Dan Sherman Space Guardian ‘All Worlds’ Chapters 73-77


Table of contents
Chapter 73-The corruption of Sionn (2)
Chapter 74-Tourgen nightmare
Chapter 75-Shobdera dark queen of the lower regions
Chapter 76-Searching for Dan
Chapter 77-The Brain

Dan has been tricked by his mentor and friend, Sionn, who was the Higher-Coordinator of the Guardian network. Sionn has managed to merge with Debra who is Dan’s alter ego. Deria, who is a higher being and Dan are going into the inner regions to track him down. Reeas who is Dan’s wife in his present lifetime and many past ones is also going.
Super robots are decimating numerous worlds in five galaxies, but Dan knows he can’t fight them until he gets Debra back; he also knows that Kallo the dark agent although in isolation at a high security astral prison won’t be able to interfere with their plans, his apprentice clones, on the other hand, will try anything to destroy Dan and anyone or any world who they cannot control. As student Guardians you can help by logging on to Guardian database in the dream state, onwards my friends.

Chapter 73-The corruption of Sionn

Reeas and I are now in the restroom preparing to transfer by dream travel to Axvious, which was in the Quintos galaxy. As you students know, if a planet is too far away to travel there by light ship, we then have dream travel to the equivalent astral world and then transfer into our astral body and then transfer, or wake up in the physical body, which is usually a clone. I know you students can understand all this as you have access to the dream worlds and can also access the Guardian-Database; Many of you have also been of help while accessing the earlier recordings of my adventures in the physical, astral, mental, ethereal, and higher regions of God, plus the thousands of sub planes in between, for this I am eternally grateful, and that is the key word my student friend; Eternity, we are all eternal beings. Our physical bodies are now asleep in the rest room, but we, as soul, are now able to access numerous places while dreaming, one place we frequently visit is the Room-of-Doors; it is a place where we can access our past lives. Reeas, as you know is the love of my life, or past lives, as we have been together many times before. Now, students, this is the situation: A fleet of super robot ships has attacked numerous planets in five Galaxies. We have to get to a planet called Axvious in the Quintos-Galaxy; there is a Guardian base there, we then have to collect a lightship and transfer to another planet called Rifion, where Super-Robots have already started to destroy the population, what can we do with just one lightship? You say. We can link into many more ships from Axvious and also any other ships which we can contact. The trouble is I can’t contact Debra. She is what I named the lightship; she is also the reason why we have to seek out Sionn. He used to be the Higher-Coordinator. He asked me to follow him into an inaccessible region where he used his powers to incapacitate me; he then somehow managed to link into Debra who was at that time part of my consciousness and merge with her. I know all this is a little hard for you to take in, but you are student Guardians and so, you are able to relate to these circumstances. We have just received a message in high security mode from Deria, who is a higher-Guardian; apart from Reeas, Deria is my closest friend, she is also a master when it comes to cloaking or invisibility, you will also know that she is an elfin being, or fairy, and just six inches tall. The message she relayed to me was about Sionn; he has been located on the astral equivalent planet of Dienna3. We cannot reply to the message for security reasons, so we will have to transfer to the inaccessible plane to meet Deria. You students will know that the inaccessible plane is only inaccessible for anyone other than Guardians and higher beings. For students who are new to the database and want to know why we can’t reply to the message right away. The reason is Deria is a higher being and can send thought transfer messages to us, but although we are Guardians and higher beings, we are not as high as Deria. All these details will become clear to you as we travel together on many planes and sub planes in the past, present and future. Reeas and I were now conscious on one of the inaccessible planes. Deria was now in her human form and unbelievably beautiful. She was wearing a silken silver gown with a golden chain belt and a golden tiara on her head with a big ruby stone in the center. Reeas and I were dressed in white. Students will already know that Reeas and I are married; you will also know that we were married numerous times in the past also. You can access the database, so you will also know when, and to who you were related to in your past lives. Deria said Sionn was on Dienna 3 but he transferred to his Room-of-Doors probably thinking that he could link into Debra better by going to one of his past lives and where he was in a lower state of consciousness. Sionn, as you know, is a higher being and has been in his last lifetime over three thousand five-hundred years, he wants to merge with Debra to gain the power and knowledge to defeat the Super-Robots and to finally defeat the dark agents; these agents are clones of a master called Kallo, he was a friend of Sionn’s, and a Guardian until he fell from grace in a spectacular way, he is also the reason why Sionn has took it upon himself to put a stop to the never-ending battle between the Guardians and Kallo’s dark empire. You will also know that Kallo was Lucifer in one of his past lives. If you are a new student and you want to access the recording of Kallo as Lucifer, please access the database for the recording of Dan Sherman and ‘All Worlds.’ Deria was now telling us that Sionn has accessed a past life where he was a teacher on a world which was very much like Earth. Surely he can’t be trying to copy me! I used to be a teacher in my past life. I was then chosen to be a Guardian, or in truth, I had earned the right to be one. Sionn must have tried to merge with Debra but he must have failed, so now he is trying to get on a par with her, so to speak. Deria said, let us proceed to my Room-of-Doors, you will be perfectly alright as long as you are aware that you can only observe, just follow me and stay silent. I will relay any messages I have to you, but please don’t reply. If you must message me, use thought transfer. Sionn may have laid a trap for you, but he won’t be able to access my Room-of-Doors. Deria then said, let us hold hands. It only took a few seconds to transfer to Deria’s Room-of-Doors, the difference between Deria’s Room-of-Doors and mine was startling! Standing in front of Deria’s first door I was amazed and transfixed by the beautiful colors and sounds! In my Room-of-Doors it was drab and plain with no noise. Deria said, ‘Don’t be disappointed, you will become more attuned with the light and sound in the future, just be at rest and learn.’ I could see Reeas was in awe of this place also but we couldn’t talk. As you know there are three-hundred and sixty doors in the room, which surround us in a big circle, plus there are invisible sub plane doors in between each door; these sub plane doors only become visible when we are conscious of them. We started to walk through the first door; you will know already that this door emerges into another Room-of-Doors; this is because Deria is conscious of travelling to a certain lifetime in the past; that lifetime is some thousands of years ago. We would have to travel through many rooms. Students take note: each room is ten-thousand years. This means that if you don’t want to go to a certain lifetime in the first set of doors then you simply walk through the first door to the next Room-of-Doors. These doors are the previous ten-thousand years of lifetimes. It can be confusing, but knowing that you are student Guardians, you will already understand. We were now one hundred and fifty-thousand years in Sionn’s past, but we were only sixty-eight thousand years in Deria’s past. Why is this? You ask. This is because Deria is an Elfin being, and she is able to live very long lifetimes. Sionn, though, has chosen to reincarnate numerous times, but even so he has managed to live some very long lifetimes also. We had now walked through seven doors; each door representing ten-thousand years. Deria was now standing in front of the actual door that we needed to access. Deria said, ‘This door is the lifetime that I spent learning about genealogy and all things related to it. When we walk through this door please be aware that we cannot relate to anybody. We will be invisible of course and untouchable. I will then navigate my way to Sionn. Stay close to me and be calm.’
We walked through the door into a world where everything seemed strangely alien but beautiful. It was an astral world, but as you know, the astral world is only a copy of the physical world or vice versa. I couldn’t recognize any of the many plants and trees that were in the wooded area where we now stood. Deria said this is a world where all plant life is unique; each plant you can see has been propagated to a stage where it will never die. Before you become too interested in this place, I can only say that we have to on to the equivalent astral region where Sionn is. Suffice it to say that you can access this place from the database later. Please stay close as we transfer to Sionn’s lifetime in this region. For student purposes: a region on the astral plane can be anything from a main region to a sub plane. The astral plane itself is astronomically big; many times larger than the physical universe, but it has no space as such. We were now holding hands with Deria as we transferred to Sionn’s lifetime in this region; all we had to do was be aware. Deria said ‘Dan, be mindful that Debra might possibly recognize you even though you are with me and in high cloaking mode, this is because you are still linked into Debra; Debra is still part of your consciousness.’ I knew that I couldn’t reply but I also knew that Deria understood. After a short time of holding hands Deria said, ‘Close your eyes, and within a few seconds she said, open them. Sionn himself was stood only a few feet away, he was talking to Debra who was stood next to the character who was Sionn in that lifetime! The character was a male of about forty-five years old and dressed in similar clothes to the Earth world! The unusual thing was that this character was me! Sionn had managed to transform his past life character to resemble me. Debra was saying ‘Dan, can’t you hear me! Please say something.’ I realized that Sionn had made himself invisible to Debra but was probably directing her thoughts. You students will know from previous recordings that Debra is not just part of my consciousness but she is also the lightship and everything connected with the Guardian-Database. She took a liking to me while we were travelling in the ship. I said she sounded like a girlfriend I used to have in my last-but-one lifetime on Earth. From that moment she became fixated with me to the extent that she wanted to be with me all the time; she even transformed herself into a hologram and then a robot, but I have to be very careful when Debra is with me as she doesn’t like to be referred to as a robot. She can also appear in the shape of anyone or anything! I like it when she appears as one of my favorite female movie stars. Imagine being with someone like Marylyn Monro with ultimate power! I have been able to control her up to now, but Sionn seems to think he can use his power or consciousness to manipulate her! I was starting to feel angry, but I knew I had to keep myself in control. I could see Sionn was now trying to concentrate his thoughts on Debra as he was holding his head in his hands and focusing his mind on her; Debra was in the body form of the original Debra, who was as you know my girlfriend; well, actually I refer to her as my girlfriend, but she was a year older than me so she didn’t think of me as a boyfriend, but as just a friend; she was also my next door neighbor. We lived in Iowa in the U.S.A. in the 1930s. She got killed in her boyfriend’s car after her family moved away, so I didn’t even know, although I never forgot her. This connection with her has never been broken. Sionn may think he can link in to her but I know different. Mannus himself told me that Debra is part of me and that we cannot be parted. Mannus, as you students know, is the ultimate power in this part of the Multiverse. I was getting more and more worked up and Deria knew it, she sent me a message telling me to calm down. I was trying to focus my mind on something else when Debra looked straight into my face! She couldn’t see me but she could sense my presence. She walked up to me and said, ‘Dan, is that you? Dan, please answer me. I’m lost; I can’t find my way back, Dan, please help me!’ This was now getting too much for me to handle. I reached out my hand and tried to touch her. Of course I couldn’t actually touch her, but she knew what I was doing and she put her arms around me. Straight away, I was once more united with her. Sionn was stood there staring at me with a look that I have never before seen on his face; it was a look of amazement and hatred! Sionn was to me everything that a spiritual person should be and more but this person stood here was more like Kallo the dark agent. Deria was now visible as was Reeas. Deria said, ‘Dan, are you alright?’ ‘I don’t know yet, but Sionn has changed!’ Deria was now looking at Sionn and holding out her hand as though she was going to send a shock wave through it! She said, ‘Don’t come anywhere near us, I know what you are!’ I was now confused, although Debra was with me again she was nowhere near her usual self. I also felt very tired. Dear God, I thought, please don’t let this be another trap. The next thing I remember is being conscious in a dark and depressing place. I couldn’t make out the size of the room that I was in, because it was too dark. All I could think about was Reeas and Deria. Where could they be? I was starting to panic now as I could see the walls starting to close in. I have never liked closed in spaces, so this experience was now really starting to freak me out. Yes, I know students; I am a Guardian and I should be able to control myself. All I can think is that Sionn or Kallo have managed to link into Debra and deplete my consciousness. Suddenly, Kallo himself came into view.
‘Well, if it isn’t Dan the Trainee-Guardian. How do you like being imprisoned? Not very nice is it? I suppose you think you can easily get out of here. Well think again, my friend, and I will make sure that you never interfere with our plans again.’
I was now stood facing Kallo. I was trying to find out whether this person was actually Kallo himself or another clone.
‘I know what you are thinking, Trainee. Well, let me inform you before you damage you’re fragile little mind. I am the real thing, now, let me introduce you to my old friend and partner.’
Sionn came into view. I was now not only speechless but more afraid than I have ever been.
‘I suppose you are wandering how I got out of the astral high security prison,’ said Kallo with a laugh.
I was now looking at Sionn and I was still speechless. All I could do was to sit down in the lotus position.
‘Well look at this,’ Kallo said, ‘the great Dan Sherman, lost for words and beaten.’
Chapter 74-Tourgen Nightmare
Sionn was now looking at me with contempt. I was trying to come to terms with this when he walked over to me grabbed me by the arm and lifted me to my feet. For students: Please be aware that we are still on the astral plane. The room changed into a place similar to the sub plane base rooms. Sionn guided me to a seat where I sat facing a machine which I knew to be a brain-scanner and mind transfer device.
‘Dan, I know what you are thinking but this is, believe me, the best way to end this infernal war between the Guardian-Network and the dark forces. I will ensure that Kallo is under control and I will be responsible for order in all of the regions below the first grand division of God.’
‘What about Mannus?’ I said.
‘I’ve told you before, Mannus is the watcher; he is not concerned with things in the lower worlds, he is the power.’
‘What happens to me then?’
‘Please, Sionn let me tell him.’ Kallo said.
‘You, my fine friend, will be cloned into a Tourgen beast; and before you ask whether you will be able to do all the amazing things that you were once capable of, the answer is no!’
‘Please, Kallo.’ Sionn said, ‘Let me deal with this. Don’t worry, Dan, you won’t have any memory of this and it is for the overall good.’
‘What about my good?’
‘You will eventually rise up in consciousness and move on.’
‘But that might take ages.’
‘Yes,’ laughed Kallo. That is the beauty of it, it will, and you won’t be a problem to me anymore.’
Sionn said, ‘Dan, believe me, if there was another way out of all this I would take it, but we can’t have you reuniting with Debra again. This cloning will be permanent in that you will actually believe that you are the Tourgen life form. When you were cloned into the Tourgen before, you knew that you could change or transfer out of the body, well, this time you won’t be able to. I’m sorry, but I am trying to justify my actions. You won’t be able to remember, but I will, and believe me, you are the lucky one.’
‘I am the lucky one? Just let me say this, if I can in any way get out of the Tourgen body, I will, and I will come for you Sionn, and Kallo also.’
Kallo said, ‘Let’s get it over with, Sionn, I am starting to get very bored with this; but Just let me say this: You, Trainee, will no longer be a Guardian, that is all.’
I was now fitted up with the head gear that was linked into the machine. For you students: I couldn’t do anything about my situation, as my ability to transfer my way out of the body was gone. I couldn’t even meditate myself out as Sionn and Kallo had obviously got control over this region. You will also want to know how I can message you while in this trouble. I don’t know, but I presume it will be added to the database later. Don’t forget, Debra is no longer with me so I am vulnerable. Sionn and Kallo are Masters when it comes to anything to do with the higher or Lower Regions and so I am at this time not able to message any longer. Students please help if you can.
This message is from Reeas: students please note Dan has been taken prisoner. Deria and I are back at the sub base. We know now that Kallo has escaped once again, and that it was probably Kallo himself who masterminded the taking of Dan. Sionn is probably linked into this also but God help us if he is. Deria used her powers and got us out of danger but Dan was already trapped. I feel sick with worry but I know Dan will try everything in his power to escape. Grenwer was now in the room. Grenwer, as you students know, is a higher Guardian and also the higher-coordinator while Sionn is away.
Grenwer said, ‘Deria and Reeas, you will not now have to go to Axvious. The Super-Robots are being dealt with by local forces and Guardian ships. I want you to seek out Dan. Sionn is probably in league with Kallo. We feel that Dan is in serious trouble, more trouble than he has ever been in up to now.’
‘How do you know that?’
‘Don’t ask me how, Reeas, just trust me. Deria, get together with your sister and your brethren, try to locate the region where Dan has been taken.
For students: Deria’s sister is her twin and is called Deria 2. They are so close that they haven’t been out of communication for even one minute in their whole lives, and their lives are very long, my student friends. You can now access Dan’s part of the story, as it was put on the database later. Sorry if it is too late for you to help in the dream state in this part of the story.
For students: This part of the story will be related to you by Reeas. Deria is the higher being but she will keep herself in silence for the time being. Deria and I are going to meditate to the inaccessible region for a special conference called the Meeting-of-the-Masters. All we had to do was lie down or sit in the lotus position. We soon became aware in a beautiful setting which was overlooking a mountain range. The distance was too far to evaluate. But for any students who have managed to access this place you will know what I mean when I say it is beyond any words to describe. Mannus who is the lord of this region was sitting in his usual place, which was in the center of the group but higher up. He was seated on a golden cushion; he was a giant of a man with golden skin and wearing golden bands on his arms and ankles. His only clothing was a loin cloth, and he had no hair on his body. Of course he wasn’t a man at all, but the image of what we in the physical world can relate to. I also know this place as Sanctuary, where spiritual people gather to find a master. Some people manage it, but some don’t. Dan found the Master in one past life, but died a few days later, now that master was here! Plus many more, also numerous students, maybe you are there also my student friends? Don’t scoff, it is totally possible. Grenwer, plus Deria2 I also see Deria’s brethren, and all manner of higher life forms, plus Thalo and his people, they were liberated when Dan and I infiltrated the Tourgen base, also Fagil from Far Station which is now the planet Yalton. They helped to bring me back to life when I got killed by the Burin. These masters plus many students are now seated in meditative positions. Deria was now out of silence, and ready to address the conference. She has now earned the right to be an Elfin Princess and she is also a Master Guardian; Mannus himself appointed her. She appeared in her human form which was breathtaking in its beauty. I sat down at the outer edge of the conference while Deria walked to the center and stood at the right-hand side of Mannus. After a few minutes of prayer and meditation she started to speak thus:
Conference: We are gathered here for an emergency Meeting-of-the-Masters. I Have to report that Sionn, our Higher- Coordinator, has now become an outcast. Dan Sherman has been taken prisoner, and Debra, who is the power of the Guardian-Network, has disappeared.
Message from Reeas: I was feeling pretty depressed at this moment I can tell you. As most of you know, Dan has been in some pretty tough places and has been taken prisoner many times. He has managed to escape by his own resourcefulness with help from the Guardian-Network. Students have also helped in the past, by working in the dream state and sending their thoughts to central-database. Students will know that we as soul cannot be killed, but we can be captured by various means and kept prisoner. Kallo himself is a master when it comes to escaping from any inner world prison. I just hope Dan can do the same. I feel somehow different this time though. It is as though Dan is somewhere that we cannot get to. Far-Station was such a place; also Dark-Space was a very scary place; Dan managed to enter these places plus many more and help many beings to freedom. Sorry if I am digressing from the moment but you will understand why. Dan is my life and he is also my lifetime partner and past lifetime partner.

From Deria:
Reeas and I are going to keep searching for Dan. We are here to seek help. Three students have managed to locate a temporary rift in the time continuum. This is very commendable. The rift has now disappeared but we know the exact location of the space. Reeas and I plus one student who managed to find the rift will travel there in high cloaking mode. I have to tell you that two of our brethren here at this conference have now been found to be dark agents. Security is already moving in to apprehend the culprits. Please try to stay in higher consciousness as we meditate to the nearest inner region to locate the rift and to gain any sort of information which will be of use. Dan Sherman is a well-loved and loyal Guardian; we will do all in our power to bring him home. Will everyone please pray?
Message from Reeas: the atmosphere was now something to behold. The light and sound of this inner region was now making me feel dizzy. The next thing I knew was Deria holding my hand and saying that we were already at the designated spot. I looked around me to find a young girl of about seventeen years old; I knew her to be the student who had managed to locate to time rift. She was looking at me and Deria with a puzzled expression.
‘Where am I,’ she said.
For Students: beings who manage to locate certain places on the inner planes are sometimes in awe when they actually become aware; usually they are in the dream state and protected.
‘What’s your name?’ I said.
‘I am Unysal,’ she said.
Deria said, ‘How did you manage to locate the time rift?’
She said, ‘I was with some other students when we found a code book in one of the galleries in the Halls-of-learning.
For Students: the Halls-of-Learning are places that anyone with a higher or high enough consciousness can access; they can be located on many spiritual planets on the inner planes.
‘Where are the other students now?’ Deria enquired.
‘I don’t know. They disappeared.’
‘What did the code book tell you?’
‘It said that if we were to be at the precise spot at the right time we would be able to move into another world which would fulfill our wildest dreams.’
‘Why didn’t you go through with it then?’
‘The other students said they were scared.’
Deria was now looking at me with a serious stare.
‘What’s wrong?’ I said.
‘I feel a dreadful emotion coming over me. Reeas step back. Unysal I’m sorry.’
Deria touched her behind the neck and Unysal disappeared.
For students: she was sent back to the sub base, and then back to her bed on whatever planet she comes from.
‘Why did you do that, Deria?’ I said.
‘There were two entities who were watching us from close by. I knew these to be the students who were with Unysal while accessing the code book; they have now disappeared, but I know them to be Dark-Agents.’
‘Why did they come here?’ I said.
‘It was a trap, Reeas. They were about to touch us when I disabled Unysal; they were not just agents but masters, and if we had been taken it would have been to a dark inaccessible region were we might have been prisoners for years.’
‘How come they didn’t know this at the meeting?’
‘I suspect they did, but they knew I would do what was required.’
‘Why then, did we come here?’
‘I am accessing that right now, Reeas. I feel that this spot is nothing to do with what happened to Dan, yes, I am now sure. We have to go to a place which Unysal found some time back; it is the actual spot where Dan was when he was taken, I got this information from her when I touched her behind the neck. Reeas hold my hand and we will transfer out of here.’
I must admit holding on to Deria’s hand I felt like a child would with its mother. Deria is without doubt the epitome of a spiritual being. We were now standing in a sort of rocky deserted place that reminded me of a lifetime that Dan and I shared while on Earth; we were North American Indians of the
Shoshoni Tribe; the year was 1726, Dan was the man and I was the woman. He wanted to be the hunter but I wanted to learn about other things. We lived to the west of the Rocky Mountains in Utah. Life was very hard. There was a lack of big game; we had to live on rabbits, fish, roots and seeds. I wanted to learn new skills, but I couldn`t with the way of life we had. I then incarnated to a series of planets in the galaxies of Zeta3 where I could finally learn about mathematics and other such things, and then finally to my home planet of Erinon 5, of course, I didn’t realize at the time that I was leaving Dan. Deria said, ‘This is the place where Dan was taken before he disappeared, there was a hidden gateway over there by the rock wall. Let us be careful as we make our way there. We were within a few feet from the door when suddenly Deria’s sister appeared. Deria 2 said, ‘Stop right there!’ Deria froze on the spot as I did. Deria 2 then said, ‘There is a booby trap just a meter away from you.’ Deria reached out her hand to touch her sister who reached out her other hand to touch me. I was then told to close my eyes. After a few minutes Deria said, ‘Yes, I can see it now.’ Deria 2 then said ‘I realized that you we’re going into trouble when I felt a dread come over me. You of course you couldn’t feel it as you were already in a lower region.’ Deria said, ‘let us move back slowly.’ I could now see the booby trap; it was starting to manifest itself as a classic Demon, complete with horns and cloven feet. It started to speak:
‘You can move away from me, ladies, but it won’t do you any good. My little helpers are all around you, can’t you feel them? Before you ask me how I managed to trap you. I suspect you already know.’
My mind was in a whirl. Deria and her sister trapped? It could never happen. The Demon continued: ‘You are now in my power. The actual spot where you were stood when your sister arrived was the place we had chosen for the trap. It is an inaccessible place and you, my dear friends, are going to rue the day you stepped into my domain. We now have Deria 2. Not a bad day’s work do you think? Kallo has advised me to take great care that you don’t escape. I may not be good looking to you, my fine ladies, but I know some pretty good techniques for getting information. Deria 1, Deria 2 and Reeas, you know that you can access places which we in the lower regions cannot, yes? Well, this region where you are at this moment is a region where you cannot escape. Kallo himself has supervised the procedure for bringing down your consciousness. So, if you will accompany me to the mind transfer room, we will begin.’
Message from Grenwer: The situation is now critical. We have been informed by Dark-Forces that Deria and her sister plus Reeas have been taken prisoner. Sionn has joined forces with Kallo. Dan is missing, and Debra is inaccessible. Things at the Guardian base have never been this bad. I am liaising with coworkers to see if we can gain any information on the situation. Students please help. The place where our friends have been taken is probably an inaccessible region and will have been secured with many traps; these traps will be dangerous to any beings who have not been forewarned. If any students can be of help or access anything to do with this crisis please get in touch with the Guardian database. I am now being informed that Mannus himself is calling for a special Meeting-of-the-Masters. I will be relating the on-going story for the time being. This message has been added later for security reasons. The region where I am to go is a special inaccessible place where only higher beings are allowed access. I am sad to say that this is the only time that I have been to one of these meetings without Sionn or Deria or her sister with me. The beauty of the place is without doubt something to behold but the crisis that is now unfolding has sullied things somewhat. I look around the august scene and feel a deep sense of sadness. Mannus is in his usual place but he is unavailable! How can this be? The meeting was being led by a master from the Delvincium galaxy. She is a Female master called Amelaria. I will let her take the floor for now and she will update us on the situation.
Fellow Guardians: The situation that has arisen is without doubt one of the most serious crisis that has transpired in the history of the Guardian-Network. Dark forces have, over a short time span captured a number of our colleagues. They also have been able to incapacitate our network by isolating Debra, who, as you know, was part of our loyal colleague Dan Sherman’s consciousness. This separation from Debra has brought about the most serious condition that we are now facing. We can’t access the network as we once did. Our beloved colleagues Deria 1 and 2 are together with Reeas stranded somewhere in the lower regions. We cannot access these regions as we once did simply because Kallo and his helpers have created Time-Blockers and Mind- Transfer traps in many places. I am opening this meeting up to all members who want to ask questions and give opinions. The first question is from Guardian Selkam from Merios. Please continue…’
‘I would like to know how this situation has been allowed to come to this stage. Surely you must have known…’
‘I’m sorry Selkam; there is not the time to debate this question at this time, please confine your questions to what we can do to bring about an end to this crisis.’
‘Next member, Delvar from Yaafen, please continue…’
‘We are told that Mannus is unavailable, how can this be?’
Mannus, is as you know, the Guardian of the Power. He is also the Watcher. It is up to us to keep order although he will exert his power when needed; the time to exert that power might be at hand. Only he will know. All we can do is our best.
Next question from Callibon from Barion…
Are there any students who can help? We need lower conscious people to access the lower regions, don’t we?’
As yet, we don’t know who is best suited to go into ‘Kallo’s New-Empire.’ This is the name with which it is now being referred to. Kallo has planned this situation for many years. Don’t ask me how he managed to conceal it from us. He is a Master when it comes to anything to do with the lower regions and we simply can’t keep up with him when he is down there.’
Next question from Fihlem from Asgest
‘Can you tell me if there is any truth in the rumour that Sionn has reportedly teamed up with Kallo?’ Everyone says it is true but many people won’t accept it.’
‘Perhaps our esteemed colleague, Grenwer, can answer that question best.’
I took the podium with a heavy heart.
‘It is with extreme sadness that I have to confirm that Sionn has indeed gone into partnership with Kallo.’
‘How can this be? Might it be a ploy to capture Kallo? Fihlem said.’
‘All out information is negative to that question. Sionn has took it upon himself to access Debra without success or permission, and is now in league with Kallo. I suspect it will come to an almighty battle of wills. I hope to God that Sionn wins through. He is my longest and dearest friend. I would like to put a proposal forward, with respect, if I may Amelaria?’
‘Please, Grenwer, go ahead.’
‘I want permission to lead a team of coworkers to find Dan, he is the only one who can bring back Debra.’
‘I’m sorry, Grenwer, you are the Higher-Coordinator and you are needed to help supervise the network. I agree that Dan is the key and that it is imperative to find him. I propose that we make up a team consisting of people who know Dan, and have worked with him. I am receiving a message from Guardian base. It seems that Darian who is Deria’s brother has come out of silence and is offering to be part of the team. Also there is a Guardian who is specially trained in concealment. Her name is Tamia; she has worked with Dan in the past and has actually touched Kallo. This means that she will be very useful. Very few people have touched Kallo in the physical or other planes, but we know Dan is one of them. Beings who don’t want to communicate by touch or any other means isolate themselves from their brother beings and are sometimes lost for long periods of time. Kallo wants to be elusive. He has also brought into being many clones with similar genetic and mental patterns to himself. This is what we are now facing, an army of Kallo lookalikes who are willing to sacrifice themselves for his glory. Mannus is now out of silence and will speak to us. Will everyone please hold hands and meditate.
Message from Grenwer: Mannus has spoken to us but I cannot relate his message to students at this time. You can understand the reason why I’m sure. The security of the network is all important at this time.

Chapter 75-Shobdera Dark Queen of the lower regions

Automatic message to students from the Guardian Network:
This message was inserted into the recordings later. As you can appreciate, the events of the latest time span have caused uproar in the network and so the recordings that usually occur have not been available. Grenwer is busy organising a team of people to scan the inner worlds for Dan Sherman. A Guardian or student will be appointed to supervise the recordings sometime in the near future. Please upload your thoughts to central database to be assessed for this job.
Kallo has been summoned by (Mannus equal) Shobdera, dark queen of the lower regions, to account for his actions over a considerable time period. We will take up his story now:
‘Sionn, I feel more confident now than at any time before. I may try to put myself forward for the position of Overlord.’
‘An overlord has to have a compassionate mental ability, Kallo.’
‘Correction, firstly, an overlord has to be non-caring, before the compassionate part of his character is brought into play.’
‘What is it that you want Kallo? Do you really want to destroy everything?’
‘You know what I want, Sionn. You also want it.’
‘All I want is to bring balance to all the worlds of God.’
‘I understand that you are jealous, Sionn. Why else would you come into my realm and try to make a pact with me? You know that you failed miserably, and so now, you are trying to get me to help you bring balance into the picture.’
‘Balance is everything in the inner and outer worlds, Kallo, you should know that.’
‘All I know is, you are an outcast, like me. How does it feel Sionn? Will you ever be able to meet you’re precious Mannus again?’
‘I swear by all that’s holy, Kallo, that if you don’t do as you agreed in this partnership, I will see that you are destroyed as soul.’
‘Ha, you are the same as me, Sionn; you only want to destroy things. When I come back I will personally see to it that Earth is blown apart and its souls scattered like dust throughout the lower regions. Now, if you will excuse me, I have been summoned by Shobdera. Do you think I have been earmarked for the overlord job? Never mind, Sionn, I may use you in some small capacity sometime in the distant future. Ha.’
Automatic message from the Guardian network:
Kallo arrives at the entrance of Shobdera, he approaches her throne.
‘Stand fast, Kallo. I never said you could approach me.’
‘I assumed you…’
‘You assume too much. Who do you think you are, Kallo?’
‘I am your servant, my lady.’
‘My servants do as they are bid. You, on the other hand, take it upon yourself to wreak havoc in all the worlds of God.’
‘I bring souls to their appointed place.’
‘You condescending little toad; you have brought the wrath of Mannus down on us. I have been brought out of silence to account for numerous worlds that you are destroying through your agent clones, and the super robots that you, and others, brought into being. Explain yourself!’
‘I thought I was in line for the overlord job? I am ruthless enough, am I not?’
‘You are the most pathetic creature that ever came into being. Do you not recognize that balance is everything down here as well as the higher regions?’
‘Sionn said that, but I am not convinced, surely we have to try harder to secure our side of things. They, on the higher planes, are always building more and more, so we have to destroy more to keep in balance.’
‘Kallo, I tell you this, and listen to me with eagerness; Mannus says he will exert his power down here; if that happens me and my domain will be tainted by the light. Billions of souls will be lifted up. I cannot allow that to happen. You will release Dan Sherman and unite him with Debra. He is the only one who can stop the super robots. You will also release Deria and her sister plus Reeas. Fail me in this and I will bring down my hand and crush you like a fly. Now go.’
Automatic message: Kallo arrives back in his domain.
‘Hello Sionn old chap, how are things?’
‘You are talking different now Kallo, what happened?’
‘Nothing, Shobdera said she was considering me for the overlord job but she wants me to supervise the destruction of one of the astral sub plane regions. She said the war with the super robots has to stop for the moment. We also have to release Dan Sherman and his associates.’
‘I knew it, Kallo, you have been ordered by Shobdera to come to terms.’
‘Not in the least. It is only a ploy to decimate the astral world.’
‘Did she say you are pathetic Kallo? Because in my eyes you are’
‘Don’t provoke me, Sionn; I am deciding whether to keep Dan Sherman and Debra apart for the moment just till he begs me for mercy.’
‘From now on, Kallo, you are my enemy again. If you do anything to hinder the process of stopping this war I will personally find you and bring you before Shobdera.’

Chapter 76-Searching for Dan
Thought message from Sionn: (this was put on record later.)
The situation with Dan Sherman is still critical; he has been partly exposed to radiation from the mind-transfer machine. I just hope that we are not too late. Kallo would have destroyed him and he would have brought down the wrath of Shobdera on himself! What kind of mad-man is Kallo?’ I will let you students gain access to Dan in these recordings. I am now going to release Deria and her sister and Reeas. I will then bring them to Dan to see if they can help stabilize him.’
Dan’s story: I feel I am somewhere very different from anywhere I have ever been; it is a dark room, the walls seem to be made up of living creatures! I can see snakes and all kinds of insects trying to get at me but when they show their faces through the wall they are driven back by something. I am only a teacher? Why should I be tortured like this? I have been in some hellish places in my dreams but this place is the worst. Why am I here? And why can’t I find my wife Elaine, and John my son? My yoga training isn’t helping, and why is this beast like creature here? I have never seen anything like it; it is a cross between a tiger and a werewolf. We are separated at the moment by a glass screen but the glass seems to be getting thinner! I only hope I can wake up before the creature can gain access to me. My memory is also fading; I can’t remember what I am supposed to do? I know I have to do something, or go somewhere to find some people who did something bad to me, but what? My God, please help me.
Deria and Reeas story: (added later) Deria and I have been released from a place which I never thought could exist. The lower entities which trapped us were given special powers from the higher mental realm. How could this be possible? I still can’t understand how lower entities such as the one that trapped us were able to keep us under submission for any length of time, but they did. Sionn was able to release us under cloaking mode by simply switching off the transmitter which was fused into the door of the prison room. Once this was done he was easily able to overcome any resistance from these lower entities. We are now to the trying to decipher the code which Kallo himself put into the mental transfer machine which has stranded Dan in some inaccessible place. I hope to God we will be in time to save my Dan. Kallo is saying he can’t remember the codes. I have told him that if we are too late to save Dan I will personally flay him alive in the physical world. He is submitting at the moment only because Shobdera has threatened him, but as we all know, once he sees an opportunity to escape, he will. I am going crazy waiting for the codes to work; we have found out that these codes are so enormously complicated that only Debra can successfully find the key code to access the final lock. Kallo is sitting here looking at me with the usual self-satisfied smirk on his face. Sionn has tried to access Kallo’s mind by touching him behind the neck as usual, but Sionn had to stop this as Kallo was able to block him. The conversation went like this:
‘Do you want to be annihilated, Kallo?’
‘We all have to go sometime, Sionn.’
‘Do you really hate Dan Sherman so much that you would put your soul at risk?’
‘There is no one who I would rather go out of existence with more than Dan, the Trainee-Guardian.’
‘You joke about it, Kallo, but you will think twice when Shobdera summons you back to her realm.’
‘Why don’t you get Debra to unlock my codes Sionn? I’ll tell you why. Because she is no longer of any use, am I right? You tampered with her so much that she couldn’t even open an airlock.’
Message from Reeas:
‘Sionn, can we speak in private please.’
We went into the other room; of course Kallo would probably be able to access our conversation but I was so desperate that I didn’t care about it.
‘Can you please try again to access Debra?’
Reeas, I have tried till I am sick; she is unavailable.’
Thought Message from Deria to Sionn: (Sionn was now gesturing Reeas to be silent) ‘You are still in contact with Debra Sionn, I can sense it, and my sister feels the same way (this message was given to Sionn by higher cloaking mode and, by thought transfer) we will now try to bring Debra out your mind?’
‘Sionn replied in the same way. Yes, Deria, now is the time to bring Dan back.
‘Please relax, Sionn, while we touch you behind the neck.
Message from Reeas:
After a few minutes of Deria and her sister touching Sionn, Debra suddenly appeared! She touched Sionn behind the neck and then all four of them disappeared! I was conscious that I had to keep myself in check and not let Kallo know about the recent events.
Automatic message from the Guardian database: (Inserted later)
Sionn, Deria and her sister and Debra materialized in Dan’s astral prison cell to find that the only life form in the room was the Tourgen beast man.
‘My God, we are too late,’ said Sionn.
‘I won’t accept that,’ said Deria. ‘Let us see if we can access the Tourgen.’
‘Are you looking for me?’ The Tourgen said.
‘Dan, is that you?’
‘Yes, Sionn, it is.’
‘How did you, I mean how come…’
‘I think I know,’ said Deria. ‘Yes,’ said Deria’s sister, I also know.’
‘You mean Debra?’ Sionn said.
‘Yes, she immediately managed to get to Dan as he was being absorbed into the Tourgen.’
Debra was now starting to materialize in the room. ‘She said, ‘stand back everyone, I am going to bring Dan out of the Tourgen body.’
‘You don’t need to, Debra; I can do it on my own.’
‘No, Dan, you don’t realize. There is a mental-probe in your mind, it must have been placed there by Kallo. It will activate in three minutes just be calm and try to meditate. Will everyone else please transfer to the sub base? We will meet you there later. Please make sure you are separated from Kallo; don’t tell him what has happened, he thinks Dan is destroyed. We may be able to turn the tables on him and gain information.’
‘Debra, I am eternally grateful to you. Thank you.’
‘Dan, you are part of me, we cannot be separated, so they said, but we very nearly were.’
Automatic Message:
Dan, Reeas, Sionn, and Deria transferred back to the sub base while Debra dealt with the probe. The messaging system is now back to normal. Dan Sherman will take charge of the recording sessions from now on.
Message from Dan: I have to thank students for all their help during the recent crisis. Sorry for any inconvenience over logging on to the Guardian-Network. The Dan Sherman adventures will continue…
Reeas had managed to keep things under cover as she and Kallo transferred back to the sub base. He was so convinced that I was unreachable and that only he could bring me back that he simply accompanied Reeas back to the sub base.
Reeas was crying as I materialized back in our private room.
After much hugging and kissing, Reeas was summoned into the briefing room. I knew from Debra that Kallo was about to be questioned about why he didn’t help to get me back. His arrogance is overwhelming. He didn’t seem too bothered about whether I was destroyed or not, and he wasn’t too bothered about Shobdera knowing about it. Debra was now with me, she managed to deactivate the mind probe and was about to attend the debriefing session under high intensity cloaking mode. I didn’t need to join her as I could understand everything that happened through Debra while I was in the restroom. Students take note:
I was now back to being my old self. Debra was fully functional. I was also aware that my consciousness had expanded! Don’t ask me how. I just know that with Debra, I, or we, could do anything. That might seem a bit of an exaggeration, but it was true. I didn’t need to be debriefed or told what to do. We will now take up the story in the briefing room:
Kallo was stood in the centre of the group; Reeas was facing him, and Sionn was on the right while Deria and her sister were over to the left.
‘Why don’t you say something Reeas? Do you feel like tearing me limb from limb?’ Reeas didn’t react. Kallo turned to Sionn. ‘What will you do now Sionn? Now your precious Dan Sherman is gone?’ Sionn didn’t react. ‘And you, Deria, and your sister. You would still be stuck in the prison cell but for the mighty Shobdera stepping in. Can anyone doubt that I am the most powerful being on this side of the multiverse?’
‘Sionn said, do you mean apart from Mannus, Shobdera, and numerous overlords and all the rest of the hierarchy such as archangels?
‘They are just watchers! Don’t you remember when I was Lucifer? Sionn, I wanted to do things, I wanted to be somebody. I was sick of watching. I made people notice me; I made them worship me, now I have millions of clones ready to do my bidding. I am the only one who can bring about the end of the super robot wars, but it will cost the Guardian network big time.’
‘Oh,’ said Sionn.
‘Yes, you, and all your petty little student helpers, will have to accept my proposals for dream students.’
‘And what will they be?’
‘It is too long to go into now, but I have already started the process when I was higher-coordinator, remember, Sionn?’
‘Do you mean the data that you secreted into the databank while you were allowed to be higher coordinator?’
‘Who do you think you are dealing with, Kallo? I have been watching you for a long time. We now have ninety-five per cent of your agent’s names and D.N.A, also where they are. Your sleeping agents will also be dealt with.’
‘This can’t be. My Empire is fool proof.’
‘Your ‘Empire’ will be dealt with over the next few days. You will be taken to a new state-of-the-art astral prison, which will be supervised by entities provided by no less a person than Shobdera herself! She asked me to tell you that she doesn’t like being disobeyed.’
‘You are bluffing, Sionn. I will escape again, and I will destroy you, and all who oppose me. Without Debra and Sherman you are now vulnerable, so don’t tell me you can deal with my empire.’
‘Perhaps you will believe me when I show you proof. The messaging system will now be handed back over to Dan Sherman.’
‘Are you trying to be funny?’
Sionn turned to the door as I walked in. Kallo looked at me with hatred.
‘This can’t be true. It is obviously some kind of clone.’
I transformed myself into Cloft and then into Debra. She had decided to wear full combat gear again which I thought was a little funny especially when she made an eighty-four millimetre anti-tank weapon appear and slung it over her shoulder just for effect. Kallo tried to escape by dematerializing but as he started to fade he came back within a few seconds. Sionn had already made preparations for that by earlier inserting a micro needle into Kallo’s neck while Kallo was blissfully unaware and enjoying his role as the higher-coordinator at the Guardian headquarters on the higher astral plane. A short time later two of Shobdera’s special agents turned up to escort Kallo away.
‘Well done team. This job went as we expected. I’m sorry that Dan and Reeas had to be excluded in our plans (yet again) but as you can now see we had no choice. Only Mannus, Shobdera and Deria’s one and two were allowed to know anything about it. Incidentally, the special team consisting of Darian and Tamia who were sent in to search for Dan have now been recalled from the lower astral. They were successful in creating a diversion for us and also in finding other dark agents. Dan now united with Debra will already realize that Debra had agreed to be used by me to infiltrate Kallo’s realm. Of course I realized myself that I couldn’t exert my full power. All I had to do was keep Debra in check till we reached Dan. Now for Reeas’s benefit. The super-robot threat is not as great as you fear. We had to make it seem as though they were creating mayhem, but in fact they have only done little damage; no worlds have been destroyed. Our fleet has been able to keep the robot ships at bay, but I want you, Dan, Deria, and of course Debra to travel to the vicinity and assess the situation. A team of Guardian special agents consisting of Deria’s brethren have infiltrated the lead robot ships and have been able to dismantle certain parts, but have not been able to access the computer banks. I want you to access them and bring back information which will be valuable to us, particularly where the robot ships came from and where they were secreted prior to the invasion. Robots, as you know, don’t give out any conscious wavelength, so we were in the dark about them for a substantial amount of time. Before anyone asks what about the people who built the robots? They were conscious. Why didn’t we pick up their thoughts? The answer is robots built these super-robots. Kallo in his scheming managed to keep this entire plan secret. Fortunately we have Guardian ships stationed throughout the Quintos-Galaxy. I don’t know whether Dan can feel the same higher mental realm vibrations that I can feel, but I sense there is a third party in operation somewhere.
Message to students from Dan Sherman:
I am totally in awe of Sionn. The events of the last few days have made my head spin. One moment I was preparing to go to another galaxy to put an end to a war with super-robots; and the next moment I am imprisoned and mindless. Then suddenly I am with Debra again! Sionn is without doubt the most amazing, complex, frustrating, puzzling man. But he is the most highly spiritual and loving person I know. Of course he is not a man or person, but a highly spiritual being.

Chapter 77-The Brain

Reeas and I plus Deria and not forgetting Debra were now preparing to dream travel to Axvious. Of course Debra was part of me and as such didn’t need to dream. I on the other hand needed to dream very much. Reeas also wants to dance on the inner planes. And so we are going on a little vacation. Student- Guardians will know from experience that we can travel up and down the timeline in our dreams and also we can access our Room-of-Doors. We don’t need to worry about the situation on Axvious because our dream travels will not register in physical time. Reeas and I are taking a few weeks holiday so please excuse us for one second. Ha, just joking, but you can see how it is in reality and I mean reality. Students will already know much about dream traveling and so all I need to say is onwards, and bon voyage.

For Students: we, or our bodies, as you know, were sleeping in the restroom at the sub base. We expected to wake up in the cloned bodies of ourselves on Axvious; imagine my surprize when I became aware of not being with Reeas on her home planet, but of being alone and without Debra in a very large cage with an assortment of creatures which were chained up around the walls!
Where the hell am I? I thought.
‘You are in my domain, Earthman.’
Oh, no, I said to myself.
‘No, Earthman, before you ask, I am not Kallo. He is small fry compared to me. I used him for the preparation of my robot empire.’
‘Who are you? I said.
‘I am known as the Brain.’
I now realized that this was the third party that Sionn referred to.
‘What do you want?’
‘I have been watching you for a considerable time. Although you yourself are small fry, I want you to show me how you can control the power that is known as Debra.’
Dear God, please help me. I thought.
‘God has nothing to do with this, nor does Mannus, or Sionn, or any other higher entity. I have waited a long time for a being like you to evolve.’
‘I have not evolved! I am a space Guardian who happened to get attached to the computer in the lightship.’
‘You are what I say you are! With this Debra, you could be the
greatest power in the Multiverse. I want that power. I am known to be the greatest power in Universe 214657; with Debra, I can increase that to infinity; can you, in your tiny mind begin to understand that?’
‘I understand that you are a tyrant, and you will have to be stopped.’
‘I thought that you would be like this, so I will have to monitor you as you are put through a series of tests to estimate your power. Let the trials begin.’
For Students:
These recordings were put in later, so you won’t be able to message me. My consciousness has been depleted again. Don’t ask me how. I don’t know whether Sionn knows about this situation, or where Reeas is! I know one thing, and that is, I am fed up with these types of events where I am used as a sort of puppet. Debra may not be with me, but I know I can transform into Cloft. I also know that I have been temporarily given part of my power back. I can at least rip the hell out of anything that comes up against me while I try to keep myself in check. They might think that they can monitor me while this is happening, but I know that my Yoga training through countless ages has stood me in good stead. The Brain or whoever it is will not get me without a fight. The first creature was released for the chains. I didn’t know any of these creatures. The Brain must have brought them here especially for this contest. I was having second thoughts about the tactics I was going to employ. Maybe I should just let them kill me?
‘If you do that, Earthman, you will simply come back here and have to go through it all again.’
I knew he was right. Don’t forget, students, we are on one of the mental sub planes so these creatures and I are made up of the same stuff. The Brain is trying to get me to disclose my exact identity or personality. Keep in mind these recordings have been put in later for security reasons. Can you see my problem? I have to somehow temporarily change my consciousness. The Brain also wants me to become so animalistic that I will become too low to contact Debra, but she will still be with me, so to speak. I have to find out how his domain works, without him becoming suspicious. I am going to fight as never before, but I am going to keep myself in check. I transformed myself into Cloft. The creature facing me was startled by the change. I realized that these creatures were mutants, probably brought in specially for this contest. It was a sort of cross between a Tyrannosaurus Rex but it had human type arms, and was holding a battle axe! I simply jumped over it onto its back then I ripped its neck open. I knew I could kill all these creatures easily.
The Brain must have known this as all the creatures that were left simply disappeared.
‘You are trying to be evasive Earthman, I know what are thinking. You would be better cooperating with me. I will let you gain partial access to my databank and then we could rule the whole multiverse. Can you imagine that?’
‘OK,’ I said.
‘You understand that you will not be able to access Debra until I let you.’
‘Yes, I understand, but I want to know how you managed to separate me from Debra.’
‘I simply used my mental power. If you think you can overcome my superior brain, think again. You are dangerous to me in some respects. But I know you are low in consciousness without Debra. Cooperate with me and you will be allowed to have a small part in my success. Oppose me and I will make your life agony.’
Students take note: (This message has been added later.) The mental plane is higher than the astral plane. I have to concentrate my consciousness on the ethereal plane, it is the higher mental plane. The Brain might be able to access the ethereal plane but I doubt it. He is too caught up in the mental side of things. What I need to do is bypass him. I suspect Debra has been unconsciously ordered to access the ethereal plane, probably by me, but for reasons of security I cannot at the moment know for sure. I am sure of one thing though, I am a Guardian, and I am not going to be absorbed by an overgrown brain. I reverted back to Dan Sherman. I wanted to stay as my Tourgen friend, but I couldn’t help myself.
I was led to a room where I was strapped into a chair. I could now see the Brain behind a protected screen surrounded by super robots; the Brain as he is described, is just that, a huge brain, in a sort of glass tank! I now knew that he was behind the attacks in Axvious galaxy. This was something even Sionn wasn’t sure of. Although the severity of the attacks were repulsed, and kept secret from Kallo and his clones, surely the Brain must know all about it.
‘You are starting to frustrate me, Earthman. I am beginning to understand something of your nature, but you are trying to mislead me. I can access your immediate thoughts quite easily, but I want to gain access to the past life where you attached yourself to the being known as Debra. I won’t treat you as a complete fool. I can see you are more than up to the task of everyday Guardian events. You also know that, in time, I will get into your Room-of-Doors. Can you see? I can break your mind into little pieces, if I so choose. I want you to understand that unless you give me complete access to your mind, I will destroy you. You have heard that quite a few times in the past I know, but this time you can believe it.
‘OK, now it is my time to speak. You, Mr Brain, can go and jump off a cliff. Oh, sorry, you won’t be able to do that as you have no legs. Maybe two of your robots can throw you off?’
I started to transform into Cloft. I ripped the strapping from my arms when I felt a tremendous pain in my head. I then blacked out. I woke up in a small cell with only one tiny door! It wasn’t big enough for a cat to get in. Suddenly it opened and a large spider crawled in. I particularly despise spiders as you know; then another one came in. I was starting to panic as more and more spiders of all kinds came through the hole. Some were obviously spiders from other planets as I didn’t recognise them. I was now up against the wall and feeling very scared. The Brain was starting to exert his authority and I couldn’t do anything about it. I tried to change into Cloft but I was too stressed to do it. I felt like a child whose mother was had left it. Then suddenly my beautiful little fairy friend Deria came through the hole and started to exterminate the spiders with a wave of her tiny hand! I then realized that it wasn’t Deria at all, but Debra in the guise of a fairy! She then promptly disappeared.
I was then taken back to face the Brain.
‘How did you do that Earthman?’
‘I don’t know, I must admit.’
I noticed that there were now many more robots to guard the Brain.
‘Are you starting to get edgy?’ I said.
I have to warn you, Earthman. I was master shape-shifter when you were still living in a cave. What you see here in my appearance is the culmination of millions of lives devoted to gain mental ability. Shobdera herself can’t locate my presence. Can you see? Even Mannus and all his entourage are unable to gain any knowledge about me. Now perhaps, you will begin to understand the enormous power that we three could have? If you agree to merge with me, we can then begin to rebuild the Guardian-Network to our advantage.’
‘What do you mean, when you said we three?’
‘I intend to bring Kallo back from the astral prison. He will be useful to us in ruling the lower regions. I intend to make him an overlord.’
‘I think Shobdera will overrule that idea.’
‘Have you not understood anything that I have said? Shobdera is just a figure! She wouldn’t be able to use her servants. I would have control of her regions, and also the higher regions. With Debra, I can be Supreme-Leader, and you would be my Higher- Overlord. Can you see? You would be able to do anything, go anywhere, and be anyone. When I say be anyone, I mean exactly that. You would be able to place your consciousness into anybody or anything! You could go to Minarion in the Relion-Galaxy; it is a planet where your mind would be enlarged. I would personally oversee it. The ability to be mentally able to be in perpetual ecstasy will be yours. You would not need to be at the whim of Sionn all the time. The first and second grand divisions of God would be in stability, simply because we would rule in unison. I would of course be then able to bypass the mental realm, and secure myself as leader of the God-worlds.’
‘Do you really expect to be God?’
‘Of course not, I am only a servant, although I would then be able to gain important knowledge of God, which I have been held back from for eons.’
‘I say you have held yourself back. You are now in no fit state to rule a child’s nursery.’
‘I will allow you some time to think it over. Maybe you will feel different when you face the Mind-Monster?’
I was taken to another cell and strapped into a chair facing what I can only describe as a large lump of meat in a glass jar.
Don’t forget, students, we are still on one of the mental sub plane which is inaccessible to everyone but the Brain, and his robots. (These records have been added later, (obviously.)
I want students to understand that although you can access these messages. They were not added to the database for a considerable time. The Brain has trapped me in an inaccessible place, so no messages are allowed out.
Message from Reeas:
Dan has once again vanished without a trace! We can’t even pinpoint where he went from. He was with me as we began to dream travel, but then he suddenly disappeared. There is no information from the database and even Deria’s one and two can’t locate him. All I can think is that someone with great power has taken him. I am in the process of asking Sionn to call another special Meeting-of-the-Masters. Sionn told me by high security thought message that he believes some entity is beginning to make a bid for power. I am getting seriously stressed out with these continual disappearances of Dan. All I want is to be with Dan. But his life as a Guardian seems to be leading him away from me. Debra is the main reason why all these serious situations are happening. I know we are Guardians and that we have to be immune to the dangers, but I feel frightened! Grenwer was now asking me, Deria, and Deria’s sister to accompany him to the briefing room. Grenwer looked at us and held up his hand as if to say be quiet. He then touched us all behind the necks. He didn’t need to talk as we could understand he wanted us to be in control of our thoughts. We meditated to the inaccessible plane. Please treat this message as a grade one priority. Sionn won’t be coming with us to the meeting; he is going on a special mission. That is all I can tell you. Let us proceed to the usual place. Please don’t think too much about these events, as we believe some powerful entity has taken Dan, and wants information from him, and his associates. We arrived at the meeting. Students already know the scene. Mannus was unavailable which was unusual, but not unknown. Of course his physical looking astral body was the same, but he was absent. Students know also that the power that is Mannus is still here. The meeting was going to be presided over by a higher Guardian called Tharial. The number of people here is startling; all the usual masters and everyone who attended all our other meetings, plus many more that I didn’t even know existed. Tharial said, before we begin; let us meditate to the inaccessible plane on the ethereal realm. I thought this must be very important. I have never experienced this before, and I suspect most of these people here haven’t either. Once there, Tharial continued: The situation that has occurred on one of the inner planes has triggered a priority-one security state. This meeting has been called to try and gain some information about whom, or what has started it. Sionn has been given permission to access every plane below the first grand division of God. You all know that we can’t access any level above this without special permission. Sionn is trying to locate Debra, or Dan. I rather think he will try to locate Debra first as Dan, in my opinion, has been taken without too much trouble. Debra, on the other hand, is a different thing altogether. She could be anywhere. I have to tell you that the Guardian-Network is at this moment open to attack. We are doing our best to secure things, but without Debra we are vulnerable. Before anyone asks me how, I will tell you that before Debra things were secure, but since Debra became attached to Dan, things began to change. The entity who has taken Dan knows this, and will bide his time to make his play. We will now meditate to Nirvara the special light region. This is the highest region that many people here have never been able to reach. Mannus will be in attendance. If anyone has any
difficulty in gaining access, please hold hands. Let us pray.

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Onwards my Student friends to book 11.
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