Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapters 64-66


Chapter 64-Altreena
Back at base we rested; if you can call it resting. Really we didn’t need to rest. I suppose you could call it being at peace. As you students know being on the astral-Plane is really being at home, as we are spiritual beings, and as such, we exist on the inner planes. We only take short-vacations on other planets like Earth to learn; speaking of planets, the next job is going to be very interesting to you in a number of ways, one of which is that we will be going to an ultra-futuristic planet. For me, it is a chance to reacquaint myself with higher world technology, which is simply the most advanced in the Phentrol- Galactic-System. The planet we will be visiting is called Altreena. The people are still in the human form, but use the body just for existing in the physical, most of the time they are in meditation, or in long time sleep-mode. So, you can see they are working on the astral-plane, or some other plane for most of their lives. What is the point of having a body if they don’t use it, you ask? They are simply burning up their last vestiges of karma before moving on to the inner planes. Our job is to find the agents or entities that are creating havoc destroying the sleep rooms. How can any agents get access to what must
be some of the highest technology in the Universe you ask. All I can say is they must be highly intelligent also, maybe they are citizens of Altreena itself, corrupted by agents, yes, I know you are going to say that the people who are destroyed will come back again, but it is still murder. Please upload your thoughts to the data base as to who you think might be responsible for this, especially if you know you were once on Altreena as a resident or ‘Napie.’ For people who don’t know what Napies are, they are a pet like animal, or rather a small human like creature about twelve inches tall with large heads, hands, and feet with fur which is very soft, they have below human intelligence but are still way above monkey consciousness, some are clever enough to go to special schools, but most are content just to be looked after. I have to say here that I was a Napie a very long time ago, yes me! It was one hundred and twenty five thousand years before I incarnated as Dan Sherman. Of course, the people of Altreena didn’t look after us Napies; it was the super robots that did everything relating to everyday work, and more. That is why I mentioned at the beginning that it would be interesting to you as students in a number of ways, maybe you were a Napie? All I can say is I am fascinated to find out if my robot nanny is still in existence, Yes, even after all that time there is a real chance that she will still be around, how? You say. Because the brains of the robots were fashioned after real people, and linked to a supercomputer. That means the consciousness of that robot might still be in the computer. I was fascinated also to look through my past life as a Napie, I found that I did go to school and I also passed the exam to become a Napie-Helper; that is a Napie who has the ability to know that they were more than an animal. The downside is that Napies don’t live very long, they were manufactured by the Altreenan’s they only reach about 25 years of age. What is the point of Napies? You say. The people don’t want to know about them and they are brought up by robots! It is just something that got out of hand many years before. The people knew the Napies were of a higher consciousness than animals, so they decided to let them live. All animals however were put into deep freeze or sent to other planets. It was the law to have no other pets but Napies, also it was the law that no one could in any way try to prolong the life span of the Napies. I suppose the government at the time was a little threatened by the Napies because Napies were living day-by-day, and not in meditation or in sleep mode. Records show that many years ago Napies formed a secret group to live together in small clans; the Government at the time caught the leaders and expelled them to neighboring planets, or just got rid of them. As you know by now, Napies are bred in artificial life tubes and they don’t have any sex organs so they can’t breed normally. What a shame! I hear you say, the poor Napies can’t breed and have only robots for mothers, yes, but I remember my life as Napie was very good. I didn’t know any other way at the time. My past life before that was quite barbaric so you can imagine my consciousness was very low, so becoming a Napie helped me to learn. Of course, the Altreenan’s at that time didn’t know that soul as human consciousness could inhabit such a thing as a Napie. Altreena was a very long way away, so we had to dream travel as usual to the equivalent astral planet and then transfer our consciousness into whatever cloned bodies we would need to get the job done on the physical plane. In this case they were two Altreenan people. A man and his wife who were also directors of the Eastern sleep room Facility. The real directors themselves were asleep already, but the Guardians had cloned their bodies for us to use. Of course, Reeas and I would be the couple, and Deria would be her normal self as she was unable to be seen or detected anyway. Debra would be part of me. Why don’t we just go there as ourselves with light suits, and invisibility-mode, you say? Yes, I wanted to do just that, but Sionn persuaded me to go with this option, as we would have enough knowledge and expertise. I must admit I was feeling pretty good, the information from Debra was everything I needed, plus more! Is it not invasive to encroach on another person’s life or take his identity you say? Yes, up to a point it is, but we have an important job to do. In the briefing room Sionn said the agents were probably very secure in their role as citizens or agents, and would be hard to find. There was no security as regards foreign people were concerned, as there were no foreign people on the planet! No one was allowed to access Altreenan space and super robot space ships were always on guard. We could get there by simply transferring to the cloned bodies, and we suspected that was how the agents were accessing the planet. No sooner had we gone to sleep when we were awake and in the cloned bodies of director Lan Trant and his wife Lyn. For students that are interested in medical stuff, the bodies of Altreenan people are without any ailment and are perfectly proportioned. As you can imagine on a super civilized planet the population has to be strictly controlled, and you guessed it, the super robots do the controlling. OK, we were now functioning as a couple, trying to get the voice coordination right. Our agent on Altreena was a fully qualified Guardian called Felina3. She had been on the planet for seven years her home planet is called Forteta and is a very advance planet indeed; in fact, it is nearly up to Altreena standards, although the people of Forteta aren’t into sleeping their lives away. The next few days were a mixture of visiting the various places that the director and his wife would visit while trying to keep a low profile. Let me say here that the partnership of a man and his wife are different here on Altreena. It is more of an agreement really, if one partner wants to end the relationship then all they have to do is wait till the agreement lapses which is every three months. If they want to carry on they do. Reeas and I were quite enjoying our little role as ordinary people for a change, so I decided I would take a little break and access the database to see if I could find my old nanny. The database as you can imagine is highly protected, but I knew I could get in there quite easily by simply transferring my consciousness into my invisible self or Dan Sherman plus Debra. I thought I would be quite safe at the time, I didn’t even tell Reeas! Little did I know how such a small mistake could cost so much? Getting to the data room was easy, also getting into the protected computer was easy, I found out that thousands of Altreenan’s had been killed while in the sleep rooms! I can’t understand why, I mean, the agents would know that they would simply go back to the astral sub base. Maybe the agents were just ordinary Altreenan’s who had gone insane! At this stage all I could think about was my old nanny. I soon found out she was still in existence! And yes! Doing the same job, although she had been through numerous changes and upgrades she was still the same personality! I wasted no time in getting to the level where she was living, yes, I know she is only a robot but to me she was a living being. My excitement was now growing into something I should have known was going to be my downfall! As you students know, Altreena is a planet which has no animals and the only pet like animals are the Napies. Now you would think that there would be a lack of space, as Altreena is an advanced world, and as such, would be overflowing with life, no, Altreena is a world where time has stood still for centuries. What a waste you say, well, yes, I have to agree a little with that. There is ample space on the surface, but all the sleep rooms, and living places are underground. OK, I was now at the door of my nannies rooms. I felt strangely excited. AlthoughI was invisible, untouchable and undetectable. I felt like a little boy again! I walked through the door. When I say walked through, I mean, I actually passed through the door without opening it. The scene was of everything I remember from my past-life! Nanny was seated with a Napie in her lap, they were playing together, she was tickling the Napie and the Napie was giggling away. I just couldn’t control myself; I had to show myself to Nanny! The only thing I could think of was to transfer myself into the Napie How would she know me you ask? I didn’t care. I had to get to her! Where is Debra in all this, you say? That is the question my student friends. All I can say is she is inside me; I am so locked up with my Nanny that Debra is now second place. Sionn said my consciousness would move up and down, did he not? All I wanted was to be my Napie past life self. Nanny looked at me and started to cry! She knew me! The next thing I know is we we’re playing and laughing, just like all those years before. ‘Do you know me, Nanny?’ I said.
‘Of course, Deeny, now sit still, while these nice men take care of you! You should know that now you are twenty-five years old, you have to move on.’
Oh, no, I thought. I tried to get back to my invisible self, but too late, my powers were gone! I couldn’t contact Debra, Reeas or Deria!
‘Yes, this is the time to move on Deeny!’ They said. I couldn’t see much, as I was now being held like a cat by the scruff of the neck.
‘I’m sorry, little Deeny.’ Nanny said, ‘but these men said you had exceeded your time, you have to move on now. Don’t worry, they will take care of you. Bye darling.’
‘Oh, we will take care of him Nanny.’ they said.
I now knew these were Dark-Agents!
You Students will now be saying what happened? I am trapped in a feeble little body with no powers. I can’t contact my fellow team mates. How am I able to get this message to you and the database? You ask. Well, it was added later. That is all I know. Please be patient, and also upload your thoughts as usual. I need all the help I can get. I was now unconscious as a Napie. I was also struggling to find any relevant sub plane bases to transfer to! Where the hell am I? I was sort of floating in a sea of dark matter. I couldn’t sit down and I couldn’t stand up, I also couldn’t concentrate my mind; was this going to be the future for me as Dan Sherman? God, I hope my friends find me; who are they? I know I have many friends but I can’t remember their names! I am supposed to do an important job, but I don’t know what it is?
For you Students: this message has been added by Sionn. Please be aware that Dan is now imprisoned in some sort of isolation vessel we are trying to locate him but up to now we are failing to even find out where he was last seen. The records on Altreena have been tampered with by Dark Agents. We can only assume they set up some sort of trap for Dan as he was accessing the database. Please be patient and help us by uploading your thoughts to central database. The story will now be continued by Reeas and Deria as they try to locate Dan.
In the briefing room Felina3 was trying to access the records shortly before Dan went missing, but all she could find was a very complicated uploaded virus which had deleted most of the names on the database!
Reeas/ Deria/ recording… For you students: this recording is being made by Reeas, please
be aware that we will try every means to find Dan. We are not Dan, however, so we don’t have access to Debra. The job now has become more than just finding the Agents. We are desperate to find any trace of Dan! It has been more than three days since he went missing and there has been no message from Debra. Deria has also had no luck in finding any trace of Dan’s consciousness on any plane of existence! As you can imagine, I am worried sick, I can’t function as I should. I know I am a Guardian but nothing like this has happened before! Dan has been in a lot of scrapes in his time as a Guardian, also he has had a lot of past life experiences. That is one reason Sionn chose Dan to be a Guardian. I have to get myself together. Deria said Dan must be in existence somewhere, so all we have to do is find him! Sionn was now in the briefing room as a hologram. No sooner had Sionn started to talk when one of the super robots that was standing guard around the room started to speak.
‘I have to inform you that Dan Sherman will be terminated in one weeks’ time if you do not conform to our wishes.’
‘What are the terms?’ Sionn said.
‘We want Kallo to be pre-neutralized, and we want access to Debra.’
‘Impossible.’ said Sionn.
‘Then you won’t see your precious Dan Sherman again.’
The robot then shut itself down.
‘Try to access that Robot, although I seriously doubt you will find anything of use.’ Sionn said.
I was now starting to really worry. Yes me, Reeas! I was in training to be a higher Guardian with Deria’s people. How would I be able to function if I can’t save my Dan? He could be anywhere in the Multiverse. Deria said she would report back to her people. I wanted to go with her but she said, ‘Go to the Room-of-Doors. Dan would try to get there if it was at all possible.’
Sionn said, ‘Try to access the Past lives that Dan and you were together in. I said what about me going to Mannus for help? He said as a last resort we would, but he felt this was a Guardian issue. Sionn said, ‘Please don’t worry, Reeas, we will find him.’
‘How come the agents got into the Altreenan computer network?’ I said. ‘That is something we have to find out, the whole network has been sabotaged, we can’t even find out where Dan was shortly before he disappeared. The entire mission to Altreena was a set up to get Dan. when you get to the Room-of-Doors let the love that you have for Dan Guide You. Also … The next moment, all I can remember was standing in the briefing room on the astral sub Plane base!
Sionn was there together with all the team, except Dan. What happened?’ I said.
Sionn was sat down and holding his head in both hands! Deria said, ‘There was a massive bomb. Everyone in the Eastern sleep room facility is now dead, plus many more in the Northern, Southern, and Western sectors. I was stunned! How did this happen? How could…
Deria motioned me to be quiet. Grenwer was now entering the room. He held Sionn by the shoulders and ushered him out of the room. Grenwer then came back to tell us that there would be a special meeting in the conference hall. In all the time I have been with the Guardians I have never been to a special meeting. I feel more stressed now than at any time in my past lives. Students please send your love and any thoughts to our database.

Chapter 65-Kallo 2 and Reeas
On my way to the conference hall I thought, surely the Guardians should have known about the events that happened on Altreena?
In the hall Grenwer was sat on the central chair with three more Guardians who I knew to be Higher Coordinators. But there was one seat which was vacant to the right of Grenwer. This seat I knew was Sionn’s. When everyone was settled Grenwer said, ‘Please welcome our new Higher Coordinator Kallo 2.
‘What?’ I shouted. Everyone in the hall was now shouting no, no.
‘Please, please’ shouted Grenwer. ‘This is a grade One- Emergency-Meeting everyone must comply! The noise abated after some time. Kallo was now at the seat where Sionn used to sit! Grenwer nodded to him to start. Kallo started to speak. ‘This meeting has been especially called because the whole fabric of the Guardian-Network is now under threat!’
Everyone in the hall was now staring in disbelief. One member of the audience on the front row shouted ‘Yes, and you are the cause!’
Grenwer was now on his feet. He motioned Kallo to sit down. Grenwer then started to speak. ‘Members, we are now in a new danger! We could have held information from you about Kallo, but we wanted to be honest as the truth always makes itself known sooner or later. We could have changed Kallo’s appearance; we could have cloned him into any form, we want you to know that Kallo is now no danger to us. The real danger is the threat from Kallo’s apprentices.’
‘And who is to blame for that’ shouted several people in the audience.
‘Grenwer said, Please be quiet, this is a crisis, and we have to be orderly. Kallo has extensive knowledge about their network; it has taken a long time for us to get Kallo ready-for-action, this meeting is also for the benefit of any students who can access our network. As you know, Dan Sherman has been isolated into some sort of vacuum, our agents are trying to locate him but up to now we have been unsuccessful. You also know, Dan has access to Debra who has become more than just the ships computer; she is simply the whole Guardian-Network, so you see? Now that Dan is missing, our network has depleted itself to the extent that we are in real danger! We will now revert back to the old system of thought- transfer!’
‘What?’ Shouted someone from the second row? How can we do that? That system has been obsolete for centuries!’
‘It is simply a safeguard,’ shouted Grenwer. All of you have been trained in thought-transfer even the student Guardians are familiar with it so please use it from now on, we can’t risk jeopardizing the network.
For Students themselves: the difference between the thought-transfer, and the Network, is simply that the Network is the light book, and so the light book is under threat. In years gone by Thought-Transfer was the way to access the Guardian-Network. Now, please let Kallo 2 speak.’
It took a few minutes for the hall to calm down. Kallo 2 was now standing and looking around the hall. I started to feel uneasy. Kallo then waved his hand, seconds later all the lights in the hall went out, people started to shout; also some people were now on their feet. Within seconds the lights came on again.
‘Please don’t be alarmed.’ Kallo 2 said. ‘I’m just trying to make you see that darkness is something that I have had a lot of experience with; only real darkness is something that most of you haven’t really experienced.
‘What are you trying to say,’ said one person in the audience, ‘that you are a very bad man?’
‘No!’ shouted Kallo. I am trying to say that I am a higher being with experience in the dark regions; I have also been to Mannus. The Kallo you once knew is now gone. How can I justify the things I have done in my past, you say? I can’t. But I am willing to sacrifice myself; I will scour the lower regions to find Dan Sherman! I stood up and shouted.
‘Dan has been found to be in none of the lower regions or any world of existence!’
‘I have been to many ‘worlds-of-Existence,’ young lady, and I can tell you there are many such places where higher beings cannot enter. That is why I am being asked to help. In fact, it is you, my dear Reeas, who I want to accompany me.’
‘I can’t,’ I said, I am going on a special mission.’
‘OK then, when you finish your ‘special mission,’ please contact me by thought-transfer; also I think you will find that your special-mission is connected with this mission.’
Grenwer then asked everyone to help in any way before he closed the meeting. I then went to the restroom to prepare my thoughts for sleep. Within a short time I was in the Room-of-Doors, of course, it was my own past life records room, just as Dan has his own. Students: Please be aware that you can also access the Room-of-Doors if you know you were once in a past life with either me or Dan, then you can help, these records are ongoing, that means they are continually being upgraded, so you can access them anytime. I stood facing what I knew was the first door. Sionn said, let love guide me. I thought about Dan, and the place he would most want to go to while on Altreena. I knew he was excited about visiting his old nanny, of course, we tried to check up on the robot nanny but all records and everything else was destroyed in the blast. All I could think of was to go to the past life of Dan when he was a Napie. Again, the records were tampered with. Without Debra, everything was in a shambles. I sat down, as Dan would do before he meditated and closed my eyes. I found myself on a hilltop. I looked around to find my past life spiritual masters sitting in meditation. After some time, one Master said, ‘Dan Sherman is nowhere on the higher planes, search for his past lives on Altreena. Then go to the lower regions. You will have to be aware that he may have been isolated into some kind of vessel, or mental vacuum.’
Oh, no, I thought, Kallo is right. But I don’t care as long as I find my Dan. I opened my eyes. I was back in the Room-of-Doors. I had to walk through several levels to get to the right one. As Students, you’re probably wondering how I managed to find the right one. I simply remembered! I love to talk with Dan as we related each other’s past life records. I stood in front of the right door and meditated. I could now feel Dan was close by, but he was also low in consciousness! I opened the door.
Now for Students: you know I am in astral mode, and as such, I cannot be seen or touched. Of course this was my past life and not Dan’s, so you see, it is the right time, but the wrong place. At the time in question Dan was being cosseted by his robot nanny; I was trying to learn plant propagation on the planet Elphon, a planet similar to Earth in the Quadrel Galaxy; although Elphon is millions of light-years away from Altreena, it only took me minutes to get there by astral travel. Now for Students again: please concentrate on Dan, I know that together we
can bring him home. I was now at the astral planet of Altreena. What a striking difference from Elphon! Altreena was a planet where everything was made easy physically, but on Elphon everything was hard. Now, all I have to do is access the computer databank. How you ask? If I can’t touch anything, it is because I can transfer my consciousness into it; it is something only Guardians and higher entities can do. It was easy to access the records; I had also made a friend in a Guardian who was sent to Altreena on a training mission! Imagine meeting someone who was a Guardian 125,000 years ago! God surely works in mysterious ways. The Guardian’s name is Gallo, he said, we were informed you were going to come to Altreena. I made preparations for a security upgrade; just in case any dark agents were around. Is the Guardian-Network not marvelous, my student friends! We found Dan’s Nannies apartment. I had to make sure I didn’t interfere in any way. I found it fascinating to watch Dan as Deeny, playing and being loved by a Robot! What use will it be to watch Dan as a Napie, you ask? I just want to observe the consciousness of Dan. I know it sounds silly but it may help us find Dan. I wanted to hug little Deeny and take him home, but I knew I couldn’t. All I could do was love him and leave him. I made sure I uploaded any info that maybe helpful to us, also I didn’t meet any student Guardians while I was accessing the records. Don’t worry, students, you are young and will learn, when I say young I mean it in the broader sense of past lives, and not just years, you understand. After all, it is not easy to find one lifetime in millions! You may also be thinking why can’t I give information to the Altreenan Government about the bomb that will destroy the sleep rooms in 125,000 years’ time, well, as much as I would like to I can’t. It is the law that we do not interfere with any world. The only exception is when something threatens multiple worlds, as Kallo did at Far-Station also I am only a Guardian and not a coordinator. I transferred back to Elphon, I wanted to spend some time looking up old friends, but I knew I had to hurry back to the Room-of-Doors. If you are wondering how I will find the door back through to the room, I just know, call it intuition. I started to walk through door after door, I was now using thought-transfer to try and find my way to Kallo, or Kallo 2 I should say. I was also trying to be conscious of Dan. I was getting thought-transfer messages from Grenwer and Deria, they said, there was still no trace of Dan and that just as the Master said. Dan could be trapped in some sort of vessel or vacuum. I can assume that Dan is somewhere in the lower regions because that is where Kallo’s apprentices are most active. To get to the lower regions all I have to do is be aware. Why can’t I just be aware when I access the past lives then? You say. As students you will know that Sionn and Grenwer can access their past lives just by being aware, but ordinary Guardians are still learning, especially now that Debra has become depleted. I have to tell you students that I am worried. If the dark agents can get access to Debra, then we are in big trouble! I was now on the first major lower level. As students you will remember the journey into the lower levels that Dan and I made in our last adventure there. Kallo was also asked to accompany Dan by higher Guardians and actually part of me, and yes, Kallo did help, although Kallo had only just been neutralized by Mannus, so we were a little worried. Sorry, if I’m going on a bit, students, but as you know, going into the lower regions is no picnic. I was now getting a thought-transfer from Kallo 2. He was on the third level from the bottom, so to speak, actually, there is no bottom, but we usually refer to it as base. You know there are numerous sub planes on each level also. Now, I was nearing the third level, I wasn’t walking, as you know, but floating, I could fly if I wanted to, but I wanted to check out the landscape. You remember the portals from the last time we came down here? Well, that is how I managed to access the levels. Normally people or entities who want to pass through the levels have to go by way of the gate, and be checked by the gatekeeper, but we as Guardians have access to the portals which are special hidden gateways, you students know this anyway, and you also know that there are Guardians or special agents on every gate. I made enquiries from them about Dan, but no one had any information. Kallo 2 was waiting at the third level gateway. He said, ‘I have been contemplating while waiting for you. I want you to come on
a little journey with me.’
‘Where?’ I said.
‘Somewhere that no other Guardian has been but me, and there won’t be any gatekeepers where we are going.’ I felt a strange compulsion to be somewhere else but I said ‘OK.’ Never forget students, Kallo is a Master when it comes to the dark regions, even though he has been neutralized; he has still got his old consciousness. So he is still the same, you say? No, he is different as the mental side of him has been altered. Please don’t ask me how it works, I don’t know or care, I only want to get my Dan back. Kallo said for any students who have managed to get here at this exact time you may be able to help, please sit down and close your eyes. We are going to meet some friends of mine. I no sooner closed my eyes when I felt a strange urge to run! I opened my eyes to find we were in a sort of cave system. I looked around to see all sorts of entities one would associate with hell! I knew most of the creatures here, but there were some even I didn’t know. ‘What level is this?’ I said.
‘This is a level that only I know about.’
‘Never!’ I said.
‘Why do you doubt me?’
‘Surely the Guardian-Network would know about it.’
‘Really! He said, looking very sure of himself. ‘Try to send a message by thought-transfer.’
I was now getting pretty nervous, I can tell you. I could see some of the creatures surrounding us.
‘Where are we?’ I said.
‘We are in a neutral realm. Don’t be alarmed. Just trust me.’
We were now totally surrounded! You students will know most of the creatures from the hell worlds. There were Gremlins, Trolls, and Demons of all kinds. But the one that most scared me was now stood before us!
‘What the hell do you want?’ It said.
‘Hello old-chap.’ Kallo said. ‘We want some information.’
‘Are you trying to be funny?’ The creature said.
‘Not at all, oh, sorry about my manners, this is Mr.’s Sherman, Mr.’s Sherman; this is Belial, one of the Crown-Princes from Hell.’
‘I don’t give a flying bat from hell who she is. You were once a good friend of ours, Kallo, but now you are working for the other side. What have you got to say before we roast you?’
‘Just three sentences actually.’ Kallo said. I knew some the words that Kallo started to speak were from the Black-Arts-Scriptures, which Kallo had taken from various planets. Now all the creatures including Belial were just standing around looking at us with blank expressions!
‘Now, Reeas, can you detect any sign of Dan?’
I was speechless for a few seconds, as my senses were reeling.
‘No, it is just a confusing mess!’ I said.
‘Don’t worry, my dear, it will take you a little time to acclimatize. I also can’t detect any sign of him, so we will move on to the next level. We won’t have any more trouble from the inmates.’
‘Why? How come you can control them so easily?’ I said.
‘I have control of these lower regions.’
‘Again, I ask you, how?’
‘Do you know the story of the fallen angel?’
‘Yes, I said, he was called Lucifer.’
‘Well, that was me!’
‘What?’ I said.
‘Yes, me, of course the story got mixed up quite a lot in the old days of Earth.’
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! But the more I thought about it the more it made sense.
‘You were a Guardian with Sionn about 3,500 years ago? I said.
‘Actually it was more like 4,500 years. Don’t forget, I was into dark side of things many years before Sionn found out. I thought I could even cheat Mannus, but I was wrong, come, all we have to do now is simply walk through the main-portal; it saves having to skulk in hidden gateways, eh?’ I don’t know why, but I am starting to actually like Kallo 2! We walked through to the next level without any trouble. I was starting to get used to the light, or darkness! Most of the beings on this level could not see us. But once, or twice we got funny looks from some entities.
‘Is this level also neutral?’ I said.
‘Yes, it is.’
‘Are there places that the people can go to worship around here?’ I said.
‘What?’ said Kallo.
‘I mean, are there any sort of shrines.’
‘I suppose so, but it might be to worship the Devil, why?’
‘Just let us find one.’ I said.
‘Alright, Reeas, but you might be disappointed. Kallo started to look at the people walking by.
‘What are you doing?’ I said.
‘I am looking at their auras; we need to find one with sufficient light to help us.’
‘Yes,’ I said, ‘what about that woman there?’ The woman was already looking at us with a curious stare. She was dressed in a sack like garment that looked like it was ready for the dump, but she had washed her face and hair. I could tell she was ready to move on; we walked over to her and I said,
‘Do you want to move nearer to the light?’
She looked at us with nervousness and said yes, I do, desperately.’
I then said, ‘Take us to the place where you pray, and we will help you.’
She said, ‘We can only pray in private, if we are found to be praying
we are taken away.’
I said, ‘Is there anywhere that people go to pray together?’
‘Yes,’ she said, but it is forbidden!’
‘Just show us where it is. We will take care of you.’
We finally got to the shrine after much walking in circles. I could tell that the woman was wrestling with her inner demons, not knowing whether to go or stay. We finally arrived at the site. It was a sort of large mound of earth which I recognized as a barrow; an ancient earth mound that people used for spiritual use, and burial. In fact, there were several of them dotted about the place. The area reminded me of the bronze-age back on Earth. I was fascinated to see people carrying things like shopping bags and umbrellas. Kallo could see I was intrigued.
‘What a difference from the last place.’ I said.
‘Yes, it is surprising how much change there is in a whole level. Don’t forget, we have by-passed many sub levels.’
‘Why?’ I said.
Let us just say I feel my old apprentices wouldn’t feel comfortable there. Kallo was smiling. He knew he was the only one who could actually stand up to Belial himself! I looked around at the people there, most were ordinary people who lived there, not really caring about what the actual site was. I could see one girl who looked much brighter than the others. I said to Kallo, ‘Can you see the light from that girl?’
‘Yes, she is a searcher, and the one we have been looking for!’
‘What? I said’
‘Yes, I can tell she is something to do with my ex-team-mates.
Reeas, I’m going to make myself invisible. I feel that girl might
recognize me from my past, and it may hinder you.’
‘Where has he gone,’ said the woman who came with us.
‘Never mind, I said, just be calm.’ I walked up to the girl and said, ‘Have you just arrived here?
‘Yes, three days ago, but I don’t know where I am?’
‘Where did you come from?’
‘I don’t know, but it was much brighter than this place.’
‘Where do you live?’ I said.
I am staying at that old ruin over there by the river. She pointed to a dilapidated building on a hill, about half a mile away, with a large wall around it.
‘Why are you here in his spiritual place?’ I asked.
‘I wanted to pray to see if I could go back home.’
‘What do you do in the building?’ I said.’
‘I have to look after this little creature, but in a few hours’ time I have to put it in a container and gas it!’
‘Why?’ I said.
‘They told me it would destroy us all! But I don’t see how? I don’t know why they choose me to do this terrible thing? They said I would be able to get back to my family. I just wish it was all over with.’
‘Don’t worry.’ I said, ‘I will walk back with you; I want to see this creature. I am with the government department here.’
‘Oh, No, I will be punished for this! Won’t I?’
‘No, you won’t. Please relax. How many people are at the building?’
‘I saw five, but there may be more.’
How did you manage to get out? I said.
There is a small door at the rear which opens out to an old type garden with a high wall around it, no one saw me leave.’
I was now getting a thought-transfer from Kallo.
‘This is too easy Reeas. It is as though they are expecting us. I’m going to move into high intensity invisibility, don’t worry, I will still be there. Change your form now to the shape of this girl, also your aura, and go into invisibility mode. When you get to the building just try to relax, don’t forget we are still in a neutral zone as far as the actual astral plane is concerned, that means you might not be able to use all your former powers.’
‘But you will, right?’ I said.
‘My dear girl, you are speaking to Lucifer himself, I am Master of these lower levels, so I surely hope so, after all, I created the neutral zone!’
‘Why did they choose this girl to destroy Dan? I said.’
‘It is because she has the same consciousness as the little creature.’
‘What?’ I said.
‘They will merge Dan with the girl when it is time to kill the creature. There is no gas, or special tube in which to destroy it. They use a mental sound intensity weapon.’
Anyone with the same identical consciousness, or I should say very near consciousness will be merged, then they are lost. They must have hunted high-and-low for this girl.’
‘What sort of people are these agents?’ I said, with an angry tone in my voice!
‘They were my people, I trained them.’ Kallo said. I forgot Kallo himself actually was the leader of the whole dark agent network a relatively short time ago!
‘Don’t worry! We will save him!’
‘How do you know?’
‘Just relax a moment… Can you not feel him? I will neutralize the girl and the woman, and they will have no trouble moving through to the next level.’
You mean you will kill them!’
‘It is not really killing them; I’m just moving them on, most of the people here are as good as dead already, are they not?’
‘What if it is a trap? Surely they must know she has escaped!’
‘Yes, but they don’t need her now, they already have her mental pattern and consciousness linked into Dan’s. All they have to do is throw the switch. But the agents down here are not the brightest of beings.’
The neutral zone is a good place to hide out, I should know, but once you’re in it, it is easy to access, anyway, am I not Master of this place?’
Now I had to smile. For once, I felt confident. Having dealt with the two females we made our way to the large building. It reminded me of a manor house from the Tudor period in England. It was sort of dark and spooky. As we got closer I noticed a graveyard at the rear! For you students: you will know already that on the astral plane people can live as though they are still alive, but some people will believe they are dead, also, this is a neutral zone, so things will get mixed up. Sorry, students, but I have to concentrate on the mission at hand, so please forgive me if I can’t give you the attention you deserve. We went around the back I noticed there were a few specters who were hanging about the graveyard. Kallo said he would sort them out later. We entered the building in invisibility mode, there was no one around. Kallo’s high intensity shield was very good, even I couldn’t detect him! I made my way to the other room, were two agents were seated.
‘It is about time!’ One said, ‘we expected you hours ago! You may as well show yourself, we can’t see you, but you tripped a detection beam on your way in. I’m afraid you are too late to save Dan Sherman. He is already destroyed!’
I felt anger coming over me. Instead of changing into the girl, I changed into my Tourgen beast form. Kallo earlier informed me that I may not be able to change shape at will here, but I guess my anger brought it on. I could see the look of terror as they saw me materialize.
‘It is no good trying to scare us; we know we are on the astral plane, and we will simply transfer back to our base.’
‘Yes,’ I said, ‘but not before I rip the hell out of you, and you know you will be able to feel pain because you know you are on the astral plane and I am also made up of the same stuff, am I not?’ They tried to run but they didn’t get far. I ran upstairs after pulling their heads off. I killed another two at the top of the stairs. I then ran into the room where I knew Dan was. (For students again: just a quick mention that killing someone on the inner planes is simply up to the consciousness of the individual. Some beings can feel pain, and some can override it.) The last agent was holding the dead body of little Deeny in one hand. ‘Here is your precious little Dan Sherman,’ he said, as he threw him onto the floor and kicked him over to me. I looked at the agent with hatred! Something I rarely feel as a Guardian. I walked over to the agent, looked him straight in the eyes and said, ‘How does it make you feel to destroy a soul?’
‘I don’t care; I have been especially trained not to care.’
‘Oh?’ I said, and how do you feel about pain?’ He started to look nervous.
‘You won’t make me suffer! You are a Guardian, so you have to be caring!’
‘Really?’ I said, ‘but I am a Tourgen just now, and you know they are not very caring, I also don’t feel very caring at the moment! If you don’t believe me, go and look at your team mates over there.’
‘OK, just give me a few minutes to transform into a Devil-Beast from Ghalinda and it will be a fair fight.’ I grabbed him by the throat. ‘Was it a fair fight when you killed a defenseless Napie?’
‘It wasn’t a Napie, he spluttered, It was Dan Sherman! He was the archenemy of our entire network!’
‘And you are an archenemy of my network.’
as I started to squeeze. I knew he was dead when his eyeballs popped out of his skull.
‘Bravo.’ shouted Kallo, who was now visible. ‘I’ll remember to ask for your help when I’m trouble in future.’
‘But, Dan is gone!’ I shouted.
‘Are you so sure?’ said Kallo. I looked at the Napie on the floor. ‘Maybe you should look in the other room.’ Kallo said. I ran into the other room. I glanced over to the bench which was against the wall to see Dan materializing even as I looked!
‘Thank you, Kallo, I shouted, ‘Thank you.’
‘I thought it would be advisable to check the upstairs first.’ Kallo said.
‘But how did you manage to stop the triggering of the machine?’
‘I used my expertise, my dear Reeas. I simply touched the agent on the neck to make him believe he had triggered it. Then I switched off the machine!’
‘What about the Napie?’ I said.
‘Are yes, once Dan was safely in his own consciousness the Napie died. How did I do Reeas?’ Kallo said.
‘I have to admit.’ I said. ‘I am impressed.’
‘I’ll just go and sort out the specters in the graveyard; I think they have been here long enough. Several millennia are a long time yes? Well, I thought they deserved it at the time, but now I’m in a better state of mind, I feel benevolent, so I will show mercy and put them out of their misery. You can reacquaint yourself with Dan. It will take a while for him to become stable, but don’t worry, he will be OK.’
‘Thank you again.’ I said. I was now back in my original form as Reeas while Dan was now starting to become conscious. I had to admit that Kallo is a very formidable and scary person. But he has that certain thing about him that I, as a female can appreciate. I call it dark-attraction. Female students will know what I mean.
‘What happened?’ Dan said?
‘Don’t speak.’ I said. ‘Just let me hold you.’
It took several minutes for Dan to become stable.
‘Why does my head hurt so much?’ he said.
Don’t worry, please rest, when you are ready we will transfer back to the sub base for debrief. Just be thankful to a special agent, that’s all.’
Chapter 66-Rejection
For Students: this is Dan Sherman checking in. All I can say is that I am sorry! I should have kept control of my senses and also Debra. I let my defenses down, and Sionn. The information is that there was nothing we could have done about the bomb. But I still feel foolish! We were now in the debriefing room. Grenwer entered the room. He looked around with his all-knowing look and said, ‘Welcome back Dan!’ Then everyone in the room started to clap!
‘But I failed, I said!’
‘No,’ shouted Grenwer. ‘You did your best, and you will learn from it. There was nothing we could have done about the explosive device. It had been there a long time, and was undetectable. It was put there by super robots who were programmed by dark agents.
How do we know this? It is because Debra told us’
‘What?’ I said, you mean Debra is back?’
‘Yes, as soon as you stabilized, we managed to access Debra, she
gave us information about all the agents who were working on
Altreena. They are all dead now, so we will interrogate them later.’
‘But if I hadn’t gone to see Nanny we may have been able to find the agents anyway, no?’
‘No, because as I said, the bomb was undetectable, don’t keep blaming yourself; blame the agents for putting the bomb there in the first place, also the agents could have transferred themselves off the planet, but they wanted to die for the cause.’
‘But, I am the one they wanted to kill.’
‘Yes, because you are part of the Guardian-Network.’
‘What about Sionn?’
‘He will be taking a small break from things.’ said Grenwer.
‘Now, I want you to meet the man responsible for your safe return.’ Reeas looked at me with a smile as Kallo himself came into the room!
‘What?’ I said. Reeas said, ‘Dan, Kallo used his expertise to
find you, and save you!’
For you students out there please understand that I have only just regained my own consciousness and so I am a little behind on things, also, Debra has not, as yet, contacted me! I must admit I feel like a student again.
‘Now, Dan.’ Grenwer said. ‘You must be wondering about Debra?’
‘Yes, as a matter of fact, I am.’
‘Well, you can wonder no more. She has been totally renewed.’
‘What do you mean?’
‘She is no longer a personality in her own right. She is now just
a part of the ship again.’
‘How did it happen?’ I said.
‘Excuse me.’ said Kallo; can I step in for a moment?’
Grenwer said, ‘Of course.’
‘Dan, when we knew you were going to visit your robot nanny, we thought it would be a good time for you to part company with Debra.’
‘What?’ I said.’
‘We had to be sure you would be in the right consciousness.’
‘Do you mean the whole thing was a set-up?’ I said.
I didn’t know whether to shout, swear, or fight. I walked out. It may have been my imagination, but I swear I could see a little smirk on Kallo’s face. These little idiosyncrasies which normal people can see seem to evade Kallo and his kind. Maybe over the many years that he has been out of any sort of caring system, he has lost a valuable part of himself; a part that he thinks he doesn’t need, but in reality it is a precious thing called love.
Reeas came after me.
‘Did you know about this, Reeas?’ I said.
‘No,’ I am as surprised as you!
‘I feel as though all those people died because of me.’
‘No, the bomb was undetectable.’
‘I’m not so sure.’ I said. ‘I feel Kallo knows more than he is letting on.’
‘No!’ She exclaimed. ‘Kallo did everything he could to rescue you!’
‘Why?’ I said.
It is because he is now part of the Guardian-Network!’
‘Really?’ I said. ‘Maybe it was because he wants to access Debra?’
‘Nonsense!’ Reeas said.
‘I want to be left alone for a while.’ I said.
‘OK, but please believe Kallo is working for us now.’
‘Maybe you’re right, Reeas. I hope so. I am going to take a little break.’
‘Where are you going, Dan?’
‘I think I’ll visit Mannus.’
‘I’m afraid you can’t.’
‘What?’ I said.
‘I had a talk with Kallo and Grenwer. They said you are now only partially what you once were.’
‘What do you mean?’ I said. Reeas was now looking at the floor.
‘Tell me, Reeas!’
‘Your consciousness has been depleted.’
‘Never!’ I said.
‘Dan. I am as shocked as you. All I want is for you to be here with me. I don’t care whether you are high-or-low in
consciousness, all I want is for us to be together.’
I was now starting to feel angry.
‘Please, Reeas, I want to be alone for a while.’ I went to the restroom to lie down. I’ll soon find out whether I am still fully functional.’
I closed my eyes to meditate and very soon found myself in the Room-Of-Doors.’ But all I could see was just one door! The room was the same but there was only one door. I tried to open it
but it was locked! I also had the overwhelming feeling that Sionn himself was behind the door. I opened my eyes and was back in the rest room. I was now starting to become frustrated. How can
this be? I thought, OK, I will access the records to find out what happened. Again, I was unable to gain access! Well, I know one place that I will be able to go to and that is to visit my past yoga masters. I sat in the lotus position and closed my eyes. It took a lot of effort but I eventually managed to get to the spot where I met the masters before. The only thing was I could not speak with them! I now noticed that all the higher beings that I knew as Dan Sherman in high consciousness where now starting to appear! Also Deria and her sister plus Thalo, Fagil, and all their brethren but not one of them could see me! Was this going to be the future for me? To be locked out of my own world? I can’t contemplate it. Please God, no! I was now starting to realize that I was now only a normal person with no powers! Can you imagine that, my student friends? Yes, I can still relate to the thought-transfer system but I don’t know whether it will work. If you can access these latter recordings then all well and good, but maybe you can’t, anyway, I wish you well my friends. Dan Sherman is coming to the last stage of life, or lives. I feel I have been on a giant roundabout of imagination. Maybe it was all a dream? I certainly feel different now my consciousness has been depleted. Grenwer and Kallo came in and asked me to accompany him into the other room. I could now see all my friend and coworkers waiting for me. Kallo was also there. You students are probably trying to send me messages to say that Kallo really did try to save me. But I can’t help wondering that the whole thing was a gigantic scheme! Why? You ask. I don’t know just yet, maybe it is me being angry and frustrated that is playing tricks on my mind? After all I am in a lower state of consciousness.
‘Dan, please sit down and we will begin,’ said Grenwer.
‘What is this?’ I said.
‘We have to decide what your future is,’ he said.
Oh?’ I said.
‘Yes, you know you are now, as it were, unfit to work as a
‘You mean you don’t want me anymore?’
‘It is not that we don’t want you, it is more a question of what
could you do?’
‘What about me looking into the light book?’ I said.
Kallo said, ‘May I interrupt here?’
‘By all means,’ said Grenwer.
‘Now, Dan, You know you are now permanently affected by the events which took place on Altreena. Yes?’
‘I’m not so sure.’ I said.
‘Oh, come now. Surely you have tried to contact Mannus, and all the other people you were familiar with? Why don’t you be a good chap and go back to your wife and son?’
‘I’m his Wife,’ shouted Reeas who had now come into the room.
‘Yes, I know,’ said Kallo, ‘but what use would he be here? You have to face facts. He is now surplus-to-requirements.’
‘What about you?’ Reeas said. ‘You were once surplus-to-requirements!’
‘I, my dear Reeas, am a fully functional Higher-Guardian who is now responsible for the wellbeing of the whole Guardian-Network!’
‘What?’ Reeas said.’
‘Yes, that is correct,’ said Grenwer. ‘Kallo is now the Higher-Coordinator.’ I was now looking on in stunned silence!
‘OK, then, that is taken care of, will you please deal with all the details, Grenwer. I have some Important work to do.’ Reeas was now looking at me with bewilderment. I was ushered into the other room.
‘Well,’ I said. ‘It was good while it lasted!’
‘Don’t say that,’ said Reeas.
‘Let’s face it.’ I said. ‘If I am permanently in lower state of consciousness then what use am I?’
‘You are my husband.’ Reeas said!’
‘I know, and I love you, but what could I do here? I can’t even access the database. I know I have had all these fantastic experiences but they are just like vague memories now. I feel my mind is losing ground also. I feel less able than when I first came here!’
‘I wish Sionn was here.’ Reeas said.
‘Yes, so do I.’ I felt he was nearby in the Room-of-Doors,’
‘Maybe we could try to contact him?’ Reeas said.
How?’ I said. Suddenly Kallo came into the room.
‘What is this?’ he said. ‘Are you saying your goodbyes?’ Reeas looked at me as if to say. Don’t let him know what you are thinking.
‘We are just trying to decide where the best place for Dan to go will be.’
‘I’ll tell you were,’ said Kallo, ‘back where he came from, yes,
and I promise to visit you every night in your dreams, Dan. How does that sound?’
I could tell there was something desperately wrong somewhere, but where?
‘You can escort him out of this network, Reeas. Please make sure he goes straight through to the border will you, I don’t want him to hurt himself on the way, you know?’
‘I’ll take care of him.’ said Reeas.
Later in preparing myself for the journey out of the sub plane base I asked Reeas if she could help me gain access to a lightship or Debra.
‘It won’t be any use.’ Reeas said. I then saw Deria materialize!
‘Quick.’ she said. ‘We don’t have much time. Kallo is at the moment occupied with other matters. Come, we will try to access Debra, I also tried to contact Mannus and failed.’
With the help of Reeas and Deria I was able to use the invisibility mode which I’m sure you students will say, so what? But the thing is, I am just like a new student and unable to do the simplest of things which I used to take for granted! We gained access to the space port, and then we walked through the wall of the craft. I felt at ease as I sat in the the oh-so-comfortable chair that molded around me like a warm breeze.
I touched the control panel. Imagine my horror at seeing Kallo’s face on the screen!
‘Having a little look around before we leave, are we?’
‘What’s your problem, Kallo?’ I said.
‘I’ll tell you what my problem is. Reeas deliberately disobeyed an order to take you straight to the border. That’s what! As of now, Reeas, you are demoted in rank and banished from the Guardian bases also Deria for collaborating with you. Please make sure you leave this base at once!’
‘What is this?’ I said. ‘You know Reeas and Deria are the two most loyal Guardians that we have!’
‘There is no ‘We.’ You are nothing now, and to be a loyal Guardian you have to be able to take orders, my little, low consciousness ex-Napie friend. Now we are going on a little journey. Please don’t try and interfere with the ship as I have full control.’
For students: you will know that we are still on the astral plane so the ship is an astral equivalent. Yes, I know you already know it but I just want to make myself believe it as I am in a lower
state, as you know.’ Kallo dropped us off at a sub plane city on the twenty-eight level. Just before leaving he said,
‘Do not attempt to come back! You have all been erased from the Guardian-Databank.’ Then the ship disappeared!
Students will wonder why I can still record these messages. All I can say is they have been re updated and any messages that Kallo has messaged have been edited out. I can’t tell you any more than that. We were now looking at each other in bewilderment. Deria was the first to speak. ‘We have got to make contact with Sionn or Mannus.’
‘Yes, but how can we if we are no longer Guardians?’ Reeas said.
‘We are still in higher consciousness.’ said Deria.
‘What about me?’ I said. ‘You may as well drop me off at my wife Elaine’s house; I am no use to you like this!’
‘Dan, I think you are the key!’ Deria said.
‘Yes.’ said Reeas. ‘Why else would Kallo just let you go?’
‘Exactly,’ said Deria.
‘How?’ I said.
‘Because he want’s access to Debra,’ said Deria.
‘What about him being able to read our minds by thought-transfer.’ I said.
‘I don’t care,’ said Reeas, ‘I want him to know that we are going to bring him down!’
‘He knows already,’ said Deria, but don’t worry, I can already tell he isn’t picking up our thoughts, also he doesn’t as yet have Debra fully functioning.’
‘How did he manage to get rid of us so easily?’ I said.
‘Because he has access to the Guardian-Network.’ said Reeas.
‘Can I just say something, my beautiful friends?’ Reeas and Deria were now looking at me with love, yes, even now in this lower state of consciousness I could see and feel it.
‘I have tried to get to Mannus and my past masters, also, I have tried to access my Room-of-Doors but with no success. All I can say is that you two will always be part of me no matter what happens, whether I am in higher or lower consciousness.’ Reeas said, ‘Yes, Dan, I know. We are tied together and not just because we are man and wife.’
Deria said, ‘There is no force in the Multiverse that can part us.’
Now I was feeling good, even in this lower state.’
Deria said, ‘I want us to go to my home planet. Kallo won’t be able to access us and the consciousness will be good for you, Dan.’
‘OK by me.’ I said. Reeas said, ‘Good Idea.’
For you students again: Deria is from the Planet Sandora in the Sauteir-Galaxy. The planet was invaded by a race of beings known as the Cryon’s; they over ran the planet and looked upon the
beautiful little fairy like creatures as their pets. Now with help from the Guardians Sandora is now getting back to normal.
With help from Deria and Reeas I was able to transfer to the astral planet Sandora. Imagine our horror when we were met at the sub plane base by Guardian coworkers!
‘I’m sorry Reeas and Deria, but Dan is not wanted here. You can stay Deria, but Reeas must leave immediately with Dan.’
‘What is this?’ Reeas said.
‘Orders from the Guardian base,’ said the leader, who we knew personally.
‘Can you tell us what is going on, Treater?’ Reeas said.
‘I’m afraid not, please prepare to leave!’
‘Where are we supposed to go?’
‘I can tell you that you cannot go to any physical planet.’
‘Also, Dan can only go to the astral equivalent of Earth.’
‘This is madness.’ Reeas said.
‘Orders, I’m afraid, Reeas, Please be aware that you will be met at whatever astral planet you go to and you will be separated’
‘Do you mean I can’t live with my Dan?’
‘I’m afraid not.’
I was now feeling very angry and frustrated. But all I could say
was ‘Don’t worry, Reeas, Deria, I will be OK. Maybe it is for the best.’ I could tell Reeas was trying to understand.
She knew also that I was not going to just give up.’ She also had the consciousness to realize that I was trying to keep myself in check. Yes, my student friends, anger is part of the physical world but it is also the downfall of any people on the inner planes such as Lucifer or Kallo. We were now being told once more to go. Reeas said, ‘I will take you to the Earth Base, Dan.’
‘I’m afraid not,’ said Treater, we will see he gets to Earth’s
astral sub base.
‘Will you be OK, Dan? ‘You better take care of him, otherwise you will be responsible!’
Reeas looked him straight in the eyes. ‘I mean it, if anything bad happens to my Dan, you will be found, and you will suffer!’
Treater was now looking around nervously.
‘Don’t worry, all we are going to do is hand him over to our equivalent number at Earth’s astral base!’
‘Who are they?’
‘I don’t know. That information is restricted.’
‘I don’t like the looks of it.’ Deria said.
‘Listen to me,’ she said to Treater, ‘we are not going to let you take Dan, and we are not going to obey your orders!’
Treater was now backing off with his two companions.
‘Don’t make me use the new weapons we were given.’
‘Oh,’ said Reeas. ‘And what are they?’
‘We don’t know exactly. But they would do you untold damage, and could even alter you as soul!’
‘Another one of Kallo’s little devices eh?’ said Reeas. Well, let us see if it works on other life forms. Reeas then transformed herself into her Tourgen clone. Deria was also in the form of a Tourgen. Treater was now pointing one of the weapons at Reeas.
‘Go on.’ Reeas said. Let’s see if you can beat me to it!’
‘I don’t want to hurt you, Reeas.’
‘Oh? Well I want to hurt you. I suppose it is because tourgens are more animal than human anyway. You know I will get to you even if you do manage to pull the trigger and you will feel pain as I rip your head off.’
‘OK.’ said Treater, ‘you can have him. I’ll report back, you know you are now outcasts.’
‘Yes,’ Reeas said. ‘But we were anyway.’
‘Good Luck, you will need it. I am going to see if I can find out what is going on with the network. We all know something is desperately wrong and I don’t care if Kallo knows it!’
‘Good, then we do have some ally’s?’
‘As you know, I am head of security; I have to deal with all sorts of people, but now I don’t know what’s happening since Kallo has been in the Guardian-Network. Things have changed, little-by-little more of our own people want him, but others don’t, and to top it off we don’t know where Sionn is!’ Suddenly Kallo himself appeared!
‘Having a little dispute, are we?’
Before I could do anything I felt a slight touch to the back of my neck. I was now in a beautiful lakeside setting lying on a grass bank looking at Reeas and Deria!
‘What happened?’ I said.
Deria said, ‘I thought it would be appropriate to get us out of there.’
‘You used Sionn’s little trick,’ said, Reeas.
‘Yes, but Kallo also knows it. But don’t worry, he can’t find us here.’
‘Where are we?’
‘We are in one of the special sub planes that we use when we are in danger. Sionn himself approved it, just for such an emergency.’ It is called Oasis.’
‘Then we may be able to find Sionn here.’ I said.
‘I’m afraid not. But maybe we can start the search from here?’
‘Yes,’ said Reeas.
‘All I want is to sleep.’ I said, but what about Kallo? Can he access my dreams?’
‘Don’t worry, you will be quite safe, come, Dan, Reeas, I will show you to the restrooms. I know you are feeling confused Dan. All I can say is trust in Sionn and Mannus.’
‘Yes.’ I said. ‘Surely they know what is happening!’
‘Yes,’ said Reeas. ‘Everything will be back to normal in a short while.’
God, I hope so. I thought.
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