Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapters 41-45


Earth Base was the same, as usual. I was feeling pretty good
as I checked in. Reeas was over-the-moon. Sionn was his
usual self which was very sober, but even he couldn’t help
‘How did you know I could pull it off,’ I said?
‘I knew; let us just leave it at that.’
‘Where is Kallo now?’ I said.
‘We believe he is with Mannus!’
‘What?’ I said. ‘Yes,’ he is being reprocessed.’
‘Can we expect to meet him again?’ I asked.
‘Surely, Sionn said, ‘but in what manner, I don’t know.’
‘Do you mean he could be totally different?’
‘Yes.’ Sionn said, ‘one can’t be near Mannus, and expect to be
the same.’
‘Why was he allowed to get so out of control?’ I asked?
‘I will just say, Karma, and let it go at that.’ Sionn said.
‘He must have killed thousands.’ I said.
‘Much more than that, Dan, there comes a time when even the
Guardians have to say enough is enough. The people will be
reincarnated but the effect from these experiences will linger
a long time, also the agents working for Kallo are still out
there and there will also be many apprentices. The work goes
on, my friends,’ said Sionn. All I wanted to do was Dance with
Reeas! What Song? You ask. What about one from the old masters,
you can pick whichever you want, they are all appropriate.
OK, my student friends, Please continue with your efforts to
become Trainee-Guardians, it will be worth it. Trust me!
I see Sionn wants me to go on another mission to the
astral world. I hope you will follow my exploits through the
central databank, You now know how to access it, so onward my friends.
This next job is special. I have been asked to go into the lower
levels alone, and I won’t be given any information until later.
This is not making my training any easier, I can tell you, my
friends, Please be patient.

This job was not going to be easy, I knew that, but why should
it require so much effort to simply adjust my consciousness to
a lower level? I have been in places like this before, maybe
it is my own mind that has moved on, I know it sounds stupid,
but the experiences I have been through over the past months,
years, millennia, I don’t know how long. On the astral world time doesn’t register. I could go to the beginning of time or the end of time. The particular job I had to do, was, on the face of it, fairly easy, although I had made errors before thinking that something was going to be easy. I needed to get my mind in check! Why did Sionn want me to take this job on with no help from anyone, even Debra, simply because the consciousness of the place is too low, and so, I am on my own again! Could Sionn be testing me out again? All I want is to reach his position, but I know it will be a long time before that happens.
He said that I would have helper when I reach Level-18; whoever it is will have to be very special, with access to the light book. They would also have to be able to reach level-18; they will have to decipher the access code, which seems very unlikely! This person will have to be very able indeed, but I have met some very able people while I have been with Sionn, so I will have to wait and see. Is Sionn sizing someone up for training, or is there something more to it? With the experiences I have had up to now the unexpected is all I can expect.
Being a Trainee-Guardian-of-Space isn’t easy my friend, as you will find out as we progress through this level!

Chapter 42-Astral Worlds
Astral World, Level 9 Lower Level.

I don’t know why I am worried; all I have to do is transfer
my consciousness into the base station on whatever level I
am on and simply get back to Sionn and Reeas. Reeas is the
Love-of-my-life or I should say past lives; lives too
numerous to mention. The thing is, I feel scared, and I have
never felt like this on any of the worlds I have been on,
and I have been on some scary planets, I can tell you. All
I can do is assume Sionn knows I can cope, so I will trust
him and my inner self, as usual. Right, I have to be at
Level 18 in exactly 42 days, that Is physical time,
although as you know by now astral day time is non-existent
but people who think they are still alive are still on a 24
hour clock.
The job here is to get a Manic-Monster to move on!
It sounds simple I know, but Manic-Monsters are not renown
for their patience. They are from the lower levels of the
astral worlds, yes, I know we are on the lower levels
already but I mean the really lower levels. Somehow this
one had made it to level 11 and that was the scary part, I don’t
know what, or who, helped the monster to get to level 11 but
whoever it is knows how to control a Manic-Monster and that
alone is scary. Let me say here I have been to a lot of lower
levels but this is the lowest I have been up to now. As you
know, Trainee, sorry to call you that, but I don’t know
your name yet, your Physical body will be in the Earth base
station at Kelsay in Northumberland, England, while we are on
this mission. Sionn informed me I won’t be able to wake up until
the job is done, that is another scary part of this job. So you
also won’t be able to wake up, I guess it is now up to us
alone to complete this mission. You also know you can help
by sending me your thoughts, or Telepathic messages, like my
trusting friend Deria, she is a higher life form
in the body of a fairy. God, I wish she was here now, she might have the body of a small being, but she has the consciousness of a Master-Guardian. I already know her abilities can’t penetrate this heavy atmosphere here on the lower levels. OK, I should be getting some sort of signal from you by now! I have been waiting here in near total darkness for 5 hours.
I know this is the right place as the marker for the invisible level is showing a red light, that means that anyone who has a degree of higher consciousness can see the way, also the danger of going into a lower world. Yes! I just got a signal from you. ‘Thank you Tamia 2, I see you are a female, although I cannot access any more detail about you; I feel you are an able friend, yes, I know we can now go to Phantom-Point, I see it is not a nice place to spend any time but we will be OK, I feel
I am getting my confidence back, onwards my friend.

Chapter 43-Phantom Point Level 10
‘First of all I want to congratulate you on getting past
the deep-thought-codes at Earth-Base, also it means we are
on a very similar level of consciousness, maybe we were past
life partners, although you know me, I can’t access your
details yet, I am sure it is to protect you from whoever is
behind all this, If I knew all your details it would be
dangerous you could get trapped here, but I won’t dwell
on that, just keep sending me your thoughts up to level 38
on the 14th sub plane, that way it will be harder
for them to access, yes, I know you already know that, I
am just trying to stifle this fear, thank you for trying to cheer
me up, Tamia, I know I can handle it as long as I have someone
to contact. I have passed within some miles of Phantom Point on a very rough road, and I have met no one. The feeling of dread
is still there, but I think I am getting used to it. I know
I can handle any danger, whatever it might be, as you know, I
had numerous dealings with a fearsome race of artificially
created beings known as the Tourgen, one of the strongest
and meanest beings ever to be put on a planet, If need
be I could change into Cloft the Tourgen beast man who was
cloned for me to use on numerous occasions.
I felt the time to change into Cloft was near, as my stress
levels were shooting up, I felt an almighty need to be
somewhere else. Suddenly from the darkness came a being I
had never encountered before, or even imagined, I could also
sense the fear in Tamia, all I could do was look at
this being in a stupid way, as I couldn’t make out any
normal body parts, It was just a shape which floated and
changed from one thing to another, one shape was a large
black snakelike creature with red eyes, then it was a
skeleton with a black cape and scythe, like you see
sometimes as death. I guess it was trying to show it was
bad or the Devil, I don’t know, all I do know is I was
scared. The vibrations of this thing were pure evil, I
closed my eyes and I could still see it! Tamia said, ‘Dan, just
stare it out.’ I opened my eyes and said, ‘Who are you?’ The
creature said nothing, but I knew it wouldn’t let me pass, I
could now see we were at another passing-point as the red
signal was up. OK, my friend, if you want to play, here we go, I felt the usual anger and rage boil up in me as I changed into Cloft the Tourgen clone. As you now know, Cloft is about 8 foot tall and 45 stone of pure muscle and teeth, with tiger like claws, and is one of the strongest creatures in the Universe. As soon as I changed I could feel the tension mount as the creature before me transformed into a very large dinosaur like creature with very big teeth, it was as though it had to get back to life as an ancient being, and more animalistic. It said, “I cannot let you pass.”
‘Why?’ I said,
‘I have been sent be my Master.’
‘OK,’I said, but you will get hurt.’
I asked Tamia to try and get the name of the creature’s master.
‘Watch out, Dan, Tamia said!’
I noticed a dark shape move to the left side of me, this one was
even more threatening than the first, although it was just
watching as I could feel no intent on action. I could feel
a higher rate of vibration from the other shape. This was the
so-called master, all I could think of to say was,
‘How long have you been here?’ The second dark shape said,
‘That doesn’t concern you’
‘Why don’t you move on?’ I said.
Suddenly the dinosaur tried to grab me, I also leaped at it, we made quite a noise as we fought in the mud and dirt, I ripped a
hole in the dinosaurs shoulder as it tried to sink its teeth
into me, then it turned into a very large sabre-tooth tiger! I tore its throat out. I guess the creature never got by basic animal forms, unlike the Tourgen who were manufactured by man so in the end it had to give up and fade away.
‘Good, Dan.’ Tamia said. I noticed the second creature had also gone.
‘One sub plane done, 32 to go’ I said.
I also noticed some more dark creatures watching me from the
side of the road, but I didn’t feel any animosity, on the
contrary, the feeling was of relief, I also felt lot better
and the darkness was less dark. I thought, these beings could now move on. A figure in the shape of a man came into view. He said, ‘Thank you, whoever you are, for getting rid of the shape-shifter at the gate. Long we have waited for this moment, the way is now open to many of our people and to you also, I was the gatekeeper till the dark master came with his mutant friends to keep us back.
‘Have you any idea who the master of the shape-shifter is?’ I
‘No, but whoever it is, must be very strong, as we tried
everything to overcome the darkness.’
So, I thought, that is why I felt scared, this master has the ability to control not just their minds, but their consciousness. I said to Tamia, ‘I have a feeling we will meet this Master again very shortly.’
‘Yes, Dan, let us go on.’

Chapter 44-Level 11

I moved onto a higher level simply by walking through to
level 11. The feeling was of a mixture of relief and
wonderment as I could now make out some of what we take for
granted as landscape such as trees and mountains although
these were less real and more hazy, I could still feel a
threat but what exactly? I don’t know. Tamia also said she
felt relief, I wanted sleep, although I knew I didn’t need
it, strange how the astral body works, even after thousands
of years needing sleep in the physical body, we also think need
it when we pass over to the astral but we don’t realize it.
I can overcome tiredness I know, I want to contact Sionn but
I can’t for some reason; I assume it is for my training.
When I took this job on I assumed it would be fairly easy
as I had battled in the physical worlds, and also the other
planes so I thought this trip to the astral would be a
picnic. I was beginning to think different as the meeting
with the dark master was very scary, and I knew he
would be waiting to trap us on the other sub planes also. It
made me think of the ex-Guardian named Kallo who I had to
do battle with at the former Far-Station outpost, it was a place which he had turned into a another hell hole for a lot of poor souls. Surely this dark master couldn’t be him? Kallo is locked up in a maximum astral world prison which was protected by Guardians; also he was neutralized by Mannus himself!
I said to Tamia, ‘Can you contact Sionn?’
‘No,’ I was told we were on our own for the duration of the
‘Why?’ What is Sionn up to? Could it be he believes that this
dark master will back off if he senses higher consciousness
levels. I must admit Tamia I’m finding it very hard to cope with
the lower levels.’
‘That is where I come in, Dan, I have had many journeys into the
lower worlds.’
‘Yes, I was a coworker on level 2 for a long time.’
‘Why did you take the job?’
‘My home planet was bombed out of existence after a long and bloody war with a cloned army of’…
‘Tourgens, I blurted out.’
‘Yes,’ she said, ‘Dan, we shouldn’t really speak any more of the
details in case whoever is out there is listening in.’
‘No Tamia, I have a feeling this master is not that
able, otherwise he wouldn’t have given up that easy on level
10, I think he is an apprentice, he may be luring us into a
‘You know that we could get trapped for a long time on
any of these levels if we get caught out Dan, don’t you?’
‘Yes, and I also know that Kallo was very able when he
trapped me for a time on one of the sub planes back at Far-
Station but I managed to get out, we know he has trained
many students to follow him, I just hope they aren’t former
Guardians otherwise we might be in deep trouble. A master
like Kallo can promise to give you anything your heart
desires without the hassle of doing service for anyone on
any world; and on any plane of existence. I am beginning to
adjust to this level now Tamia, I feel good for the first
time since beginning this mission, I miss Reeas though, she
is an astonishing person.’
‘I know Dan; I accessed her records, why wasn’t she allowed to
accompany you?’
‘I really don’t know, maybe Sionn thought I would try and protect her too much, which I indeed would, but she also protected me. I really don’t know how I would cope if I lost her.’
‘That could be why he thought you would be better on your own?’
‘Yes, Tamia, but I also feel you are a good friend, and ally.’
‘OK, the marker for the next level is a long way off according
to my calculations, what do you think, Tamia?’
‘I feel a strange urge to go East, over that large range of
mountains although I am not in the astral body I sense a
strong need to help someone.’
‘Maybe it’s a trap, Tamia. The marker is telling me to go west?
Right, let’s check out your urge Tamia, we can fly over the
mountains. I have got adjusted to this level more now, so let’s
As we reached the mountain range I could make out large numbers
of people making their way from level 11 to 12; most were walking but some had carts and horses. The technology here was far from modern as the consciousness was low, but when they reach level 12 it will improve, or rather, the people had already upgraded, so to speak, now all they had to do was walk across the gateway to a better way of life. Imagine being a prisoner for years in a cell with no light, then suddenly, someone throws open the door to release you, your eyes would burn, but you would, in time, adjust to it. That is how it is when moving from one plane to the next.
Kallo, or whoever it is, is holding people back from the light
and I intend to make him pay again. That’s right; I put my Tourgen claws around his neck at Far-Station and just held him up till he died; if I get the chance this time, I will do the same.
OK, you say, you are building up your karma, no, I say, it is
balanced out by doing what I have been trained to do, I am
a Guardian but I am also Dan Sherman, and Cloft the Tourgen,
whatever I have to be, to get the job done.
‘I believe in you, Dan. said Tamia. I also want to help in any way,
and I feel as though I may be able to contact Sionn soon.’
‘Great, I said, look, there is a sort of camp down there.’
‘Approach it with caution, Dan.’
The camp was about the size of a football ground, with various
buildings about the place, as I got near the people started to
run about in panic, I suppose it was only natural as I was still
in the Tourgen body, and anyone would run from a flying
tiger like creature who was eight feet tall, even more so as
I bounced off a sort of force field which was surrounding the
place. Now, anyone who knows anything about the inner worlds
knows that you can get hurt just by thinking you can. I knew that I had hit something, but I also knew I would be OK. I fell
to the ground and simply got up. The people looked on in
terror especially when I changed into Dan Sherman. I
couldn’t hear any noise from the camp it was as though they
had been isolated. People were now staring out from behind
their doors and anything else they could hide behind.
‘OK, I have to find a way in.’
‘I sense danger, Dan.’
‘Yes, I feel it also; but I don’t know where it is coming from, the dark master must be near. The next thing I know is I feel a sharp pain in my neck, and I’m paralyzed. I am then pushed through the force field into the camp. Nice going, Dan, trapped again. What am I doing in this astral hell hole? I could have stayed with Reeas in our honeymoon suit in one of the beautiful higher astral worlds. It was a place where I was happiest, I deliberately chose the Austrian Tyrol as the beauty of the place is hard to beat on any physical world. Now, where am I?
‘You are in my domain, Trainee!’
I could still see and hear, but that was all, I knew I was in
the presence of Kallo, the ex-Guardian.
‘How did you get out of jail?’ I said.
‘There are no jails that can hold me, fool. You have the astral
body of Kallo in a security cell, but as you know, I am a master
of all planes, so here I am. I can’t believe they sent a novice
such as you to capture me, Ha. Now you will pay for killing me
at Far-Station, and no, you will not be able to locate me later
with your consciousness scan as you did at the astral base. For
you the implant I put in your neck will keep you here for as
long as I want you, also the realm here is of my making, so there is no escaping. You will be killed in a few hours! Yes, that’s right, killed, how can that be? You ask. We are already on the astral world, right? No, fool, we are on a world where I can manufacture life itself. Yes, this is a physical world which I created inside the astral world! When you die later, you will
automatically come back to an astral world of the same making. You will be trapped for eternity. Ha.’
‘You’re completely mad.’
Oh, am I? Just try to shift your consciousness to the Tourgen
beast when I release you in five seconds.’
My God, he’s right; I’m stuck in a puny human body on a hell
hole of a plane with no chance of escape!
Nice going Dan, I thought, what would Sionn say?
Chapter 45-Trapped

I noticed at once that I couldn’t contact Tamia! I was now in
a dirty cell that smelled awful. This must be the physical
world; nothing that bad could affect me in such a way on the
astral. I thought to myself, could Kallo be bluffing? Was
he trying to make it seem that I was on the physical, but I would have been able to shift my consciousness, wouldn’t I?
Hold on though! Kallo was neutralized, that I do know. OK, you
say then how come he is here? I have to contact someone.
This will be my last report to whoever can access my
conscious wavelength. As students you know how I have been able to get my story down on to the Deep-Conscious databank at Earth base, for whoever can access it. I feel like a complete fool, yet, I have done my best, and that is what matters. Sionn, Reeas, Deria, Tamia, and whoever else can access this, forgive me, for not being conscious enough. Suddenly the cell door opened, and in came a scruffy looking jailer.
‘You will be terminated at sundown.’ he said. He then shoved a plate of inedible meat at me which stank to high heaven. I could now move as the paralysis had gone. The jailer then shoved the plate at me again, and gave me a second glance.
I knew at once what he was trying to do, but I just looked at
him as if to say yes, I know, he then left. I took it for granted the cell was bugged, so I left the plate untouched for a few minutes. The cell floor was covered in straw, so I just pretended to stretch out and feel under the plate where I found a small battery size device which I knew to be a contact-reacher. I thought, thank Sionn, I have an ally here. I pressed the small button on the end of the device while hiding it under the straw, at once I could hear my beautiful little fairy friend, Deria!
‘Dan, please listen, you must be in trouble as you pressed the
contact-reacher, I don’t know what your circumstances are, so
all I can say is this contact-reacher is from level eleven so
I assume you are trapped in one of the various encampments that
we know to be there, if you are in some sort of prison then I
assume again you cannot use your abilities to get out, so I
suggest you place this device against your forehead, and again
press the button.’
No sooner had she said that when the hatch in the cell door opened and Kallo himself was staring at me. He had a strange look on his face. I slowly shoved the device under the straw without thinking. My past life training as a Yoga teacher had stood me in good stead; I just hope it was good enough.
‘What are you trying to hide, Trainee? Oh, I see, you are trying
to transform into your Tourgen friend eh? Ha, pathetic. I’m
here to say you have fifteen minutes left to live in the
physical realm, and then your life is mine, forever.’
He then left. I knew there was something different about Kallo.
Why didn’t he affect me like he used to? Is it my consciousness that has altered? Or is there something more to it. Right, here goes. I placed the device against my forehead and pressed the button. Straight away I saw Deria in all her beauty, she wasn’t a fairy anymore but a beautiful young woman of about thirty, she was wearing a silken silver dress and she had a golden tiara on her head.
‘Dan, I can’t reach you, as the lower levels are too dense
for me, all I can do is tell you that whatever your problem
is, it is astral, and you can overcome it, trust your inner
self and never give up, you are a Guardian-of-Space, and
unlimited.’ Suddenly she was gone!
Right, I thought. This Kallo is a bluffer, he wants me to believe I am on the physical plane, OK, I will play along with him, this implant he put in my neck is the thing that is holding me here. Don’t forget students, the implant in my neck is made up of astral material and works just the same as a physical one would in the physical world. I know it is hard to understand sometimes but you are students, and as such, you will know. So, I have to somehow bypass this little trick that Kallo or his apprentice has played. I now know it will take all my strength emotionally, spiritually and physically as the physical world is forever tied in with the astral world.
‘OK, Earth man. Time to die,’ said the jailer, who was a filthy
wretch with a disfigured face, and not the one that brought the contact-reacher. ‘OK,’ I said, ‘let’s get it over with, Ugly!’
With that, he shoved a small dagger into my side which was painful but not overly so. There was blood but as I looked
at it I could see it was beginning to dry up already. Good, it
is as I thought, I am still on the astral world. I can cope with
this. I have to focus all my effort on getting back to Dan
Sherman. If Sionn trusted me enough to take me on as a Guardian
then I am a Guardian. We reached a sort of execution scaffold
with a small ladder like structure in the center and a noose
hanging from the top. I already knew this was a gruesome torture
instrument from the middle-ages, it was used to hang-draw-and-
quarter people, I must admit, I felt scared, but not for long,
I just thought of Deria in her finery, she was all a spiritual
person could aspire to be, and more. I felt good now, even
confident. Kallo was stood at the far end of the court yard, on
a sort of podium, like an Emperor, he even raised his thumb as
they used to do in ancient Rome. The executioner put the rope
around my neck, I looked him straight in the eye I could
see the look of terror on his face as I changed into the
Tourgen clone known as Cloft; of course, the scaffold now
collapsed as my weight was too much for it. I could now see Kallo leaving the podium. I had to get to him, I ran as fast as I could but too late, he vanished. All I could do was change back to Dan Sherman. I knew Kallo wouldn’t come back, we had won another round, I noticed the force field had also gone. The people were ecstatic. Tamia was again audible to me. ‘Dan, you are as good as they say.’
‘Really?’ I said, trying to be noble. ‘I couldn’t have done it without Deria.’
‘We can now go on to level 12.’ Tamia said.
‘Good, let’s get going,’ I said, trying to be cool. Before I set
off I made it my business to thank the jailer who helped me.
It turned out he was a coworker for us. What would we do without
them? The place was known as Stonetop, a Bronze-Age type
village before Kallo got hold of it, now it is free and ready
to move on. Don’t forget, students, our job is to complete a mission and not interfere with anything or anyone while we are there. That is something that Kallo and his helpers are frequently forgetting, or not caring about.


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