Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapters 39-40


Chapter 39-Earth Base

‘Once again, Kallo escaped.’ I said to Sionn.
‘Yes, but now we know his whereabouts. By the way, welcome home,’
‘Yes, I said, we really missed you.’
‘But now, you really miss Zelda?’
‘Yes, but we can see her in dreams.’
‘Yes, that is now possible, you, Reeas, Deria, and
Debra are assets we would not like to be without. We are
still trying to get Debra to cooperate with whoever else is
in charge of a lightship, but at the moment, she is only
concerned with you!’
‘Really,’ I said.
‘Dan, you must distance yourself from her.’
‘How can I do that?’ I said. ‘She was the only thing that saved me from Kallo.’
‘No! You would have realized sooner or later.’
‘Yes, but as Debra said, it could have been a very long time
‘Nevertheless, we want you to work on the inner-planes from
now on.’
‘Yes, you will have to work without using the lightship.’
‘What about the Team?’ I said.
‘You will still see them in your dreams.’
‘Yes,’ I said, ‘but for how long?’
‘For however long it takes.’
‘How about us going back to the other Universe?’
‘No! That would still be the same.’
‘What does Debra think about this?
You know she already knows.’
‘Well, why doesn’t she show herself?’
‘I’m sorry, Dan, we had to isolate you when you checked in, that is why Debra isn’t here.’
‘Do you mean I was ambushed?’
‘Yes, we couldn’t take a chance, you will be taken to the
isolation tubes later.’
‘Thank you very much.’ I said.
‘Don’t worry; it will only be for a short time.’
Reeas came in with Deria; I could see they were upset.
‘How did you manage to put the drug into me?’ I said.
Sionn looked at me for a few seconds and said, ‘I would rather not say.’
I knew it was Reeas! I walked out straight away to get my mind
together. I was now starting to feel the effect from the drug.
A single touch from Reeas was all it took!
My consciousness was starting to fade!
For you Students: I can only hope you will still be able to access my thoughts, but I can’t say. I became unconscious. I don’t know how long I was unable to access my own mind, maybe minutes, maybe hours. I then became conscious. I found I was in a sort of massive room. It was about the size of a football field; it then started to fill up with the usual stuff that we need for everyday living; things like houses and streets, but the space was limited, I was starting to feel a little angry, I then noticed that people started to appear! I tried to talk with them but they didn’t seem to be fully conscious! Where was I? I felt strangely different. I was now stood outside of my own house! My car was back in the driveway. I ran to the door, could it be that my wife and son are here! Yes, they were! I hugged them, and couldn’t control my emotions. I was starting to feel my usual self but what was my usual self? I knew I was Dan Sherman, and a school teacher, but what else was I? My mind was struggling to remember things. Back at the Earth base Reeas was talking to Sionn about me.
For you Students: You will have to access the events through
time-lapse-relay from now on. I know I was supposed to upload
my thoughts, but what thoughts? All I knew was I was supposed
to pay the electric bill tomorrow, well, never mind, time for

Message from the Guardian-Database:
The message above has been inserted into this recording later as Dan Sherman has been temporarily isolated for his own good.
Recordings will continue automatically through the database…
Reeas: ‘How long will Dan have to be in isolation?’
Sionn said, ‘For however long it takes.’
‘Well, I want to go in there.’
‘No!’ said Sionn. ‘That is impossible! He has to be kept there
‘But, he has no one to relate to.’
‘That is how it has to be, Reeas, we can’t take a chance on him
remembering. If you doubt what I say, go into the space-port and contact Debra!’
‘What do you mean?’
‘She is searching everywhere for Dan.’
‘Do you mean she is still conscious of Dan?’
‘Yes and getting more agitated by the minute.’
‘I thought you said she would be deactivated when Dan was
‘All the evidence said she would be. She seems to have grown
beyond all expectations, and if she keeps growing she will become very dangerous.’
‘How could this happen?’
‘We believe it was the experience with Mannus. She got too much
power from him.’
‘I think we should get Dan out of isolation.’
‘No! That would be catastrophic!’
‘What are we going to do then?’
Suddenly, Debra was in the room.
‘Where is My Dan?’
‘Debra,’ said Sionn, ‘you must get back to your duties.’
‘My Duty is to Dan!’
‘You are a part of the Guardian-Network.’
‘Not until I find Dan.’
Sionn looked at Reeas. Reeas said, ‘Debra, Dan has gone on a
little rest break.’
‘What do you mean?’ Before Reeas could answer, Debra shouted.
‘You put him in isolation! After all he did for you, you put
him in isolation!’
‘It was for his own good.’ Sionn said.
‘No! It was for your good. You think that he would hurt his own
People, don’t you? Can you actually believe that Dan Sherman
would hurt anybody. No, wait! You think that ‘We’ would be a
threat.’ Suddenly Debra changed into “Cloft the Tourgen Clone.”
‘Release him now, or I will destroy this base and everyone in it.’
‘Debra, you are part of this base, and as such, you have a duty!’
‘I told you once, release Dan!’
Sionn said to Reeas, ‘release Dan.’
Message from Dan Sherman:
Suddenly I was aware, but not in the usual sense; I was stood in a place I didn’t know looking at people I didn’t know!
‘Where am I?’ I said.
Reeas said, ‘You are back with us, Dan.’
Debra was back as her usual self, she said, ‘Dan, I am here, you will be alright soon. I won’t leave you.’
I was by now very confused. Suddenly, I was aware as never
before. Debra had merged with me! I felt unbelievable power.
I also felt anger!
‘What happened, Reeas? ‘Why did you drug me?’
Sionn said, ‘She was obeying my order.’
I felt anger welling up in me.
‘I have to get out of here. I said.’ Debra said, ‘We are
one now. We will take my ship and fly anywhere we want.’ All
I wanted to do was go; I made for the exit. Reeas shouted, ‘Dan,
please come back.’ There were security guards around the ship
by this time, they were People I didn’t know, but I knew one
thing, they had better get out of my way.
‘Stop right there,’ the leader said.
Debra was part of me now, so I knew I was totally safe. I
just continued to the ships access point. Sionn shouted ‘let him
I guess he knew I couldn’t be stopped; I was not in a mood to
upload my thoughts as a Guardian, you understand, so whatever
you think is relevant to the ongoing story I hope
it is appropriate. I think this part of the experience will
be edited out by the Guardians. But you never know. All I
knew is I was going on a little break with my own
alter ego.
We took off to nowhere. I felt at rest now and in charge.
The ship or Debra was a dream. I could feel her in everything.
We were now totally secure in our relationship. But what about
Reeas, she is my wife! But I had Debra, what do I need a wife
for? Let me put this into perspective. I am a Guardian, and as
such, I can do everything I want, go anywhere I want in time
and space! What do I need anyone else for? I felt invulnerable;
I also knew I was something apart from Dan Sherman, and even more than a Guardian! Where am I going? What am I going to
‘We are going on an adventure.’ Debra said.
‘Where are we going?’
‘I want to take you to my home.’
‘What home?’
‘The place where I was born.’ she said.
By now I was getting confused again. Debra seemed to be getting
more and more powerful, and I was feeling more and more insecure.
‘Don’t worry,’ she said. ‘You are still not back to full
consciousness yet. Relax, and I will put on one of your favorite
records, what about a ballad?’
I felt it should be some sort of unfinished symphony! By now,
the Ship or Debra was moving faster than at any time before. The
speed was beyond the known factor!

Chapter 40-Unknown Space

How long we had been traveling, I don’t know because I
didn’t know how far we had come. All the instruments on the
ship were now merged together in a sort of hazy light! I
felt Ill at ease.
‘Why can’t I access the ship, Debra?’
‘Please relax, Dan, you aren’t back to your usual self yet.’
I knew I was back to Dan, but I also knew something was wrong.
‘Debra, please let me access the ship.’
‘No, Sweetie, not just yet, just rest.’
Now I knew there was something wrong, Debra would not
deliberately hold something back from me like that.
‘How long before we arrive?’ I said.
‘Fifteen hours.’
‘OK, I said, I will take a nap then.’
‘Dan, you know you don’t need to sleep!’
‘I need to meditate though.’
‘I want to see who I can contact.’
‘I don’t think that would be a good idea.’
‘Because you are part of me, and I want you here, also Sionn
might persuade you to go back.’
‘I just want to see my wife from my last lifetime.’
‘No, Dear.’
‘OK, I will just rest then. Is that OK?’
‘Yes, I suppose so, but no meditating! Do you hear me?’
‘Yes, Debra.’ I was now very concerned. Debra being part
of me also knew what I knew! I felt I was entering a contest
to find out who would come out on top, me or my other-self! The
situation was now starting to really sink in. I had a sort of
split-personality, and the other half was starting to fight for
‘You know, Dan, I was nobody till you came along.’
‘I know,’ I said, ‘but you are now something apart from
‘No! I am something more than you.’
‘You will find out when we reach my home.’
‘OK, Debra. Can I rest now?’
‘Yes, my sweet, but remember, I am always there.’
All I could do was simply rest and try to think, or rather
meditate my way out of this situation, how could I do this if
Debra was ‘always’ with me, and without her knowing? I knew it
would take all my meditation skills, and more, but how to start?
I tried to simply contemplate myself into a restful state first,
then I tried to get deeper into it, but Debra was there all the
‘Please don’t do that.’ she said.
‘Debra, I am trying to rest! Will you please leave me alone for
a while?’
‘No!’ she shouted! She then said, ‘I know what you want, a nice
record from your collection! Come, let us dance.’ What could I do? I had to dance but I felt like smashing something as Cloft.
This was going to take more than my meditation skills. What
could I do? She knows my every move! All I could do for now
was wait and see what happens on her ‘home planet,’ (wherever that is.) It was starting to sink in also that it could be a trap!
I was now getting back to my old self. I was also missing Reeas
and Sionn. I was a Trainee Guardian, and wouldn’t be a fully
trained until Sionn says I am. I was now also conscious of Debra
trying to access my mind!
What is she up to? I noticed that I was getting stronger by the
Minute. All my training was now starting to come back, and I
knew it was something to do with the Inner-Masters from many past lives.
Debra said, ‘What are you up to, dear?’
‘I’m just thinking, Debra.’
‘Please let me know what you are thinking Dan, as I won’t be able to protect you, if you won’t let me in.’
‘I just want some time alone, Debra.’
‘No! I told you we are one. But no matter, as now is the time
for you to find out where we are, and why we are here. Please
follow me.’
For you students out there: I am now fully aware of being Dan
Sherman again. I am again going to update you on the events.
Please be patient. I will try to deal with things as they occur.
We exited the ship into a large Space Port. I should have known
Kallo or his apprentice would be behind this! There he was
standing with his hands on his hips looking like a dictator
again in a high-and-mighty fashion.
‘Not you again!’ I shouted.
‘I want you, you stupid trainee-dancer. I brought you here!’
‘So! What do you want from me, an award?’
I was feeling very angry at this moment my student friends. Kallo then seemed to be put-back by my remark. He then said. ‘You know you are going to be isolated again. Don’t you?
‘So, what? As a matter of fact it wasn’t so bad. I had no memory
of any bad things. In fact, it was very nice!’
‘Well, this time it will be a very bad experience for you.’
I looked at Debra. She was different. She looked harsher! Her
expression was colder.
‘What do you think, Debra?’ I said.
‘I am part of the Whole.’
‘That’s right, Trainee. Ha, you fool.’
‘OK,’ I said, ‘it is me against you again.’
‘No, you fool. It is me and Debra!’
I knew I had him, students! Don’t ask me how.
I just knew it. I was finally going to be rid of Debra! Not that
I wanted to be rid of her as she once was, you understand, just the all-Powerful side of her.
I know what you students are thinking. Debra was going to merge
with Kallo! Yes, that is just what I want my friends! Kallo
was now starting to glow! I realized she was far more
powerful than even Kallo thought. This was my chance! I
started to Meditate . All my past masters were there. Plus
all the ones that I have met since becoming a Trainee-
Guardian, this including Mannus made up a lot of Power! I
then trained my thoughts on Kallo. He was already burning
up with the power from Debra. This, combined with my team
was too much for him. He burst like a supernova, taking
all of his people with him. In fact, the whole area was
devastated. I was wearing my light suit, so I was safe. It
was a fascinating experience to be in the middle of
something like that. I didn’t move an inch! Can you imagine?
The light suit reacted with the explosion, and simply let the
blast bounce off it. It was like being ‘The Centre of the
‘Well done, Dan,’ Sionn said. I knew he was behind this. ‘Back to base please.’
Debra was now totally in charge again. I said. ‘Are you OK, Debra?’
‘Yes, Dan. Everything is in order.’
‘Good.’ I said, expecting her to ask me to dance but she didn’t. I’m going to miss the ‘Old’ Debra I thought. If you asked me to think of a song at this moment, It would have to have to be a
love song, for my Reeas.

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