I want to be near them all the time.
We spent a considerable time with Reeas`s family, but we knew time was something different here than on the physical plane. I knew that if Sionn needed to contact us he would simply send a thought-transfer so we enjoyed every minute. Reeas took me to visit the “Fairy-kingdom” that exists in the forest, we went at night and watched as they flew about with their butterfly wings glowing in the dark, we could also talk to them; they asked us if we wanted to become fairies for the night? We said yes. So, then and there, we transformed our bodies into fairies! Yes, my friends, it was as simple as that, we flew about, and helped in any way we could, even with the smallest of jobs such as helping any other life form incarnate to the next level, no matter what it might be, It could be a beetle or a vole,
I know all life is precious, and even the smallest creature, in time, will move on to a higher life form.
This is something Kallo has forgotten about in his quest to be
supreme leader! I also knew that whatever exists in our imagination could also exist here on the astral world, such as: dragons, centaurs, sylphs, unicorns, gnomes, trolls, the list is endless. I asked the fairies if they wanted to learn our modern type of dance, they said which? I had to say Disco, can you imagine the scene, yes, it was fantastic, my student friends.
We arrived back at Reeas`s house to be told that someone in the next town wanted Reeas and I to escort them on to the next incarnation, word must have gone round that we could move about on the different levels so we said yes. We arrived wearing our best clothes, me in a white suit, and Reeas in a lovely white gown; I must say we really looked the part as we could be any age we wanted, so we decided to be thirty. The person moving on was a woman who had outlived her time on the present plane, she was happy to be going to the next higher level. It had a higher light and sound content. She said her goodbyes, and we walked through a big golden door which separates the levels. It could also have been a ship or a plane, anything you want to transport you away. When we saw that the lady was in good hands, we walked through the wall into the sub-plane base again.

Chapter 22-Tourgen War

Sionn was waiting in the restroom.
‘We have found the locations of eight of the containers, there are still four to be found. Dan, I want you to go on a special mission.
‘Why do you want me? Surely you have better qualified people.’
‘No, not for this mission, you come from Earth, and as such, you have the same type of lower planet consciousness.’
‘Thanks a lot.’
‘Don`t get upset. What I mean is the planet where you will be going is similar to Earth, there is also a war going on, a war which has been raging for three hundred and fifty years. The two main races are the Dresdans and the Tourgens.’
‘The Tourgens!’ I said.
‘Yes, the same as the one you inhabited.’
‘But, I thought the containers were placed on higher world planets?’
‘Yes, they are, but Treggon, which is the higher world planet is also the sister planet of Antarra, the world where the war is raging, it in the same solar system. If Antarra is destroyed by the spores then Treggon will also die. We want you to locate the container, and the agent, or agents!’
‘How am I supposed to survive on a planet like that?’
‘You will have one big advantage.’
I already knew what he meant.
‘You will have the cloned Tourgen bodies. Reeas and Deria want to go also.’
‘How can Deria survive in the middle of a war?’ I said.
‘She won`t even be noticed, she is also a Guardian.’
Wow, I thought, the old team back at work.
Sionn said, ‘Grenwer has located one more container; the news has just come through. This means we have four days to complete this mission.’
‘What about the other containers,’ I said.
‘Don`t worry about that, we will concentrate our efforts on it. Your Tourgen bodies have also been upgraded, they are now even stronger and the bone structure in particular has also been strengthened. Well, what do you say?’
‘OK, what’s the plan?’
‘You will travel there by lightship where you will be able to move around without being noticed, as you know, the ship can change shape and also can be visible or invisible, it will also be your base. Find out what you can without bringing attention to yourselves.’
‘Can we use lights suits?’
No, you could be noticed. Any sort of higher technology could be discovered, and we don`t want to alert the agents just yet.’
‘What about the lightship?’
The lightship is too high in technological terms for them to discover.’
I don’t understand? Isn’t the light suit highly technological?’
‘Yes, but you will be moving around, and going inside the buildings. Once we have found the containers, and the agents, we will also end the war on the planet Antarra!’
I still didn’t fully understand about the light suits but I accepted it.
‘What about Karma, I said.’
‘We know that if we don`t do something the planet will be destroyed anyway. It was originally home to a highly advanced race called the Santine. They were all but wiped out over three-and-a-half centuries of warfare. We believe Kallo, and his agents brought the Tourgen’s and the Dresden’s to Antarra to bring the consciousness of the planet down. The Santine are now mostly evacuees on different planets throughout the solar system, but there is still a small group left in an area called the Sanctuary. It is located under the Northern ice-cap; they could have information which could help us locate the agents. Dan, I know this is a tricky one, but I believe you can do this.’
Well, I thought, if Sionn has faith in me then that is something special.
I asked Reeas what her thoughts were on the mission; she said we could go to see the Santine first just in case they have some info.
‘First you will have to be cloned into your respective bodies. After preparation in the sub plane base, Sionn told us that Antarra was seventeen thousand five-hundred light years away, but we were to use the worm hole at sector 97; this would allow us to get to Antarra in less than two days. This means that we had only two days to find the container. We went to sleep as normal. In the dream state we could, as you know, do anything we wanted in the service of God, but all I wanted to do was dance, yes, I know it’s silly, but once you experience the light book, whatever you want to do, you can. Dancing on the inner planes sure does ease the stress.
We woke up in the physical world on Terick 3 in the Tourgen bodies. After flexing our muscles and generally familiarizing ourselves with our new selves. I said, ‘OK, let’s get started.’ I suppose you students are wandering why I have been chosen to lead this mission? You are not alone my friends as I am wandering the same thing. Reeas is more experienced than me, and Deria is a higher life form, but I have, as Sionn said, a lower world consciousness and that is what they want me for.
We were escorted into the loading bay area were we boarded the light-ship. I could feel the incredible power, and technology of the ship. I wondered why the Guardians couldn`t find the containers and agents simply by using the ships resources! I then came to realize that as Sionn had said before, the consciousness of the planet was low, and that alone was enough to stop the Guardians from accessing any data. The job of finding our way to the Northern ice-cap was easy. The ship was something to behold, I couldn`t help thinking that something like this could be controlled by a person like me! It felt like a very lucid dream. Maybe it was! Maybe I would wake up and carry on with my very boring life on Earth! I would be able to go walking in the lake district as usual, and visit my gym where I could exercise the puny body I used to have. I looked around the ship, then at Reeas, who now was in one of the strongest bodies in the Universe, and Deria, an Elfin-Princess of higher consciousness, I then felt the power of my own body melting into the awesome power of the ship, then I thought no, I would rather be here, even if I had to die in this physical body, I knew I would be alright. We entered the worm hole at sector 97. There was no feeling of physical change just a weird light-headed sensation, how the ship could travel faster than the speed of light I don`t know, but it surely did, we decided to take advantage of the time span and sleep while we could. I asked Reeas if she would come with me to visit my home this time, she said yes.


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