Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapters 23-26


Chapter 23-Past lives

We woke up in our normal bodies on the outskirts of my town. ‘Reeas,’ I said, ‘before we meet my family, I would like to show you a special place. I wonder if we could fly without people noticing around here.’ Reeas said, ‘Of course we can, all we have to do is make ourselves invisible to the locals.’
The feeling I got as we took off over my town was something special, I could see my house and our dog poppy in the garden. Why wasn`t I going to meet them? Why was I going somewhere with a person I had become very fond of rather than meet my wife!
‘Reeas said, ‘Do you know we have been together before, in past lives?’
I was astounded!
‘How do you know?’
‘I looked into the past life records section!’
Now, I realized. The universal love I felt for her, the wanting to be near her. We held hands as we flew over the Northwest landscape, or I should say danced over the landscape, the amount of greenery was stunning, I could see the Cumbrian mountains coming up fast, I knew them well, we landed on Gowbarrow fell, above Ullswater.
‘You know Wordsworth wrote his famous poem here.’ I said.
‘Yes,’ she said, ‘but we lived here long before Wordsworth.’
‘Please, tell me.’
‘I can show you. First take a look at the landscape.’
I looked over to Helvellyn in the Southwest then to place fell to the South. The view was lovely, as usual.
‘Close your eyes.’ She said, ‘Open them.’
The view was the same only certain things had changed, some of the stone walls were gone, and the houses were gone. The mountains themselves are hundreds of millions of years old, so they are the same, so are the lakes. Reeas said, ‘We lived in a settlement not far from the Roman fort called Galava in the year one-hundred and forty AD. The modern name is Ambelside. The Romans wanted too much tax off us so you broke into the granary were you got caught and killed!’
‘What happened to you?’
Reeas said, she didn`t want to dwell on it, but she died in childbirth shortly afterwards. I felt terrible.
‘Don`t feel sad,’ she said, ‘we had many happy times as well, our first incarnation in the human form together was 250,000 years ago near Stonehenge, of course the monument wasn`t there then, we came across a land bridge which joined France with England.’
‘Which was our last incarnation together?’ I asked.
‘It was in the year 1726. We were North American Indians of the Shoshoni tribe. We lived to the west of the Rocky Mountains in Utah. Life was very hard. There was a lack of big game; we had to live on rabbits, fish, roots and seeds. You were the man as usual, and wanted to use your physical skills, I was the woman, and wanted to learn new skills, but I couldn`t with the way of life we had. I then incarnated to a series of planets in the Galaxies of Zeta3 where I could finally learn about mathematics and other such things, and then finally to my home planet of Erinon5.’
‘I felt sad for letting her go, but knew it was all in the greater scheme of things. Now we were back together.
‘Reeas, I feel unsure of this mission, such a lot depends on us.’
‘I trust your judgement, she said, and I will help in any way I can. We can use the invisibility device so we can move about without being seen, although I know we will have to be careful. We can now go back to the ship as we are approaching Antarra.’

Chapter 24-Sanctuary Ice Base

We were once again on the lightship, and in our Tourgen bodies. I now felt even closer to Reeas. The image on the screen was of a planet similar to Earth, but of course, it had different continents. The planet itself was smaller than Earth, and I could already see the destruction that the war between the Tourgens and the Dresdans had done. We were in camouflage mode so we weren`t seen as we headed for the Northern ice cap. I knew we could enter the base through the underwater entrance as we plunged into the icy water. There was an abundance of life in the water, too much to relate to you at this time. There were also giant squid like creatures many times larger than on Earth. I didn`t want to relay a message to the Santine as I wasn`t sure whether It would have been intercepted but I needn`t have worried as a message came through on the screen, it said ‘Your ship has been expected, this message is secure, welcome, please enter the gateway in two-minutes.’
The inner gateway was huge; it reminded me of the cathedral like building which was underground at Far-Station or Yalton. We came to rest in a sort of dry dock. I was surprised to see a greeting party of dozens of people who were dressed in long orange robes similar to the ones used by Buddhist monks on Earth. The Santine were totally bald and didn`t have any hair anywhere on their bodies. As we stepped out of the ship I could see the expression of fear on their faces as they viewed us, after all, they had been abused by beings like us for a long time.
‘Forgive our fear.’ said one of the Santine inching forward. ‘We are not accustomed to greeting Tourgen’s such as yourselves, I am Thalo and I will be your guide here.’
‘We are not really Tourgen.’ I said, ‘We have temporarily taken on this form to complete a mission.’
‘We will retire to the meeting hall were you can rest and replenish yourselves.’ Thalo replied.
‘I must say you have a highly evolved culture here!’
‘Yes, we were on the brink of total control of the senses, and we had a planetary security system which could repel any invaders, but it was destroyed by Kallo, He then brought the invaders here, and so started the Great Sadness. Most of our people have gone into exile to other planets. But now you are here! Today is the start of our redemption.’
I felt like I did on Yalton, a cross between a hero and a beast. I had to be positive, I thought.
‘Do you know anything about a container of deadly material? Or anything about any new developments in the way the war is progressing?’
‘There has been news of a secret weapon that the Tourgens have but we don`t know any more than that, at the moment.’
‘Would you happen to know where the weapon might be?’
‘No, but it might be at the Tourgen base.’
Deria said she would go there in her light body to check it out as she was less likely to be noticed.
‘I`m getting a message from Sionn,’ Deria said.
‘I thought he couldn`t contact us here?’ I said.
‘Normally he wouldn`t, but the frequency has now been checked out safe, but only for me. It would be too risky to contact you or Reeas.’ I didn`t really understand but I accepted it. I was beginning to realize that Deria was an asset I would not want to be without.
She said, ‘Sionn has confirmed that there are four agents on Antarra, one has been identified as ‘Melion3; he is a Santine.’ The reaction was immediate; all eyes turned to a person who was in the hall as he tried to escape but was stopped by two guards at the entrance.
He shouted, ‘There is nothing you can do! If you don`t release Kallo in two days we will destroy Antarra and all the higher worlds in this part of the Universe!’
I said, ‘you do realize that you and everybody else will die, don`t you!’
‘Yes, but we will reincarnate on the lower planets, where Kallo will be the Ruler of this section of the Universe!’
I said, ‘Kallo won`t be allowed to escape, he will be placed in a monitored high security cell.’
‘Yes,’ He shouted. ‘But Kallo will eventually escape and rule, simply because the higher worlds will fall due to their being no physical planets to incarnate to. We know that Sionn won’t allow that and Kallo will be released. I will become a higher apprentice. But we are prepared to die.’
I couldn`t believe what I was hearing!
Thalo said, ‘We never imagined that one of our own people could betray us. He will be punished.’
‘There are still three agents on Antarra.’ I said, ‘What sort of people will they be? Could they be beings of a different race from Tourgen or Dresden?’
‘There are several races besides Tourgen on Antarra; they are mainly mercenaries brought in to create even more destruction. The weapons they use now are very crude as they don`t have the technology to replace the blasters and laser cannons they once had. Kallo will almost certainly have done the same with other highly evolved planets. We thought we were safe from invasion with our defence system but we weren`t, also we decommissioned most of our weapons many years before the war started.’
Deria said, ‘I will go to the Tourgen base now, I will send my thought messages to the ship, they won’t be intercepted, but you mustn`t send any to me.’
‘I understand,’ I said.
Once Deria had gone, I started to think deeply about the problem we had, we only had a short period of time to locate the container, or containers. We didn`t know where they were, we didn`t know where the agents were. I was feeling pretty low, but knew I had the most powerful beings in the Universe on my side.
I was a simple type of person on Earth, a retired history teacher with a simple life. The things that have happened to me over a relatively short time have stunned me. I can`t really comprehend it but I know I have to move Heaven and Antarra to bring my part of the story to an end.

Chapter 25-Tourgen Base

Deria had located the Tourgen base. She informed us of the location and that at least one of the containers was there, she also said she was going to check out the Dresden base. I couldn`t reply as that would have compromised us so I just had to trust Deria to know we would infiltrate the Tourgen base and retrieve the container.
We boarded the ship. I knew the coordinates to the Tourgen base just by thought process with the ship, and I also took the time to study the Tourgen people from Debra the ships computer, although she was much more than that, as you know. I was amazed at the brutality of The Turgen’s and The Dresden’s. My mind was reeling from the utter barbarity. How could something like the Tourgen’s evolve? The same could be said about the Dresden’s, and then I knew! Both races had been manufactured by other beings. Could it possibly be Kallo? The Dresden’s were very similar to the Tourgen in build and strength. Debra said there was no planet of origin for either the Tourgen’s or the Dresden’s! How could this be? My mind was in turmoil again. Why hadn`t Sionn told me this? There is only one thing to do. I told Reeas.
‘We will have to go in under invisibility mode and take our chances of being discovered. Reeas agreed as there was no time to spare.
The landscape over which we travelled was scorched and dead! Very few buildings were standing, I wondered where people lived, then I realized, these really weren`t people at all, but cloned-beasts, well, the majority would be beasts; the leaders would be cloned from other intelligent life forms. We came to a large building that was protected by a large wall and watch towers, something like the buildings I saw in Roman-Britain many years before, only these were made from concrete and steel. There were guards on the towers and also on the walls. The only thing we could do was bring the ship in over the wall and simply jump out when near the ground under our cloak of invisibility. The ship would then stay at a short distance until we needed to escape. I accessed Debra for any other info it might have but she didn`t respond, I guess the consciousness of the place was such that she couldn`t relate to it. Like Sionn said, the technology we were using was too great, so with the quest for greater and greater technology we certainly lost something in that respect. One thing I did know was the leaders must have some form technology but kept it to themselves; they were simply keeping the consciousness of the planet down. We had to destroy the control base as soon as we found the containers. We were in invisibility mode which was powered by a small wrist device that enabled the ship to cloak us from a short distance, although I dearly wished we had our light suits on. Reeas jumped out of the ship as it neared the ground, I followed, we headed for the obvious entrance and waited until a Tourgen guard came out we then went in. There were no security people on the door and I was surprised to see no one until we came up to the guardroom. Fifty yards along the corridor we encountered two Tourgen guards who had only crude machete type weapons. Their senses seemed to know something wasn`t right but without our light suits on, and the invisibility mode in operation, I was worried that they might be able to smell us and they might be able to hear us. We had to be very still and wait till someone came out of the room. They might not be able to smell us but I could certainly smell them. The feeling was eerie, they couldn`t see us but we could see them and we could also see ourselves, I felt like a ghost! The door opened and a Tourgen came out. He stood there for a moment while another Tourgen who obviously was a leader as he ordered the other one to check the area. Then he shouted to the other two guards to go off duty and send two more guards. They went off to do as ordered leaving the door open, we walked in very quietly suddenly the guard said, ‘Hello, I’ve been expecting you.’
I went for my blaster but before I could get it out I was frozen to the spot! Reeas was also in the same position.
‘I assume you are the two agents who have come to locate the containers.’
Obviously he could see us and disable us. I thought back to what happened with Kallo on the ship at Relmar7. It was the same thing happening all over again.
What happened? I thought.
‘You underestimated me, trainees. Don`t you think we could figure out that someone would try to retrieve the containers like this? Who do you think you are dealing with?’
‘Who are we dealing with?’ I said.
He didn`t say anything, but just smiled.
‘One thing is for sure, you won`t be seeing your loved ones for a very long time, also you will not be allowed to sleep or die! You will be chained in the dungeon and kept alive while I decide what to do with you. Oh, and be assured, we will find your ship, It will make a nice little prize for me, thank you.’ With that, the two guards came in and dragged us off. My anger was starting to get the better of me, but I felt totally useless. Reeas could talk to me, and I could talk to her, but that was all. We were chained to a wall in a stinking hole in the basement with no light or any sort of fresh air.
Reeas said, ‘Don`t worry, Sionn will get us out.’
‘What about the plan?’ I said.
‘They know they can`t detonate the containers, it would be the end for them also.’
I thought, yes you’re right, who in the Universe would go through with a plan like that. I asked Reeas who she thought the Tourgen officer was. She said, she didn`t know, but he had to be someone big, I said how come Sionn didn`t know about this guy? Surely with all the info we have he must be aware of these things?’
Reeas said, ‘Dan, please relax, we will be OK, he knows he can`t kill us.’
‘No, I thought, but he can torture us and we can`t do a thing about it. I didn`t want Reeas to know this so I kept silent. I may not be able to contact Sionn, but I will try to contact Deria by meditation. I imagined I was back in my home on Earth sitting up in bed with my eyes closed, and my mind focused on the inner screen, or the third-eye as it was known in Yoga. Sometime later, I don`t know how long, Deria’s voice came through.
‘Dan, I know what has happened, please be patient and I will try to disable the control panel, do not try to send any message back but just stay as you are, and relax, you are doing well for a human.’
The relief was something I knew might be of use to the enemy so I had to use all my will power and just stay calm. I didn`t even say anything to Reeas in case we were being monitored. I didn`t even risk calling the ship to smash our way out, which was something I would do later if we had to. Several hours went by and then the two same guards came in; one said, ‘You will be stripped and flogged, and then your skin will be sliced off bit by bit. What do you think of that?’
I said, ‘If I had my strength back, I would kill you both.’
That seemed to infuriate them. He said,
‘You’re only a cloned Tourgen, you wouldn`t last two minutes.’
‘Give me a chance then.’
They looked at each other before stroking Reeas on the leg as though they were going to assault her, and then they walked out. Maybe they were trying to get me to divulge my thoughts, I had to keep calm.
Reeas said, ‘Don`t worry, Dan, things will work out, I can take whatever these animals give out’
I thought, no, I won`t let them touch you. Our luck must have been running as half an hour later the two Tourgen guards came back. The biggest one said, ‘OK, Clone, you will be able to move in the next minute. If you can beat me in a fight to the death, which is unlikely, you would then have to fight my partner, and if you beat him, you can both go free, but if we beat you, we will take the female as our prize. Is it a deal?’
‘Yes, I said.’ I felt good, I also felt a strange liking for the way the Tourgen’s do business, they are animalistic, but they are also warriors. Maybe I was wrong; maybe they do come from a planet somewhere. All I really knew was I had to kill them. I started to get my feeling back, Reeas also. Within a short time I was back to my old grumpy self. Obviously the leader didn`t know about this contest. I said, ‘what about the officer, won`t you be disciplined for this.’
‘We are our own boss; we can make our own decisions.’
I thought, no, he doesn`t know. So be it, I said to myself.
‘Where do we fight?’
‘OK, are there any rules?’
‘Yes, no weapons, we just use pure strength, and our nails and teeth.’
‘Right,’ I said. I knew Reeas could take the other one as she had twice his strength. Looking at him he was about the same size as me but I had many times the strength, but I didn`t bargain for the speed at which he came at me. He lunged for my eyes with his claws; I managed to dodge him and punched him in the stomach. He fell back in agony; I felt pity as I knew I could to kill him. Maybe I didn`t have to kill him? It was the other Tourgen I wanted, the leader.
‘Look.’ I said, ‘you don`t have to die, tell me where the leader is, and I will spare you.’ Reeas knew it wouldn`t make any difference and went for the other guard, she ripped his throat out in one movement. The other guard saw this and went for Reeas; I jumped on his back put my arm around his neck and broke it with one pull.
‘What now?’ Reeas said, ‘we can`t risk going to the guardroom in case the leader is there. We don`t know if he could still disable us. We have to find the source of the power to the control panel.’
I said, ‘We will have to risk bringing the ship close by the underground room and blasting the wall out. The plan is discovered anyway, so we may as well use force. Reeas agreed, but said what if the leader has managed to access the ship? I felt cold just thinking about it, if he has, he is truly Kallo`s equal. I was about to summon the ship when a message from Deria came through, she said, ‘I have managed to disable the control panel you should be able to get to the power room which is near to the room where you are destroy it with whatever you can.’
OK, I thought, I can send a message to Deria, so I asked her where the leader was, she said he was trying to locate the ship. Reeas and I focused our minds on the ship, or Debra, as I called it, and within a minute we managed to bring it to the outside of the wall were we were located. Then all we had to do was simply have it push its way through the wall, much easier than blasting through. The hull of the ship was like a knife going through butter, in the meantime, there were Tourgen guards beginning to make their way down the corridor to us. The ship was already all the way in the building, so all we had to do was simply push our way in through the ships wall. We could already see the Tourgens trying to do the same thing, only they just slid off the surface, like a ski on ice. We located the power room and blasted it to oblivion; In fact the whole place was destroyed. I knew Sionn was going to be angry, well maybe not angry, Sionn didn`t get angry but disappointed. The first thing to do was locate the leader which wasn`t too hard as Debra found him simply by his DNA, the only problem was, he was dead!
Deria said he had detonated the container! Before he blasted himself!

Chapter 26-Encounter with a God

While preparing to make the journey back to Terick 3 I knew we had failed, the container was now destroyed and the spores would contaminate the Galaxy, then in time, the Universe! Sionn didn`t seem too bothered, mind you, he wasn`t the easiest person to read, and neither was Grenwer. I felt dejected, and they knew it. Reeas must have sensed this as she came over and rubbed my arm. Sionn was now on the ships screen looking unruffled.
‘He said, ‘When did you first know the containers weren`t dangerous?’
Reeas said, ‘I had my suspicions at Far-Station, but I wasn`t sure.
‘What?’ I said.
‘Yes, the containers were false, we had to find the agent, that was the first priority and we have. Kallo managed to gather an army of helpers and agents, some of whom were very dangerous. It has taken many years simply to locate the planets were they lived, as you know, we couldn`t access some of the places because of the lower consciousness of the people.’
‘So this whole plan was a trap to capture Kallo, and his helpers.’
‘Yes.’ Sionn said. ‘But we couldn`t tell you or Reeas, the only being we could divulge our plan to was Deria because she is of a higher race; her thought waves cannot be tracked by any lower life forms, only her kind can do this, and us. We would like to thank you, Dan, and Reeas, you have proved yourself to be brave and inventive, we want you to now consider whether you want to continue your apprenticeship with us while you rest and dream. The battle is still not over as there are still agents to be found, but we will discuss that later. The goal which we set ourselves has been achieved. The war between the Dresdans and the Tourgens has been stopped and they will be relocated elsewhere. The planet Yalton is now being reborn and Far-Station is no more.’ I felt elation, stupidity, amazement, and love all at once. All I could say was ‘Thank you.’
Sionn and Grenwer smiled and for once I did, it must have looked stupid on this big ugly beast face, but I didn`t care.
‘Please reports to Terick 3 for debrief.’ He said.
It would take two days to get back to Terick 3 so we again decided to dream travel while our bodies were asleep on the ship. Reeas said, ‘Where would you like to visit this time?’
I said I would like to know what happened in my last incarnation before I became Dan Sherman. She said I wouldn`t like it. I said, well, I still want to know. ‘OK,’ she said, ‘you were killed at Normandy in the Second World War.’
‘That explains why I was always interested in things to do with that war.’ I said.
‘Please rest Dan, and dream.’ Reeas said.
We woke up in the dream state sitting on a grass bank looking at a raging battle, there was an armada of ships bombarding the shoreline, and the invasion troops were getting ready to land. Now it was all coming back to me!
‘I was in one of those landing craft. ‘That`s enough’ I said. ‘I know the rest.’
Reeas said, ‘Do you want to visit your wife Elaine?’
‘Yes,’ I said, ‘More than ever, but first I want to go to the somewhere peaceful and spiritual. I’ve had my share of cruel and ugly.’
Reeas said, ‘I know a place that is just that, I was taken there by a spiritual master many years ago in the dream state. It is a planet at the far reaches of the Universe, but is no more than a dream away.’
We sat down to meditate.
After a few minutes I found myself standing in an unbelievable landscape! Reeas was at my side. This planet must be a giant, I thought, as the view was limitless no matter how far I looked there was no end to the horizon!
Reeas said, ‘This is one of the highest regions of the astral plane. A planet called Nemura. Only the highest spiritual beings come here.’
‘How come I’m here then?’ I said. I knew I still had a long way to go before I could call myself highly spiritual.
‘You have been granted a visit, Reeas said. Come; let us go to the spiritual city in this region.’
We flew over the landscape hand in hand, and I still couldn`t make out the horizon, but the mountains were spectacular, higher and more beautiful than anything I had ever seen. The emotion I was feeling was of ecstasy, as we soured through the mountains finally coming to a rest on the side of a giant peak which had a man-made balcony and French windows! Reeas said, ‘This is usually an inaccessible place.’ I looked around; words cannot say how much I wanted to remain here. ‘The vibrations are starting to affect you, I can tell, don’t be alarmed, you will become accustomed in a while.’ She was right, my senses were reeling. ‘Please come with me,’ she said. We walked down some stone steps into the heart of the mountain; we came to a large room with a red and gold carpet. Sitting in the lotus position on a large golden cushion was a giant of a man with golden skin, he had no hair at all, and gold bangles on his wrists and ankles and wore a loin cloth. He looked about thirty years old, but I knew he was much older than that! He was obviously in meditation as his eyes were closed. Reeas motioned for us to sit down; I automatically sat in the lotus position as I used to practice yoga in my life as a teacher. As soon as I closed my eyes, I became ‘aware’ in a different state! The man who was sitting on the cushion was now standing on a mountain path, and we were there also.
‘I am Mannus, Lord of this plane.’
I was totally amazed! The love and light coming from this being was indescribable!
‘Come walk with me,’ he said. I automatically thought of the wonderful walks I used to have in the Lake district in my last life on Earth, but this was different, although in many ways it was the same, the scenery was beautiful, but it was the simple truth that we are what we are in our own consciousness! If we are satisfied with our selves mentally and spiritually then we are in heaven, so to speak.
‘You have grasped something eternal.’ Mannus said, ‘Now look,’ and with a wave of his hand, the landscape changed! There was now a gigantic mountain in front of us many times bigger than the others. This is the mountain of God. The light was staggering to my eyes even though I wasn`t in the physical body. Every colour in the spectrum was there, many more than in the scientific world of man. I felt I was about to burst with love and light. In fact Mannus said we had to limit our stay as it was dangerous to us to remain too long in the presence of the light. In the next instant we were back in the room. Mannus became aware of us, but he just sat there without moving. I didn`t know what to say so I kept quiet. He then said, ‘What have you learned?’ I thought long and hard, I knew it was better to say nothing than speak wrongly.
‘I`m learning,’ I said!
He smiled. Reeas said, ‘You are learning, Dan.’ In many ways I felt like a child, and in fact I was, compared to Reeas and Sionn, but, Mannus was something else, he was on a level which I could only dream of.
We woke up back on the ship in time for landing on Terick 3.
Now, Students what have you learned? Please upload your thoughts to the databank. Thank You.


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