Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapters 57-61


Chapter 57-Debrief 2

‘It was one of those things that couldn’t be avoided, said
‘How come we didn’t know they would try to confront us?’ I said.
‘Yes, you are right. We simply didn’t know the Transveall system
was now that far out. They have extended their boundary by
several trillion A.U.s. (astronomical units) we will have to keep them closely monitored from now on.’
‘What do we do about the worm-hole?’ Reeas said.
‘You will have to dream travel to the Demarel-Galaxy. That is
where the worm-hole is now exiting. The other end of the worm-hole is still in the Milky-Way galaxy. We believe someone has
deliberately shifted it, for some, as yet, unknown reason.
Whoever it is must be capable of great power.’
‘It could be Kallo’s apprentice.’ I said.
‘Very probably, we tried to get some information from Kallo
himself, but as you know, he is now neutralized, which is a good
thing for us, but also a nuisance when we need to get information from him. We know the worm-hole exit at the
Demarel galaxy is more stable than the exit at the Milky-Way
Galaxy, so that is a better place to try to stabilize it. You
can use the ships resources which are more than up to the job.
The only problem could be whoever moved worm-hole could still
be nearby, so to speak.’
‘You mean Kallo’s helpers.’
‘Yes, or anyone else, who think they can beat the system.’
‘Why would anyone want to move a worm-hole?’ I said.
‘Because they are access points to different worlds, they could
hold up our work by a long time.’
‘Yes, but is it worth all the trouble, I mean they won’t know
where the worm-hole will exit will they?’ I replied.
‘Maybe not, but we can’t be sure, if they do have control of the worm-hole then that is more than we have, all we can do is stabilize it once we get there. The information that we have is that it is now traveling at many times faster than light; you will have to be very precise in your calculations when it reaches your destination which will be D 870876. Another of our ships will be waiting at the planet Thirand when you arrive by dream travel.
Of course, it will still be Debra. Our records show she is
now increasing in knowledge many times faster than thought, she
will have all the data needed to intercept and control the
worm-hole when you get there.
Are there any questions?’ Sionn seemed ill at ease for some
unknown reason, and that is not usual, my student friends. Could
this job be more than he is telling me?
‘Do you mean Debra could again be a threat to us?’ I said.
‘We don’t know, as yet, but be aware.’
I went to the ship; I asked Debra what her thoughts were on this
job. She said, ‘I have all the information I need to stabilize
the worm-hole, Dan.’
‘I know.’ I said, ‘but what do you think about the whole
I can’t really tell you until we get there, Dan.’
Maybe it was me, I thought, maybe I need a meditation break.
Back at the base, Reeas said, ‘See you at Thirand.’
‘I said, ‘What about seeing me in dreams?’
‘Yes, I mean dreams; I just meant I will see you in the physical
at Thirand.’
‘OK, I said.’
Maybe it was me, again, I thought, but something didn’t seem
Or maybe I need a vacation? In the dream state, I found myself in a large open space which was now filling up with door after door; they formed a large circle around me. I could now estimate that there were 360. What does it mean? I thought. I could easily have just returned to the base, but I already knew this was a test I had to take. I knew I had to pick the right door to go through, but which? Mannus himself had given me full Guardianship. Mannus, as you know, is lord of this part of the
multiverse, so I know I can get through this. I sat in the lotus position as usual and meditated. I found myself not on the usual mountain side with Mannus himself sitting there, but in a dirty street in medieval London! I knew this was one of my past lives but I didn’t know which, or who I was supposed to be. I was invisible to the people there, but I now could see that the person who was walking by was me in that lifetime! I followed my past life character to a market place where he stole some food and other items. I was shocked by this, as I thought by
this time my character would be above such things, obviously not, then he made his way to a house in a back alleyway where he met an old man who was sitting on the doorstep. He said, ‘Get out of my way old man.’
The old man said, ‘Don’t you think you should give the things back that you stole? John.’
I now knew this old man was a Master. But John, the character
from my past didn’t.
‘I don’t want to hurt you, whoever you are old man, so just go
The old man got up and left. I felt ashamed and depressed that
I would abuse people in my past lives, but I did!

Chapter 58-The Maze

I was now back in the Room-of–Doors. OK, now I knew this was a
test for me. I also knew it was why Sionn and Reeas acted so
different. What does it mean? I know I was into spiritual things
way before this incident in London, so how can it be that I was
stealing and abusing people in between lives such as monks and
holy men!
‘Do you think holy men can’t fall from grace?’ said a voice at
my side. I now knew this person standing next to me was
the Master from that incident. I was going to say something when
he said, ‘Don’t reproach yourself, but search through the
portals for the next question.’ He then disappeared.
I was now starting to get very confused. I was looking at 360
doors; surely they can’t all be my past lives. OK, I thought,
I will try one. I opened one and went through; I was astounded
to see another 360 doors behind the first set! Right, I thought
again, I will have to pick the right door first. I went back
through the same door and found myself back at the original
place. Obviously I had to choose the correct door, but which?
My mind was now reeling. I was never any good at math at school,
but I was a genius when I looked into the light book; that gift
was now gone! I knew it. How am I supposed to get out of here?
If only Reeas was here, or Sionn.
OK, Dan, I thought, you will have to get yourself together. The
old Master said search through the portals for the next
question; surely he meant the answer? No, he said question! I
looked at the doors, I sat down again. This needs some serious
thinking about. I closed my eyes but I still couldn’t contact
the Inner-Master. I was now beginning to panic. What can I do?
OK, Dan, it is up to me, this is a test, and I know that now. Reeas was nervous because she doesn’t want me to fail, and Sionn was edgy because he doesn’t want me to fail either. Well, I won’t fail! Mannus himself said I am a Guardian so it is up to me to prove it. After twenty minutes of hard thinking, yes, thinking; I know it usually takes serious meditation to come up with an answer, but before I tell you students what answer I came up with; I want you to upload your thoughts to central database to access your chances of Guardianship. Please take some time to meditate. Now, what are your answers? Why do I need to search through the portals to find an answer or rather a question, and also the problem of being here in this Maze? After some time of thinking and contemplating I now feel sure I have the answer. I have to go back in time to the past life before the medieval London one! Why? You ask. Because I have to find out why I fell from grace, that is the question, all I have to do is find out which door is the right one. I knew now which door was number one. How? You ask. I can’t tell you how, all I know is when I face a certain direction I know which it is; all I have to do now is count clockwise through 360 doors to find the right one, but which one? I just know! Too easy you say. No my friends, not when you are on the verge of panic as I am. I should be used to it you say. Yes, but I am in my old consciousness. How? You ask again. I don’t know, I can only assume it is Sionn’s little test. I had now reached number 323 in the doors. I also knew this was the portal where the medieval London past life was stored, so I had to access the door which was on the left of it, in other words, the previous lifetime. If you got this series of events right, well done my friends.
We will contact you sometime in the future to access your training, onward my Student-Guardians. I walked through the door into a barren desert! I already knew this to be Damietta Egypt, in the year 1219. I was with the Crusaders we decided to take back the holy land. We captured Damietta, but on the insistence of Papal legate, we tried a foolhardy attack on Cairo, we were then forced to retreat. There was then a night time attack by the ruler of Egypt; he was called Ayyubid, I was killed that night. Our army surrendered, and I was too fired up to move on, so as you can see, I got pulled along with Karma again! My next lifetime was in London, and although I wanted to be into Christianity, I got born into a bad family; the rest is history, so to speak. I now know why I did what I did and also, when I did it. So you see, my friends, all I have to do is realize it, which I have. For your information: The Maze, or Room-of-Doors will continue to be in existence for a duration of time to help me realize my past lives so we will be going back there from time to time. If you want to realize your past lives please ask your Inner-Master to access the portals. I could now meditate myself out of the room-of-doors, and back into the base again.

Chapter 59-Supernova

Sionn was his usual self again; he looked at me in his knowing
way. I said, ‘Did you really feel I could have messed it up?’
‘No!’ he said, I was a little worried about your state of
consciousness though.’
‘Yes,’ I said, ‘I must admit I was starting to panic.’ Reeas
said, ‘I knew you would make it.’
‘Thank you, Reeas, but what does it all mean?’
Sionn said, ‘Your old consciousness has been uplifted, but it
could also go downward when needed.’
‘What? Why did I have to go through a maze to simply raise my
‘It was more than a maze; it was a real experience, something
that actually happened. I want you to go back to the maze or rather the Room-of-Doors whenever you feel you need to know something of value from your past.’
‘OK, well, we had better get dreaming.’ I said.
I had a feeling the Room-of-Doors was going to play a big part in my life, or lives, from now on. We slept easily in the light chairs and then transferred to the astral planet of Thirand through dreams. We then made the transfer to the physical planet of Thirand. As you can see, it only takes minutes to travel millions of light-years this way. Our physical bodies had already been manufactured, grown for us in only three days from our D.N.A. If we wanted our Tourgen clone bodies they could also be grown on board ship, I felt strangely different.
‘I don’t know if I want to remember all my past lives,’ I said
to Reeas.
She said, ‘No, I also don’t wish to know everything from
my past, but the longer you are a Guardian the more lives you
can remember.’
‘So Sionn should remember all of he’s lives?’
‘Yes.’ she said.
‘That is a lot of lives.’ I said. Debra said, ‘How many lives have I had? Dan.’
I said, ‘I don’t know Debra.’ Reeas looked at me. I thought I just hope the maze hasn’t affected my relationship with Debra.
I don’t want to go through the all-powerful Debra stage again.
I could see it would only take us two days to intercept the
worm-hole but as usual things were not that simple. Debra said,
‘Dan, the worm-hole is going to cross into the Fexsexel system
of Planets in just eight hours.
‘Oh, no.’ I said, ‘that isn’t supposed to happen.’
Debra said, ‘The worm-hole is now traveling at faster than any
known speed, also it is increasing by the minute.
Dan.’ Reeas said, ‘we simply don’t know how fast it can go!’
OK.’ I said. ‘What is the plan team?’
Reeas said, ‘Can you catch it Debra.’
‘Yes I can, but not in the allotted time.’
I said, ‘What will happen if it crosses into Fexexel space?’
Debra said, ‘It will cause a Supernova, Dan.’
Just, great. I thought, why is it always me who has to deal
with these catastrophes? No sooner had I thought that when the
answer came into my mind, because you are a Guardian.
OK, I said, ‘Why has it always got to be me in charge?’ Reeas
then said, ‘Because you are learning to command!’
I said, fine, feeling a little put out.’
I know you are learning also, my student friends, you know also, it is not easy to command. I knew through Debra that we couldn’t dream travel to Fexexel space as they weren’t Guardian conscious, in other words, they didn’t know about Guardians, and had no Guardian space bases in their planetary system, although they were more advanced than Earth. Yes, I know you are going to say, how come Earth has a Guardian-Space-Base?’ The answer is the people of Earth don’t know about it. I related a message to Sionn to ask if we could inform the planet Fexel and the surrounding group of planets about the Guardians, he said yes! Apparently they are ready to come under the protection of the Guardian-Umbrella so to speak. OK, we can now dream travel there, but we can’t get the ship there in time! Also we can’t use the light suits as they are linked into the ship. I asked Debra what technology the Fexel’s had, she said the latest star ship was adequate for most things but wasn’t up to the job of stabilizing the worm-hole. OK, I said to Reeas ‘What do you think?’ She said, ‘It looks like there is only one course of action Dan.’ I knew what she meant, I said, ‘you mean
to board one of their ships, and intercept the worm-hole?’
‘We can’t reach the worm-hole in time to stop the supernova.
But we can dream travel there in a few minutes then
try and persuade the Fexel people to believe out story.’
‘Yes,’ she said, ‘once we show them evidence from our monitors.
Of course you know we will die, Dan.’
‘Yes’ I said, ‘but there is no one I would rather die with than
you, anyway, we won’t really die as we will have transferred into one of their android’s, then after the job, we simply transfer back to the ship.’ Debra said, ‘I want to die also, Dan.’ I said, ‘You have to stabilize the worm-hole, Debra. You will arrive later than us.’
‘But what will I do if you are not there?’ she said.
‘I will transfer back to the base, Debra, you know that.’
‘I know’ she said, ‘But I don’t understand.’
I said, ‘Just carry out the job like we were supposed to do after we stop the worm hole.’ Reeas and I are going on ahead.’ Deria said, she would go there straight away to prepare the way for us. I almost forgot Deria again. As you know she is invisible most of the time, but is always there to help when needed. We said our goodbyes to Debra. I know she is only a ship/computer/robot/hologram, but she is also something
beyond that, she is part of me, as Mannus himself said.
We lost no time in getting to Fexel. Deria had by this time
contacted the government who were now rather confused. Although
they were several hundred years ahead of Earth in technology
they were still many years behind Guardian technology. They
didn’t know about the worm-hole, but they had detected the sudden increase in size of one the nearest stars that made up the Fexexel system. This was the star that would supernova in about seven hours. All Reeas and I could do was transfer into android robots which we knew to be very common on Fexel, in fact, there were many at the government headquarters where we to meet the Fexel leaders. We wasted no time in explaining the situation. The Fexel’s were very intelligent and highly conscious. Within two hours we were aboard their most
up-to-date craft. They also insisted on several of their androids coming with us to help. I explained that it was a one way trip but they didn’t seem to mind. I didn’t realize that the androids were Fexel people who had died and had transferred their consciousness into the android; of course they didn’t realize that they could exist on the inner planes when they died. In fact all of the androids were former Fexel people! They had beaten death, so they thought. The androids who were coming with us wanted to find out what it was like to die! I hadn’t time to explain it to them, so we got under way and hoped that we could get the job done. I wished Debra was here but she was one and a half days away. I know what you students are thinking, why don’t I do as I did in Dark-Space and use Mannus to increase Debra’s speed. I would love to try but I’m still not back to my
full consciousness yet, anyway, I already tried to contact
Mannus and failed, also, I don’t want to mess this up, we only
have one shot at it, and I didn’t want to push Debra beyond
critical speed. We were now approaching the worm-hole; we can see it is flailing about very dangerously. The ship is more than up to the job for most things, but a worm-hole out of control is
something else. We are of course several trillion Au’s (astronomical units) away at this stage but it was approaching
very quickly. Everybody on board knew what to do, it would take
all of us to do the necessary calculations, something Debra could do all by herself. We knew we had to approach dead center into the mouth of the worm-hole then trigger a fusion bomb which we had on board, this would then react with the ships power supply and create an almighty explosion, this in turn, would stop the worm-hole in its tracks. Yes, I hear you say, you hope! No my friends, we have done our calculations correctly, it will work, as long as we hit it dead center; the only problem is the back end is flapping about very quickly, yes, I know it is a long way away, but it still affects the front end. So for students, Sionn has asked me to ask you, to write a thesis on the calculations and upload it to central database as soon as possible. No, I know we can’t use it for this job, but it will be a good project for you, also state how much damage it would have caused to the surrounding systems. We are now within the worm-holes exact path. According to the ships calculations we should contact it in three hours. I felt a nagging doubt come over me; everything was going to plan but he calculations from the android people seemed too perfect! I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I didn’t like the way they communicated with each other, it was as if they were trying to keep something from us. Maybe it was me! I was under more than usual pressure, as I wasn’t in my usual consciousness, as you know. Why did Sionn want to keep me like this?
Then, before I could give the order, a member of the
android crew shouted, ‘OK, Guardians, this is where we take over!’
‘What do you think you’re doing?’ I shouted.
‘We are striking a blow for our freedom, and Kallo!’ he said.
Not again, I thought!
‘Kallo has now been neutralized.’ I shouted.
‘Yes, but his family is still in existence.’
‘What family?’ I said.
‘We have many clones of our leader scattered throughout the Cosmos.’
So, that was it, I thought; that was why we kept encountering numerous Kallo’s on our travels.
‘We don’t need the original Kallo.’ he said.
‘What are your plans now?’ I said.’
‘We will let the worm-hole do our work,’ he said. I asked Reeas what she thought. She said they are well trained in everything to do with this ship and its capability. Just great! I thought. And here’s me in this consciousness!
‘We know you are now limited, Earthman,
our information tells us that you cannot stop us from destroying whatever world we contact. In a fairly short time, we will dominate this entire sector of the Demarel-Galaxy then of could course the Milky-Way-Galaxy.
We also have your friends.’ I thought they can’t have captured Deria. She is too elusive for anyone to trap. Reeas looked at me with desperation. We were in our ordinary bodies, with no light suits, and I couldn’t contact Mannus!
‘You will be isolated within your android body till we decide what to do with you, yes, you really fell for the android trap didn’t you? You now know you cannot revert back to your
bodies on your light-ship.’
I knew he was right. The android bodies that we are inhabiting, were now traps! Why didn’t Sionn see this? Surely he knew what might happen.
‘Take them to the Isolation-tubes.’
I felt the anger starting to come over me, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to change into Cloft the Tourgen-Clone this time. I was trapped in an android body which I knew I couldn’t escape from. All I could do was think about Sionn, Mannus, Reeas, and Deria. Where is Deria?
‘Don’t get excited, Earthman, your precious Deria is also in isolation, we managed to trap her in an android body also. We are Master-Androids and able to link our consciousness with others of our kind.’
That gives me an idea, I thought if he can link into other androids in a similar consciousness, why can’t I link into Debra?
‘You will not be able to do that!’ said the leader, still accessing my thoughts.
OK, I thought, this calls for something special, but what? I now simply walked into the Isolation room, unable to stop myself. Then they put us into the Isolation-Tubes. I felt strangely calm, before losing consciousness. I woke up in the… yes, you guessed it, the Room of Doors. Standing there, I began to think why should I be here? Surely isolation means just that. Not being able to be conscious; well, here I am, let me see what is behind one of the doors. I opened the one directly in front of me. Yes, you guessed it, exactly the same place.
I opened more doors but the same again. Maybe this is what is meant by isolation? It is a place where you can’t get out of. The feeling I was experiencing was of desperation and anger. Untold numbers of people were going to be killed in a very short time, and I couldn’t get out of a roomful of doors! I sat down in the lotus position; all I could do was simply meditate, I didn’t know if it would work in isolation but I would try
It. Nothing happened! Surely the time must have gone by to neutralize the worm-hole. I must be still, I thought. I must keep my thoughts on getting out of here. No, I thought, that is what they want me to do. I am going to do the exact opposite! I just sat there and rested. I didn’t think, I didn’t worry, and I didn’t bother about the worm-hole, suddenly I saw Debra! Not the Debra from the ship, but the Debra from my past-life!
‘Open the door, Dan, so I can see you better.’ I knew which door to open, 359! I rushed over to the door and opened it, Debra was stood there as large-as-life, she was about thirty-five years old and had blossomed into a beauty. All I could think of to say was ‘God, I loved you Debra.’
‘I know,’ she said, ‘I wish we had been in the same year at school, I really liked you, but you were younger than me. I have a message for you from Sionn,’ Now I was really interested.
‘Concentrate on Debra, but don’t force it, let her come to you, he said he couldn’t get through himself, so he asked me to help. Does he mean for you to think about me, John? You are John aren’t you?’(For students: My name was John in that lifetime. Debra has been given certain knowledge to help me but she won’t remember anything about this later) Thank you Debra, but he means someone else.’
‘Oh, she said, I hope we can talk again sometime, but I know you must be busy as Sionn was a very special person, so I know you must have a very special job to do.’
‘Yes, I have, Debra, thank you for letting me know and I will be in contact soon.’
OK, I thought. Now is the time for action. You students will now know what I have to do, please help by once again uploading your thoughts to central database. As you know, these thoughts will be used in the upgrade of the system and the actual light books, trillions of thoughts from billions of students. Right, here we go, I have to get my thoughts in check. I know now that Debra is the key. I sat down and concentrated all my yoga ability on Debra for several minutes. I then walked over to the first door and opened it; Debra was stood there looking serious. ‘She said, stand back Dan.’ I stepped back, then all of the doors were flung open, Yes, you guessed it, Debra was behind every one! ‘Close your eyes,’ she said. Immediately I was back in the isolation-tube with my eyes closed, but I could still see Debra!
‘You know what to do,’ she said. I did, I opened my eyes; I could see the android’s looking at me and communicating to one another, I also knew they were worried. I could tell they were trying to destroy me as soul. But I had other plans. They didn’t show any facial surprise as I changed into the Tourgen-clone. Yes, my student friends, I wouldn’t have believed it possible before I had the meeting with Debra, but you see, she is a
part of me, even though I am only in an android body, I thought, I wouldn’t be able to access any part of the Guardian-Network, but I can, why didn’t Sionn tell me you say! All I can say is it is a learning thing, and probably Kallo’s helpers would have known. All I can think of is to get out of the isolation-tube and save Reeas and Deria. The glass surrounding me was extra thick and able to withstand many pounds per square inches of pressure; so I will have to smash the ends then won’t I? I kicked the bottom out with my extra-large feet. I got out, I then smashed everything I could
see including androids. Some were trying to access the laser cannons which were locked up in secure boxes on the walls but I knew they couldn’t get to them as they were so sure I couldn’t get out. I now knew which android Reeas was trapped in, it was at the other end of the room. I walked over and unlocked the access hatch. I could tell they hadn’t tried to destroy her, I was very relieved. I also let Deria out, she said, ‘We
have just several minutes to stabilize the worm-hole. OK, I said, Debra can you please do your best. I then simply walked over to the ships control panel and touched it; the ship was now a lightship, or Debra. She at once turned herself around and headed straight for the worm-hole, the whole process took less than a minute. ‘OK, Dan, it is done. The worm-hole is stabilized and will now return to its original position; we can’t go back through it as yet, as it will take several weeks to arrive.’
‘OK team, we had to dream travel back to base.’
‘What about me, Dan?’ said Debra?
‘You are part of me Debra, so you will come with us; you are also the ship, so you will bring the ship back.’
‘I don’t feel like I am the ship anymore, Dan.’
I looked at Reeas, I hope this won’t alter Debra again, I thought, as we made preparations to dream travel back to base.

Chapter 60-Room of Doors
In the dream state, Sionn asked me once again to go on a little-mission. I know what you students are thinking. Do I get any time off. As you know, time on the astral plane is non-existent, so we can spend a few hours which can seem like a few years and vise-versa. Sionn has also asked me to ask you to upload your thoughts on this job. It will be unusual in that we will be alone. I say alone because I won’t have Reeas and Deria to help me, but you, my student friends can access these recorded messages from central database. I am sure your thoughts are of help to me as I can access the database also. We are part of the whole and as such we are unlimited. I am now in the Room-of-Doors once again. I know now that this place is going to be a big part of my life as a Guardian, so I am going to treat it as an everyday thing. I was standing as usual in front of the first
door or number one of 360. They were, as you know, my past-lives, or some of my past lives. They were also access points to any past life time on Earth, and past-lives on other planets; the 360 past lives span more than ten thousand years. I access a door at random and I will find another 360 doors behind it; that is another ten thousand years, and so forth, obviously the second set of doors will be spread out more, around the first set, that means there will be a space between them, these spaces
are also access points to sub planes. You can see their will be a lot of doors to access, and a lot of sub planes going back more than 350,000 years or more, and that is only human life times, before that animals; they alone would add up to millions of lives. But I know I have to find one in particular. Sionn was now standing next to me.
‘You know you have to find one door,’ he said.’
‘Yes, I said, I sort of, knew it.’
‘Good, he said, you know also, you can now alter your consciousness,’
Just ‘Be aware.’
‘Could this be how Kallo fell from grace?’ I said.
‘Yes, in a sort of way it is, but don’t worry you have a very long way to go to catch up with Kallo, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Kallo was assessed after he went bad and it was found he was corrupted long before he fell from grace.’
‘Yes but he was still way ahead of me.’ I said.
‘This is only a training exercise for you.’ he replied. ‘Just try to be aware, as I said. Now, the question you must contemplate on is … well, you already know, yes?’
I was now alone in the room. I already know, he said! All I knew was I was confused. I sat down in the lotus position and rested. I suppose you students are confused also. This is training exercise and I have to find one life time out of millions! After some time, exactly how much, I don’t know, I stood up. Sionn said I could alter my consciousness, OK then I will try. After another spell of time, I realized I was now becoming more centered, or whole. Just being in the Room-of-Doors seems to uplift me. I could now see the door in my mind; it was different from the rest, I stood in front of the first door, closed my eyes and contemplated for a few seconds then I turned around. The door that I could see in my mind appeared in front of me. Now the question is, my student friends, where does it lead? Please upload your thoughts again to central database.
I walked through the door, but it wasn’t a door in Room-of-Doors, but the door into the Guardian sub base! Sionn said, ‘When did you realize that you didn’t need to access any door!’
I said, ‘I just felt it was the time to come straight back.’
‘Yes, he said, but you also altered your consciousness.’
‘Yes,’ but I didn’t realize it at the time.’
‘Good, Dan, you did well.’ I thought, praise indeed!
For you students: Don’t forget, the mind can trick you, it can tell you to do, or go somewhere when your inner self is saying no, just simply sit down and contemplate before deciding on a course of action. Reeas and Deria were now with me, I didn’t need to ask Reeas if she passed the same test I know she did.
‘Don’t worry, Dan, I wouldn’t have let you get lost in there.’ No, it wasn’t Reeas speaking, but Debra, I totally forgot about her for the whole time I was in the room of doors! How can this be, I thought? ‘Your consciousness was changing at the time,’ said Sionn. ‘Really, I said?’
‘Yes, now you will have some rest from your alter-ego’ he said.
‘Yes, but I will still be there’ said Debra!

Chapter 61-Debra and me
I was in the lecture room listening to a potential student Guardian giving a talk on why he wants to be a Student-Guardian. He was in the dream state. In fact we were all on the astral plane. As you already know, as Student-Guardians we can learn and function in the dream worlds, of course, he wouldn’t know about this learning exercise when he woke up. So you say, what is the point then? The point is, it is still important to have these experiences on the inner planes. As I was listening I noticed I could now receive messages from some outside source.’ I looked at Sionn, who was standing nearby. He was looking at me with his usual knowing look. I have been able to receive messages from Sionn since I started my career as a Guardian, but these messages were different.
They were from someone else! I know you students might think it is Mannus,
but no. After the lecture I was sat in the restroom alone trying to fathom out what the messages were. Sionn then came into the room. ‘What do the messages say?’ He said.
‘They just tell me to go to some locations.’
‘Good,’ he said. ‘You are starting to access the Guardian-Network; you are also the only Guardian of your short experience to do so!’
‘What?’ I said!
‘You are in constant contact with Debra who is now becoming more powerful by the minute.’
‘How can that be?’ I said, ‘did you know this would happen?’
No, but we soon found that things would alter quite drastically.’
‘So all this time you have been monitoring me?’
‘Yes, but we do anyway, the important thing is this situation could now become a very useful tool for us.’
‘I’m glad, and I understand that you mean no insult by that.’ I said.
‘Yes, I know I am not the most sensitive soul when it comes to feelings.’
‘What happens now then?’
‘Just exactly what do the messages say?’ Sionn asked.
‘Can’t you access these messages from Debra,’ I said.
‘No.’ Sionn replied.
‘All I got was to go to several places.’
‘I want you to make a special effort to center your mind before I tell you the next part of this message’ Sionn said.
‘Now, Dan, Please meditate with me to the higher regions where I will give you extra mental exercises to control your mind.’
‘No!’ Debra shouted!
I was a little shocked, to once again have Debra standing next to me looking angry! I knew she wasn’t to be messed with like this. I also knew it was myself who was the key to controlling her. Sionn said, ‘Everything is under control Debra.’
Debra looked at me. I could now access her more easily just by looking into her eyes if she happened to be in the body form. Don’t forget, we are still on the astral plane; we still have a physical looking body, as you know.
Debra said, ‘I won’t allow you to interfere with my Dan.’
Sionn said, ‘It’s alright, Debra, we won’t hurt Dan. You can be assured that he will still be the same.’
‘I don’t care. You are not taking him to any higher regions without me!’
Debra then disappeared.
‘Good, Dan, I can feel that you now have control. You will have to be aware that Debra is with you at all times, but for some unknown reason she has chosen you to be her companion for life. We did all we could to get her to become her usual self after the last adventure but to no avail. It seemed to start when you referred to her as a person.’
‘I don’t know if Reeas will approve.’ I said.’
‘Reeas has accepted it.’
‘OK, I said, ‘I can cope as long as I have Reeas with me.’
‘Yes, you will, but there may be times when you will not be able to be together.’
‘I hope not.’ I said.
‘You know you might have to go somewhere, or do something, that requires just your expertise, shall we say.’
‘Yes,’ I said.
‘Good, now please concentrate on your inner self.’
I sat down in the lotus position as usual. I was astounded to see Debra on the inner screen of my mind sitting in the same position! She was her usual self who was very lovely but every few seconds she would change into the body of Mannus but would still have her own head! After a time, I don’t know how long, I came out of meditation. Sionn asked me what had happened. I asked him why he hadn’t been able to be there, he said he couldn’t access my mind as Debra wouldn’t let him!
‘Really,’ I said.
‘That is why you will now be a useful asset to us. If we can’t
access your mind and consciousness then any agents won’t be able to either; but you will be able to access their network, we hope, now please try to access the inner screen while you are standing up.’
‘Yes, you can now access Debra while you are going about your everyday business.’
‘How do you know?’
‘It stands to reason; Debra is now part of you, so all you have to do is realize.’
‘Yes, but she was part of me before.’
‘Yes, she was, but now she is more in-tune with you!’
Sure enough, when I closed my eyes, there was Debra.
‘What does this mean to you, Dan?’ Sionn said.
‘Well, as long as I can be alone when I need some private time.’
‘Yes, you should be able to control her now.’ Sionn knew I was
worried. ‘Please relax.’ he said. ‘Mannus has confirmed to us that Debra will be under control as long as you are in control.’
Wow! That really is something, I thought. I now have the most powerful Tool/Asset/weapon/Machine, I won’t say Robot, I thought. ‘No, don’t’ Debra said.
OK Students: Please feel free to contribute to this ongoing training session. In fact, the whole of my life has become a training session I suppose, I really don’t mind as long as it helps the Guardians to do their job. Sionn was now looking at me with his all-knowing stare. I knew
he had something important to say.
‘What is it?’ I said.
Sionn said, ‘You know that you are now invulnerable, Dan, will you please wait in the other room.’
A few minutes later Reeas came in followed by Sionn.
‘I know I have to keep control at all times.’ I said.
‘Dan, all I can say is Debra has now gained power more than she was ever expected to. We can’t understand the reason why she has suddenly boosted her knowledge. It is as though she has found a way to access the light book which we know is impossible!
‘Could it be that this is something to do with the agents of Kallo?’ I said.
‘All our information says no. But anything is possible.’
Now, I was more worried. Reeas was now looking at me with a concerned expression.
‘What is it?’ I said.’ Sionn said, ‘We want you to go on a special mission.’
‘Does that include you Reeas.’ I said. ‘I mean, do you want me to go alone?’
She looked at Sionn. ‘You don’t need anyone to help you now, Dan.’
‘What do you mean?’ I said.
‘Debra will be able to do everything.’
‘Never mind, Debra,’ I said, ‘I want to know if Reeas wants me to go alone.’
‘Of course not!’ she said.
‘Then why have I got to go alone?’
‘You will not be alone, said Sionn. Debra will be there.’ I started to get angry. Suddenly Debra was there!
‘Don’t worry, Dan,’ she said, ‘I will take care of you.’ I at once knew that I myself had brought on this last little episode with Debra, and of course, Sionn and Reeas knew it also.
‘OK, I get it.’ I said.’
Sionn said, ‘Debra will be you, and any other form you happen to take on?’
‘Yes, I realize that.’ I said.
‘And you know also, that you won’t even need a light-suit.’
‘Yes, I know that also.’
‘Debra will be your defense, and everything else that you require.’
‘Yes, I figured that out also.’
‘Well, we tried to get Debra to cooperate and let the rest of the Guardians have the same protection, but she adamantly refuses. This means that you alone will be unique in the Guardian-Network.’
‘Maybe I could try and communicate with her in the higher regions again?’
‘No, Dan. We already tried and failed, she is very protective of you, so please don’t make any waves at this time, let’s just sail on. Just be aware that you will have to be in control at all times. Can you please join us for updates in the briefing room?’
I was now starting to worry a little over Sionn’s talk.
In the briefing room I could now just rest. I didn’t even need to pay attention. I knew Debra was taking it all in, I felt a little surplus-to-requirements.’
‘Don’t worry, Dan, I’m here. I can do everything for you.’ Now I was worried. I could see Sionn looking at me every now and again. I knew if Sionn was edgy, then things were not good. At this time my student friends, you should know I didn’t really understand the significance of the situation. I could see people in the briefing room looking at me more and more! I didn’t realized for a few minutes that I was changing shape from myself to Debra, every few seconds! Debra was the most powerful thing
in the Multiverse, and I was now starting to worry, big-time. You will have to forgive me if I seem a bit edgy, but you also know the reason why. I was reminded of a film I saw as a child in my last lifetime (Forbidden Planet) about a planet which was destroyed by its highly advanced population who forgot that they had a subconscious mind.
This subconscious invisible-monster would in time, kill all the people. Now I had a monster of my own! Now, students please excuse me while I upload everything to do with this next mission.


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