Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapters 55-56


Dan Sherman Other worlds-Overview
OK, my Student friends, once again we are together, for reference, will you please upload your thoughts to central
databank when you feel the need to contribute to this learning, recording session. The databank as you know is only is accessible to student Guardians, and other higher entities that can access the Guardians computer banks. I don’t know you but I know you are high enough in consciousness to make it to this level and that in itself is praiseworthy my friends.
The job we are about to embark on is not easy. The worm-hole at Zeta 54792 has been moved. Worm-holes are extremely easy to move even going too close to them at any angle will affect them.
We have the coordinates to get to the worm-hole, but as you can imagine, it is wriggling about through space at a very fast rate; any world or anything in its path will be in real danger. We use worm-holes to access parts of the physical Universe; they are very useful for getting to problem areas quickly. The only trouble being, people, or entities can move them to stop the Guardians doing their jobs. Now, our job is to find out who is moving them. The problem is when a worm-hole gets moved it is very dangerous.

Chapter 55-Briefing

The team as usual consisted of me, Reeas and Deria.
Sionn, who is our higher-coordinator, asked us to take on this job. What could we say! Even if we get killed again we will still be able to come back to the sub plane base. Yes! I know you already know that, but I have to relate it anyway, there might be students who find it hard to relate to some of these circumstances.
‘The worm-hole has shifted by a hundred and thirty-million light-years already.’
Sionn said, ‘We will have to use all the resources
on the lightship. It should take you fifteen days to reach the
vicinity of the worm-hole, but don’t forget, it is moving away at faster than light speed already’.
‘What happens when it reaches critical speed?’ Reeas said.
‘As you know, students, critical speed is when something goes faster than the known factor.
‘We simply don’t know.’ Sionn said.
‘How do you want us to deal with it?’ I said.
‘Do whatever you feel is right.’
I thought, that doesn’t sound good. ‘Can we take the Tourgen clone bodies?’
‘Yes, if you must, but you won’t need them.’
‘I feel better when we have them.’ I said.
You know by now what the Tourgens are, so I won’t waste any time
in informing you. Please relate to the database for any more info if you wish. You know they are a man-made race of beings that have brought havoc in the Multiverse.
Now it is time to check the ship. The ship itself is something
very special, as you know, I call her Debra after a former girlfriend of mine in my last but one lifetime on Earth. The ship itself doesn’t mind being referred to as a person, in fact, she likes it. For you students who know about my last exploits as a Guardian, Debra was something of a problem, but we managed to sort it out. Debra can appear as a hologram or a Robot, although she doesn’t like being called a Robot. Debra can become any size or shape we want. She is simply the most technologically advanced piece of machinery of any age and
capable of traveling at many times the speed of light.
Now is the time to upgrade ourselves by looking into the light book. It is another piece of Guardian technology, giving us whatever we need to function in whatever world we are on. All we need do is look into it. Anyone with a higher consciousness can learn whatever they need just by being conscious. All the training we need to allow us to get the job done will be given to us, such as language, mathematics, defense training, even music, whatever we need. This Job was different though, how could we prepare for an out of control worm-hole?
Sionn asked if we would meet him in the briefing room for preparations. I was a little apprehensive I can tell you, I am a Guardian, but this job was different, I felt like there was something else in store for us, maybe a trap. Kallo, as you know, is an ex-Guardian but he is locked up at the moment, although his little band of helpers are still out there. Kallo literally fell from grace from the lofty heights of Sionn, his equal, to would be Lord of the Multiverse, he came
unstuck as we battled in Dark-Space, although to be truthful that was probably Kallo’s apprentice. Yes, he has many helpers, all ready to try for their share of power. The trouble is Kallo can transfer his consciousness into numerous things, such as androids. Keeping a track of him is a full time job. The cells at the astral base are special units that are supposed to keep high security prisoners such as Kallo secure, but very often don’t. Why can’t the Guardians keep track of a single prisoner? The trouble is, Kallo is not the usual prisoner, he is a Master Tactician; also he is very skilled in lower world domination, and is able to travel anywhere in the inner and physical worlds. How is this possible? you ask. He can transfer into any clone that his little band of helpers has brought into being or simply escape to the astral, mental, or ethereal worlds, and any number of sub planes in between. At the moment though, he is secure, I just hope his helpers are not as skilled as he is, if so, we will have trouble.

Chapter 56-Emergency Detour

Debra was again running at peak efficiency, she had already done the on board check and any other things that we needed to know. She is linked into me as part of my consciousness, yes, I know that sounds a bit weird but trust me, we sorted it out. Debra is now under full control. She still calls me by silly names like Danny, and dear, but I like it, Reeas, is also used to Debra. When Debra was a threat in our last adventure, Reeas and everyone at the star base were in danger of being obliterated by Debra. But now, as I said, things are OK.
We were now several hundred thousand light-years out in deep space, I was about to take a dream break when a message came through, it was in a language I wasn’t conversant with, although Debra had already translated it; It said: ‘Lightship, you are now entering Transveall Space, prepare to be boarded.’ I said to Reeas, ‘If they can board us they must be a superior race.’ Reeas said, ‘Yes, the monitors show they are of a technologically advanced race. But they won’t be able to board
Debra said, ‘Do you want me to isolate the vessel, Dan?’
‘No, Debra, not yet, we will see what occurs.’
‘Dan.’ Deria said, ‘Stop the ship, I will go over and check them
As you know, Deria is a higher Guardian and can access places
where we in the physical world can’t. ‘Thank you Deria, that
would be good.’
I was now becoming aware that this little stopover could be a
nuisance. We were already late for the worm-hole crisis; the
worm-hole itself was at this point now traveling many times
faster than light and if we were held up in any way we could
miss the deadline to contact it. The Transveall were now trying
to transfer their security people into our ship by the old
fashioned way of transferring their bodies into basic atoms and
then resembling them on board our ship. I knew this would be a
failure, but I wasn’t prepared for the deaths of three of their people while they continued to board us. I said to Reeas, ‘They now know that they cannot board us yet they continue to try. Reeas said, ‘They are a very dominant race. Individual lives mean nothing to them.’
The thing that worried me now was the time it was taking to deal with this situation.
I said, ‘Let me talk with them, Debra.’
‘OK, Dan, you are now in contact.’ I then messaged them saying:
‘Transveall, we are sorry to encroach into your space, but we
are on an important mission, will you please let us continue.’
Our sensors were showing that the Transveall were not people to
mess with, they did everything by the book, and we could already
tell that they intended to take us to their security asteroid
to question us. ‘We haven’t got time for this, Dan.’ Reeas said.
I have to say at this point that the threat wasn’t coming from
a ship but a retraction-beam, yes, similar to the one which took
one of our ships back in our last adventure. The thing was, we
knew about this retraction-beam, so it wasn’t a surprise. Debra
said, ‘The beam could be dangerous to them, Dan,’
‘Yes,’ Reeas said, ‘if they try to take us with the beam, while our ship is on the defense, then all worlds within Transveall space would be destroyed. What can we do? Dan’
‘Well,’ I said, ‘if we try to leave now, it would trigger the
beam. Have we got time to take a trip over to their asteroid? Debra.’
‘Not really.’
The thought was beginning to sink in that this could be very tricky. We tried to persuade the Transveall people to
compromise, but we could also see that they were the ‘Dominant Race’ in this part of the Universe. They were similar to Earth people but smaller, and with very high intellect, and several hundred years ahead of Earth in technology. We could tell from their instruments that there was a very large fleet of battle cruisers on the way.
‘Time for action,’ I said.
‘Debra, is there any way we can get out of this with no
‘No, Dan, but I could take over their entire network.’
‘No, thank you, Debra, that would be too much responsibility.
OK, we will have to go over and negotiate with them.’
Deria was now back. Yes, I am also forgetful of Deria, as she
is often invisible and easy to miss. She said, ‘There is
widespread distrust at the asteroid where we were being
Debra then said that their cannons were now trained on us, plus
the retraction beam was now shielded. This means they were
intending to blast us out of existence.
‘Right, I said, let’s get over there.’
We put on our light suits, which as you know, were able to protect us from any harm. I asked Debra if they could access anything about us. She said only that we were a threat. Deria said anything that was superior to their technology was considered a threat, and so had to be confronted.
‘OK.’I said, ‘let’s confront them!’ We had no need for any
weapons as our light suits were all we needed, plus Debra was
coming with us. She was more than capable of stopping any threat; she was the ship, but she was also the Power. The light suits were part of the ship, so we were all part of Debra. We simply pushed our way out into space, and then make our way to the asteroid which was some thousands of astronomical units away, but the distance was child’s play to us. We already knew that they wouldn’t be able to stop us; in fact, they didn’t even know we had gone. The light suits enabled us to be controlled by Debra, if need be, but we could also interact separately. We were able to do whatever Debra was able to do, this means we were able to travel to the asteroid in just over two minutes. We were dressed in jump suits, but as you know the light suits were invisible over the jump suits, that would give the Transveall’s some worry. Imagine seeing some alien people come ‘walking’ into your defended, security conscious world, with seemingly nothing more than a jump suit. As we reached the asteroid, we were aware that if the Transveall’s were to fire upon our craft, it would instantly resound back to them. There would be a tremendous explosion, or rather, a sonic blast. We pushed our way in through the main doors. I was surprised to see that the Transveall’s were very short people indeed; some were not more than four feet five. Their security people were quick to react, although it felt very comical to be standing before little people with laser guns, but I changed my mind when several of them fired on us, although their weapons were set on stun, the charges bounced off us, went flying around the cargo area hitting several of their own people.
‘Please don’t use your weapons, you will only get hurt.’ I said.
this seemed to infuriate them, and then two of the security
staff fired their weapons on kill, this resulted in three deaths
of the people in the cargo area!
‘Stop!’ I shouted. I looked at Debra, she knew what to do, the
people who had weapons were now frozen to the spot. I regretted
the deaths, as I should have told Debra to freeze them
before. I didn’t think they would be so trigger happy.
‘Take us to your Captain.’ I said.
There was no reply. I looked at Debra. She said, they don’t want
to talk. Dan. I know where the Captain is.’
‘OK, I said, let’s get this over with.’ It took us another two
hours to negotiate a truce whereby we could cross their space!
We knew they would have killed us if they could. So from now on
the space throughout the Transveall system would be tightly
monitored. Of course, by now the worm-hole was out of reach. We
had to return to base and report to Sionn.

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