Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapters 62-63


Chapter 62-Change Over
During the uploading session, I noticed that I was becoming more like Debra; or rather she was becoming more like me, also the ship, and everything else connected with to it. I could now access everything Debra could! I thought that being an android or Cloft the Tourgen was something special, but this awesome power that was Debra was something to experience beyond anything that I have done so far. I realized that I was now in charge of the most powerful thing in the physical worlds. What about the Inner worlds, I hear you say. Yes, I could also access Debra
there when needed because she is part of me and vice versa. Sionn came in with a smile, which was something that was not usual.
‘Good news, he said. Debra has stabilized, that is, as far as taking in information. She was starting to worry me, as you know, Dan.’
‘Yes, I could tell.’
‘Yes, I know I’m not the easiest of people to read, but even I was worried.’
‘You can trust me,’ I said.
‘Yes, I know, and don’t forget you can access the Room-of-Doors when you need some private time.’
‘Yes, I will, and thank you.’
For student purposes: The Room-of Doors is on the astral plane and not the higher regions, Debra is now stabilized and under control but she is part of me so she goes where I go.
I knew all this information before Sionn actually told me, but it is nice to hear. You students may or may not understand my predicament. I suppose it is something that one can only dream about and that is the key. Imagine having the powers of a God! I now knew my next mission. I was to go to planet called Feriensa in a galaxy some billions of light-years away from Earth. The only way of getting there was by dream traveling.
The problem was the highly intelligent people there have stumbled on one of our underground bases. We knew the people there were about ready to know about us, but even we were surprised by the sudden discovery. I was also told to be prepared for any trouble from dark agents. The other job I had to do was make a short detour of sixty-eight million light years to another planet to question some agents who had been
caught trying to destroy the planet with chemical weapons. Obviously I wouldn’t be able to transport the prisoners with me so I would instruct the ruling government to place them into long term isolation and then question them on the astral plane at our leisure. I wondered if the two incidents were related but I would find out later. I said my goodbyes to Reeas, Sionn, and the other members of the team. I know I don’t mention the rest of the team very often, but you can access them yourself from
the …Yes, I know you know where. I know also that I don’t need to say goodbye because I can meet them on the inner planes but I still say it, habit, I suppose. In sleep mode, I was back at the Room-of-Doors, and yes, Debra wasn’t here as Sionn had said. OK, I thought, I will take a little vacation,
but first I will ask you students the same question. Where would you go? And what would you do? Please upload your thoughts to base. I started to walk through the doors, one after another. As you know, another set of doors appears behind the first set, that is, if you don’t intend going to a past life in the first set. I didn’t know exactly where I was going but I knew I had to concentrate my inner self on the doors. I seemed to be guided by something apart from myself. Debra, you say, no, I don’t think so, but maybe it is, as you know, each section of doors is ten-thousand years. I was now up to ninety-thousand years ago in my
past lives. I stopped for a while just to get acclimatized, so to speak. Remember before, when I said there were also sub planes which were also doors, at the side of the original doors, well, these doors are many. I could go through one and find hundreds more behind it these are the different sub levels. Yes, I know it is a bit confusing but I know you can understand it, as you are Student-Guardians after all.
OK, I am now sure I have to go through this one door it is a sub plane door. I stopped for a moment just to meditate for a few minutes. I knew someone was behind it, but I didn’t know who. Please, students, again, upload your thoughts. I know I am asking you to upload a lot, but it is very important, after all, you are the future. I walked through the door. Imagine my surprise when I found myself back in the sub plane base again.
Sionn, Reeas, Deria, Grenwer, all the team were there! I was stuck for words. ‘You don’t need to say anything, Dan, said Sionn. We are just glad that you managed to find the right portal, that means you are now able to access any number of past lives, not just yours, but any being in the multiverse!’
‘What?’ I said.
‘Just rest and contemplate for a while.’
Reeas said, ‘Can we talk? Dan.’
‘Sure,’ I said, we walked to the restroom.
‘You know we will always be together don’t you?’
‘Yes,’ I said. I started to feel anxious. ‘And I know that whatever happens we will always love each other.’
‘Yes, but things are changing.’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Debra will be with you always too.’
‘Yes, but she is… (I had to pick my words very carefully, as I knew Debra was somewhere very near) My work partner, you are my wife.’
I held Reeas by the shoulders. ‘Why should I be the one to have all this power given to me? I have only been with the Guardians a relatively short time.’
‘Don’t put yourself down, you are a higher being, and someone who cares about what he does. Why do you think Sionn picked you in the first place? I’ll tell you why, because you picked him!’
‘Really,’ I said.
‘Yes, now I know you are beginning to expand in power, but don’t
worry we will always have each other. I had a talk with Sionn and company about you needing someone besides Debra to keep you company while on these missions, she is waiting outside.
I knew it was Deria. I said, ‘There is no one besides you who I
would want by my side more than Deria.’ Deria came into the room
in her human form.
‘Deria said, ‘We will both have access to Debra, but you are the key.’
Reeas said, ‘I will now start my training to be part of Deria’s
‘What?’ I said.
‘Yes, I am going to become one of Deria’s brethren.’
‘You are very fortunate, Reeas.’ said Deria.
‘I know.’ Reeas replied in an excited voice.
I was stuck for words.
‘Don’t worry, Dan.’ Reeas said, I will still look as I do now,
but I will also be able to change into Deria’s usual elfin-type
body.’ I looked at Deria. She was very beautiful indeed.
‘I have no complaints.’ I said.
Reeas laughed. Deria said, ‘Dan, Reeas, please let us link hands, I want you to meditate on my people, although Reeas will be in training for a while she will be able to reach us should we need her.’
‘You mean, if anything happens to Debra?’ I said.
‘Deria said, ‘Debra is now the utmost power in the multiverse, she is the Guardian-Network, plus much more.’
‘Yes.’ I said, ‘but they had a network similar to Debra before,
didn’t they?
‘No.’ said Deria, as you know; Debra is of your making.’
‘Yes, but I thought we had been through all that, and rectified it.’
‘She has made you her partner. The Guardian’s themselves realize
this and it cannot be altered. Now, every Dark Agent will know this.’
‘So, I have come from being a lowly teacher to the most hated
Guardian in the Multiverse.’ Reeas came over and hugged me.
‘You are unreachable by any agents.’ she said.
‘What about the Room-of-Doors?’ I said. ‘Sionn said I could get some privacy there.’
‘You can,’ Deria said, ‘but you will have to be wary, only use it in emergency.’
‘What?’ I said. ‘Let me speak to Sionn.’
‘Sionn has gone into inaccessible mode.’ Reeas said.
‘Fine!’ I said, ‘the only person who I want to talk to in the
whole Multiverse, and he is away!’
‘Don’t worry, Reeas said, ‘Deria and Debra will be with you.’
‘I’m sorry.’ I said, ‘but I feel a bad experience is about to happen.’
‘It must be the change you’re going through,’ said Reeas. ‘Please rest awhile.’
I went to the restroom. I decided to lie down and just contemplate. You students will know the difference between meditation and contemplation so I will leave it at that. I was trying to evaluate the situation.
‘Don’t worry, Dan. I am here.’ I opened my eyes to see my mother
from my Dan Sherman lifetime, but I knew this was really Debra as I was now fully aware of everything regarding Debra, also I didn’t feel in any way threatened by Debra this time.
‘OK, Debra, you can go back to being yourself, please.’
‘What about your favorite apple-pie?’ she said.
‘OK,’I said, maybe you can stay like you are for a short while.’ I was starting to like this new Debra.
I went to the sleep room to say goodbye to Reeas. No matter how far away we were from each other I knew we would always be together. This is something a lot of people on Earth, and other planets sometimes forget.
‘Onwards my Student friends.’

Chapter 63-Gastreal Feriensa and Felthen
We decided to go to the Planet Gastreal first to interrogate the
dark agents. We were to contact special security staff who had
the agents in custody. I knew now we didn’t need to transfer
into cloned bodies; yes, I know I said before we would use
cloned bodies, but now with Debra being Debra, we didn’t need
to. We could materialize in any form we wanted. I decided to be
myself while Debra came as a Tourgen-clone.
‘You don’t need to use that form, Debra.’ I said.
‘I know, but I think it will encourage them to cooperate.’ She
said. We were greeted by security staff who were more than a
little nervous at meeting Debra, especially when she transformed
into a smaller version of the Tourgen to fit into the rooms and
corridors we were to access. I myself turned into the original
Debra a few times before we arrived at the room where the agents
were held. The security staff were by now very confused.
‘Please leave us alone with the prisoners for a time,’ I said.
After looking at each other several times the man in charge of
security said, ‘You know these people will die before they give
out any information?’
‘Yes,’ I said.
‘And you know they have been already been through several
interrogations before.’
‘Yes,’ I said again, ‘we know.’
‘Do you know also that they have been especially selected and
cloned into their bodies which feel no pain or fear when
‘Yes,’ I said.
‘Well, good luck then; we couldn’t get a thing out of them.’
When the security staff had gone, Debra turned back into her
normal self. We knew the agents were not afraid of pain, and
Deria who was invisible said she couldn’t access anything from
the prisoners either. ‘OK, I said, time for some serious pain
for you.’
‘Who do you think you are kidding’ the obvious leader said, yes,
he was a Kallo look-alike again.
‘We are the Elite-Selection! Do you think you can intimidate us
by transforming into other life forms? Ha, Ha. Go back to your
leaders, trainees!’
I looked at Debra, she knew just what to do, one look from her
and the agents were rolling on the floor in agony. After about a
minute the agents were screaming out to talk, but I noticed that
one was relatively quiet, I tried to access his mind but I
noticed he had been brain changed, it is something that is
common on numerous planets. After another few minutes of
recuperation they said, ‘It is no good trying to get information
from us about other agents, as we have been processed
to give any number of false answers, in fact, we don’t know any
more than you.’ I knew he was right, but I still let Debra put
them on the floor again. We were about to leave when Debra
looked at me, I knew something was terribly wrong, the agent who
said nothing while being tortured was now laughing.
Debra suddenly transformed herself into the ship encompassing us
all inside, in the next instance there was an almighty blast.
All I was aware of was a light of the most intense kind. I
didn’t know whether I was still in the room, on the ship, or
back at base. Yes, I was part of Debra, but I was also myself,
and that self was struggling to understand what had happened. It
didn’t take long to find out that the agent who was laughing had
triggered a massive photon-bomb. How come we didn’t detect it
you say, because it was embedded into his brain. Yes, his new
brain! Debra is now her normal self, and the ship. ‘Are you OK?
‘Yes, thank you, Debra. What happened?’
‘One of the agents triggered a photon-bomb. Everyone on board is
dead, except Deria and you. I simply didn’t have the time to
contain the suspect.’
‘The security people will wonder what happened.’ I said.
‘As far as they are concerned, we simply disappeared; In fact,
We travelled at faster than light speed through the planet and
out into deep space. I was now starting to get my bearings. ‘You
will be alright in a moment, said Debra, it is the sudden
increase in light.’ Debra had to jettison the blast out into
space, with the bodies of the prisoners.
‘Do you want me to transfer to the astral plane to question the
prisoners again, Dan?’
For Student information: We don’t need to go into sleep mode
while we are with Debra, she can transfer us anywhere on any
‘No thank you Debra, we won’t get much information from them. On
Second thoughts, yes, let us see their faces when they see we
are OK. In the next instance we transferred to the sub base on
the astral plane. The prisoners were standing before a Judge or
‘How do you plead?’ The judge said.
‘We have been programmed to tell lies, so it is useless to ask
‘Take them away,’ the judge said.
‘Please, your honor, can I question then,’ I said.
‘Of course.’
Now, which of you remembers me and my companion? I said.
All of them said they did.
‘OK, then, what did you achieve?
‘We managed to blow the hell out of you.’
‘No you didn’t, we were able to contain the blast and move it
away from the planet.’
‘Never, they said.
‘Is it possible to let them see the truth through my friend
Debra here? I said.
‘I’m afraid it won’t make any difference’ the judge said. ‘Their brains have been altered. ‘Take them away.’
As they were leaving, the leader shouted, ‘We will get you yet, Sherman.’
You think you are safe, but there are many agents after you! Kallo maybe in captivity, but his agents are out there!’
Deria was now in the room. ‘Even I couldn’t get through the consciousness of those agents’ she said.
‘What about their Karma? How does it work with their brains being altered?’ I said. Deria said. ‘They are still accountable for their actions. They might think they are getting away with something but in reality soul moves into the original mind to pay the debt.’
‘Kallo is racking up some serious Karma.’ I said.
Why did he bother you ask? We were protected by Debra, Which is as good as light suit. All I can say is they will try every means to destroy me, yes; I am what they are after. Why bother again, as I can simply go back to base! At this stage, I don’t know, it is too soon after the blast to formulate any reasonable answers. Will students, give me a little time to recover my senses. Debra said, ‘Would you like me to access the leader, Dan, to see if I could make him into a better person?’
‘No,’ Debra, thank you. He will be processed.’
We were now back on the ship and on course for Feriensa,
the highly civilized planet where they had discovered one of our
underground bases. It was time for the population to know about us, so I was to go with Deria and Debra to introduce ourselves.
This, for once, seemed like an enjoyable mission. I just hope it would turn out to be so. I knew from Debra that three members of the public from Feriensa were potential Guardians, two of whom were the finders of the underground base! The news said that Aliens had founded a base there recently. The news had spread like wildfire, but in reality the base had been there for thousands of years. All I can say is they must be pretty smart to get by the security in a Guardian-base. Records show that they bypassed several anti-trespasser alarms which were supposed to trick them into believing that nothing was in the base but empty space, or just an empty cavern. The trip to Feriensa would take just five days traveling at what is now a record speed for any Guardian craft. Debra had upgraded to many times light speed. Don’t ask me how; I simply don’t know, yes, I know I am part of Debra but I am also Dan Sherman, and I am starting to realize that if I try to keep up with Debra I will be consumed by her! She also knows this, and so we are in a sort of partnership that lets the other person be separate, sort of, although I know I will have to struggle.
The distance to Feriensa from Gasteal is 68 million light years, a trip which is next to nothing for Debra with help from various worm holes. I was now starting to feel a lot easier with my new found job, I asked Deria if she wanted to dance and she said yes. As Students you will already know that I like to dance from my adventures when I first became a Guardian. Debra was also waiting to dance with me, as you already know. Can you imagine dancing with two of the most beautiful women in the
multiverse and not getting tired in the bargain. Correction, three most beautiful women, as Reeas was now on the ship as a hologram. ‘Are you trying to get some dancing practice in without me?’
I was now feeling pretty good, I can tell you. Suddenly, the alarm went off! Debra said that a ship had been scanned some hundreds of light years off our chosen direction.
‘What more info can you get? Debra.’
‘Just that it is a Poliderian Ore-Ship bound for Deriana one of their sister planets. It has been hijacked, and the crew has been taken away by the Felthen’s.’
‘Why hasn’t it been reported?’
‘The Felthen’s put a cloaking-device around the ship but I found it anyway.’
‘When did this happen?’
‘Several days ago, they intend to come back and take the ship to Hullza, one of the planets they took over after the war with the Relibarians.’
‘OK, report it to Guardian base, and we will pay the Felthen’s a little visit. They need to learn a little respect.’
‘How far away is the ship that took the hostages?’
‘Within easy catching distance’ Debra said.
‘Good, let us do a little hostage taking ourselves.’
I was starting to tap into Debra’s super mind. I knew we didn’t need to get to Feriensa in any hurry, we had time to spare. The Felthen’s were a dominant race in the Temerarian-Galaxy,
and they had taken over several planets and subsequent moons.
I was now getting information from Debra about everything to do with them, as she was now accessing their ships database. I knew we would catch up with the ship in less than two hours. I sat down in the restroom, it didn’t matter where on board I was, I could still access Debra. I began to think of all the adventures I have had since becoming a Guardian. You Students will also be able to access them; for me, they are sometimes like dreams, yet I can access them from Debra and they are more than real! My consciousness has risen beyond all expectations as Sionn said, but I can still remember my past lives. I am still Dan Sherman in every sense of the word, yet, I am also part of this higher
consciousness which is Debra, or God himself, or itself.’
I want to stay as Dan Sherman; after all, it is the culmination of all my past lives, but I know I will have to move on sometime. Don’t forget, students, there is nothing more sure than change itself.’ OK, we were now in contact distance with the Felthen ship, contact meaning they could now message us if we wanted them to. We were under cloak at the moment and shadowing them. Debra said, ‘Do you want me to neutralize their weapons, Dan?’
‘Not just yet, Debra.’
I was starting to realize that this little incident might also be a plot to get me.
‘Can you read anything out of the ordinary about the mental condition of the crew? Deria’
‘I will go over and check, Dan,’
‘Everything checks out here Dan, said Debra, all they seem to want is the Ore-Ship.’
‘Thank you Debra, can you message Feriensa, tell them who we are, and what has happened, also tell them we won’t be able to come as scheduled, but we can arrange to interview the potential Guardians later. Tell them we know that Feriensa is ready to receive knowledge about the Guardian-Network, and anything else that is relevant. Oh, and secure the Guardian base from anymore interference.’
‘OK, Dan.’
Reeas was again on view as a hologram. She said, ‘I am starting to feel something of what you are going through, Dan, in the short time I have been in training I have gained some of Deria’s powers. The mental side of things has increased in me.’
‘Yes, I said, I feel somewhat hesitant to board their ship. You
know the Felthen’s are highly advanced in mental control.
‘Yes, that is why I came to warn you!’
‘Thank you, Reeas.’
As you students know, I have had a few dealings with certain beings that also had high mental control. Why is it that some people who get highly evolved want to rule the Universe or anywhere else? I suppose it is after centuries of religion and spirituality they find that they don’t need it; they can produce anything with their fabrication machines and go anywhere with their star ships. I know one thing we won’t find any potential Guardians on the Felthen’s ship!
After some more time trying to access Debra and also tune myself into the Felthen network, I decided to stop their ship and just leave them with life support while we accessed their database in inaccessible mode. We simply transported ourselves over as easy as walking from our ship to theirs. I now call it Debra-mode; the difference is that before I had to use a light suit which could still touched by anyone, but now we are totally protected, invisible, and untouchable! Deria was now back, she said that the Felthen crew checked out, but their seemed to be a presence
on board that she could not find!
‘OK, I said, everyone please be aware that there may be a spy on board! I feel a bad vibes coming from the ship.’
Debra said, ‘The ship is totally safe, Dan.’
‘I know Debra, but I feel a trap is waiting for us.’
‘Dan,’ Debra said, ‘do you know what my name means?’
‘Please, Debra, not now.’
‘I’m just trying to lighten the tension, as you call it.’
‘Yes, Debra, I know you are, and yes, I know what your name means, as I am now a part of you.’
‘What does it mean? Dan.’
It means ‘the Bee,’ or an ‘Industrious Woman.’ I said.
‘Very good, Dan, you know I want to be recognized as a separate part of you. I also want to protect you and I want you to feel that you can rely on me for anything. OK team, let’s go.’
She was now dressed in a combat uniform with all the stuff that goes with it!
‘Debra, there is no need to wear that gear! They won’t be
able to see us anyway.’
‘I know, she said, but you can see me, and I want to look
I must try harder to keep myself in check I thought! Once on board their ship we soon found the hostages, I was appalled to find they had been tortured not with the usual physical stuff, but with mental-probes; these were devices that had been banned for millennia in any civilized star system.
‘Can you help them, Debra?’ I said.
‘I’m afraid not, Dan, they are as good as dead.’ I was feeling
pretty angry, I can tell you, students! OK, time for action. I noticed a sort of misty dark shape hovering to my left.
‘Do you see it, Debra, Deria?’
‘Yes, Dan.’ said Deria.
‘I can feel it more than see it.’ said Debra.
‘OK, please form a triangle around it, I said; now, concentrate on it.’ Within a short time it became visible. I knew it to be a
shadow-person; they are entities which have been seen since time
immemorial. Of course, it couldn’t see us or hear us, as we were in high-cloaking mode, but it knew something was wrong.
‘Do the Felthen’s know about this, Debra?’
‘There is nothing on the databank, but maybe it was brought on board with no info about it being given to the crew.’
‘That’s exactly right,’ said Deria, this creature is a clone of one of the astral entities which used to be used to bring victims
untold agony. The poor souls who are lying here are testament to
this; whatever you do don’t let it touch you.’
‘Why? I thought we were protected by Debra?

‘We don’t know for sure how much mental ability it has. You could be trapped it a lower region.’
‘Yes, but I have been trapped before.’
‘Don’t forget, this entity has been manufactured by the Felthen’s
who are highly advanced in mind control, anything could happen. I
believe it is waiting for you! In fact, I believe the whole thing
is a set-up just to get you, Dan.’
‘Surely not,’ I said.
‘Dan, this creature is a physical manifestation of an astral entity of great power; that is why the Felthen’s kept it such a secret! No one on the ship knows about it! They don’t even know these poor people here!’
‘OK, we will have to put this creature in isolation. Deria, is
there any safe way to get it back to base?’
‘No Dan, we will have to kill it.’

I will notify base that it is on the way Dan, said Debra, I will
also kill it, we don’t want you racking up any more Karma, do we?’

knew this last comment wasn’t like Debra. I was now getting
worried again. Suddenly, Debra’s face changed into a dark ugly shape then it became normal again! I then noticed a small dark shape on her leg! I could now see the dark matter starting to spread up Debra’s body!
‘What the hell am I supposed to do?’ I shouted.
Deria pointed her hand at the entity and a light of the highest intensity came forth. The entity then disappeared, but Debra was still half covered with the dark matter! She was also pointing her arm at me in the same way as Deria did. I thought I was going to be absorbed with her power. Time seemed to stand still. I could now see Deria looking around as though she had lost something! What the hell am I doing here? I thought.
I am the most hated man in the Multiverse thanks to Kallo, who is
now in a security cell on the astral sub base, and he has been sent to Mannus himself to be treated, and is now no threat! In fact, we worked together some time back and he even likes me!
I am now pursued all over the Multiverse by his agents who he himself trained!
Suddenly there was an almighty blast! I was taken aback again, just like when we were on Gastreal. All I could do was sit down in the lotus position as Sionn came into view!
‘What happened?’ I said.
‘Sorry, Dan, we had to keep things incognito.’
‘Who is we?’ I said.
‘Deria, Debra and Reeas, he said.’
Reeas? I said.
‘Yes, she kept us informed about the ongoing situation.’
‘What about Debra? I said.’
‘She is OK.’
‘But, I saw her change into a dark shape.’
‘Yes, she was doing as ordered.’
‘We needed to get information about agents also we have now many times more info about their network.’
‘Wait a minute.’ I said, can anyone tell me why I can’t be consulted
about these things?’
‘Sorry, Dan. It was the only way to get Debra close to the agents. We knew she wouldn’t have harmed you, plus she has now located twenty five more agents in the last few seconds!’
‘Yes, I know.’ I said, ‘I am part of her.’
‘Yes, but you are still Dan Sherman, and as such you are
I thought I was untouchable, but all I seem good for is
to be kept in the dark!’
‘Dan, listen, I am sorry I have to keep you in the dark on
certain things, but believe me, it is for the best. Debra is now
the most powerful force in the Multiverse. Can you begin to
understand that!’
Yes.’ I said.
‘Can you understand also, why we didn’t tell you about Debra
seemingly being taken over by the agent?’
‘I think so. I said.’
‘Why then?’ Sionn asked?’
‘Because you wanted the time to locate, and destroy the entity,
and locate the Agents.’
No!’ he said. ‘We wanted it to believe that Debra has now been
infected by it. The entity has been destroyed, but it has now gone to one of the astral lower regions where it is still in existence.’
‘So, you’re saying the word will get around that I am destroyed, or the network is affected!’
‘Exactly, agents will believe that we are vulnerable.’
‘I wanted to tell you Dan.’ said Debra!
‘Thank you, Debra.’
Reeas said, ‘Don’t be annoyed, Dan, it was for the best.’
‘OK,’ I said, ‘but you can understand why I feel a little aggravated.’
‘Yes,’ Sionn said, ‘but we are now getting word that the
shadow-person was more than an agent, it was a Master in its own
right! You did extremely well in finding it Dan, and Deria.’
‘I could feel it also.’ said Debra!’
‘Yes, thank you Debra.’ Sionn said. ‘Now, all that needs to be done is for your students to upload a report on the mission, Dan.’
‘Yes, I’m sure they already know that.’ I said.
‘Sorry, students, Sionn does seem to take control when he is
in the room, or anywhere else for that matter. Onwards, my

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