Never Ending Voyage

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Never Ending Voyage

By Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2014

OK, last entry in the report log that everyone has to abide by. One more day, that’s all, just one more day to spend on this out of date decrepit old museum piece of a space ship. Yes, you heard, I don’t care who reads this later.

Boy, I’m excited, all my life I have been here. Twenty five years; that’s a generation! The hologram room was OK at first then it started to malfunction; there would be jungle mixed with cities! The graphics were OK, but the rapid response fabrication machines took too long to reproduce stuff like trees shrubs and grass, also the room was limited; I knew the room backwards, I would think this is the place where I shot the alien yesterday, now I’m trekking in the mountains. Its boredom, you see.

The day we reenacted the Battle of the Bulge was a laugh. Our crew managed to manufacture an M5 tank, of course, the room wasn’t big enough plus some stupid idiot loaded the gun with some real ammo, it was supposed to be a joke but Roberts managed to blow his arms off!

The culprit was never caught, but we knew who it was. Roberts was OK as he was rushed into robotic surgery straight away. He had new arms in thirty-five minutes. I can’t wait to see the new world we are approaching.

There is bound to be top of the range technology. The communications from Minior have been nonexistent for twelve years but that is probably because they have a superior system.

Don’t forget, we have been travelling in Hyper-drive for 297 years, that is a long time to wait, and our communications system is very old hat, we haven’t had any messages from Earth for more than 220 years I suppose Earth blew itself up or poisoned itself to death, all the information we have of it is too terrible to read. The reason we set off in the first place was to get away from the place.

I suppose I’m lucky. My ancestors had the money to fund this journey.

It will be eleven-thousand years since we left Earth with time dilation, so it is a pretty sure thing that Earth is dead. I never got my head around the danger that people of Earth put themselves through, day after day! I mean imagine trying to get from one side of the world to the other by public transport; records say that it would take more than two hours! And that is without the local shuttle service to get them to the place of destination. God knows how they managed to survive before W.P.T. (World Public Transport.)

All I know is I am excited. I wish my parents could be here but they had to be put in long-term storage to conserve the resources. All people over 40 have to go into storage, but they will be brought back as soon as we reach Minior, also everyone who started the journey all those years ago are still alive and safely in storage; even the ones with incurable diseases are in there waiting to be regenerated. I can’t wait to meet my great ancestors; imagine talking to someone who was around when the ship was built!

Word has it that Minior’s technology is top notch. There is supposed to be an actual war game where you can transfer your consciousness into a robot and blow the shit out of people; of course, the people are robots. I can’t wait; the technology is bound to be even better than that as it is years since we contacted Minior. The troubling thing is we haven’t had any escort ships to bring us into orbit? I wish we had better sensors but they are also outdated. When we lost contact with Earth our technology ground to a halt. And then when we lost contact with Minior things really went downhill; they said they would update our ship from deep space but it never happened.

It’s a good job that updated star records were sent to us from Minior before the communications blackout, it diverted us away from a red giant star that had extreme gravity fallout, and we would have been flattened!

Minior is a world similar to Earth with people who are like us with just minor differences; we will be able to mate with them, imagine that! It is Just 14 years since they contacted us giving us hope and a future. No one thought that we would ever be contacted. The trip was just a drastic attempt to get away from a doomed planet.

My friend Danny would have been elated. He was my age when he died just two years ago; it was another accident in the hologram room. We were playing a game which involved a monster called a Trench-Beast when Danny had a heart attack. But he will also be brought back as we are confident that the Minior’s will have the technology. I can’t wait to meet Danny again, we were like brothers.

‘Marty, will you please hurry up, your lunch is ready.’

‘OK, Mum, I won’t be long.’

That is just the robot; it has been programmed to act like my mother while she is in storage. The robots are OK, but they don’t look real enough, also they can be scary sometimes, like when I wake up and one is standing at the side of the bed. They are programmed to monitor us, but why can’t they give us some private time? I complain about it all the time but the elders won’t change things.

I would change a lot of things if I was an Elder. Like the sex drug they give us to keep our sex drive down, I suppose it is one reason why I like to go to the hologram room and blow the crap out of robots. But I won’t get the chance to be an Elder as we will be on Minion! Yes, I know I am supposed to keep the log data sensible and reviewable but I don’t care. Let me vent my anger out in the ship for once.

Danny and I used to make small explosive devices from the fabrication machines and put them into the robots access panels with a time fuse, if we put it in the back panel his head would blow off!

God, I can’t wait to walk on solid ground for the first time in my life. I wonder what real grass feels like. Or the real smell of wild flowers, and rain on my face. There are so many things I want to experience without being monitored. Imagine walking somewhere without being watched, and talking to someone without it being recorded! I was told by Danny that people used to be able to go anywhere and do almost anything they wanted before the World Government came along, but it is probably a myth, and we can only get bits of information on pre-world government times.

I know we will probably have to have another implant chip in our necks but I don’t care, let me get off this ship.

‘Will all personnel please make their way to the Great Hall?

This is it, the last meeting before the great exodus. I wonder if there will be snow. The hologram room never did get snow right; we couldn’t roll it into a ball because it was dry, they said wet snow would do harm to the actual room.

I am now going to exit the log.

OK, here we are in the Great Hall. I can see the Elder-Leader standing in his usual spot looking high and mighty. What a fool. I remember Danny and I going to his quarters one night and putting an explosive device in his robot, we made sure it was an extra strong explosive compound, it blew his robots arms and legs off with the rest of it landing on top of him. Good times!

Message from the Elder-Leader: ‘tomorrow we will come to the end of a very long journey. You don’t need me to tell you what a momentous time this is. I just want to say that my time as Elder-Leader was the most exciting time of my life. You all know that I will reach my fortieth birthday next week, so it is extra exciting for me to know that I will not be going into storage but will be initiating the bringing out of storage of all our ancestors. Thank you for your applause and your support during my term of office. Now, I would like to introduce the person who will be escorting our beloved ship into orbit around Minior. District Officer Selthem will be speaking to us through one of our robots- 21456.’

‘We have been monitoring you all, and we have decided that we do not want you here, you will be sent back to Earth immediately.’

The End.

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