Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapters 31-34


Chapter 31-A Wedding in the Tyrol

Back on the sub base at Halffa, Reeas was looking at me with love. I gently stroked her shoulder. Zelda3 said, ‘Dan and Reeas, we are grateful, you have helped restore the
balance on Halffa, and the other planets in the group. Please
take a break and report back in two weeks for a mission.’
‘OK,’I said, I was now used to the ‘mission’ part of things.
usually they were a little more than a mission; they were
usually a full blown crisis. I didn’t even ask this time
what sort of Job it was going to be. I could feel Zelda3
was waiting for me to ask but I just acted nonchalant.
She smiled.
‘Where shall we go Reeas? I said.’
‘Let’s get married.’
‘Yes, why not?’
‘OK,’ I said!
Zelda3 said, ‘Congratulations.’ Deria said she wanted to be a
I said ‘let’s go to Austria, its perfect.’
‘Yes, Dan, it is.’
Now, you students say, how can we go somewhere like Earth when
we are in a different Universe. I say, we are trainee Guardians
and have access. Really, it is through dreams, imagination,
and memory, and Reeas and I have amassed a lot of each. One thing I knew there was going to be a lot of dancing going on.
I just thought about the classic Austrian dance by men who get
kicked up the backside, Imagine Cloft and another Tourgen doing
that, ha. (To cut out all the mundane stuff, I have not included all the usual things that the Guardians might consider wrong to put on these recordings.) I will just say the wedding was beautiful and nothing was spared as everything was free, yes, laid on by the Guardians, and of course we could also dream of the same place, and so, be there. We danced in the air all around the mountains to heavy metal music’.
I was now feeling very confident in my role as a Guardian.
My consciousness had improved beyond measure, also my
understanding of life on a multi-Universe footing.
The next mission was now starting to come through from base.
Reeas said, time to get back to work Dan.’

Chapter 32-Surprising Update

Zelda3 was waiting in the briefing room, ‘This job should be
a-piece-of-cake for you two, she said.’
‘What about Deria? I said.
‘She and her Sister will be on extended leave to visit their
home planet.’
‘Now, Dan and Reeas, please come here.’
We stood opposite Zelda3 which was unnerving as she was so attractive.’
‘Close your eyes,’ she said.
‘What do you see?
‘I can see your outline. Reeas said.’
‘Yes, I can also see you, but vaguely.’
‘Good,’ she said.
‘Now, please go to the twenty-third Level of meditation!’
‘What?’ I said, ‘That’s not possible, is it?’
‘Yes, it is, you are now able to access more deeper levels now
that you are in this Universe, now again, close your eyes.’
After two minutes, she said, ‘Now, what do you see?’
Reeas said, ‘I can see a spaceship?’
‘Yes, I also can see it,’ I said ‘what is it?’
‘Please,’ Zelda3 said, ‘Just concentrate for a while.’
After five minutes, she said, ‘Now, what can you access? What
are you conscious of?’
‘I could now focus on the inside of the ship!’ I said.
‘And you Reeas? What are you aware of?’
Reeas said, ‘Yes, I can also access the inside of the ship, and
I am trying to access the records from the computer.’
‘Very good,’ Zelda3 said. Now, you can open your eyes again.’
‘What ship is it?’ I said.
‘That is your next mission.’
‘Really,’ Reeas said?

‘Yes, that ship has been travelling through space for three
hundred and seventy-five years! It left its own planet to search
out appropriate local star systems but got into difficulties.
The ships computer did a maintenance job on itself and failed.
That was one hundred and fifty-two years ago. Since then they
have been simply hoping to find a Planet suitable to settle
‘Wow,’ I said. ‘It’s the classic lost-in-space scenario.’
‘Yes,’ Zelda3 said, ‘and it is no joke.’
‘No,’ I said, ‘I didn’t mean it to be.’
Maybe I’m being a bit too ‘Dan Sherman’ I thought?
Their home Planet has long been technologically advanced beyond
the ships abilities, I want you to go to the ship and update the
computer and any other part of the ship which needs improvement.
There is also one member of the crew who is a potential Trainee-
Guardian, I want you to access her and report the data to me, her name is Tyren. As you now know, their home planet is called Amiron, and yes, it is in the humanoid Universe. Please access Amiron and make sure the ships abilities are on par with their home planet. You can then send the ship back. As you know, it will only take several years to return home.’
‘How far from the Veritalanian-Meridian is it?’ Reeas said.
‘That is the trouble, It will contact the meridian in less than
five days.’ Now I was starting to see the details of this little
mission. If the ship contacts the Veritalanian-meridian it will be catapulted at enormous speed into the Non-Humanoid Universe.
Don’t ask me to give you the exact speed as no one knows, yes,
my student friends, that’s right, not even the Guardians know
as it changes all the time. The other troubling detail is
the trajectory will put it online to contact the Groveelion
border. The Groveelions, my student friends, are not very nice
people, well, they are not people exactly, but cloud-like beings
which don’t like to be disturbed, in fact they are something like the Llantrea, yes, you got, it they like to dominate space. ‘The Groveelions have already tried to warn the ship, but as you know, the ship cannot pick up any signal from the Groveelions as the ship isn’t in the same space, never mind the same radio
frequency, not that the Groveelions have radio. So you see the
‘Dan, Reeas, do you understand the implications of this mission?
‘Yes,’ said Reeas. ‘We have to get there before five days.’
‘Why was this situation allowed to get so near the critical
point?’ I said, feeling I might have said the wrong thing.
‘Because, as you know, we wanted to assess the Groveelion
technology and it is alarmingly like the Llantrea in respect
of the telepathic, or rather, higher mental ability, it is known
as ‘Ethereal-Blending.’
‘So you want us to leave it till the last minute, so you can assess the Groveelions.’
‘Yes.’ said Zelda3. ‘Don’t worry, we will be monitoring everything.’
‘Do the Groveelions know about the Guardians?’ I said.
‘We don’t think so, but we aren’t sure either way. The
Groveelions are very hard to assess as you now know. Please
update yourself from your ships computer, and take your friends
the Tourgen Clones just for effect, so to speak.’
‘We can’t fight clouds can we?’ Reeas said.
‘No, but it is always best to be prepared.’
As it turned out, we really needed them later.

Chapter 33-Dancing With Fairies

Now for you Students: Where did the Veritalanian-Meridian
get its name you ask? Well, my friends, it all started a
long time ago, sixteen million years actually. The
Veritalanian were a race of beings not unlike the
Groveelions, they conquered all space bordering the Non-
Human, and the Human Universes, this lasted for whole small-
yuga. A yuga, as you know, is a stage or cycle. Eventually
the Veritalanian were defeated mostly because they were by
now too much into peace and harmony, also they were
complacent in thinking they were all Powerful, anyway the
Veritalanian-Meridian is still very much part of the
Guardian’s library, and as such, will be on the star charts
for a very long time. The Star records are in the
base at Citadel which is the central library on the
planet Equeene. The star base is inaccessible. Only
Guardians and anyone who has special permission are allowed to
go there.
OK, time for R & R (Rest and Relaxation.) Reeas and I are
going into the dream worlds for some sweet rhythm. Imagine
being able to dance to whatever music you happen to
like but in the air, or anywhere you happen to like whether it is mountains, which happen to be my favorite, or
maybe you would like to dance underwater with dolphins, or
Mermaids? Yes, they exist, as you know. On the astral plane you
can do, or be anything you want, I say anything, but as you know
we have to do things in the name of God, or whatever you believe
God to be.
We decided to go to Deria’s Home Planet Sandora to say our
goodbyes for now. As you know, Reeas and I already visited
the Fairy Kingdom some time ago, but this world was different; it was a very spiritual place and Deria is a higher spiritual being.
We arrived to a lovely reception, Deria and her sister were
the hosts and we got the V.I.P tour. Music seemed to be coming
out of everything, any plant, or any animal, and beautiful
music, not the kind of music we know on Earth, but which is only
heard on the higher inner planes, can you imagine reading your
best loved poetry and with every word the sound current lifts
you up one notch. Now multiply that by a million!
Yes, I know it is hard to imagine, but that is the only way you
will be able to understand it, you could also look on it like
this- lose any thought of the physical body, now imagine you
are a fairy, lighter than air; now lose that animal mind, yes,
that part of you which we can’t keep under control, go higher,

don’t be afraid; now enter into that one consciousness state and
you are in heaven, so to speak. If you can understand that
my friends you are doing well. What would the music to this
experience be? You can pick as I can’t really relate it to the earthly mind at this time.
How long Reeas and I were on cloud-nine was any ones guess, I just hope we don’t have a confrontation with the clouds on Groveelion. We said our goodbyes to Deria, and Friends then simply rested.

Chapter 34-Lightship Briefing

Back at the sub base we decided to make the emergency
landing base on the asteroid known as Aulous our physical
base. It was within easy space flight of the Veritalanian-
Meridian. We would leave it to the last day then act. All
Reeas and I had to do was look again into the light book to
re equip ourselves with the language, and other such things
we needed to function near the meridian. The gravity
will be awesome, I hear you say. That is why we are taking
light suits, although the ship will be able to cope quite
easily, Debra reassured me in her sultry voice. If I didn’t
Know better, I could swear she was coming on to me. Reeas
said it was my own mind that made Debra act like this! I suppose
in a way, we sort of want the other sex to like us, so maybe that is what is happening? Debra was now saying be careful when
I just leave the ship! I will start to worry when she
changes into a hologram to attract me, and then into a robot
which she could also do easily. On a more serious note:
We have to pass through the Ghost-Zone which it is a phenomenon. The Veritalanian-Civilization who is long dead have left their Guards to worry any Groveelions, and any beings who stray too
close to their space. It usually manifests itself as mental
images and sounds that can drive people to do silly things such
as jump out of the airlocks into space. I suppose it was mainly
to trouble the Groveelions but it can affect other beings. That
is why we have to make sure we don’t let anything happen to our
friends from Amiron.
Now, you say, how can anyone be affected by the other side
of the border, which is the Veritalanian-Meridian. Well, I can tell you we would be, but for the fact that we won’t be on that side of the border, but on the asteroid Aulous, which is a safe
distance away from the meridian in the Humanoid Universe, so
we won’t get pulled into it.
OK, now you students should be up to date with everything
that has taken place so far, yes? Good. You can do a
training exercise from the hologram room at the sub base on
Earth. Don’t forget to upload your thought patterns.
OK, the day is here, we enter the ship, Debra says, ‘Hello, Dan,
how are you?’
I feel she is again being a little too forward, as she has indeed made herself into a hologram! Yes, she is still on screen but now and again, she steps out, and walks up and down the console, and I have to say she is very attractive, but as you know, she is just sensing my brain Pattern.
‘I am trying to concentrate, Debra.’ I said.
‘OK, Dan, but I am here if you want me.’
We got underway. I asked Debra to get us all the info from the
lost ship over the last few years, I noticed that Tyren had
lost her father just ten months ago, also she had lost her mother some years back. She is good learner, very quick on the
uptake with a high consciousness. The rest of the crew
are on a sort of shift system with most of them in suspended animation, there are seven hundred and forty-three
people on board, with many in long term storage; some of these were put into a permanent state of suspension because they were involved in a mutiny, yes, that’s right, they tried to take over the ship eighty two years ago. I suppose they got fed up when they realized they had an unknown time to spend on a lost ship. The records show that there may have been a habitable Planet quite near at that time, but the captain in charge at that time would not alter course. The ship itself was at the time of manufacture state-of–the-art, but as you can imagine, after three hundred and seventy five years, things need updating. For instance, the fabrication machines they have are very outdated.
Zelda3 then came on the screen, then as a hologram.’
‘I thought I would check whether you were OK.’
‘Yes,’ I said, everything is OK.’
‘You know they can only make certain substances such as cloth,
rubber, and certain plastics. If anything needs serious
building such as tools, and engine parts then they struggle as
engineering machines such as lathes were thought to take up too
much space.’
‘Lathes?’ I said.
‘Yes,’ Zelda3 said, ‘don’t forget, fabrication machines were not
the ultra-machines they are now.’
I felt like I had put my foot in it again. I think Zelda 3 has
that sort of effect on me; she is without doubt the most desirable woman I have ever encountered. Reeas knew I was having issues with Zelda3 but just let it go. Zelda3 also knew, and that made me feel even more like a fool.
Why doesn’t she change her appearance to a sort of motherly school teacher instead of an ultra-gorgeous babe.’ I thought.
‘Is this what you want?’ Zelda3 said.
‘Standing there in place of Zelda3 was Mrs. Beverly from
high school in my next to last life time on Earth, Yes, you
got it, the one where I was killed at the Normandy landings. Mrs. Beverly was a kindly woman who liked to mollycoddle us boys, maybe because she hadn’t any children of her own. She was a short middle aged woman who looked stressed out, but I really liked her, she cared, and that is what counts.
‘No,’ I said, ‘not really, but it is nice to see my old school
teacher again.’
‘And your great, great, great, great, great, grandmother.’
‘Really?’ I said, ‘Why didn’t I know that?’
‘You would have later but no-harm-done.’ said Zelda.
No-harm-done seemed to be a regular saying of hers.
I suppose that is Karma. People in Iowa at that time lived in small towns, people knew everybody, and generally reincarnated together many times. But at that time things were not good, the depression was on, and people sometimes starved for lack of food. Crops withered in the fields, People moved away. I was glad when Dad managed to find work out of town, but I missed him. I was nineteen when I joined the Marines. I couldn’t wait to give ‘Jerry’ some stick! Trouble was, I didn’t get off the landing craft, OK, enough!
Zelda3 said, ‘Can you now concentrate,’
‘Yes,’ I said, ‘that little episode sort of straightened
things out.’
‘What do you mean?’ Reeas said.
‘I mean, I need to visit my Parents from that life time, right,
‘Yes, they were asking about you, when you died in World-War two they always wanted to visit your grave in France, but they
couldn’t afford it.’
‘So I should visit them, right?’
‘Yes, now please go on to the lost ship and do your best, my-Guardians.’
I was feeling pretty good at that moment, I can tell you. Zelda
3 calling us her Guardians, Wow!
Zelda3 was now gone and in her place was Debra. Yes, you got it,
in the guise of Zelda3!
‘What are you doing Debra?’ I said.
‘Nothing’ she said, ‘I just thought I would spruce myself up a
‘You don’t need to; you are very attractive as you are.’
‘Yes, now please get us to the ship.’
Then with a wink she was gone.
‘What are we going to do with her?’ Reeas said.
‘Nothing, I kind of like all these ultra-attractive females here with me.’
Reeas laughed, she was the most caring person I could wish for.


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