Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapters 46-50


Chapter 46-Level 12 Meeting with a Master

I said to Tamia, ‘Can you get through to Sionn yet?’
‘I don’t know, I keep sending, but no reply,’
‘I think we are both on test, Tamia.’
‘Yes, I feel you are right, although, why can’t I access our
database, I mean, I am not as near to the actual level as you
are but maybe it is a test for us as you say? I can see you,
and hear you, but I feel far away.’
‘Yes, that is to protect you, but you are nearer to Sionn, so
with luck, as they say, you will contact him soon. I am sure he
knows everything that is going on, but for some reason he can’t
interfere. I also think Reeas, Deria, and Grenwer know, but can’t help us. Grenwer is a higher Guardian, and on the same level as Sionn. I think there is more to this mission than they
told us, but I can’t really tell. Maybe I’ve said too much already but I wonder why I should be given this job? It was supposed to be easy, and a sort of training exercise for you and me. Help to get the Manic-Monster, to its rightful place, but now we are battling with one of the greatest enemies of the spiritual and physical worlds, and we can’t contact base! I want to rest, Tamia; I need a small vacation with Reeas, to charge up my batteries, she would know what to do, she has a higher consciousness than me.’
‘Yes,’ said Tamia, ‘but you are nearer to the lower worlds, are
you not? I mean, you can alter your consciousness to a far lower
level, right?’
‘Yes, I know, that is why they picked me, but I need more
help. Reeas was always there when I needed her, she even
died for me once.’
I know, Dan, I saw it on the records.’
‘Of course, Tamia, I’m sorry, I keep going on about it, but I
need help, I feel we are going into more danger.’
‘Don’t worry about me, Dan; I am not near enough to be a threat
to Kallo.’
‘No, but I am, and he knows a lot more about existing on the
astral worlds than I do, I fear he has more traps for us. OK,
Tamia, I have been walking for about 3 hours, and we haven’t
met a soul, should we fly? I should say, I could fly, you
are able to go wherever I go in spirit, so to speak.’
‘Yes, Dan, but I feel we are going the wrong way! You say the
signal marker is to the East again?’
‘Yes, Tamia,’
‘I feel it is to the West again, Dan. I also feel a bad presence.’
‘Yes, me too, It could be a trick. OK, I’m going to take a break
Tamia, Please be patient, while I meditate.’
‘Do you think this is the right time, Dan?’
‘Yes, Tamia, I do, I can’t go on without help from the Inner-
Master, Sionn knows this, although he told me to be aware of
danger always. I trust the Inner-master to help and protect me
everywhere. I’m going to seek out Mannus, Please rest awhile.’
I put myself in the lotus position and meditated. I became aware on a beautiful cloudless day in a forest clearing where the view
was of extreme distance over mountains and seas. I could see
more than just scenery, I was aware in the highest sense. It
is difficult to put into words, but I could zoom into whatever
I wanted to see or hear, whether it was wildlife or plant life,
such as birds singing many miles away!
I felt at peace, totally. I looked to my right and saw Mannus.
He was as you know, a giant of a man sitting on a large golden
cushion. He was about 30 years of age, with beautiful golden
skin. He was wearing a loin cloth and he had golden bands on his
wrists, and ankles, he had no hair, and looked at perfect peace. I knew
he wasn’t a man at all, but the highest consciousness in this Universe.
I can’t tell you what, or who he is, or was in life. Maybe he
is or was lots of souls rolled into one body? Maybe millions
of souls. All I knew was I wanted to be here always.
He didn’t say a word and I didn’t speak either. I seemed to
be getting something out of just being near him. After a
while he held up his hand as if to say goodbye, and a light
began to shine forth from it, my head was reeling with the
light and love that I received.
I awoke back on level 12. Tamia said, ‘Dan, there was a man
here he looked very old. I tried to contact you, but I couldn’t.
He said nothing, but he looked straight at me! I’m sure he sensed me. He touched you on the forehead!’
Well, if he meant me harm, I’m sure he would have done worse than that. I assume he was a coworker. I feel good now Tamia, I met Mannus, the Lord of this part of the Multiverse.’
‘Really!’ said Tamia.
‘Yes, and everything seems better now, I’m sure I can cope.
I now know who the old stranger was also!
‘Yes, he is an old friend from many past lives in India,
schooled in the Kriya Yoga system.(Kriya means karma, and Yoga
means union) A true guru, he is a Guardian here on the twelfth level.’
‘Why didn’t he wait till you woke up?’
‘There is no need. True masters are always with their students.
He probably didn’t want to bring attention to me from any
entities who might be around. He gave me the direction that we
must go, Tamia, and it is not East or West!’
‘Yes, there is a trap at Fourth-Crossing near Bolinia, which is
a large town; also there is a trap at Warron-Relay-Station
to the West.’
‘Good gracious, that is fine work, Dan.’
‘Yes, the old master is all I know him to be, and more. We will
travel in the direction that I feel is the right way and I feel
that way is to the Southwest, there won’t be a marker so we
will have to find the hidden gateway.’
‘What’s that?’
‘It is a gate used by people that can come and go at will, such
as masters, and higher beings.’
‘Wow! You are a master, Dan!’
‘Not really, but for a short time, I have been given access
to certain ‘ways’ to get the job done.’
‘Are you sure about the direction Dan? I feel we should go to
the West, maybe there are more people trapped and want our
‘If there are, then I’m sure Sionn and company will cope later. All I want to do is get on, we have to step things up a bit, as
we are behind time.’
‘Yes, but really feel we should go west Dan.
‘Please, Tamia, don’t make things difficult for me, let us get
on, we will fly over land to Calcenum-Point, then walk the short
distance to the gateway.’
‘You’re the boss, Dan, and I am just a coworker.’
‘You are much more than that, Tamia!’

Chapter 47-Hidden Gateway

Now for you student Guardians out there who think they can
get this far, I have a message for you. Please keep your
thoughts to yourself. That is one of the first lessons in
yoga, talking or even thinking too much can get you in an
awful lot of trouble. Control your mind, and you can achieve
all things, I should know, my inability to keep my mouth
shut, has, over time, got me into a lot of trouble, also when
you do speak make sure it is always polite, and true, only bend
the truth when absolutely necessary, don’t brag, as it always
comes back to bite you in the you-know-where. Now, as you have
access to the records at Earth base, and you know my
circumstances. Let me at this point upload my conscious actions
so you can keep track of the way, so to speak, good, as a future
Student-Guardian these records will be a sort of training
manual for you, and any who follow you, although they will be
few and far between, always remember you are eternal and cannot
be hurt either physically or spiritually if you are conscious
of the Master. And even if you get hurt or killed in the service
of God you will reincarnate. Of course, you already know that.
I get a little carried away from time to time so I’m sorry if I come across as a teacher. But I am a teacher, or was?
‘OK, we are coming up to the hidden gateway.’
‘How do you know? Dan.’ Said Tamia.’
‘I can feel it, or I know it.’
I see a person standing in the exact place where we had to
go. I also knew this person was friendly, but I was a little
wary as he was looking at me with a very ‘knowing’ stare.
my instinct was to just ask him what he wanted, but I felt I
had to wait for a time (ten minutes actually) it was as if
he was trying to access some part of my consciousness. I
also knew he was a master, but not the same one who
touched me when I was meditating. With a casual movement
he stepped aside and just held out his arm as if to usher me
into the gateway, Tamia had been quiet all this time which
I thought was odd.
‘OK, let us proceed.’ I said.
‘What did he want? Dan’
‘I don’t know, Tamia, but he was friendly.’
‘How do you know that?’
‘I could feel it. Let us get on.’
For you students again: I can only say that hidden gateways are really hard to find, you will only be able to access them once you have been able to come into contact with a master, and look into the light book. OK, best of luck, although, by now you know there is no such thing as luck as was said in a famous science fiction set of films, we make our own luck by earning good or bad karma. It is as simple as that. Do well and you will be rewarded, do bad and again you will be rewarded by being
setback, so to speak, but(again)you already know that as a student Guardian.
I set foot over the threshold of the gateway and straight away I was in an altogether lighter and happier place. Wow, I thought, level 13 is not an unlucky place after all. Tamia seemed unusually distant.
‘Are you OK? Tamia’
‘I feel we should have gone to the West, Dan, I know you think
you know better, but I feel we should go back.’
I felt an unusual presence for a short time as we made our way along
but I didn’t say anything to Tamia, I also thought she should know we couldn’t go back through a hidden gateway! What is she trying to do? I was trying to be conscious of her mental and spiritual wavelength when I felt a sudden pain in the neck where Kallo had put the implant. I knew the implant was safe now, but why should it flare up like that? OK, there is something going on, but I don’t know what it is. I knew I would have to be unusually quiet without trying to hide it from Tamia. She may not be aware that something or someone is trying to access her. If I knew this then Sionn would also know.
‘OK, Tamia, what next? Where do you feel we should go?’
I feel we should go to the Northwest.’
‘Why?’ I said.
Because that is where the signal light is.’
‘Yes, but now Kallo also knows this.’
‘What else can we do? Dan’
‘Well, as you know, we don’t need food or water or anything
else as we are on the astral plane, and we can conjure up
anything we need, right?’
‘OK, then Kallo can also do the same, but what he can’t do is
interfere with the structure of the Plane itself as he tried
to do back at level eleven, Right?’
‘What are you getting at?’
‘I’m saying we have him trapped, he can’t go back so he must
be on this plane, or fourteen. My guess is he is here waiting
for us.’
‘So what do we do?’
‘I want to lure him out.’
‘I want you to manifest yourself and appear here now in the shape of your physical self!’
‘What? You know I can’t do that until we are at level forty-two.’
‘No, as you should know, the situation has changed we are now facing a real menace. Kallo has shown himself and wants to destroy us. You can help by becoming more real.’
‘Yes, but what can I do?’
‘You can go back to the hidden gateway and use the signal button
which is always at the lower-right-hand corner.’
‘Why didn’t you do that when we came through?’
‘Because this time I will be waiting for him to show himself,
and I don’t want anyone to know where I will be hiding, not even
you, Tamia.’
‘Do you think this is a good plan, Dan, you know Kallo is very
‘Tamia, I have fought him before and won; I know I can take him,
please do as I ask.’
‘OK, I will try.’
I could now feel tension, also a bad feeling. What was Tamia up
to? Could it be that she is something other than a Student-
Guardian? Surely not! If so, I would have to be very careful;
she now has access to records, and has information that would
be valuable to Kallo or anyone who wanted to access the Guardian
files. I was also keeping my thoughts and consciousness under
strict control.
I’m having trouble getting into the astral body Dan.’
‘OK, just keep trying, and I will make my way to the gateway.’
‘Please wait, I don’t want to be alone when I make it into the
astral body.’
‘You will be OK I will see that you reach the gateway although
I will be Invisible.’
‘You know I can’t use the invisibility shied as yet, Dan.’
‘I know, Tamia, but it is the best way to lure Kallo out, I know
he’s not near as yet so we are safe, Just head back the way we
came and I will direct you when we are near the gate.’
I saw Tamia manifest herself a few minutes later. She was a young slender woman about twenty five with long brown hair.
She also looked scared she hadn’t got the ability to see
me as yet, but I knew if she is a dark agent she would be
able to cover it up easily. I directed her to the gateway
where she pressed the signal button. This usually brings a
coworker or sometimes a Guardian if we have any to spare. As
you can imagine, Guardians are incredibly rare. That is why I
want you as students to learn all you can and access the records. But you already know that, sorry, all I want to say is if Tamia is an agent then her consciousness will be erased to the time when she enlisted, Oh, and that goes for you, or any
student who thinks he, or she, can beat the system.
OK, enough said. You realize that being a Guardian is the
highest thing you can be, well, so did Kallo, but he literally
fell from grace all through planes to this level. Although
with having been a Guardian he knows and has access to
certain records. He also has the ability to travel to higher
levels. Well, if I get my way he won’t be hurting anyone for
a very long time.
Tamia looked worried, she was also looking around as though she
we’re looking for me instead of a Guardian, or was it my
imagination? Yes, I still have imagination. I knew Kallo also
had the ability to be invisible on the astral plane, or indeed
any plane. I knew I had to find a good hiding place. Tamia
would know that she could go through the portal, but only with the permission of a Guardian. I knew Kallo would be wary with coming so close to a gateway. I also knew he was the sort of being that would take a chance of being caught, just to get even with me; that is all he wants. Well, his confidence will be his downfall.
I sat down in the lotus position from the yoga exercises
and just waited. I put myself in deep meditation mode, that,
plus the invisibility shield, should conceal me from danger.
I was in the middle of a small area of bushes where
Tamia, or anyone else, would not accidentally walk.
I was straight away conscious and surprised find a master from a past life in India waiting for me. We were in a lovely little courtyard in a small village near the Ganges River. My God, they were peaceful years we spent together; now we were together
again, but as I mentioned before, we are never apart if we
truly believe it. After having some food and refreshment we
sat and talked for a short time. He said, ‘Beware of the Dark-
Master he will try to capture you, the only thing I can tell
you is beware the traitors, there are two, and very near.’
We meditated for a short while and then we said our goodbyes.
OK, I said to myself as I came out of meditation, I was
trying to keep my feelings under control. Now I know
Tamia must be one of the agents, but why? She is only
young or is it my stupid way of thinking that young women
can’t do any wrong. I thought to myself, dark agents can come in
any disguise. But surely she must have been securely checked.
What is Sionn up to? I watched as Tamia waited for the
coworker to appear. No sooner had I focused my attention on her
when the gate opened. I could straight away see Kallo
and the so called coworker gatekeeper, he then pulled Tamia into
the gateway and vanished! I rushed over but the gateway itself
was now gone. I felt stupid and sick at the same time.
How could I not know that Kallo would be waiting inside the
actual gate! He didn’t even disguise himself. I felt like
turning into Cloft, and smashing everything in sight! OK, Kallo
has Tamia and access to the records. Nice going Dan. All I could
do was sit on the floor and sulk. I also knew Kallo could get
access to me through Tamia. This calls for some serious
meditating. But no sooner had I thought that when the gateway
opened up. All I could do was look on stupidly as Sionn himself
and my Darling Reeas stepped out!
‘What happened?’ I shouted.
‘Don’t worry, Tamia is OK.’
‘Thank God.’ I said, ‘what about Kallo?’
Sionn said, ‘You now know it wasn’t Kallo, but an apprentice,
we had him trapped, but as usual he made precautions and escaped
which is something they are very good at, but we
have the coworker, we also have several others from the
levels you passed through. Good work Dan.’
‘But I messed up?’
‘No, you did your best, and that best is good, you are
learning all the time.’ Reeas gave me a big hug. ‘Tamia says
don’t be disappointed; she is a fully-trained Guardian and more
than capable of taking care of herself.’
‘So this was all a setup as usual?’
‘Yes, I’m afraid so.’
When will I be fully-trained?’ I said.
‘Not just yet Dan.’
‘And I will be there to help you.’ said Reeas. ‘I’m also in
training don’t forget.’ Sionn said, ‘OK team, back to the sub base to assess the situation.’

Chapter 48-Sub Plane Base2
All we needed to do was simply walk through the gateway to
the sub plane base, I said, ‘We were supposed to get all the
way to level 42?’
‘No,’ said Sionn, ‘all we wanted was to trap the apprentice, or
rather, the agents that were abusing the gateways, we were
working down from level 42 while you were working up.’
‘Well, I didn’t get very far, did I?’
‘Don’t put yourself down; we have been working for many
months to trap the dark apprentice and his coworkers. We
knew he wouldn’t be on the higher levels as his intension
was to trap you. You know Kallo has a debt he wants to
settle; well, now his apprentices are trying to settle that
debt for him. Our agents were able to infiltrate his domain
before we started to worked down to level 13.
‘So the Manic-Monster really doesn’t exist?’ I said.’
Oh, yes, indeed, as you know, monsters such as the Manic-Monster, exist on the Inner Planes, Dragons, Unicorns, Giants, Trolls and all the other fabled entities really do exist but they can’t exist on the Earth plane, or physical plane. Everything is soul, but beings such as Pixies, Fairies, Gremlins and the like have to work out their Karma on the inner planes. They sometimes show themselves to humans and other species when
they won’t move on to the next plane and simply get caught
between levels. Some psychic people can see and hear them
from time to time, especially in dreams.’ For you students out
there, Sionn has asked me to tell you to please meditate on
the creatures that you know to be in existence on the inner
Planes. You never know, you may be the one to find the whereabouts of some fantastic creature that has been newly created. When you dream please be conscious of the level you will be working on, and do not strain, it is simple if you just trust. Then upload your thoughts to central database. Thank you.’
‘Dan and Reeas, here is you’re next mission.’
‘Please, no, Sionn, can’t we just relax for a while?’
‘I’m sorry, Dan, but this one can’t wait, we know where
Kallo’s apprentice is headed! We were able to access his
consciousness when he passed through the gateway. That is
why we wanted him to snatch Tamia, she is especially trained
in deep conscious mental control. The apprentice is
already at level 36, on the level above this.’
‘How did he manage to get by security so easily? I said.’
‘You know Kallo he has experience on all major levels, well, now
the apprentice has access also, even though he is trapped in the
lower levels, we need to catch the agents on the level where he is now dwelling.’
‘OK, but we need help.’
‘Yes, Deria is to go with you, and of course Reeas.’
‘Hold it!’ Sionn said, ‘change of plan, news has come in that
a fleet of android space ships has been detected heading for
Sector 21354.
‘That is the Milky-Way Galaxy! I said, this is too much
of a coincidence to overlook. Kallo must have initiated this
before he was Neutralized.’
‘Yes,’ said Sionn, ‘also the apprentice must have extensive
knowledge of robotics, Dan and Reeas, go with Deria to intercept
the lead ship, use your invisibility cloaks, and wear your light
suits for protection. If there is anything else you need just send a message to base.’
‘What about using Tourgen-Clone bodies?’
OK, but I doubt you will need them, this calls for brains rather
than brawn.’
‘I know, but sometimes brawn can go a long way, you know, for
‘Yes, I’ve seen Cloft in action, Dan, The cloned bodies will
be in the sub base on the physical when you arrive.’
We transferred our consciousness into the physical plane
simply by going to sleep, then waking up in the cloned
bodies of the Tourgens, it is something that needs a little
practice, my student friends.
OK, time for another lesson: You know how you can lucid dream,
well when you do you are simply working on the astral or other
inner worlds, you can go wherever you want for a short time,
sometimes flying or swimming with the fishes, but as you are
student Guardians you already know that.
Well, we are doing it the other way round, we are dreaming
this time from the astral to the physical. OK, enough said,
I don’t want you to think I am trying to be some kind
of nurse maid. I just want you to be fully aware, that’s all,
after all, the future is yours, trainee, and that future is
We boarded the lightship from the Earth base. Although there
are numerous planets in the Milky-Way galaxy with Guardian bases, Earth base is as good as any to set off from.
The usual, U.F.O.S, were at the base, also, one mother ship and five smaller craft. The underground base is 23 miles below Northumberland, but you already know that; you also know it is protected by a light shield which is totally invulnerable and inaccessible. The ship itself is powered by light itself and taken from the stars themselves. It can even travel through any object, even stars, the speed is much higher than light, even though we usually travel at light speed to intercept messages
from anyone who might be in trouble. OK, as students you have a lot to learn, but so have I, without the light book I wouldn’t have had any chance of accessing any of the information. All you have to do is be conscious of what you want and what you can achieve. Of course, you have to be contacted by a master or rather you have to contact the master,
usually in dreams, but mostly by meditation, but you already
know that! Sorry again, but I get carried away sometimes.
We didn’t need to make any on board checks before setting
off as the ship itself, or Debra, was consciously aware.
Don’t ask me to explain, I don’t know that much about the
mechanics of it, but I’m assured it is the most technological
piece of engineering ever to be brought into use, so far, of
course, technology is always changing and usually updated by
machines or super computers in super robots.
I am a little worried about this next job, as Kallo has extensive knowledge of robotics, so the android army which he has brought into existence is bound to be highly intelligent and ruthless. We will have to be very careful. The control panel was just very basic until the ship was underway then the walls became a screen with every detail anyone would want from power levels to food storage, but we didn’t need to look as we usually left it all to Debra. All we had to do was touch the control lever and we became part of the ship, knowing what the ship knew regarding the job, or anything else we needed to know. I knew that it would take us just 36 hours to reach the lead Android ship. There are 362 ships in all, a real battle fleet. How are we supposed to stop them with just one small ship? I hear you say. I suppose you think that Kallo’s apprentice has the same technology that we have? The android ships will be just as good right? Wrong, my student friends, our records show that the ships are of inferior design, simply because Kallo didn’t have access to higher world technology in other words, he had to manufacture his ships on the lower worlds. Why bother? You say. If he can’t win! All I can say is Kallo will do anything to gain access to other worlds. He is also cruel. Yes, I know what you are thinking. How can a person who has gained so much knowledge and must have gained other things such as light and love fall so
heavily through the physical and spiritual levels. All I can
say is it happened, he was once Sionn’s equal, yes, they were
friends, and students together some 3,500 years ago. Then how
can you stop him? I hear you say. You are only a Trainee-
Guardian. Yes, my trainee friends, I am, but Kallo has lost much
of his higher powers, so I’m hoping the apprentice won’t be his
equal. That is where I come in, I am also still in tune with
the lower worlds. That is why Sionn wants me for these jobs,
although I have help from higher beings such as Deria and
Reeas and without whose help I would be struggling. OK, enough
learning for today, let us rest and let Debra do her job.

Chapter 49-Lightship Debra
Debra, or the ship, was running as smoothly as we knew it could,
and that was very smooth, It was as though we were sitting in
a comfortable chair and resting. Reeas was her easy going
self and Deria was somewhere inaccessible as she was able
to become invisible even in the physical world if she was
resting. Suddenly, four distress signals came in at the same
time! We knew Kallo would try to put us off track so we
were ready for it. The signals were from Planets that the
android ships had attacked, two sister planets called Theren
1 and 2, and two more called Zeiren and Critor which were
roughly twelve thousand two-hundred light-years from Earth. We couldn’t take a chance on entering the worm-hole at Station-Eta 63457 as it could be booby trapped; you know that worm-holes are easily shifted by any higher source of power, such as a ships light cannon. We would just have to travel in Hyperdrive for the
duration. It would take just two hours by worm-hole to get to the lead ship, but at least this way it would give us time to make plans to disable the fleet. The planets were under attack from several ships. Theren 1 and 2 had sufficient technology to fight back but Zeiren and Critor were at the mercy of the attackers, and you already know that android robots are without mercy. So, what do we do my student friends? How did Kallo get to the physical world to instigate this action? He didn’t, he has agents all over the Physical, and spiritual worlds, also he has the ability to transfer his consciousness into the android leader. What is our next step? Is it to help the planets in question? Or do we go after the leader? We go after the leader and leave the planetary war to Sionn and friends. If we can
disable the leader we can stop the whole war. Our sensors
show multiple cities are under attack on all planets with untold
numbers of casualties. We can also see that if the android
army wanted they could destroy the planets easily, so that
means the apprentice wants to delay us. We also have information that the worm-hole at Station Eta has been moved; this means Sionn and company can’t use it. We were fortunate to bypass it when we did. We also have information that the apprentice has disappeared from level 36. Tamia tried to locate him but with no luck. That means he could be anywhere; maybe he simply transferred into the android leader. When man invented the android he didn’t just invent a robot with human intelligence, he invented a monster.
Reeas said, ‘How are we going to handle this, Dan? You are the expert on lower consciousness beings.’
‘Yes, but these androids are something else. You know that
if we take out the lead ship the next one will automatically
‘OK, so we will transfer on board and destroy it. We will then
reprogram the central computer to destroy the whole fleet.’
‘The apprentice will be expecting that move though, won’t he?’
‘Yes, that is why we will destroy the lead ship and several of
the other ships, then we will transfer to any one of the others.
The apprentice won’t have time to search for us, you can board
one ship, Deria can board another, and I will board one. Deria
will still be able to message us because she, as you know, can
send messages to us which will not be picked up by agents, but we won’t be able to send any, OK? We all know how to disable and reprogram any computer so it should be relatively easy. The only danger is from booby traps and the apprentice will be an expert on those, you can guarantee it. We will scan all craft before we board, but please be wary. Reeas and I will be in the Tourgen bodies but Deria will stay in her usual form as a higher being; she maybe able to get access to other information such as the location of the apprentice.’
Now for you students again: A message has just come through from
you. You ask: how can a higher being like Deria move into the
physical world without a cloned body? Well, as I said before, she is a higher being and can access any plane, but can’t be seen or detected, there are many such beings in the Worlds-of-God but ordinary people cannot detect them. Now, if you read my record of events from Far-Station on my first major job you know that Reeas and I got married. We went to the lovely Austrian alps in the dream state for our honeymoon, well, now we are about to go on a short vacation in the dream worlds just to charge our batteries, so to speak. Time in the dream state is none existent, so it could seem like a few minutes or a lifetime. So please excuse us while we take a break.
I will leave most of the details out for obvious reasons,
but I just want to say my batteries are charged. We stayed
in a lovely chalet in a beautiful little town in the Tyrol. I wish life could be that simple but it’s not, in reality
there are some terrible things that happen and being a
Guardian means we have to experience them. Please don’t
think we have wasted our time on holiday. As we lost no time
getting to the android fleet.

Chapter 50-Portal

‘I will take a short break, Reeas. I need to meditate
for a while.’ I felt the overpowering need to contact the
higher power that I knew to be Mannus. I had no sooner began to meditate when I found myself outside the ship! I couldn’t
understand what happened, I was out of the body in space,
but not as I normally know it, something had happened.
something bad. I also couldn’t get back to the ship.
For you Trainees: I am still sending my thoughts to the database. I have to say it was scary, I was in the spiritual
body or astral body, so I knew my physical body was back
on the ship, but I was here through no fault of my own. The only
explanation I could think of is when I went into meditation whatever happened on the ship happened, and that probably was the doing of Kallo’s apprentice, all I could do was to try and contact Sionn or Mannus. I tried to keep calm. I went back into meditation. I became aware on a beautiful mountain top somewhere on the inner planes. Mannus was looking his usual calm self, he pointed to the Right; a door appeared and two seconds later Grenwer came through it. ‘Dan, your ship has triggered a Retraction-Beam and has been transferred to the worm-hole at Junction TA63457.’
‘No!’ I screamed. ‘That’s Dark-Space!’
‘Yes,’ he said, ‘at the moment, it is Dark-Space, but we are
working to correct that.’
‘But it could take ages to access it, my Reeas, is in there and
‘Dan, you must think of the whole picture. At the moment Kallo’s
apprentice is decimating numerous worlds.’
‘To hell with Kallo,’ I said, ‘I am just single person. What do
you people want of me?’
‘We want you to become a Guardian.’ Grenwer said, looking a bit
confused. I felt like a fool again but I also felt angry at the
same time, I looked back at Mannus. He looked different, he was
actually smiling! Grenwer said, ‘You will have to go to Theren 1 to locate the fleet.’
‘OK,’ I said, ‘but I need some help.’
‘Yes, you can take Deria 2 with you she is Deria’s sister, as
you know, and also a Guardian. Sorry we don’t have anyone else
with the same expertise as Reeas, but I feel sure you will
succeed. I myself, cannot go with you as my consciousness won’t
allow it, but Deria 2 has special powers as you know. She will
meet you at Theren 1. You can then shift your consciousness into a clone of yourself which is already at the base there. Don’t forget your light suit. Good luck.’ Good luck? This was something Guardians didn’t usually say, in fact, never said. In the next instant I was back in space and totally alone. OK, I thought, If Kallo wants to play it rough then I will oblige. Getting to Theren 1 was easy; all I had to do was simply make
my way to it from the space library files that I had accessed from Debra. I became aware of the devastation from my outer space from the astral equivalent of Theren 1. Whole cities wiped out, don’t forget students, this is the astral world, but also, there is a physical world planet of the exact same thing, so the devastation is just as bad. I could transfer into any plane, but for now I just simply located the fleet from news broadcasts from Theren1 and 2, and then I found it easy to transfer my consciousness into my clone at the physical world sub base of Theren 1, I then put on my light suit. Deria 2 said she would use a light suit also. I was struck by how much alike were Deria’s 1 and 2; and how beautiful they were. We held hands for a few minutes to balance our minds. All we had to do now was use our light suits to get to the android fleet. You can imagine my student friends that I was feeling like superman at this time. I pushed my way into the lead ship. Can you imagine the power
of the light suit? I felt like a ghost as I wandered up and down the giant corridors which were empty! I was, as you know, invisible. I was also wondering where all the androids were, of course they were stored away at the moment waiting to be activated when they got to Earth. The lead ship was also out of the actual battle zone, and was simply directing the chaos that was happening on the planets below. Well, my ex-Guardian bad man, I am going to put paid to that, although I haven’t got my friend Cloft here, I still feel angry. Let me see if I can start a little trouble. I now knew where the android leader was, no, my friends, he wasn’t on the bridge. He was with other fellow workers going about in a scary methodical non-caring way giving orders to kill everyone. They also planned to return later after terminating Earth! OK, android killers, let me see what I can do for you! I found it relatively easy to transfer into the leader by touching him, or it, behind the neck. I also knew Deria 2 had entered into the second ship with orders to locate Kallo’s apprentice. I gained control of the central computer. Then I disabled the defense shields on all the android craft and simply ordered it to fire on their own ships. I didn’t just want to shut them down, I wanted them to die. The first volley of
laser-cannon destroyed a ship instantly, then the other ships started to fire at each other. It didn’t take long to finish the battle. Deria2 sent me a message. Kallo’s apprentice was trying to escape in a shuttle cruiser, yes; the apprentice was leaving his fleet, unlike a Captain eh? I simply trained all cannon which were still in operation on him and blasted him out of existence, although I knew he would be back. I didn’t dwell too much on it at that time. All I could think about was my lovely Reeas, and Deria stuck in a hell hole of a place.

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