The Hidden Portal Book One



The Hidden Portal

Book One

By Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2015


The students who complete this mission will receive a reward. The reward will be something of great importance. Only students of high perception will achieve their goal. This series of tests is an enigma and a simple way for you to find a treasure of inestimable value. This is not a game; it is a way to freedom. Do not doubt, but keep always in your consciousness the light at the end of the tunnel, or the Hidden Portal. The clues are in my books, artwork, and other places, please don’t get discouraged, you are the future and the future is eternity, please believe it.

First test…Go to the book The Inner Dragon book one, and find out the name of the main character’s girlfriend, and what is the illegal thing they intend to do. You can email me at… or you can save them up till later, onwards, my friends.

The Inner Dragon

Book one

TV Script

By Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2015


Grunwald Magnusson

Grun’s mum

Cafe manager

Derek Weston: bully from school days

Anna Godfrey: friend

Kyle Simonson: friend

Mr. Thomson: next door neighbor

Alec Mac Nee: Detective Inspector

John Watkins: Detective sergeant

Jenkins: Police constable

Cafe Manager


Grunwald Magnusson was always a lonely person, ever since childhood where he struggled to understand people. People were his antagonists. People were always interfering in his life. Why did his father give him this ridiculous name and leave him when he was only five years old? Only his father could tell him what to do with his life. He left him a coded message which took Grun months to decipher. The message was locked in a cabinet under the mirror which Grun was always frightened to look into. It had runic symbols running around it. His mother had given Grun the key when he turned twenty one. Grun had found another key in the cabinet and a letter. The letter was from his father. It said he must begin the quest? After much work Grun finally managed to find the hidden box. Why didn’t his mother know anything about it, or anything relevant about his father? All she said was she was told by Grun’s father never to sell the house and to give him the key.

Grun was on the threshold of something which would alter his life forever.  The box which was buried in the outhouse under the floor contained an assortment of things. It would take Grun three years to even begin to understand them. The main thing was the book.

After another three months of decoding he found the second letter hidden behind the fitted bookshelf. The letter said that he should stand in front of the mirror at a certain time and he would be given certain powers!

The time was the spring equinox. Grun stood in front of the mirror at twelve o clock. He meditated for several minutes with his eyes closed. When he opened them he could see a man writing a message on the inside of the mirror. He knew this man to be his father.

Grun had copied the message which remained for ten minutes after his father disappeared. Grun was disappointed at not being able to talk with his father but he knew that his father had Grun’s welfare at heart. Grun started to practice the exercises which were given him. The details are too secret to reveal here.



Scene one: the Mall


Grun:( sitting at a table in the cafe where he goes to be alone)

Derek: (standing over the table and smirking)

Well look who it is, the loneliest kid in town. What are you doing here?

Grun: (doesn’t speak)


What’s the matter? Did you finally lose your voice after I shoved your head down the toilet at school?

Grun: (still doesn’t say anything)


Well, it’s been crappy to see you. Maybe we’ll meet again in thirty years’ time. I will certainly look forward to staying away from your funeral. Ha.


(Thinking to himself) One of these day’s I will get even with that bastard. At least I don’t have to worry about money. I would hate to have to work with people like him, dad left us OK as far as the financial things go.

Anna: (walking by) Grun! Is that you?


Hello, Anna.


What have you been doing with yourself? I haven’t seen you in ages.


I have been rather busy working.


What do you do?

Grun (thinking what to say)

Anna 😦 knowing Grun didn’t need to work)

It’s alright, Grun, you don’t need to tell me, I don’t mean to pry.


No, it’s not that I don’t want to tell you, Anna, but it is sort of a secret.


Really? May I sit down?


I’m so sorry, Anna. Please sit.

Anna: (looking serious)

Grun, I have to say I find this meeting very coincidental. I have had a series of dreams about you and your father.

Grun; (becoming tense)

Why? What happened?


It finally came to a head a few weeks ago when your father said I should meet up with you and discuss plans for the future. I wasn’t going to take any notice of it, but now I meet you here!


I am a little overwhelmed by this. My life seems to be one long coded, fateful part of something bigger than myself.


What happened to your father?


He disappeared when I was five years old, that’s all I know.


What does your mum say about it?


Not much, she hardly ever speaks of him. I get the impression she was scared of him but respected him also. It’s as if he married her just to have me.


Surely not.


Tell me about the dreams. What did they tell you?


They said I should help you to access the central library. You know I work there.


What? How can you risk that?


I know but I feel we have to do it. It is something I can’t help. There is a certain relic there which is supposed to have great power. The dream said that we should steal it!


Yes, I read about it. It has come from Egypt. This is the first time it has ever been out of a strong room. This is fantastic stuff. How could we pull it off?


We will have to plan it properly. What am I saying? I can’t think straight.


Let us calm down a bit. Things are happening so fast. I knew something of great importance was going to happen but I didn’t know when.


I feel scared. I don’t know why I came here. Maybe I should go. I feel as though this is a dream also.


I want you to go home and rest. Please don’t worry. Things will be OK, but I want to see you again in a few days. Don’t discuss this with anyone, is that understood?

Anna: Grun, I feel something is about to happen that will put you in danger. I’m sorry I came here, forget me. I won’t see you again. (Anna gets up and leaves)


Anna, please try to understand.

Derek: (walking by again)

Anna, please understand.


You swine!


That is the first time you have spoken to me in ages. Does this mean we are to be buddies?  Why don’t you come here and kiss my rear end?

Grun: (jumps up and grabs Derek by the throat. Derek starts to choke and is unconscious after a few seconds)

My God I should control myself. I knew this would happen. Please God don’t let him die.


What happened here?


I only touched him and he collapsed.


I saw you with your hand on his throat.


Yes, but I didn’t squeeze.


He is starting to come round. Give him some air and help me lift him into a chair.


What happened?


This young man grabbed you by the throat and you collapsed.


I don’t believe it. He couldn’t hurt a fly.


Do you want to press charges? I will get the police.


You must be joking. I just slipped. Give me a few seconds and I will be out of here, and as for you, Grun the scum, I will deal with you later.

Scene two: home


Mum, I want a word with you about Dad.


Please, Grun, not again.


It is important. I feel I am going insane with these things that are happening to me.


My God, please don’t say that your father’s legacy is still here.


It is more than here, it is starting to take effect.


What do you mean?


I have to go somewhere and do something that is illegal.


Please, no.


Just tell me what you know of about the relic that Dad was always talking to you about.


It was something that he said was his and that he was going to wait no matter how long it took to get back.


I knew it. It is the same thing. Mum, I am worried about you.

Mum: (looking anxious) Grun, I have been having some dreams about your father. He says I am to go with him shortly.

Grun: (looking worried)

I know something about it, Mum.


I know you know more than you are letting on. I have always said you are the most talented person I have ever known, and I still feel it. Whatever your destiny is, Grun, I feel you will succeed. I, though, am ready to move on. I didn’t tell you about the hospital visits I have been taking. I didn’t want to worry you. I am dying. Your father knows this and is going to be here to help me across.

Grun: (looking at the floor with tears in his eyes)

Mum, I want you to go to my room and look into the mirror at six o clock. Dad has told me to tell you that he wants to speak to you.


Really? I knew you could understand all the stuff he was working on. My word, it is a quarter to six now, I better get ready. I will put on my best dress. He always liked it, you know that.

Grun; (knowing that this would be the last time he would see his mum in the physical realm, he was in tears, he also knew that Derek Weston was going to attempt arson on his home at three o clock in the morning.)

The power that Grun had built up slowly over the years was now starting to take effect. He knew certain things would happen at specific times. He knew also this power was known as the Inner Dragon. His father had left him a great responsibility. He knew he had to keep his mind in check at all times or risk releasing this awesome force.

To be continued in The Inner Dragon books two.


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Second test…Go to Dan Sherman Space Guardian All Worlds book two and find out the name of the Tourgen beast life form that Dan Sherman inhabits as he moves throughout the worlds of God.


Dan Sherman Space Guardian

All Worlds

Book two

 Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2014




Chapter 11-Terick 3

I woke up in a place exactly the same as the one on the astral world! Grenwer was there. ‘Am I on the Physical or the Astral?’ I said, ‘You are now in the physical body of a Tourgen! ’I arose from the table and walked around the room, I looked at myself through a mirror although I didn`t need clothes as the private parts of tourgens are hidden inside the body for protection. My skin was thick enough to stop a knife-attack by humans but was still vulnerable, Grenwer advised me to put on a protective suit that was widely used on Terick.3, it could repel most weapons but not the blasters which the security-forces used, although they usually used the stun weapon first. (It was the same gun but on a different setting.) The population has weapons of all kinds such as blasters. Another thing to watch out for are the Ancrons, they are a dog-like creature who are and very dangerous, they can kill most beings with ease.

‘How big are they?’ I asked.

‘They look like Hyenas but are twice as big,’

‘Why don’t they get rid of these things?’

‘The government doesn’t care as these types of creature do them a favor by creating fear.’

‘How do I protect myself from them?’

‘They know they will get respect if they kill something bigger and stronger than themselves but don’t worry about them as they are in a special isolated area.’

‘So the government, such as it is, doesn`t bother about getting rid of these creatures as they are keeping down the evil population, and creating fear. Is there anything else I should know about?’

‘There is one other very dangerous creature called the Vennam, but you won’t need to worry about them as they are also isolated in a special area. There are other animals but not many, as most have been killed by other life-forms which have been brought here by aliens.

‘What about Karma?’

‘Yes, you will have to kill other life-forms, but your Karma will be balanced out by helping to save numerous galaxies from destruction.’

‘Do you really believe that could happen?’

‘Kallo had the container with enough material to destroy whatever world it came into contact with or galaxy, once it spreads there is no telling where it would go and no stopping it, once it is set free and expanded through fabrication machines that will be the beginning of the end. It is my belief that Kallo will try to use his influence in the Far-Station worlds to transport the deadly material to most, or all of the higher conscious planets. I think he wants to make himself Ruler of the known Universe!’ ‘What about the astral-worlds, they will still exist won’t they?’

‘How can they?  Without the physical worlds the spiritual worlds have no function.’

‘Couldn`t they transfer to another Plane of existence?’

‘If Kallo destroyed most of the higher physical planets, souls on the inner-planes would not be able to reincarnate fast enough.’

I thought about Elaine and John and how life used to be so simple.

I couldn`t get it through my ugly tiger striped head that the future of the Universe depended on me.

‘You must get to Sionn! Only he can tell us when Kallo will strike. You have the abilities you have the power and you have the knowledge but don’t let that be your downfall. You will have to act stupid and aggressive most of the time, as Tourgen’s do. You also have exceptional eyesight which may help you locate Sionn. When you do find him he will know what to do as you have been given information he will need.

‘Do you mean the mind probe?’

‘Yes, he will touch you behind the head and retrieve it.

You know, Dan, he isn’t in his light suit and he will be in another body.’

‘What? How will I know him?’

Of course I shouldn’t have said that, I would know him by thought wouldn`t I?’

‘Yes, he will lead you but you have to concentrate, you haven’t got your sense of higher-consciousness as you had before, so be aware. You will be transferred onto a prison ship where you…’

‘Hold on a minute! What do you mean a prison ship?’

‘Yes, we have to make it seem as though you are a dangerous convict.’

‘How will be able to find Sionn if I’m in a prison cell?’

‘You are only convicted of a relatively minor law.’

‘What’s that killing thirty Ancrons?’

‘No, you are accused of smashing up a government official’s house on Jennan 4, a planet within a short light-distance of Far-Station.’

‘Wait a minute, how come I did this if I’ve only been in existence a short time.’

‘We managed to acquire the body shortly after the crime and secrete it here to Terick 3 where we cloned another body. This is the one which you now have. The other body is in suspension at the moment.’

‘Well, this body is now very hungry! I hope I can get the mission over quickly as I suspect this body uses a lot of calories.’ Grenwer doesn`t usually laugh I knew that, but even he had to smile.


Chapter 12-Far-Station

‘Please, Dan, be very careful and believe you will succeed.

‘Please sit down.’

He looked into my eyes. Then holding my head with his two hands he then closed his eyes. I knew he was trying to give me some sort of protection. Over the last few days and I suppose it has only been a few days although with travelling to Andromeda galaxy who knows what time it is?  All I know is I have grown very fond of these ‘Defenders of the Universe.’

You will be taken to a holding place while they access your crime and punishment,’

‘What do you mean my punishment?’

‘It will only be a flogging or something minor like being left chained to a scaffold while the locals throw stuff at you.

‘What stuff?’

‘It is usually excrement or rubbish. Please don’t resist or you will be given a harsher punishment.’

‘Will I be wearing my protective suit?’

‘No, you will be naked,’

‘Thanks a lot.’

‘You will be perfectly alright as long as they don`t throw anything harmful.’

‘What about the Ancrons?’

‘Don`t worry they won’t be allowed to come near. Don’t forget to act animalistic and stupid. We have monitored the entire area through our agents and no one suspects anything. We believe Kallo is near but we don`t know where, he must have technology that is highly prized or a very good cloaking system.’

‘What if Kallo has, like you say, higher technology, surely he would catch on to this scam of ours!’

‘No, I told you, he has gone beyond the lower states of consciousness, he won’t know.’

‘I hope you are right.’

‘There is a hotel near to the place where you will be punished; it is called ‘The Dead Tourgen.’


‘Yes, one of the ancestors of the body you are in went berserk and killed many people some decades ago. He was killed by the Bourin, so they thought, but he wasn`t dead. He got up and slew many more.’

‘So the locals might be a little against Tourgens’ I said.

‘One more thing, be sure you don`t over stretch yourself physically, as your strength is more than your body can take; you might pull your arms out of their sockets.’

‘Why didn`t you just let me go in there as a human-being?’

‘You wouldn`t have lasted more than a day. The Bourin are vicious, they won`t give you any chance to negotiate or any form of agreement.’

‘What about a weapon, surely I need something to protect myself.’

‘Reeas will have some; there will be many such things available there,’

‘One more thing,’ I said, ‘how do I get to area 96?’

‘You will have to go by the road; it is not very good as the whole system isn`t repaired very often, also the population like to stage death games. They ride up to other road users and try to smash them with anything they can use as a weapon apart from guns, that is thought to be cowardly.’

‘Oh, no, not more lunacy,’

‘Just be aware of it. You will also have to acquire transport. Motor tricycles are large and powerful and built to withstand a lot of hard use, You won’t need any sort of license for the transport, things like that are not needed as people don`t matter, they are left to get rid of each other in any way they can. Area 96 is some three-hundred miles from the hotel, when you get there make your way to the local park where you will meet Reeas at 1,300 hours on the seven-hundred and fourth day. Today is the seven-hundred and second day.’

‘What month would that be?’

‘There are no months at Far-Station, the days are just days. There are one thousand days in a time span, so they just say seven-o-four or seven-o-five.’

‘What about the seasons?’

‘There are no seasons.’

My God, I thought, let me get away from this place as soon as I can.

I knew I was going to be in for a very rough time. I just hope I can stand up to it. No wonder Kallo picked this place to hide out. No one in their right minds would come anywhere near it. I knew Grenwer hadn`t told me everything about the evils in this place as it might over load my mind with panic. All I could do was trust in Grenwer and Sionn. I knew he was still in existence and waiting to unlock the secret in my mind. I just had to go through Hell to get to him.

From now on Grenwer had to stay behind. I was led by more than thirty guards who were requested by radio. We left the holding area. The security people were dressed in some sort of protective-suit and were very muscular, maybe they are clones, in fact, I’m sure they are. They could, I’m sure, beat the tar out of most people but I knew I could kill the lot of them quite easily. I was wearing restraints around my wrists and ankles, I knew I could break these if I wanted to, but as Grenwer said, I might injure myself. Just take it easy, Dan, or Cloft buddy. I thought, use the yoga technique you used years ago, deep breathing, and mental contemplation. So, they were going to lash you and throw some crap at you, so what, I knew I could break free but that would ruin everything.

We reached the boarding place for the shuttle to Far-Station. There was an assortment of people or beings who I would be hard pressed to even dream of. There was such a difference in body type. There are many human type people with differences in facial appearance and in size but I was the only Tourgen. I was also the largest although not the tallest and I knew, as they did, that I was the most feared. As you students know by now, my face was enough to put anybody off, with my red and yellow streaked eyeballs which could turn to gold when I get angry, and my two inch molars, anyone would be put off. We had our own shuttle. I don’t suppose people wanted to travel with a large beast type man who looked like a cross between an eight foot tiger-werewolf. I noticed a lot of the people waiting were also in custody with security guards; maybe some had hired security to guard them. One thing was sure; the job of security guard would always be needed here. We entered the shuttle. I was told to sit down on a seat which wasn`t big enough for me, the head guard with his arm band which read captain  seemed to take a liking to my discomfort but would not make eye contact with me, in fact, not one of the guards would. I could sense their fear, their hands were near their blasters, and some were already holding them. We lifted off and slotted into the air route to Junction-43. The trip would only take a short time as Terick-3 was in the same solar system as Far-Station.

Now I know what you students out there are saying: what are you doing? How can you hope to find someone who is in a maximum-security fortress, and you don’t even know what he looks like. You are in the body of a large beast type man, and you are going to get flogged into the bargain, oh, and there are thirty five armed guards restraining you. All I can say is I trust Sionn and Grenwer and I have to do my best. I am a Trainee-Guardian, and as such, I work for the universal good, like you do, my friends.


Chapter 13-Death penalty


‘OK big guy, this is the end of your journey and probably your life!’

‘What’ I said.

‘Yeah, you will be lucky to survive the flogging by the Bourin executioner, he uses a chain to lash the hell out of you, Ha, you poor ugly bastard.’

I got to my feet in an instant. The reaction was instantaneous panic. I got hit by three blasters set on stun; I went down like a ton of bricks in an enormous sack.

I woke up in the astral world; in fact I was in my own bed with my wife stroking my brow.

‘Don’t worry, you will survive the attack, please trust in the Guardians.’ I looked around and there was my son staring at me. ‘You can do anything, Dad, you’re like a superhero but just for now act like a super softie and it will save your life!’ I woke up with a throbbing headache, and a lack of use in my left arm and leg.

‘You’re not so big now, eh, fella.’

I knew I had to act stupid and weak. I lay there looking at them with my cat type eyes even that made them uneasy. I could sense the feeling coming back into my limbs, also I knew it had made me even more stronger, I don’t know what had happened but I knew I had to be careful of injuring myself. I was far too strong even for this body. I had enough strength to squash a steel plate with my two fingers but it would also squash my bones.


It was the chief guard. I pretended to limp out of the shuttle but in reality I could have jumped fifty yards if I had wanted to, and I wanted to. I wanted to smash everything in a mile radius.

‘In,’ shouted the same guard. An open top vehicle with a cage around it was parked nearby. I got in but I had to squeeze into it I felt claustrophobic I never liked to be in small places when I was a teacher so I guess the fear stems from there. The other guards got into a large bus type vehicle nearby while two more sat at the front of my vehicle. The panic was now setting in, I felt like smashing the cage to pieces which I could have done with ease but the guards would had killed me. I had to squat down and hold myself in check. Just a short time and I would be free. It took an agonizing three hours to get to the place of punishment. It was a large courtyard with a surrounding wall and a tall steel fence with ugly spikes on top. There were cages all over the place, they were stacked outside and inside with a collection of life forms in them; some were obviously dead, some had been there a long time and were stinking!

What the Hell have I let myself in for? All I could think of was my son saying you’re like a superhero dad! When I came out of my nice day dream I noticed prehistoric birdlike creatures pecking at the corpses in the cages also rats as big as cats running about between the bars. They sure are a successful species; I suppose you couldn`t really improve on them no matter what planet you’re on. What am I thinking! I have to get myself together.

“Hey, you, Tourgen, you are to be dealt with right away as we don’t want the risk of you escaping, you are to be flogged by chain until dead. The execution will be long and painful’

‘Wait a minute!’ I shouted, it is supposed to be a punishment and then I’m to be freed!’

‘No’ shouted the guard. The order has just come through, you are too dangerous.

My mind was in uproar, why didn`t Grenwer know? Or is this some sort of plan. Was I deliberately not told? I now had to think of some way to get out of this hell hole.

Right, I thought, they think I’m stupid and easily killed, well I’ll show them, and to hell with the karma.

‘Out,’ shouted the guard.

I squeezed myself out of the cage bending the metal bars of the door doing it. I could see about twenty guards of different shapes and sizes standing about.

‘Move,’ the head guard said. I could see the executioner about fifty yards away standing on a sort of scaffold in the middle of the area. I noticed people were gathering on seats that were being placed around the area. Surely that can’t be for me?

‘You’re the star of the show today.’ said the chief guard.  ‘Whenever a Tourgen gets flogged, it’s a special occasion.’

I could see there were dozens of different alien types of people, most were cruel looking but all were humanoid in appearance. The guard said ‘They know it will take ages and be cruel. That is what the people want and so we won’t disappoint them, will we!’ As we approached the scaffold I could see the executioner was a large troll-like creature known as the Bourin. He was about fifteen foot tall and about sixty stone. If I stood a chance it had to be before he struck with the chain.

‘Get on the scaffold,’ the head guard said. I started to climb up. The Bourin said `I’m going to enjoy this.’

The smell coming from his mouth was terrible, worse than anything on Earth!

‘I`m going to cut you down to the bone first and then I’ll start to smash your face. I know it will take a long time that is why I like to execute Tourgens, It gives me a good workout.’

He fastened me into a metal loop in the floor of the scaffold. I noticed there was no cage around the scaffold, maybe they thought there was no place to run to or simply that  there were too many guards, another thing I noticed was that most of the guards had their weapons holstered.

‘If you believe in any sort of God, now is the time to pray,’ the security chief said. In fact I did pray a little, for them!

As I knelt down I grasped the chains that were around my wrists, I knew I could break them easily, the question was would I be quick enough to stop the guards. The Bourin said, ‘Right, man-beast I will cut your suit off first, and then I’m going to start.’ As he took out a large knife from his belt, I pulled at the chains; they broke easily, with one swoop I brought the chains and the metal loop around hitting the Troll in the face killing him instantly, I then broke the chains around my ankles. In the next instant with speed that even stunned me, I jumped down and onto two of the guards, one being the head guard, smashing their heads together and killing them. I then grabbed one of their weapons. The other guards were staring in stunned silence, I didn’t have time to look whether it was on stun or kill, I just fired, luckily  for them it was on stun, they were out before they could think, I looked around, there was panic everywhere. I scanned the area for any more guards, but they must have got the message, all I could think of was escape, I looked for an exit, I noticed a figure on the wall above the area waving to me, I at once knew it was Reeas the female Tourgen, I ran as fast as I could and jumped the twenty foot wall easily. ‘Come,’ she said. I knew if I was a Tourgen, and I suppose I am, I could love someone like Reeas, she was unusually attractive for a beast-woman but I suppose it was the beast in me coming out, she said she had a transport a short distance away, she also said we couldn`t go to the hotel as the security people would be there once they found out about the incident. I said, ‘How did you know I would be given the death-penalty.’ she said she had contacts in high places. I thought, thank God, or rather Sionn!’


Chapter 14-The Caves of Vennam

We arrived at the transport which was a motor tricycle, ‘You’ve hurt your arm,’ Reeas said.

‘Grenwer said I was too strong for this body, but it did the trick, never mind, we`ll take care of it later.’ She got on the bike and I sat behind her, I said, ‘are you sure this thing can carry us?’

‘Don’t worry, but we might have to worry about being chased, we`ll stand out like–.’

‘Like couple of beast people on a trike,’ I said. She looked at me; I could see she was fascinated by this beast that was able to converse in an intelligent way, which must have been unusual, but it was also the same for me.

We set off at speed. Reeas said, ‘We will have to dump the trike and get another transport, one which we would be able to hide in.’

Reeas said, ‘We will park up and look around for suitable shelter.’

‘I notice there aren’t any other road users on this part of the highway,’

‘No, I deliberately brought us here; it is a forbidden place,’

‘What do you mean?’

‘It is the dwelling place of the Vennam.’

‘That doesn`t sound good, I was informed of them earlier they supposed to be in an isolated area!

‘Yes, but the security forces would not come in here!

‘OK,’ I said, ‘but what are the Vennam exactly?’

They are an alien race who can kill most beings with one touch.’

‘Oh, great’ I said! ‘How the hell do they manage to exist with other life forms?’

‘Don’t worry, they won’t come near us, they are afraid of us.’

‘Have you actually seen one?’

‘No, but I know what they look like, they are half-man and half-snake, the bottom half is snake,’

‘You mean they have no legs?’

‘Yes’ and their skin is dark blue in color, also they are naked.’

Please, God, help us to get through this I thought to myself.

We rode for about two hours through a countryside that was desolate featureless. Reeas then said. ‘Let’s make for a cave and hide out for a while.’ We hid the trike in undergrowth. Reeas took out a rucksack from the carrier which contained food and provisions. We then made our way to a mountain range to the Northwest. I asked her why we hadn`t seen any aircraft, she said, ‘they are banned, anything which is too technological isn`t allowed, apart from blasters.’

‘I suppose that’s lucky for us then?’

‘Yes, although they will still be looking for us, they also know there are two of us. It was now getting dark, I noticed that my eyesight was starting to improve, just like a cat; I could also see the Ancon’s stalking us.

‘Do you see what I see?’ I said to Reeas.

‘Yes. They won’t try anything yet, they know we can kill them quite easily, they will wait till later.’

We reached the Caves-of-Vennam. There were many caves, also many holes in the ground, some were very big and others were quite small. These holes were dotted all over the landscape as far as the eye could see. I didn’t like the idea that there could be Vennam waiting down there. I said to Reeas these holes are probably interconnected. She said, ‘Yes, but we have to take a chance. We picked a cave and went in. I said, ‘Are you sure the Vennam are afraid of us?’ Reeas emptied the rucksack and looked at me. ‘Wouldn’t you be afraid of you?’ she said, smiling.  There was food and water, medicine, also a knife, rope, bandages, a hacksaw and a blaster! I said, ‘Well done, Reeas. Why didn`t I keep hold of the blaster which I had at the area where I was to be executed!’

‘You know you can’t use the blaster on the Vennam, don’t you?’

‘Yes, I assumed so.’ I said. Reeas was smiling again.

‘Hold still and I will cut these chains off you.’

‘No need.’ I said, I then took hold of the chains and simply pulled, they broke easily.

‘I might have difficulty getting the manacles off though?’

I could hurt myself; I am much too strong for this body.’

I was now pulling the links off one by one; Reeas said you don’t need to impress me I know how strong you are; hold still I will cut the manacles off.’ I was now feeling a little silly.

‘Sorry.’ I said, ‘I’m still in awe of this body,’

‘I know, they are very impressive, and the constitution of it is very robust,’

‘You mean they are easy to look after.’

‘Yes, also they don’t need much food or water.’

Once the manacles were off she gently rubbed some ointment into my wounds and put a bandage on them. I was really getting to like Reeas!

‘What is our plan now, Reeas?’

‘We will wait till the early hours then make our way to the transport stop at ‘Quarter-Point,’ then we will break into a large truck and steal it.’

‘Wow, I said, it sounds easy.’

‘I hope it will be. We had better get some rest for a few hours. I will take the first watch,’

‘No, let me, I don’t really need rest.’

‘What do you mean you don’t need rest?’

‘They gave me some sort of boost before I went into the body!’

‘Dan, I must say you were really something to see back there!’

‘Thanks, but I think most of it was due to this body which is awesome, I feel I could take on anything.’ Reeas was now smiling at me.

‘We might have to before we are done.’

‘As long as I have you, I know I could do anything.’

‘What were you before you came here, Dan?’

‘Do you mean before I became a man-beast.’


‘I was a teacher on a planet called Earth.’

‘What did you teach?’

‘History, but all that pales into insignificance compared to what has happened since.’

‘What about you? Where do you come from?’

‘A planet called Erinon 5. It is in a triangle of Galaxies known as Zeta3. 1,500 light years away from here; our people are highly developed technologically.’

‘What are you doing here then?’

‘I am a Trainee-Guardian like you.’

‘What is your original physical form?’

‘I am human as you are.’

‘How much do you know about me?’

‘Not a lot, as yet, but that is probably for security reasons.

I have been here quite a while so it was quite easy to develop my higher consciousness without the security forces knowing. They only monitor people coming in to Far-Station; they also don`t expect a Tourgen to have higher learning.’

‘You mean you didn`t look into the light book!’

‘No, I`m self-taught, also they can`t monitor me.’

‘That`s incredible! You’re the perfect spy. What did you do before you became a Tourgen?’

‘I was a physicist.’

‘What makes you stay here?’

‘I want to do all I can to improve life here.’

‘Very commendable, but it`s like hell.’

‘Yes, but there are people here who deserve better and I can always dream travel, in fact, if you will keep guard I will report to Grenwer on the astral plane,’

‘OK, but please don’t be too long, this place gives me the creeps.’

‘OK, I will be as quick as I can.’

She went to a corner of the cave and settled down to sleep.

All I could do was look out at the wasteland that was Far-Station. The sky was deep red making the mountains in the distance look very menacing. The first sign that something was wrong was when I heard a sort of movement in the grass, and then I saw something looking back at me from about twenty yards away, It was sort of sitting up but way too tall for a normal man, and then I saw it. It was on its tail! A Vennam! Without waiting it started to race over to me.

‘Where’s that blaster,’ I shouted. ‘Oh, God, no, I can’t use it.’ Before I could think, the creature was nearly on me, all I could grab was the chain that used to be on my wrists. As the Vennam came into touching distance I side stepped it then hit it behind the head with the chain and manacle. It was dead before it hit the cave wall. Reeas was now up and had the blaster pointed just in case. ‘I thought we couldn’t use the blaster.’ I said? Reeas looked at me. ‘I have it set on stun but I doubt it would have worked on it. Maybe we should move on.’

‘I thought you said they were scared of us?’

‘They are supposed to be. Make very sure you don’t touch any part it. Let’s go.’

‘Did you manage to reach Grenwer?’

‘No, I didn’t have the time.’

I couldn`t resist looking at the creature on the cave floor, it was dark blue in color with a face like a large lizard, the skin was also oozing a thick liquid which was obviously poison.

We packed our stuff and carefully scanned the outside before we stepped out of the cave. Reeas had the blaster ready just in case.

‘I`m sure glad you weren`t asleep, Dan.’

‘And I’m sure glad you’re here Reeas. You know, Reeas; the name of this body is Cloft, don’t you?’

‘I like Dan, better.’


Chapter 15-Quarter-Point

It was still dark as we made our way to Quarter-Point. My senses were tingling, but I couldn’t see anything that was aggressive. The animal life had been more or less eliminated by the Ancrons, and the Vennam. I thought we had been fortunate not to meet any Ancrons, but sods law; there they were, about 50 yards away.

I said, ‘I thought they didn`t hunt in packs.’

‘Normally they don’t, but I think they know who we are. You know they are consciously aware, don’t you.’

‘Yes, but are they intelligent?’

‘No, of course not, but they can interact with each other, so we will have to be very careful. The stun feature won’t work on these creatures, so we’ll have to kill them, and we probably won’t be able to get them all before they reach us,’

‘You have the blaster, Reeas, and I will have the knife and chain.’ Before I could get the words out, they were on us. We stood back-to-back as the first one reached us, I hit it with the chain and it fell dead. Reeas blasted two as they tried to grab her. The biggest one was eying me up as it backed away from the blaster, it lunged at me grabbing the chain, I brought the knife in under its jaw and it exited through its head. The other dogs started to back off having now seen the carnage. If ever I needed someone to watch my back it would be Reeas. The power of this body was truly awesome. I thought the light suit was something special and it is, in fact, the light suit was invulnerable but the feeling of power in this body was something extra! Reeas said, ‘You really came through again, Dan.’

I said, ‘and you, Reeas.’

‘The Ancon’s don`t usually attack in numbers, but we saw them off!’

She touched my arm in a little gesture of affection. I smiled as best I could in this tiger like face.

With all the excitement going on, we didn`t notice the ring of Vennam surrounding us, and behind them more Ancrons!

‘There is no way we can get out of this Dan.’

Don`t count us out yet, Reeas, just be still and wait till they come nearer. Which way is it to Quarter-Point?’


‘Right, I suppose we can’t shoot any Vennam?’

‘No, the poison might spread over us.’

‘OK, how are you at landing, Reeas?’


‘I`m going to jump us over this problem, I have enough strength to lift us about forty yards, but I don`t want you to get injured when we land.’

‘Don`t worry about that, I will take my chances.’

‘OK, I’ll wait till they get within about twenty-feet, then you climb onto my back, then I’ll jump. When we land turn around and blast as many Ancrons as you can.’

The Vennam were closing in, I could see the look on their faces they were devoid of any emotion.

‘Now,’ I said. Reeas climbed onto my back. I summoned all my power and jumped. I was surprised at the distance we travelled; it must have been a hundred and fifty-feet, Reeas jumped off before we landed and rolled over several times, luckily she was OK, I landed heavily but was also OK. The Ancrons were charging down on us fast. Reeas changed the setting on the blaster to spread and aimed low, she blew the legs off two Ancrons and wounded a third. The second largest dog managed to come at me from the side I grabbed it by the neck as it jumped and then I held it up for the others to see before I killed it. That was enough for them! The Vennam must have been impressed also, as they just stayed were they were.

‘I`m sure glad you brought that blaster, Reeas.’

‘And I’m glad you have the extra strength, let’s get out of here.’

We started to run, and I must admit, we could go pretty fast, there wasn`t much cover from the landscape, most of the land was desert and the occasional bush.

‘How are we going to get near Quarter-Point?’ I said.

‘We will find a place to hide out till night, and then break through the barrier and find a transport.’

After travelling about twelve miles, we came to some roughly built houses near the perimeter of Quarter-Point, we couldn`t risk checking them out till later, but we more or less knew they were abandoned as there was no one around, but we still had to be careful as we entered the first one.

Reeas said, ‘This used to be a village for travelling people years ago, but the Vennam and Ancrons drove them out.’

‘Why do the government put up with these evil beings?’

‘As long as the Vennam and Ancrons are isolated where they are, they are tolerated. The Vennam can’t be killed with blasters, and we know that they are immune to any known poison, the only thing that can kill them is direct contact, such as what you did to one of them, also the Ancrons can kill one or two now and then, and eat them, as they have developed a tolerance for them over the years. There is no actual government as such; it’s more of a Mob-State!’

‘Well, what do the Vennam live on?’

‘They don`t need to eat very often, they are like snakes in that respect, but when they do, they usually eat the weakest of their kind!’

‘You mean they cannibalize their own people?’


‘How can a race of beings like the Vennam evolve into any sort of intelligent civilization?’

‘You haven’t studied the other planets throughout the Universe have you?’

‘I haven’t had the time, as yet.’

‘Believe me there are far worse creatures than the Vennam out there!

Please God, help us, I thought.



Reeas said, ‘I didn`t say anything!’

‘No, I am up here,’ the voice said.

I was so shocked I couldn`t think. Reeas said ‘What’s wrong?’

‘I heard a voice,’ It said, ‘up here.’

‘I can’t hear anything.’

‘She can`t hear me, just you!’

I could now see the owner of the voice, It was a small pixie like creature of about six inches in height with butterfly wings; it was sitting on one of the beams above us. Reeas could by now see it, and had the blaster at the ready.

‘Please don`t shoot! I am a friend.’

I told Reeas to lower the blaster.

I said, ‘I can understand it.’

‘Actually I’m a she; I’m called Deria.’

‘Will someone tell me what’s going on?’ Reeas said.

‘I can understand it; she says she is a friend, Please be patient, and I will find out what she wants.’

‘How do you know my name?’

‘I have a message from Sionn!’

I was stunned!

Reeas said, ‘All I can hear is squeaking.’

‘Deria said, ‘You have the ability to understand me, Dan, you were chosen to look into the light book.’

Reeas will begin understand me in a short while.’

‘Yes, now I understand, Sionn said I would be able to understand other life forms. Where do you come from?’

‘Our planet is Sandora in the Galaxy of Sauteir. We were over-run by a cruel race of people known as the Cryons; they looked on us as pets, and transported us throughout the Universe.’

I couldn`t get it through my brain what I was hearing from Deria. She said that Sionn was being held prisoner at the high security complex of Black-Wall in area eighteen at junction 50! When I told Reeas the info, even she looked stunned.

‘How are we supposed to get in there? It is the most secure jail at Far-Station?’

‘OK,’ I said, ‘let’s take a break; I want you to keep guard while I report back to Grenwer.’

‘Please don’t be long.’ Reeas replied. I found a dry corner of the building and was surprised to find that I went to sleep quite easily.  Immediately I was in the same room that we shared on the astral planet of Terick 3.

Grenwer was staring at me. He said, ‘Did you meet Reeas?’

I told him the story so far. After careful consideration he said. ‘We are almost certain that Kallo still does not know about our plan. You have the information in your mind that Sionn needs to capture Kallo, and Sionn has the information that Kallo needs to destroy the higher worlds! If you were to be captured everything would be lost!’

‘Why do you say that?’

‘They would not use ordinary torture techniques on you, they would use mind probes of the cruelest kind, and that is probably what will be happening to Sionn right now!’

I was astonished. I said, ‘Why can`t Sionn just kill himself and escape back to the astral world!’

I knew I had put my foot in it again.

‘I`m sorry,’ I said, ‘I can`t think straight.’

‘You’re forgiven! You have been through a lot, and you have done well! Now is the time to act. When you get back go to the far right-hand corner of Quarter-Point; locate the building known as the Heavy-Mech section. you will have to break the door open, it is made of titanium and is reinforced but I know you will get through, once you are in ask Deria to get the key to the tunneling machine. Deria will also be your guide to the security complex where Sionn is being held.’

‘Do you mean we will tunnel right into the complex?’


‘Won’t they expect something like this?’

‘No, that is the thing; they will expect a more technological approach.’

‘Yes, but guiding a tunneling machine underground is I suppose technological, isn`t it?’

‘Yes, but we know they won’t be able to pick any signs up from Deria as she is too high in consciousness.’

‘What about Kallo? Will he not know?’

‘We believe Kallo has lost a large portion of his higher self through being at Far-Station, that is why we must act fast to save Sionn before he is lost.’  I didn`t want to say it but I did.

‘What if Sionn is lost?’

‘Then you will have to kill your selves or die fighting to get back here.’

Not much of a happy ending, I thought.

I woke up with a jolt. Reeas was on guard, and Deria was still sitting on the beam. I related my story to them.

‘We better wait till early morning so no one will be there, said Reeas.’

‘There is no time to wait, according to Grenwer we have to go now!’

‘OK, she said, but it’s risky.’

‘We`ll have to take a chance on that, I’m hoping that if we get away with it, they will think it`s only thieves.’

We ran across to the railings which I could see were strengthened as was everything at Far-Station. Reeas pulled at one railing and I pulled at the other, and we managed to make create a space big enough for us to get through. We didn’t want to risk jumping over as we might be seen.

‘The door won’t be that easy,’ Reeas said. I knew she was right. It was now dark, and there wasn’t anyone around. We had to be careful as we made our way to the Heavy-Mech section.

‘I will need some sort of tool to break open the door. Hold on a minute, what about the roof, maybe I could jump up there and break in.’ Deria said she would fly up and look. Within a minute she was back. No luck, she said, it’s heavy concrete. I’ll fly around and check out the area, and try to locate something for you to use. I said to Reeas,

‘We are lucky to have her.’

‘Yes, Dan, I just hope we can see it through to the end.’

‘If you are there I will be happy.’ I said. Reeas smiled.

Deria came back and said there was a metal bar some way off. Reeas said she would get it. I said, ‘Be careful.’

Reeas said ‘I can look after myself.’ I said, ‘Yes, but who will look after me?’ She smiled again.

I looked at the door and thought these people might be lower beings, but they sure know how to build things to last. The whole building was made of heavy steel and concrete.

Reeas came back with a big crowbar and a piece of scaffold board. I placed the board on the floor put the bar on the board, then I shoved the bar under the door, I heaved, the door started to move a little, after about two minutes the door was starting to give. I said, ‘Stand back.’ I then took six paces back and ran putting my shoulder to the door it gave way with a thunderous noise.

‘Quick, I said to Deria, go and get the keys while Reeas and I look for the machine.’ All Deria had to do was fly between the bars of the office to get the keys which were labeled for each machine. There was no mistaking the tunneling machine as it was massive, with a corkscrew front. We had to climb up a ladder to get to the door; the machine was sitting on a giant truck. Deria was having trouble carrying the key as it was nearly as big as her, but she made it.  We went inside the machine. Dear God, I thought, please make it start.

‘Lock the door.’ I shouted, as I ran to the front, I put the key in and turned it, and lo-and-behold it started. The controls were very basic, just a joystick, and pedals, also a depth-meter and warning lights such as air tanks, and fuel, I looked at the fuel, and again luck was with us, a full tank! I didn`t know what type of fuel it was, but I wasn`t concerned with that. ‘Here we go.’ I said, I pointed the joystick down the machine rumbled; I put my foot on the pedal, and it started to move, I couldn`t see anything as there was no screen but we knew we were moving as the front of the corkscrew hit the concrete, I knew also part of the roof of the building was gone as the framework of the machine had risen up before we could slide down the ramp. I just hope the metal corkscrew could stand up to the concrete floor. By this time I thought the security forces must be on site.

‘What about weapons I said, do they have blasters?’

‘Yes’ said Reeas, but they won’t be effective against this machine.’

It was too late anyway, as we were free of the concrete and going down fast. Deria sat at the side of me, we must have looked a comical site as I was much too big for the chair and she was much too small.


Chapter 16-The yalton Realm

‘How do they steer the thing.’ I said.

Deria said they probably have a machine which guides it from the surface. ‘Go left Dan, I don’t know how long it will take, or how far we will have to go, said Deria, all I know is I am getting a signal from the left which is stronger.’

We all knew that the security forces couldn’t follow us as the waste from the front of the machine was being thrown to the back. ‘What about air I said?’

Reeas said, ‘There is a notice here, it say`s we can go for two-hours without oxygen then we have to surface, it also says the top speed is twenty-miles an hour!’

‘I said, these people might be are low in consciousness but they can make a machine like this which is way ahead of Earth`s technology?’ Reeas said,

‘They haven’t always been like that, this world was once highly technological, but was invaded by numerous aliens, so over time it became what it is now.’

After two hours I knew we would have to surface for air, but before we could do that, there was a big jolt and we came to a stop.

‘What`s wrong?’ I said.

Deria said, ‘It feels as though we are in the open.’

‘We can’t be the depth-meter says fifty-foot.’

‘Well, we will just have to look outside’ Reeas said.

‘Get the blaster’ I said, as I pushed on the door and opened it.  I was amazed to find we were in a massive cave system!

‘It looks as though we are stuck,’ Reeas said. ‘We can’t go back as the corkscrew is sticking out at the front, and we can’t go forward as we are over a chasm.’

‘How did they get around a problem like this?  I said.

‘Reeas said, maybe they had maps in the office or something.’

Deria said, ‘The signal is very strong now, we may be able to reach Black-Wall through the cave system.’ Deria then started to cling to my arm.

‘What’s wrong,’ I said.

‘There are other beings approaching.’

‘Step back from the door,’ I said, ‘we don`t know who these people are.’

The front of the tunneling machine was over a drop of about fifty feet, with the door just behind the corkscrew. We were safe enough, but we were trapped. I was trying to figure out how we could get out of this mess when a tiny voice shouted from below.   ‘Are you Dan Sherman?’ I was astounded; all I could think of to say was ‘Yes.’ A crowd of small human like creatures were standing and looking up at us! They all started to shout in unison; ‘Please help us, please help us.’

‘Who are you?’ I shouted.

A person came forward and said, ‘We knew you would be coming this way, we have been waiting for you!’

‘How did you know about us?’

He said Sionn had contacted them through mind power!

I was shocked again; how could Sionn get himself trapped by Kallo with the immense knowledge and power he had. I was starting to worry that Kallo was stronger and more powerful than us, and that he was beyond our capabilities to detain, if he could take Sionn with such ease, what could we do?

‘Do you know where Sionn is?’ I said.

‘Yes, he is at Black wall.’

‘OK,’ I said, ‘let’s get down there and figure out a way to get to Black Wall from here.’

We scrambled down the rock face. The leader of the crowd said, ‘I am Fagil, I am the elder of my people here, we are called the Yalton.’

I asked him if there was any way to get to Black Wall from here. He said, ‘Yes, but we want you to help us first!’

I told him that time was of the essence and the whole balance of the Universe was at stake. ‘Yes,’ he said, ‘but the way to Black Wall was guarded by an Underground Devil!’

I thought this is going from bad to worse, what do they want of me? I am only one person!

Fagil replied, ‘I know you are feeling down at the moment, it is the consciousness of the planet that does that!’

‘What do you mean, I said?’

‘This used to be a highly evolved and spiritual place. We were on the verge of total mastery of the mind when we were invaded. Now we are nothing more than vermin to those on the surface. If you will help us get rid of the Underground Devil, we will help you to find Sionn, and then he will also help us to rid ourselves of the surface people once and for all.’

Wow, a pretty tall order, I thought.

‘OK,’ I said, ‘we will help.’

By now the group of people had grown, and I noticed the light in the cavern was getting brighter!

Fagil said, ‘I see you notice our light?’

‘Yes, it’s extraordinary.’

‘No. It is something that evolved many hundreds of years ago. We only need one thing to survive here on our planet, and that is food, which we dig out of the planet itself.’

‘That reminds me,’ I said, ‘I am hungry.’

One of the Yalton came over with a small bag; he reached in and pulled out a small lump of rock. ‘Eat this,’ he said.

I looked at it. I thought, is this for real? I took it, thanked him, and bit a piece off, it melted in my mouth, and I suddenly felt full!

‘This is our sustenance, Fagil said. Please, Reeas, take some, and Deria.

‘Our people are massing at the border of junction 50. This is the time of the Yalton.’

I said, ‘What do you mean?’

‘If we can get through the border and meet with our tribesmen we may be able to overthrow the evil forces on our planet.’

‘How are you going to do that?’ I said.

‘We will prevail with the help of our God-man.’

‘Oh, I said, and who is that?’

‘Sionn,’ he said!

Now it was starting to make sense. This was all part of Sionn’s plan to overthrow Kallo! He let himself be caught! But why didn`t he tell me? Was this all some sort of test for me? My mind was in a whirl, but my attention was on the Yalton, they all looked alike, but now as I studied them, I could faintly see their bones and inner organs through their skin! They had on garments that seemed to glow in the dark, but as I observed them I could see that the light was coming from within them. They also had large eyes. They reminded me of the classic alien type creatures that we had become accustom to on TV, and in UFO stories back on Earth.

Fagil said, ‘We have been waiting a long time for this moment, if we can reunite with enough of our brothers we would be able to raise the consciousness of other beings at Far-Station, or rather, ‘Yalton,’ this is the original name of our planet.’

‘How come the surface people never tried to exterminate you from above? I said.’

Fagil said, ‘They are low in consciousness and are afraid of coming down here; they look on us as ghosts, and they know they can’t use any sort of explosive device as it would ruin the planet.’

Deria said, ‘There are others of my kind on this planet, which will also respond to higher consciousness.’

I couldn`t help thinking how a relatively small number of weak creatures would be able to overcome the powerful forces at Far-Station!

‘Please let us be on our way,’ said Fagil.

‘Well,’ I said, ‘we shouldn`t have too much trouble from the Bourin, as we have the blaster!

‘No!’ Shouted Fagil! ‘You cannot use the blaster it would cause untold damage to the rocks!’

‘How do you mean?’ I said.

‘The slightest contamination from a blaster would do untold damage to the planet!’

‘Surely it must have been done before, with the different alien races which tried to dominate the planet.’

‘Yes, but that was on the surface where the light doesn`t affect the rocks. You will have to kill the Devil with your strength!’

‘Well, I did kill the Bourin executioner at the start of our troubles, didn`t I?’

‘This won`t be an ordinary Bourin, it is twice as strong, and cannot be killed with a blaster anyway.’

‘OK, but I can use the knife’ can`t I?’

‘Yes, but it probably won`t help.’

‘What’s he made of, Rock?

‘No, but something nearly as tough, its bones are very strong, and the inner organs are protected by more bone. You will have to smash it with whatever you can lift!’

Great, I thought, the future of the Universe depends on two big beasts smashing the hell out of each other.

‘How are we going to get there? We only have about half a day to reach Sionn, I said.’

‘You have only ten hours!’ He said.

‘How far is it?’ I said.

‘Thirty miles, please follow me.’

When we got into the other shaft I was amazed to see well-constructed roadways with lamps set in the walls.

‘The lights are for your convenience, will you be able to keep up when we start to move?’

I thought, is he joking, but I soon realized he wasn`t.  They set off and I could see that they were not touching the ground, but floating above it; they didn`t even need to move their legs. I said to Reeas, ‘Are you OK?’

‘Yes, I’m just wondering what fate has in store for us, Dan. ’

‘As long as you are here, Reeas, I am OK.’ She smiled again.

I estimated we were doing about ten miles per hour, so it would take us three hours to get to where we needed to be. After about two hours we came to a stop next to a big doorway off to the right. Fagil said, ‘Please follow us in. I was amazed to see a giant cavern with ornate carvings and statues; it looked like a spiritual place. Fagil said, ‘It was one of the centers of higher consciousness on the planet.’

I noticed that the walls were glowing slightly, and there was a faint humming noise coming from somewhere within the planet. The Yalton people were holding hands and standing in a large circle. I, Reeas and Deria were in the center. Fagil started to chant some words which I wasn`t familiar with. I noticed that the walls were starting to glow! After five minutes the light was quite bright, and the noise was quite loud. The bodies of the Yalton people were also glowing, and I could see their hearts beating through their chests! The experience to me was of deep spirituality. I also felt confident and totally rested.

‘We have given you what extra strength you will need to defeat the Bourin.’ Fagil said.

‘Thank you, I may need it!’

Fagil then went to a large stone door; he opened it with a little help from his brothers. He said, ‘Please take out these weapons.’ I went over and saw a collection of weapons which looked very old, one was a sword, and there was also a battle-axe and other things. I asked Reeas to hold the sword, while I took the axe. It felt strong, and I felt strong, I just hope we were strong enough! I asked Reeas if she still had the knife in her rucksack, she said yes, I knew this knife to be extra strong as if made for someone my size, maybe it was. I then asked Fagil if he had any string, he went to another room and came back with a length of twine which I tied around the handle of the knife and then I slung it over my neck so that it hung down behind my back. ‘OK,’ I said, ‘I’m ready!’

Now for you Students: yes, I can hardly believe I got this far myself! All I can say is I know I can get back to base even if I died so that in itself was a plus, the other thing is, I have very good help. Please don’t forget to upload your thoughts to central database. We always appreciate your efforts. Onward!’


Chapter 17-The Underground Devil

We started to move again and after a short while Fagil said, ‘The hallway where the Bourin lives is five-hundred yards further up the roadway.’

I said, ‘If we are lucky he will be asleep.’

‘No.’ Fagil said. ‘He will smell us long before we come into view!’

‘Yes, and I can smell him,’ the stench is terrible. After another minute I could see it, it was a giant of about twenty foot tall and around three tons in weight. I could see a collection of weapons, and there was a small grotto or cave where it probably slept or ate.

‘Why doesn`t it come into your area?’ I said.

Fagil said, ‘The light drives it back!’

It was pacing about as though it knew something was about to happen. It grabbed a large club from the floor and came nearer. I told Reeas to stay clear unless I was about to get killed. She was holding the sword as though she knew how to use it, and she probably did.

‘Right, I’m ready.’ I said. Reeas said, ‘Be careful.’

I walked nearer until I was about fifty yards away then I stopped. I looked around at the immediate area sizing everything up; I noticed there was a ledge at the rear of the Bourin about thirty feet above the wall. The creature was surprisingly agile, I noticed, it swayed from side to side moving the club from one hand to the other. I looked back and noticed the Yalton were in prayer again, they were standing in a ring holding hands.

I said a small prayer lifted up my axe and charged. I then slid on my side as I reached my opponent; I hit it in the leg with my axe. To my surprise it didn`t fall, but tried to stamp on me. I got up quickly and swung my axe which hit the Bourin’s club. My axe was now stuck in the club! I leaped back. Reeas had seen what had happened and came running. I shouted to her to get back but she didn`t do as ordered; she swung the sword and hit the Devil on the side making a large gash. The Bourin stepped back took hold of the axe and pulled it out from the club. Reeas again swung the sword, but the Bourin also swung the club at the same time hitting Reeas, I didn`t think anything of it, I knew Reeas was strong, but I underestimated the strength of the Bourin. Reeas lay still. I wanted to go over and help her, but I knew what I had to do. The Bourin now had both weapons. I ran while grabbing the knife from around my neck and jumped. I hit the Bourin in the eye with the knife and before he could react I jumped from his shoulder onto the ledge above. He looked up at me as the blood came gushing out of the wound. I looked over at Reeas and saw the Yalton had formed a ring around her and were praying. I knew she was badly hurt, and I wished she had stayed were she was but she is a warrior like me, and we are Tourgen. I looked down at the Bourin; there was no sign of emotion and no sign of fear, just hate and evil. I held the knife in both hands and jumped. The knife went in its scull up to the hilt. Then it slowly toppled over and I jumped off as it hit the ground I could see it was already dead.

I ran over to Reeas. The Yalton were still praying but I could see she was dead. The Tourgen didn`t feel much emotion but I did and I couldn`t stop the tears. I thought to myself, maybe it was the first time a Tourgen had cried?

‘My people will take Reeas back to our spiritual hall,’ said Fagil. ‘We will continue to pray for her, but we must hurry there is not much time left!’

‘What`s the point.’ I said.

‘The point is the Universe is at stake!’ It was Sionn’s voice!

‘You heard Your Masters voice?’ Fagil said.


‘You know what you must do now then?’

‘Yes, but please give me a moment to reflect.’

‘I’m sorry, Dan, but we must hurry we have to get through this door. This is the entrance to Junction 50. You will have to use all your strength!’

My mind was in a whirl. I felt anger, frustration, and sadness all in one. I couldn`t do anything about the sadness, but I could take the other two out on the door! There were two massive boulders in front of it.  Then a very large metal bar slotted into two metal plates, at each side of the door secured with the biggest padlock I had ever seen. Right, I thought, let me get the axe. I slotted the axe under the boulder and heaved, once I got it moving I simply rolled it away. I could see the Yalton were impressed. I did the same with the other one then I took the axe and smashed it down on the padlock. It broke into several pieces. Now all I had to do was simply lift off the metal bar. I noticed that the door only opened outward which was toward me and there was no handle!

‘You will have to smash it,’ said Fagil.

I didn`t know how thick it was but knowing the people on Far- Station, I guessed it was pretty thick.

‘OK,’ I said, I grabbed the metal bar, and I ran at the door using the bar as a battering ram. There was an almighty bang but the door was still solid. This requires a great deal of force I thought. I then stood still and tried to focus my mind as in yoga. The Yalton were also praying in a circle as usual. After about five minutes I went over to the boulder and using all my strength I lifted it onto my shoulder, I then ran at the door and smashed into it. The noise must have been heard on the surface but I couldn`t care less. The boulder was broken in pieces so I moved them away; I noticed the door was split slightly.

I could feel the power increasing in me! I was now more powerful than ever. It was as though the angrier I was, the more powerful I became. I ran over to the other boulder and lifted it easily. With one huge lungful of air I ran as fast as I could.

The noise was incredible! The door splintered into pieces, and I was thrown through to the other side, landing on my face. Luckily I hadn`t hurt myself.

I looked up to see another large Bourin holding a very large club in one hand, and a chain in the other!

OK, my friend, I thought, if you want to play I`m your man.

It walked over to me. I wasn`t even nervous this time, I knew I could take It quite easily. It swung the chain down from its right hand. I side stepped It with ease. Then I jumped onto its chest scratching both of its eyes out. It dropped the weapons and took hold of me around the back of the neck with its right hand. Then as It was about to hit me with its left hand I caught It and bit one of its fingers off. Then I bit another one off, it let go of me. Now it was in panic! I walked over to the metal bar which used to secure the door and picked it up; I then walked casually over to the Bourin and smashed it down on its head. It fell dead. I looked over at the Yalton; they were ecstatic!

‘You have defeated the strongest being in this planetary system. Fagil said, ‘you are to be praised!’

The Yalton were now holding hands again and chanting. I thought, we haven’t got time for this but I must be patient. The other thing I thought about was Kallo; surely he must now know we are trying to break Sionn out. The Yalton stopped chanting! Then I heard a faint noise from the tunnel ahead. Then I saw a faint light. ‘My brothers are coming.’ said Fagil. The light was now beginning to get very bright; also the sound of humming was also calming beyond belief!

‘Reunion is at hand,’ Fagil shouted. ‘With the help of our heroes let us go forth and release our savior!’ I picked up the axe and Reeas`s rucksack and followed.’


Chapter 18-Junction 50

I wanted to sleep and relay back to Grenwer what had occurred but there simply was no time!

‘Will we meet any more enemies?’ I said.

‘Probably, but they can`t have realized, as yet, about the enormity of what has happened, or there would be mayhem!’

By this time there are more and more Yalton coming to greet us.  Before long there were more Yalton than the space would allow, so we had to stop and make our way to another large cavern room. This one was gigantic, bigger than a cathedral were more Yalton were waiting. The whole place was brighter than outside and my eyes were starting to hurt. Fagil said, ‘You will get used to it in a while; also we have only two hours to reach Sionn. We know he is still alive as we are still receiving his mental signals.’

I said, ‘Can you pick up anything relating to Kallo?’


‘Right,’ I said, ‘Where exactly is Sionn?’

‘He is being kept in a small dungeon type room which is heavily guarded but we cannot take the chance of storming it as it would take too long and Sionn would be lost before we could get to him.’

‘Oh, great,’ I said, ‘what are we going to do?’

‘There is a secret tunnel we made years ago that is right under his cell, in fact, there are tunnels under most of the cells as we had the foresight to hope that something like this would happen one day!  All you have to do is climb the steps we made to the underside of his cell and break your way in. There are only a few feet of soil which is held up by scaffolding and then of course the cell floor. You will have to use your axe!’

‘OK,’ I said, ‘let’s get on with it.’

‘No,’ replied Fagil. ‘First, let us pray.’ I stood in the middle of the Yalton and cantered my thoughts. The light and sound was incredible. I felt I could take on an army!

‘When you break through you will have to be very quick to stop the guards coming in; also take the isolation leads off Sionn’s head!’

‘What?’ I said.

‘Sionn will be isolated. That means his consciousness will be put into an isolation vessel if we are not quick enough.’

‘Wait a minute,’ I said, ‘Do you mean Kallo has found a way to steal someone’s consciousness?’

‘Yes, and once he is in there Kallo could transfer him anywhere as his prisoner!’

Oh, this keeps getting worse, I thought!

‘Once you reach Sionn you will know if he is aware of you, and whether he is himself. Don`t forget the blaster, you will certainly need it!

‘Wait a minute,’ I said, ‘there will have to be a change of plan.’

‘What?’ Fagil said.

‘You will just have to trust me. Is there a way to the central guardroom?’

‘Yes, but why do you ask?’

‘I have an overwhelming desire to go there!’

‘But that is the one place we don`t want to go to!’

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘and that is the last place they will expect us to go. Let us lose no more time.’

In less than half an hour we were underneath the guardroom. We had to be very quiet, as I knew Kallo was near, in fact, he was in the guardroom; I just knew it!

I said, ‘There is now less than an hour to reach Sionn, right?’

‘Yes.’ said Fagil.

‘Then Kallo will obviously be expecting us.’

‘Yes, but we don`t even know where he is!’

‘I do.’ I said.

Fagil and the others looked stunned.

‘Where is he?’ they asked.

‘He’s in the guardroom!’ I said.

Before they could say anything I swung into action. The stairway led right up to the underside of the guardroom floor. I gripped the axe with both my hands and smashed the scaffold away then in seconds I swung it upwards. The rubble came down, and I leapt into the room already holding my blaster, I killed three of the guards before they could react, at this point I wasn`t bothered whether it was on stun or kill! I couldn’t believe my luck as Kallo was running for the console but I knew I could beat him to it. I grabbed him by the throat and just held him in the air with one hand while I blasted the console. I could now see the other guards were surrendering. So I flicked the blaster on to stun with one hand and fired. They fell were they stood. I knew Kallo’s little trick of using his finger to kill me wouldn`t work this time as I was now much too strong for that, also the instrument panel was useless now. I knew this was a momentous event as there was a great cheer from underground passages, and also from other areas. With the system destroyed. I knew Kallo was vulnerable now. His light suit was programmed into the Far-Station system. He could kill himself maybe, but I wasn’t bothered either way, as I had him in my grip I was elated. He would now be put in a secure place where he belonged. The Guardians would now be able to access Far-Station, or as it would now be called, ‘Yalton.’

I ran to the cell where Sionn was being held with Kallo still in my grip. Sionn was lying on a table with a metal skull cap on his head with wires and other components coming out of it. He had a different body, but I knew it was him he also had a device fastened around his neck like a large dog collar with a chain attached so that he couldn`t move very far. I removed the skull cap then I pulled at the chain with one hand and it snapped then I gently raised Sionn up while still holding Kallo with the other hand. They were now facing each other. The thing I didn`t notice while I was holding Kallo was that now he was quite dead! I dropped him to the floor. Sionn looked at me and smiled, he said, ‘You have done well, Dan, but the container with the deadly material in it has been moved to one of the other planets in the former Far-Station system, we need you to retrieve it, I will interrogate Kallo when I get back to the astral substation, I will await you there in the dream state.’ He touched me behind the neck to retrieve the information he needed. All at once Sionn became deadly pale, and in the next second he was dead! Five seconds later he was back!

‘Oh, I forgot, Dan,’ he said, ‘you can go and welcome Reeas back she’s waiting for you below.’ Within another two seconds he was gone! What kind of power has Sionn got? What kind of being can conquer death itself? I was stunned.

What did he just say? Reeas alive! I jumped up and ran back down the steps to the tunnel and all the way to the large cavern where the Yalton said they had taken her, the light was awesome. I entered the hallway and stared in amazement at the Yalton who were surrounding the stone table where Reeas was lying. Could Sionn be wrong? No way, I said to myself! The Yalton started to make way for me; I walked up to the table, Reeas was looking at me with those big green and yellow cat-like eyes, she said, ‘I wondered how long you would be.’ I grabbed her and had to restrain myself from squeezing too much, after all, I didn`t get much time for gentility did I.

‘I knew you would be OK,’ I said, ‘but I thought I would see you back at the sub base but this is a big bonus!’

‘Yes, I could have stayed there and even come back as another clone but I wanted to help you now. Sionn approved it.’

I told her what Sionn had said and also that everything was now getting back to normal for Yalton.

‘Well then, let’s go and cuddle up together and sleep,’

‘Lead the way,’ I said.

I knew Fagil had everything in order. The Yalton had all of the surface beings totally in submission, except the ones who were friendly. I knew it would take quite a while to get back to normality. The weather on Yalton was not good, in fact it was like winter all the time that is one reason why the Yalton started to live underground in the first place, so I suppose things wouldn`t change in that respect, but now they were the masters.

Reeas and I went to a corner of the vast cavern to sleep, but first I said, ‘Do you want to dance?’

‘As a matter of fact I do.’

‘OK, how about a classic, the Bolero?’

You students will say: how can two Tourgen’s dance the Bolero? Well we did!

We had an hour of the most beautiful ball room dances you can think of in a very large and spiritual place. Can you think of a better thing to do my student friends?

Then we went to sleep in a corner where we cuddled up together. You may ask how we got the music. We simply left that to the Yalton.


Chapter 19-Sub plane Base

I woke up in my bedroom, but I knew it was a part of the sub base. I started to do all the usual things that people do, then I went to the wardrobe and dressed, everything was the same. I knew also that Sionn had something to do with it! There was a knock on the door, I knew it was sionn. ‘Come in,’

‘Dan, will you please join us in the briefing room?’


I thought that the greeting was a little cool but then I remembered he is a Guardian and not an ordinary person. I thought to myself, I am still Dan Sherman but I knew I wasn`t.

I arrived at the briefing room where I met Sionn, and other members, I assumed they were Guardians or official coworkers. There was also a beautiful young woman there who I knew was Reeas! I went over and took her hand. She got up and smiled. She looked perfect! I couldn`t take my eyes off her.

‘Hello, Dan, we finally get to meet in the human body.’

‘Yes, and I like it!’

Sionn said, ‘As you know, Kallo is back with us and is in interrogation; he won’t reveal were he has put the container or what he was going to use it for, but we know that if he had got to the control panel he would have triggered a device which would have released the spores in the container, we also know it isn`t at Far-Station, or rather Yalton, and we also know it isn`t on any of the other planets within the Yalton system.’

‘How do you know that?’ I said.

‘Because, Dan, he would not destroy his own empire.’

I felt stupid for asking that question. ‘Can I see Kallo,’ I said, ‘I want to ask him some questions?’

‘We already tried that, also he was monitored and scanned, he must have found some way to bypass our system.’

‘Well it can`t hurt anything then can it?’

‘Okay, Dan, when you are near to him try to be calm and just open your mind to his thoughts, he will think you are a trainee and won`t be able to get to him mentally, do you understand?’


I walked into the detention room. Kallo looked at me with contempt.

‘Why, if it isn`t the dancing beast-man’

He was behind some sort of force-field, it was OK for me to touch, but of course he couldn’t.

‘Come closer, are you afraid? Maybe you feel vulnerable without the light suit, or the Tourgen body?’

I stood there looking him over. He was about six foot three with dark hair and a moustache and small beard, the kind of looks that people would sometimes associate with a villain.

‘Well, have you no tongue?’

‘Why are you doing this, Kallo? Do you want to be the Master-of-the-Universe?’


‘Well, you made a mistake at the control center, didn`t you?’

‘Not at all, I wanted you to find me; I knew exactly what you would do. Do you think I couldn`t hear you and the Yalton making all that noise! I was waiting for you!’

My mind was now in pieces. I had to try and keep it together. ‘Why did you allow yourself to be caught then?’

‘It is all in my plan, I now know the material from the container has  been distributed to the systems that I alone picked, I can now inform you that if I am not released in seven days I will detonate the containers. Now dance back, and tell your masters, Trainee!’

I informed Sionn what I heard, but he already knew, as he had monitored the meeting.

‘Well, we now know what Kallo has planned. He opened up to you pretty well, didn`t he?’

‘Yes he did, but only because his plan is now ready and he has set the date for the destruction of whatever world, or worlds that the containers are on.’

‘Dan, follow me into the other room we are going to try the technique we tried when you were neutralized by Kallo.’

We walked to the other room and I sat down.

‘Just relax and try to stay calm.’

I was looking at a screen on the wall; then I was looking at Kallo! After five minutes I knew what the name of his accomplice was, but as I tried again, it was as though Kallo knew what I was up to, and the screen went blank.

‘Durian 2,’ I said.

Sionn looked elated.

‘We have been waiting to find out who was supplying information to outside sources, but we could never put a name to him until now!’

‘Who is Durian 2? I said.’

‘He is a Trainee-Guardian. His brother is also a trainee, he is Durian 1 they both come from a highly spiritual family on the planet Gyron, in my home Galaxy! We didn`t suspect anything simply because we thought both brothers were beyond suspicion.  We will bring them in for questioning at once.’

‘Can I have some time to relax?’

‘Of course you can, Dan.’

‘I want to ask a special lady to take a trip with me.’


Chapter 20-Trapped in Hell

I met Reeas in the restroom; she was lying on a couch looking peaceful. I said, ‘What are you thinking about?’

‘My home, I haven’t been there in a long time.’

‘Why don`t we go there?’

‘What about the problem?’

‘I asked Sionn if I could take some time out and he said yes, besides, if he wants us all he has to do is simply call us!’

‘I do want to see my parents, OK, let’s go, all I have to do is simply be conscious of my home and you have to be conscious of me, understand?’

‘Yes,’ I said.’

‘Ok, sit down here and hold my hand.’

The next thing I remember is being in a dark place with a very bad feeling of dread!

Where am I? I thought.

‘You are here,’ said Kallo.

I looked around and saw Kallo standing behind a glass wall, but then I realized it wasn`t an ordinary wall.

‘How do you like being behind a force-field?’

This can`t be happening, I thought.

‘Oh, yes it can, do you think you can get the better of me, trainee!’

All I could think about was Reeas! Where was she? I have got to be calm I thought, I am on the astral plane right? Well then, nothing bad can happen if I don`t want it to.

‘Oh yes it can, all I have to do is keep you trapped until the seven days is up. If you are here you won`t be able to interfere with my plans in the physical world will you? And don`t you worry about Sionn he has more important things to think about.’

Panic was starting to grip me! How can this be? Kallo was supposed to be monitored with high security technology! Did I get too close to him in the detention room?

‘I`ll make your stay here a little more interesting’ he said. The place suddenly went very dark, and then I saw the faint outline of what I knew was a large spider starting to emerge from the shadows! I didn`t know how big the room was, or what sort of space I was in! All I felt was terror as I hated spiders.

Students: Please send your thoughts as soon as possible, as I need all the help I can get.

What would Sionn do?  He would simply say it can`t hurt you as it is on the astral plane, and as such, it is without substance.

‘Wrong, my trainee friend, you are also on the astral plane, so you are made of the same substance.’

‘OK,’I said, ‘well, if you can conjure up a spider, I can conjure up a blaster!’

I concentrated with all my trainee consciousness and abracadabra; a blaster appeared in my hand! I fired but the spider was still there!

‘You are now in my domain, trainee.’

OK, I thought, if you want something that is animalistic and low in consciousness what about a Tourgen! I know all about being a Tourgen so I will be one again. I concentrated my thoughts on Cloft, in the next few seconds I was him again and willing to fight the whole world, or whatever world I was on. Kallo seemed surprised. ‘Well, what have we here?’  I saw the spider coming on. It was bigger now about twelve feet across. Right let’s deal with you first, I thought. Running at it I jumped and turning in mid-air I landed on its back, I then ripped it open; the gore was just as bad as the physical plane. Before Kallo could send anything else to pester me, I Ran at the glass screen separating us, now I knew Kallo had his weakness because although he was able to control most of the lower conscious life forms he wasn`t used to dealing with a higher consciousness in the body of a lower life form. I hit the glass wall with an almighty crash rolled over and got up. Kallo promptly disappeared. I sat down in the lotus position. I must have looked silly when Sionn came into view seeing a large beast type person in a yoga position!

‘We have Kallo back in check, I`m sorry you had the go through that, Dan, we had to try and weaken his consciousness and we did!’

‘Do you mean it was all a plan?’

‘Yes, we now have another name of one of he`s accomplices.’

‘Great, but why do I have to take all the rough stuff?’

‘Because you’re good at it, come.’

The side of the wall became the door to the sub plane base again, and I became Dan Sherman again.

OK, now for another little student lesson: You all know we can become anything we want on the inner Planes, and you know also we have to be responsible about what we do and to whom we do it; this applies to any of the worlds of God.’ Don’t forget, everything is a learning process and we are the teachers. The aim of the thought-transfer system is to supply information to coworkers throughout the inner worlds. Please use it and learn.



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