The Hidden Portal Book Two

The Hidden Portal

Book Two

By Colin J Platt

Smashwords Edition

Copyright Colin J Platt

The students who complete this mission will receive a reward. The reward will be something of great importance. Only students of high perception will achieve their goal. This series of tests is an enigma and a simple way for you to find a treasure of inestimable value. This is not a game; it is a way to freedom. Do not doubt, but keep always in your consciousness the light at the end of the tunnel, or the Hidden Portal. The clues are in my books, artwork, and other places, please don’t get discouraged, you are the future and the future is eternity, please believe it.

Test one…What is the real age and name of August the alien? Please be aware that Aliens Next Door is a four part script.



Part 1

  T.V. film script by Colin J Platt

Smashwords Edition

Copyright Colin J Platt 2014


JOSH TAYLOR:       Twelve- year old boy.

DAPHNE TAYLOR:  Josh’s Mum 37 Year old woman.

HARRY TAYLOR:  Josh’s Dad 40 Year old Police Sergeant.

AUGUST JOHNSON:   Ten- year old girl. (Alien.)

MARTIN JOHNSON:  August’s Dad (Robot)

BRANDY: cross Alsatian-Collie dog.

SETTING:  Various scenes from Kitchen/ garden/ riverbank.



Please be aware that this part one of a four part script.


A twelve year old boy is best friends with his next door neighbor who happens to be an alien.


Do you know, Daphne, Martin Johnson has no history of any kind.


What do you mean, Harry, Have you been checking up on him?


Don’t get excited, I only did a stage one on him, but the computer did a stage three.


What do you mean? Is he wanted or something?


No one knows. He is a complete mystery, also his wife and kid.


How can that be? Surely they must come from somewhere?



That is why I did a check. He told me that he worked for a government agency, but he wouldn’t tell me what or where. It has now started an FBI probe.




Yes, I tried to play it down because he’s a neighbor, but it is now out of my hands.


My God, Harry, he could be arrested!


If they’re ‘Illegal Aliens’, they will be, I never liked them, you know that, they never speak and won’t join in any of the town’s activities.


You’re only sore at him for not giving to your disabled charity.


Sure I am; imagine someone who obviously gets a good salary but won’t contribute to their own town’s disabled children.


Oh Harry! Maybe he already contributed to other charities?


I was watching the house the other night with my night sight, do you know what? I saw Martin sat down by the window; he didn’t move a muscle for three hours!


You’re getting paranoid, Harry. Maybe he is into Yoga, or something?


What something? He’s like a Robot! I’ve never seen a man with that much control, it’s not natural, I tell you, Daphne, and I don’t like Josh associating with that girl.


Oh, hold on now, Harry. She is a sweet and very clever girl, she has helped Josh immensely. Do you know Josh got an A grade in math!


I don’t care; he would have gotten that anyway, he’s a smart kid.


I don’t know. It would have taken a long time to get that grade without August’s help. She spent many hours with Josh, I know, I used to watch them studying. And there was no playing around with games or TV.


I can’t understand it, Daphne. I called in at the school the other day. Mr. Brady the math teacher said she can figure out the Hodge Conjecture and the Riemann Hypothesis, these are math problems that have baffled people for ages and he say’s a ten year old girl can solve them!


I’m sure she will be proved wrong. Surely the higher-up people will quickly see that August is just a gifted but normal child.


That’s just the thing; he said there was a good possibility that she would be proved right!


Just think, Harry, if she is right, the press will come round to interview them. We might be on TV!


You’re missing the point. There is something creepy about the whole family!


Oh Harry, give over, August is such a good girl. Josh is smitten with her. He wants to ask her to go to the fair next month.


I’ll make you a bet Daphne; I bet that they won’t let her go.



OK, Harry, It’s a bet because I happen to know that Martin is going away at that time.


That’s another thing; whenever he goes away he always comes back in the same suit and tie.

It must stink!


Nonsense! He probably has it dry cleaned.


I can’t stand the guy!


You don’t know him that well, and I thought you didn’t want to get to know him that much.

This isn’t anything to do with him showing you the mistakes you made when you first met him, is it?


I was only trying to teach the girl how to start a scrapbook. That’s all! Then Mr. Perfect came around to advise me and edit it! Can you see how crazy that seems?

(Knock on the door. Daphne answers it.)


Is Mr. Taylor in, I want a word with him.

To be continued in Aliens Next Door book two…

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Students will understand that the tests will get a lot harder as we go along. Please be patient and you will progress.



Second test…How many years ago did Reeas and Dan first meet, and where was it?

Dan Sherman Space Guardian

All Worlds

Book Three

Smashwords Edition

By Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2014

  Table of contents

Chapter 21-Visit to Erinon 5

Chapter 22-Tourgen War

Chapter 23-Past lives

Chapter 24-Sanctuary Ice Base

Chapter 25-Tourgen Base

Chapter 26-Encounter with a God

Chapter 27-Debrief

Chapter 29-Dream travel to U10973

Chapter 30-Universe 10973(Halffa)

Chapter 21-Visit to Erinon 5

Reeas said she didn`t know that I was to be used in a ruse to get Kallo to divulge some part of his inner self. I said, ‘Forget it, it worked, didn`t it?’

Sionn said if I had known, Kallo would have found out and the plan would have collapsed. He also said sorry, he knew only too well how terrible things can be on the lower levels of the astral plane. Sionn now had the location of six of the containers, four of which came from Darian2 and his contacts who have now been arrested.

‘Dan, you may now go with Reeas to her home for a short visit, enjoy.’

‘I will as long as I don`t have to go through hell again to get there.’

We arrived at the outskirts of Reeas`s city Just by being conscious of it. It was a highly developed world with technology Earth could only dream of.

‘Why did you give all this up to go to Yalton, Reeas?’

I already knew the answer as she already told me on the way to junction 50, but I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the place. I suppose she just wanted to serve God, like a nun would do on our planet. I was starting to fall for Reeas, but I knew my wife was also waiting for me at home although she would have to reincarnate at some point. I was now a Guardian and that would mean I could possibly be anywhere at any time. We arrived at the home of Reeas. It was a large manor style house set in its own grounds, with a beautiful lake facing the front door, everything was perfect, the weather, the view, which was similar to the place where I went on holiday once in the Austrian Tyrol, and the people were very friendly.

After we had met Reeas`s parents and had some food, we went for a walk in the countryside, being as this was the astral plane we knew we could do almost anything, so we decided to fly! Yes, just by thinking about it. We flew over the mountains. The people on this particular plane were used to seeing such things as it was a higher sub plane. We flew between the hills and valleys. I was feeling pretty good as we soared through the scenery, I also thought of one of my favorite classical music pieces.

Reeas was beautiful beyond words, and I knew that whatever body she was in she would still be beautiful. According to the records, she is medium height with long brown hair and brown eyes. She also has a perfect body. As you students know, we can we can alter our looks just by being conscious. But it is not just the looks that make Reeas beautiful to me, it is her aura, or her inner glow, she can bring out the best side of people, just like Deria can. I feel that I want to be near them all the time.

We spent a considerable time with Reeas`s family, but we knew time was something different here than on the physical plane. I knew that if Sionn needed to contact us he would simply send a thought-transfer so we enjoyed every minute. Reeas took me to visit the Fairy-kingdom that exists in the forest, we went at night and watched as they flew about with their butterfly wings glowing in the dark, we could also talk to them; they asked us if we wanted to become fairies for the night? We said yes. So, then and there, we transformed our bodies into fairies! Yes, my friends, it was as simple as that, we flew about, and helped in any way we could, even with the smallest of jobs such as helping any other life form incarnate to the next level, no matter what it might be, It could be a beetle or a vole,

I know all life is precious, and even the smallest creature, in time, will move on to a higher life form.

This is something Kallo has forgotten about in his quest to be supreme leader! I also knew that whatever exists in our imagination could also exist here on the astral world, such as: dragons, centaurs, sylphs, unicorns, gnomes, trolls, the list is endless. I asked the fairies if they wanted to learn our modern type of dance, they said which? I had to say Disco, can you imagine the scene, yes, it was fantastic, my student friends. We arrived back at Reeas`s house to be told that someone in the next town wanted Reeas and I to escort them on to the next incarnation, word must have gone round that we could move about on the different levels so we said yes. We arrived wearing our best clothes, me in a white suit, and Reeas in a lovely white gown; I must say we really looked the part as we could be any age we wanted, so we decided to be thirty. The person moving on was a woman who had outlived her time on the present plane, she was happy to be going to the next higher level. It had a higher light and sound content. She said her goodbyes, and we walked through a big golden door which separates the levels. It could also have been a ship or a plane, anything you want to transport you away. When we saw that the lady was in good hands, we walked through the wall into the sub-plane base again.


Chapter 22-Tourgen War


Sionn was waiting in the restroom.

‘We have found the locations of eight of the containers, there are still four to be found. Dan, I want you to go on a special mission.

‘Why do you want me? Surely you have better qualified people.’

‘No, not for this mission, you come from Earth, and as such, you have the same type of lower planet consciousness.’

‘Thanks a lot.’

‘Don`t get upset. What I mean is the planet where you will be going is similar to Earth, there is also a war going on, a war which has been raging for three hundred and fifty years. The two main races are the Dresdans and the Tourgens.’

‘The Tourgens!’ I said.

‘Yes, the same as the one you inhabited.’

‘But, I thought the containers were placed on higher world planets?’

‘Yes, they are, but Treggon, which is the higher world planet is also the sister planet of Antarra, the world where the war is raging, it in the same solar system. If Antarra is destroyed by the spores then Treggon will also die. We want you to locate the container, and the agent, or agents!’

‘How am I supposed to survive on a planet like that?’

‘You will have one big advantage.’

I already knew what he meant.

‘You will have the cloned Tourgen bodies. Reeas and Deria want to go also.’

‘How can Deria survive in the middle of a war?’ I said.

‘She won`t even be noticed, she is also a Guardian.’

Wow, I thought, the old team back at work.

Sionn said, ‘Grenwer has located one more container; the news has just come through. This means we have four days to complete this mission.’

‘What about the other containers,’ I said.

‘Don`t worry about that, we will concentrate our efforts on it. Your Tourgen bodies have also been upgraded, they are now even stronger and the bone structure in particular has also been strengthened. Well, what do you say?’

‘OK, what’s the plan?’

‘You will travel there by lightship where you will be able to move around without being noticed, as you know, the ship can change shape and also can be visible or invisible, it will also be your base. Find out what you can without bringing attention to yourselves.’

‘Can we use lights suits?’

No, you could be noticed. Any sort of higher technology could be discovered, and we don`t want to alert the agents just yet.’

‘What about the lightship?’

The lightship is too high in technological terms for them to discover.’

I don’t understand? Isn’t the light suit highly technological?’

‘Yes, but you will be moving around, and going inside the buildings. Once we have found the containers, and the agents, we will also end the war on the planet Antarra!’

I still didn’t fully understand about the light suits but I accepted it.

‘What about Karma, I said.’

‘We know that if we don`t do something the planet will be destroyed anyway. It was originally home to a highly advanced race called the Santine. They were all but wiped out over three-and-a-half centuries of warfare. We believe Kallo, and his agents brought the Tourgen’s and the Dresden’s to Antarra to bring the consciousness of the planet down. The Santine are now mostly evacuees on different planets throughout the solar system, but there is still a small group left in an area called the Sanctuary. It is located under the Northern ice-cap; they could have information which could help us locate the agents.  Dan, I know this is a tricky one, but I believe you can do this.’

Well, I thought, if Sionn has faith in me then that is something very special.

I asked Reeas what her thoughts were on the mission; she said we could go to see the Santine first just in case they have some info.

‘First you will have to be cloned into your respective bodies. After preparation in the sub plane base, Sionn told us that Antarra was seventeen thousand five-hundred light years away, but we were to use the worm hole at sector 97; this would allow us to get to Antarra in less than two days. This means that we had only two days to find the container. We went to sleep as normal. In the dream state we could, as you know, do anything we wanted in the service of God, but all I wanted to do was dance, yes, I know it’s silly, but once you experience the light book, whatever you want to do, you can. Dancing on the inner planes sure does ease the stress.

We woke up in the physical world on Terick 3 in the Tourgen bodies. After flexing our muscles and generally familiarizing ourselves with our new selves. I said, ‘OK, let’s get started.’ I suppose you students are wandering why I have been chosen to lead this mission? You are not alone my friends as I am wandering the same thing. Reeas is more experienced than me, and Deria is a higher life form, but I have, as Sionn said, a lower world consciousness and that is what they want me for.

We were escorted into the loading bay area were we boarded the light-ship. I could feel the incredible power, and technology of the ship. I wondered why the Guardians couldn`t find the containers and agents simply by using the ships resources! I then came to realize that as Sionn had said before, the consciousness of the planet was low, and that alone was enough to stop the Guardians from accessing any data. The job of finding our way to the Northern ice-cap was easy. The ship was something to behold, I couldn`t help thinking that something like this could be controlled by a person like me! It felt like a very lucid dream. Maybe it was! Maybe I would wake up and carry on with my very boring life on Earth! I would be able to go walking in the lake district as usual, and visit my gym where I could exercise the puny body I used to have. I looked around the ship, then at Reeas, who now was in one of the strongest bodies in the Universe, and Deria, an Elfin-Princess of higher consciousness, I then felt the power of my own body melting into the awesome power of the ship, then I thought no, I would rather be here, even if I had to die in this physical body, I knew I would be alright. We entered the worm hole at sector 97. There was no feeling of physical change just a weird light-headed sensation, how the ship could travel faster than the speed of light I don`t know, but it surely did, we decided to take advantage of the time span and sleep while we could. I asked Reeas if she would come with me to visit my home this time, she said yes.


Chapter 23-Past lives


We woke up in our normal bodies on the outskirts of my town. ‘Reeas,’ I said, ‘before we meet my family, I would like to show you a special place. I wonder if we could fly without people noticing around here.’ Reeas said, ‘Of course we can, all we have to do is make ourselves invisible to the locals.’

The feeling I got as we took off over my town was something special, I could see my house and our dog poppy in the garden. Why wasn`t I going to meet them? Why was I going somewhere with a person I had become very fond of rather than meet my wife!

‘Reeas said, ‘Do you know we have been together before, in past lives?’

I was astounded!

‘How do you know?’

‘I looked into the past life records section!’

Now, I realized. The universal love I felt for her, the wanting to be near her. We held hands as we flew over the Northwest landscape, or I should say danced over the landscape, the amount of greenery was stunning, I could see the Cumbrian mountains coming up fast, I knew them well, we landed on Gowbarrow fell, above Ullswater.

‘You know Wordsworth wrote his famous poem here.’ I said.

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘but we lived here long before Wordsworth.’

‘Please, tell me.’

‘I can show you. First take a look at the landscape.’

I looked over to Helvellyn in the Southwest then to place fell to the South. The view was lovely, as usual.

‘Close your eyes.’ She said, ‘Open them.’

The view was the same only certain things had changed, some of the stone walls were gone, and the houses were gone. The mountains themselves are hundreds of millions of years old, so they are the same, so are the lakes. Reeas said, ‘we lived in a settlement not far from the Roman fort called Galava in the year one-hundred and forty AD. The modern name is Ambelside. The Romans wanted too much tax off us so you broke into the granary were you got caught and killed!’

‘What happened to you?’

Reeas said, she didn`t want to dwell on it, but she died in childbirth shortly afterwards. I felt terrible.

‘Don`t feel sad,’ she said, ‘we had many happy times as well, our first incarnation in the human form  together was 250,000 years ago near Stonehenge, of course the monument wasn`t there then, we came across a land bridge which joined France with England.’

‘Which was our last incarnation together?’ I asked.

‘It was in the year 1726. We were North American Indians of the Shoshoni tribe. We lived to the west of the Rocky Mountains in Utah. Life was very hard. There was a lack of big game; we had to live on rabbits, fish, roots and seeds. You were the man as usual, and wanted to use your physical skills, I was the woman, and wanted to learn new skills, but I couldn`t with the way of life we had. I then incarnated to a series of planets in the Galaxies of Zeta3 where I could finally learn about mathematics and other such things, and then finally to my home planet of Erinon5.’

‘I felt sad for letting her go, but knew it was all in the greater scheme of things. Now we were back together.

‘Reeas, I feel unsure of this mission, such a lot depends on us.’

‘I trust your judgment, she said, and I will help in any way I can. We can use the invisibility device so we can move about without being seen, although I know we will have to be careful. We can now go back to the ship as we are approaching Antarra.’


Chapter 24-Sanctuary Ice Base


We were once again on the lightship, and in our Tourgen bodies. I now felt even closer to Reeas. The image on the screen was of a planet similar to Earth, but of course, it had different continents. The planet itself was smaller than Earth, and I could already see the destruction that the war between the Tourgens and the Dresdans had done. We were in camouflage mode so we weren`t seen as we headed for the Northern ice cap. I knew we could enter the base through the underwater entrance as we plunged into the icy water. There was an abundance of life in the water, too much to relate to you at this time. There were also giant squid like creatures many times larger than on Earth. I didn`t want to relay a message to the Santine as I wasn`t sure whether It would have been intercepted but I needn`t have worried as a message came through on the screen, it said ‘Your ship has been expected, this message is secure, welcome, please enter the gateway in two-minutes.’

The inner gateway was huge; it reminded me of the cathedral like building which was underground at Far-Station or Yalton. We came to rest in a sort of dry dock. I was surprised to see a greeting party of dozens of people who were dressed in long orange robes similar to the ones used by Buddhist monks on Earth. The Santine were totally bald and didn`t have any hair anywhere on their bodies. As we stepped out of the ship I could see the expression of fear on their faces as they viewed us, after all, they had been abused by beings like us for a long time.

‘Forgive our fear.’ said one of the Santine inching forward. ‘We are not accustomed to greeting Tourgen’s such as yourselves, I am Thalo and I will be your guide here.’

‘We are not really Tourgen.’ I said, ‘We have temporarily taken on this form to complete a mission.’

‘We will retire to the meeting hall were you can rest and replenish yourselves.’ Thalo replied.

‘I must say you have a highly evolved culture here!’

‘Yes, we were on the brink of total control of the senses, and we had a planetary security system which could repel any invaders, but it was destroyed by Kallo, He then brought the invaders here, and so started the Great Sadness. Most of our people have gone into exile to other planets. But now you are here! Today is the start of our redemption.’

I felt like I did on Yalton, a cross between a hero and a beast. I had to be positive, I thought.

‘Do you know anything about a container of deadly material? Or anything about any new developments in the way the war is progressing?’

‘There has been news of a secret weapon that the Tourgens have but we don`t know any more than that, at the moment.’

‘Would you happen to know where the weapon might be?’

‘No, but it might be at the Tourgen base.’

Deria said she would go there in her light body to check it out as she was less likely to be noticed.

‘I`m getting a message from Sionn,’ Deria said.

‘I thought he couldn`t contact us here?’ I said.

‘Normally he wouldn`t, but the frequency has now been checked out safe, but only for me. It would be too risky to contact you or Reeas.’ I didn`t really understand but I accepted it. I was beginning to realize that Deria was an asset I would not want to be without.

She said, ‘Sionn has confirmed that there are four agents on Antarra, one has been identified as ‘Melion3; he is a Santine.’ The reaction was immediate; all eyes turned to a person who was in the hall as he tried to escape but was stopped by two guards at the entrance.

He shouted, ‘There is nothing you can do! If you don`t release Kallo in two days we will destroy Antarra and all the higher worlds in this part of the Universe!’

I said, ‘you do realize that you and everybody else will die, don`t you!’

‘Yes, but we will reincarnate on the lower planets, where Kallo will be the Ruler of this section of the Universe!’

I said, ‘Kallo won`t be allowed to escape, he will be placed in a monitored high security cell.’

‘Yes,’ He shouted. ‘But Kallo will eventually escape and rule, simply because the higher worlds will fall due to their being no physical planets to incarnate to. We know that Sionn won’t allow that and Kallo will be released. I will become a higher apprentice. But we are prepared to die.’

I couldn`t believe what I was hearing!

Thalo said, ‘We never imagined that one of our own people could betray us. He will be punished.’

‘There are still three agents on Antarra.’ I said, ‘What sort of people will they be? Could they be beings of a different race from Tourgen or Dresden?’

‘There are several races besides Tourgen on Antarra; they are mainly mercenaries brought in to create even more destruction. The weapons they use now are very crude as they don`t have the technology to replace the blasters and laser cannons they once had. Kallo will almost certainly have done the same with other highly evolved planets. We thought we were safe from invasion with our defense system but we weren`t, also we decommissioned most of our weapons many years before the war started.’

Deria said, ‘I will go to the Tourgen base now, I will send my thought messages to the ship, they won’t be intercepted, but you mustn`t send any to me.’

‘I understand,’ I said.

Once Deria had gone, I started to think deeply about the problem we had, we only had a short period of time to locate the container, or containers. We didn`t know where they were, we didn`t know where the agents were. I was feeling pretty low, but knew I had the most powerful beings in the Universe on my side. I was a simple type of person on Earth, a retired history teacher with a simple life. The things that have happened to me over a relatively short time have stunned me. I can`t really comprehend it but I know I have to move Heaven and Antarra to bring my part of the story to an end.


Chapter 25-Tourgen Base


Deria had located the Tourgen base. She informed us of the location and that at least one of the containers was there, she also said she was going to check out the Dresden base. I couldn`t reply as that would have compromised us so I just had to trust Deria to know we would infiltrate the Tourgen base and retrieve the container.

We boarded the ship. I knew the coordinates to the Tourgen base just by thought process with the ship, and I also took the time to study the Tourgen people from Debra the ships computer, although she was much more than that, as you know. I was amazed at the brutality of The Turgen’s and The Dresden’s. My mind was reeling from the utter barbarity. How could something like the Tourgen’s evolve? The same could be said about the Dresden’s, and then I knew! Both races had been manufactured by other beings. Could it possibly be Kallo? The Dresden’s were very similar to the Tourgen in build and strength. Debra said there was no planet of origin for either the Tourgen’s or the Dresden’s! How could this be? My mind was in turmoil again. Why hadn`t Sionn told me this? There is only one thing to do. I told Reeas.

‘We will have to go in under invisibility mode and take our chances of being discovered. Reeas agreed as there was no time to spare.

The landscape over which we travelled was scorched and dead! Very few buildings were standing, I wondered where people lived, then I realized, these really weren`t people at all, but cloned-beasts, well, the majority would be beasts; the leaders would be cloned from other intelligent life forms. We came to a large building that was protected by a large wall and watch towers, something like the buildings I saw in Roman-Britain many years before, only these were made from concrete and steel. There were guards on the towers and also on the walls. The only thing we could do was bring the ship in over the wall and simply jump out when near the ground under our cloak of invisibility. The ship would then stay at a short distance until we needed to escape. I accessed Debra for any other info it might have but she didn`t respond, I guess the consciousness of the place was such that she couldn`t relate to it. Like Sionn said, the technology we were using was too great, so with the quest for greater and greater technology we certainly lost something in that respect. One thing I did know was the leaders must have some form technology but kept it to themselves; they were simply keeping the consciousness of the planet down. We had to destroy the control base as soon as we found the containers. We were in invisibility mode which was powered by a small wrist device that enabled the ship to cloak us from a short distance, although I dearly wished we had our light suits on. Reeas jumped out of the ship as it neared the ground, I followed, we headed for the obvious entrance and waited until a Tourgen guard came out we then went in. There were no security people on the door and I was surprised to see no one until we came up to the guardroom. Fifty yards along the corridor we encountered two Tourgen guards who had only crude machete type weapons. Their senses seemed to know something wasn`t right but without our light suits on, and the invisibility mode in operation, I was worried that they might be able to smell us and they might be able to hear us. We had to be very still and wait till someone came out of the room. They might not be able to smell us but I could certainly smell them. The feeling was eerie, they couldn`t see us but we could see them and we could also see ourselves, I felt like a ghost! The door opened and a Tourgen came out. He stood there for a moment while another Tourgen who obviously was a leader as he ordered the other one to check the area. Then he shouted to the other two guards to go off duty and send two more guards. They went off to do as ordered leaving the door open, we walked in very quietly suddenly the guard said, ‘Hello, I’ve been expecting you.’

I went for my blaster but before I could get it out I was frozen to the spot! Reeas was also in the same position.

‘I assume you are the two agents who have come to locate the containers.’

Obviously he could see us and disable us. I thought back to what happened with Kallo on the ship at Relmar7. It was the same thing happening all over again.

What happened? I thought.

‘You underestimated me, trainees. Don`t you think we could figure out that someone would try to retrieve the containers like this? Who do you think you are dealing with?’

‘Who are we dealing with?’ I said.

He didn`t say anything, but just smiled.

‘One thing is for sure, you won`t be seeing your loved ones for a very long time, also you will not be allowed to sleep or die! You will be chained in the dungeon and kept alive while I decide what to do with you. Oh, and be assured, we will find your ship, It will make a nice little prize for me, thank you.’ With that, the two guards came in and dragged us off. My anger was starting to get the better of me, but I felt totally useless. Reeas could talk to me, and I could talk to her, but that was all. We were chained to a wall in a stinking hole in the basement with no light or any sort of fresh air.

Reeas said, ‘Don`t worry, Sionn will get us out.’

‘What about the plan?’ I said.

‘They know they can`t detonate the containers, it would be the end for them also.’

I thought, yes you’re right, who in the Universe would go through with a plan like that. I asked Reeas who she thought the Tourgen officer was. She said, she didn`t know, but he had to be someone big, I said how come Sionn didn`t know about this guy? Surely with all the info we have he must be aware of these things?’

Reeas said, ‘Dan, please relax, we will be OK, he knows he can`t kill us.’

‘No, I thought, but he can torture us and we can`t do a thing about it. I didn`t want Reeas to know this so I kept silent. I may not be able to contact Sionn, but I will try to contact Deria by meditation. I imagined I was back in my home on Earth sitting up in bed with my eyes closed, and my mind focused on the inner screen, or the third-eye as it was known in Yoga. Sometime later, I don`t know how long, Deria’s voice came through.

‘Dan, I know what has happened, please be patient and I will try to disable the control panel, do not try to send any message back but just stay as you are, and relax, you are doing well for a human.’

The relief was something I knew might be of use to the enemy so I had to use all my will power and just stay calm. I didn`t even say anything to Reeas in case we were being monitored. I didn`t even risk calling the ship to smash our way out, which was something I would do later if we had to. Several hours went by and then the two same guards came in; one said, ‘You will be stripped and flogged, and then your skin will be sliced off bit by bit. What do you think of that?’

I said, ‘If I had my strength back, I would kill you both.’

That seemed to infuriate them. He said,

‘You’re only a cloned Tourgen, you wouldn`t last two minutes.’

‘Give me a chance then.’

They looked at each other before stroking Reeas on the leg as though they were going to assault her, and then they walked out. Maybe they were trying to get me to divulge my thoughts, I had to keep calm.

Reeas said, ‘Don`t worry, Dan, things will work out, I can take whatever these animals give out’

I thought, no, I won`t let them touch you. Our luck must have been running as half an hour later the two Tourgen guards came back. The biggest one said, ‘OK, Clone, you will be able to move in the next minute. If you can beat me in a fight to the death, which is unlikely, you would then have to fight my partner, and if you beat him, you can both go free, but if we beat you, we will take the female as our prize. Is it a deal?’

‘Yes, I said.’ I felt good, I also felt a strange liking for the way the Tourgen’s do business, they are animalistic, but they are also warriors. Maybe I was wrong; maybe they do come from a planet somewhere. All I really knew was I had to kill them. I started to get my feeling back, Reeas also. Within a short time I was back to my old grumpy self. Obviously the leader didn`t know about this contest. I said, ‘what about the officer, won`t you be disciplined for this.’

‘We are our own boss; we can make our own decisions.’

I thought, no, he doesn`t know. So be it, I said to myself.

‘Where do we fight?’


‘OK, are there any rules?’

‘Yes, no weapons, we just use pure strength, and our nails and teeth.’

‘Right,’ I said. I knew Reeas could take the other one as she had twice his strength. Looking at him he was about the same size as me but I had many times the strength, but I didn`t bargain for the speed at which he came at me. He lunged for my eyes with his claws; I managed to dodge him and punched him in the stomach. He fell back in agony; I felt pity as I knew I could to kill him. Maybe I didn`t have to kill him? It was the other Tourgen I wanted, the leader.

‘Look.’ I said, ‘you don`t have to die, tell me where the leader is, and I will spare you.’ Reeas knew it wouldn`t make any difference and went for the other guard, she ripped his throat out in one movement. The other guard saw this and went for Reeas; I jumped on his back put my arm around his neck and broke it with one pull.

‘What now?’ Reeas said, ‘we can`t risk going to the guardroom in case the leader is there. We don`t know if he could still disable us. We have to find the source of the power to the control panel.’

I said, ‘We will have to risk bringing the ship close by the underground room and blasting the wall out. The plan is discovered anyway, so we may as well use force. Reeas agreed, but said what if the leader has managed to access the ship? I felt cold just thinking about it, if he has, he is truly Kallo`s equal. I was about to summon the ship when a message from Deria came through, she said, ‘I have managed to disable the control panel you should be able to get to the power room which is near to the room where you are destroy it with whatever you can.’

OK, I thought, I can send a message to Deria, so I asked her where the leader was, she said he was trying to locate the ship. Reeas and I focused our minds on the ship, or Debra, as I called it, and within a minute we managed to bring it to the outside of the wall were we were located. Then all we had to do was simply have it push its way through the wall, much easier than blasting through. The hull of the ship was like a knife going through butter, in the meantime, there were Tourgen guards beginning to make their way down the corridor to us. The ship was already all the way in the building, so all we had to do was simply push our way in through the ships wall. We could already see the Tourgens trying to do the same thing, only they just slid off the surface, like a ski on ice. We located the power room and blasted it to oblivion; In fact the whole place was destroyed. I knew Sionn was going to be angry, well maybe not angry, Sionn didn`t get angry but disappointed. The first thing to do was locate the leader which wasn`t too hard as Debra found him simply by his DNA, the only problem was, he was dead!

Deria said he had detonated the container! Before he blasted himself!


Chapter 26-Encounter with a God


While preparing to make the journey back to Terick 3 I knew we had failed, the container was now destroyed and the spores would contaminate the Galaxy, then in time the Universe! Sionn didn`t seem too bothered, mind you, he wasn`t the easiest person to read, and neither was Grenwer. I felt dejected, and they knew it. Reeas must have sensed this as she came over and rubbed my arm. Sionn was now on the ships screen looking unruffled.

‘He said, ‘When did you first know the containers weren`t dangerous?’

Reeas said, ‘I had my suspicions at Far-Station, but I wasn`t sure.

‘What?’ I said.

‘Yes, the containers were false, we had to find the agent, that was the first priority and we have. Kallo managed to gather an army of helpers and agents, some of whom were very dangerous. It has taken many years simply to locate the planets were they lived, as you know, we couldn`t access some of the places because of the lower consciousness of the people.’

‘So this whole plan was a trap to capture Kallo, and his helpers.’

‘Yes.’ Sionn said. ‘But we couldn`t tell you or Reeas, the only being we could divulge our plan to was Deria because she is of a higher race; her thought waves cannot be tracked by any lower life forms, only her kind can do this, and us. We would like to thank you, Dan, and Reeas, you have proved yourself to be brave and inventive, we want you to now consider whether you want to continue your apprenticeship with us while you rest and dream. The battle is still not over as there are still agents to be found, but we will discuss that later. The goal which we set ourselves has been achieved. The war between the Dresdans and the Tourgens has been stopped and they will be relocated elsewhere. The planet Yalton is now being reborn and Far-Station is no more.’ I felt elation, stupidity, amazement, and love all at once. All I could say was ‘Thank you.’

Sionn and Grenwer smiled and for once I did, it must have looked stupid on this big ugly beast face, but I didn`t care. ‘Please reports to Terick 3 for debrief.’ He said.

It would take two days to get back to Terick 3 so we again decided to dream travel while our bodies were asleep on the ship. Reeas said, ‘Where would you like to visit this time?’

I said I would like to know what happened in my last incarnation before I became Dan Sherman. She said I wouldn`t like it. I said, well, I still want to know. ‘OK,’ she said, ‘you were killed at Normandy in the Second World War.’

‘That explains why I was always interested in things to do with that war.’ I said.

‘Please rest Dan, and dream.’ Reeas said.

We woke up in the dream state sitting on a grass bank looking at a raging battle, there was an armada of ships bombarding the shoreline, and the invasion troops were getting ready to land. Now it was all coming back to me!

‘I was in one of those landing craft. ‘That`s enough’ I said. ‘I know the rest.’

Reeas said, ‘Do you want to visit your wife Elaine?’

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘More than ever, but first I want to go to the somewhere peaceful and spiritual. I’ve had my share of cruel and ugly.’

Reeas said, ‘I know a place that is just that, I was taken there by a spiritual master many years ago in the dream state. It is a planet at the far reaches of the Universe, but is no more than a dream away.’

We sat down to meditate.

After a few minutes I found myself standing in an unbelievable landscape! Reeas was at my side. This planet must be a giant, I thought, as the view was limitless no matter how far I looked there was no end to the horizon!

Reeas said, ‘This is one of the highest regions of the astral plane. A planet called Nemura. Only the highest spiritual beings come here.’

‘How come I’m here then?’ I said. I knew I still had a long way to go before I could call myself highly spiritual.

‘You have been granted a visit, Reeas said. Come; let us go to the spiritual city in this region.’

We flew over the landscape hand in hand, and I still couldn`t make out the horizon, but the mountains were spectacular, higher and more beautiful than anything I had ever seen. The emotion I was feeling was of ecstasy, as we soured through the mountains finally coming to a rest on the side of a giant peak which had a man-made balcony and French windows! Reeas said, ‘This is usually an inaccessible place.’ I looked around; words cannot say how much I wanted to remain here. ‘The vibrations are starting to affect you, I can tell, don’t be alarmed, you will become accustomed in a while.’ She was right, my senses were reeling. ‘Please come with me,’ she said. We walked down some stone steps into the heart of the mountain; we came to a large room with a red and gold carpet. Sitting in the lotus position on a large golden cushion was a giant of a man with golden skin, he had no hair at all, and gold bangles on his wrists and ankles and wore a loin cloth. He looked about thirty years old, but I knew he was much older than that! He was obviously in meditation as his eyes were closed. Reeas motioned for us to sit down; I automatically sat in the lotus position as I used to practice yoga in my life as a teacher. As soon as I closed my eyes, I became ‘aware’ in a different state! The man who was sitting on the cushion was now standing on a mountain path, and we were there also.

‘I am Mannus, Lord of this plane.’

I was totally amazed! The love and light coming from this being was indescribable!

‘Come walk with me,’ he said. I automatically thought of the wonderful walks I used to have in the Lake district in my last life on Earth, but this was different, although in  many ways it was the same, the scenery was beautiful, but it was the simple truth that we are what we are in our own consciousness! If we are satisfied with our selves mentally and spiritually then we are in heaven, so to speak.

‘You have grasped something eternal.’ Mannus said, ‘Now look,’ and with a wave of his hand, the landscape changed! There was now a gigantic mountain in front of us many times bigger than the others. This is the mountain of God. The light was staggering to my eyes even though I wasn`t in the physical body. Every colour in the spectrum was there, many more than in the scientific world of man. I felt I was about to burst with love and light. In fact Mannus said we had to limit our stay as it was dangerous to us to remain too long in the presence of the light. In the next instant we were back in the room. Mannus became aware of us, but he just sat there without moving. I didn`t know what to say so I kept quiet. He then said, ‘What have you learned?’ I thought long and hard, I knew it was better to say nothing than speak wrongly.

‘I`m learning,’ I said!

He smiled. Reeas said, ‘You are learning, Dan.’ In many ways I felt like a child, and in fact I was, compared to Reeas and Sionn, but, Mannus was something else, he was on a level which I could only dream of.

We woke up back on the ship in time for landing on Terick 3.

Now, Students what have you learned? Please upload your thoughts to the databank. Thank You.


Chapter 27-Debrief


We were now on Terick 3, and we were now in the cloned bodies of our former selves. My new Dan Sherman body was thirty years old and had none of my old ailments such as shingles. Sionn said we could enter into any life form in the physical world. If my Dan Sherman body was killed, then I could incarnate into another one which would be held in storage on any number of higher planets in the physical world. ‘Wow, I said, ‘My body is in storage on thousands of planets?’

‘Millions.’ said Sionn. ‘But not fully grown. Your DNA is all we need, we can grow a clone in three days, and then you simply shift your consciousness into it.’

‘So I can live on the physical and the spiritual at the same time.’

‘We do anyway,’ he replied, ‘but people don`t realize it. In dreams we can travel to the end of time, also to the edge of the Universe. That is what I want to talk to you about. We want you to consider going on another mission.’ The hairs stood up on the back of my new neck.

‘I wanted some time to visit my Family.’ I said.

‘You will still be able to visit them, as she and your son are about to incarnate into other lives. I advise you to wait awhile, and let them become accustomed to their new identities.’

‘What about the Elaine I knew?’ I said.

‘The Elaine that you knew is still there, you will still be able to visit her, although the essence of Elaine, as soul, is moving to another body.’ My mind was reeling, and Sionn knew it.

‘Do not worry, he said, this mission although important, is going to be an experience for you and Reeas. Deria also wishes to go.’

‘What is the mission?’ I asked.

‘We have information that the “10973 Universe” is under threat!’  Sionn just stood there and looked as calm as ever. I was again lost for words.

‘Do you mean we live in a multiple Universe?’

‘Yes and the Guardians over there are in need of help.’

‘OK,’I said, ‘now is the time to take time out.’

‘What do you mean?’ Sionn said.

‘I`m only one man, I said, and still learning, I so nearly botched everything up more than once.’

Sionn was unimpressed. ‘You are a Guardian, and as such, you are unlimited please believe that. We contacted you because you are ready. Once you truly believe that, you will become one.’ I knew he was right. Sionn motioned me to follow him,

‘It’s time to look into to the light book again.’

The book itself was the same but the light was different. It was purple!

‘Yes, you noticed the color.’ Sionn said, ‘Purple is a spiritual colour.’

‘Why is the color different?’ I said.

‘You won`t be able to use your light suit while in U10973

‘Why?’ I said

‘The physiology of the place won`t allow it. That is why you will be given extra spiritual and mental powers.’

What about protection’

‘That is the thing; you will probably die many times over there, so we want you to be prepared.’

‘What do you mean? I said. What kind of place is it?’

‘The make-up of the place is very different from anything you have ever experienced. Sionn said, but you can take it.’

‘What if I don`t want to take it.

‘You are being unusually difficult today.’ he said. ‘You will still be able to use the ship.’

‘How come we can use the ship and not the light suit?’

I at once realized I had again made a mistake when he looked at me in a stern way.

‘OK,’ I said, ‘I get it; the suits don’t work because we are made of different stuff. I said.

‘Please look into the book!’ He said.

‘Why have I got these negative feelings?’ I said.

‘Dan, look at me. Do you trust me?’

‘Yes, with all my heart.’

‘And do you remember Mannus?’


‘What were your feelings while you were with him?’

They were of joy and love beyond anything I’ve ever encountered.’

‘Well that is how you will feel after looking into the light book, plus you will have spiritual protection on any plane of existence. In other words, you will fear nothing while in the physical body; whatever that body may be.’

Now I felt good, just the talk inspired me, how could I have had any doubt.

‘Your human doubt will melt away within the next few hours, but you have to keep your mind in check.  Now look and rest, you will be taken to the border of the 10973 Universe for preparation, God speed!’


Chapter 28-Preparation for U 10973


The light was all powerful drawing me in further and further. The Love was something that could be felt, but not in the physical body. I found myself on a hill top, looking over a vast plane of mountains which were too numerous to count. I looked around and saw an Oriental looking man standing in the doorway of a small hut; I could see straight away he was a spiritual-master of the highest order. I felt like dropping at his feet because the urge to be near him was that strong.

‘Welcome,’ he said I am Xi; I am the gatekeeper of this plane. It is the separation point between the 10973 Universe and the Humanoid Universe!’

I tried to speak, but the words wouldn`t come out.

‘I see you are having difficulties, please come into my home, I have a friend of yours here.’ I knew it was Reeas before I walked through the door. I looked at her with seemingly different eyes? I can`t explain it. My whole outlook was different. I felt a confidence I never felt before, also the love I felt was way beyond anything I have ever experienced.

‘I feel different.’ I said.

‘That is the light of this plane changing your spiritual and physical being,’ Xi said. I looked at Reeas and saw she had purple eyes.

‘Yes,’ Xi said, ‘I notice you see the predominant color of this plane in your friend’s eyes. You also have them.’

After resting awhile I started to get used to the overall beauty of this plane. The hut we were in was very Spartan but I could tell Xi didn`t need any material things.

‘I want you to come with me to the border of Universe 10973. I know you will need information which is only acquired there, also you will need to acclimatize yourself to the vibrations of the atoms.’ I asked Reeas if she was OK, she said she had been aware of this place before and was already used to it in part. We walked out of the hut into a different world, everything was hazy and the colours were brighter.

Don`t worry,’ Xi said, ‘You will acclimatize in a short while. Prepare yourself for a whole different way of life.’

‘How do you mean?’ I said.

‘I mean life on U.10973, isn`t all humanoid!’

‘What do you mean? I said again.’

‘Life consists of all types of physical forms, which could be intelligent or not. Now stand at my side, Reeas stand on my other side.’ Xi then put his hands on the back our necks. It was as though the light of the Sun had entered me. I didn`t know where I was, and I didn`t care, all I wanted was to stay here forever.

I became aware I was back in the debrief room. Sionn was there looking at me with a different look! I then realized it was me who was different!

‘Now you know something of what I am responsible for.’ He said.

‘Yes, I said, ‘and I know you can handle it. I also realize I can now handle a great deal more also.’

‘Good,’ he said. ‘Reeas is also ready-for-anything.

You now have the ability to function on U10973, also the relevant data on most of the life forms which are seen throughout the planets there. The predominant life form which is now a danger is called the Llantrea, a half plant half human type creature. It has got out of control on numerous planets, if it is not checked it will become uncontrollable in a fairly short time. We want you to be eaten by one so we can determine how to combat it.’

‘What?’ I said.

‘We need to find the precise way it feeds and grows. You know you won`t feel anything because you are now beyond the fear of death and pain.’ Sionn knew I could now understand the theory of it all, but it was still a shock to hear it! ‘When you come back to the debrief room at wherever you will be stationed in U10973, they will be able to analyze the data from your consciousness.’

‘Why can`t they use the data from many of the other life from who have been eaten, throughout the years on numerous other planets where the Llantrea are I said.’

‘As you already know, you will be the first Guardian who has the correct consciousness to access the realm of the Llantrea, in other words, we have been waiting a long time for you to arrive!’ I felt privileged and scared at the same time.

‘We don`t just want you to let yourself be taken without a fight you understand. You can do whatever it takes to kill them but you will eventually die, also I won`t be there to help you said Sionn.’ I was stunned!

‘I must stay here on this side of the Universe. Your contact will be Zelda3, a master of the highest order.’

‘Yes, but I will still be able to see you in dreams, won`t I?’

‘Unfortunately no, but I can be contacted by Zelda 3 if need be.

I felt sadness as never before and Sionn knew it.

‘You will still have Reeas.’ he said.

‘Yes, I will,’ I said as I looked at her. Reeas seemed different, and indeed she was, just as I was different. Why can`t things stay the same I thought. Sionn said:

‘There is nothing surer than change in all the worlds of God.’

U10973 is so far away that it won’t be possible to travel there by lightship.’ I already knew this. We would have to dream travel to U10973 and transfer into cloned bodies. I knew also, we would be in the Tourgen bodies we had before, only this time they would be stronger and harder to kill.’

‘Yes,’ Sionn said ‘They will be.’

Your Tourgen bodies have already been cloned on a planet called Halffa which has numerous life forms including Tourgens, some of which help you fight the Llantrea. As you now know the Llantrea are not just powerful in body, but have telepathic ability to contact each other. You as a Guardian also have this ability and so will be able to know their plans.’


Chapter 29-Dream travel to U10973


I was sitting in the debriefing room preparing to sleep; I began to think of Elaine and John. Sionn said I would be able to meet them later when I return to the Humanoid Universe. I also began to put into perspective the utterly fantastic things which had happened to me in I don`t know how long! Could I be dreaming all this? Maybe I`m mad, maybe I died in my home on Earth and all this is a bloody big dream. Then I became alert as never before, my consciousness seemed to be expanding even higher. I realized I was still Dan Sherman, but now I was more than Dan Sherman could ever dream of. I felt I was ready for whatever was to be my fate.

Before I go to U10973, I’m going to go beginning of life on Earth. All I had to do was to become aware. I fell asleep easily. In fact everything seemed easy here as regards life as a Guardian, or rather Trainee-Guardian. Looking down on the land which I knew to be the home where I was brought up was very interesting because everything was different. I couldn`t even make out the river which I knew to be not more than half a mile away. I then realized this was millions of years in the past. Everything was covered in greenery. I was reminded of the famous book by H G Wells, The Time Machine, but I knew there were no humans here, all I could find where small life forms, such as insects, even birds hadn`t evolved yet.

I found it strangely peaceful and beautiful. The landscape was unspoilt and the rivers were pure, a true Heaven-on-Earth. I should have known it wouldn`t last, could it be a set-up I thought. Looking up I could see a giant saucer-like craft floating about half a mile above me.

The next thing I knew I was being invited to come on board! I simply transferred my consciousness into the craft. By this time in my travels I knew I couldn`t get freaked out by anything. The Captain, or leader as he was known made a simple gesture of greeting by raising his arm, I did the same. I knew they didn`t speak orally as we did, but I also knew we could communicate by thought-transfer. The occupants of the ship were the archetypal little green-men only they weren`t green, but a light shade of grey.

‘Greetings Earthman’ he said. Wow, the greeting was classic! I then thought I should be more respectful, but they did break into my beginning-of-time dream, didn`t they?

‘Don`t be annoyed, we are simply here to check on the planet as it begins to blossom, we were told you would be here at this time and want to invite you to access our technology.’

Wow, again, I thought.

‘We are also Guardians’ he said, ‘This planet as you know, will become a paradise for life, only man will threaten it. The species that have become extinct since your time on Earth have already been cloned.’

I said, ‘All I wanted was to be alone for a change.’

‘You should know by now, we are never alone.’

I felt a little annoyed, but I knew he was right.

‘Be content that you are one with the power.’

I knew he meant God.

‘My name is Thoram we are from the planet Zeron in the Thellex Galaxy; it in the outer ring of the Humanoid-Universe. We have been coming to Earth for millions of years, Please look into the screen.’

It was as though he wanted me to acknowledge he was speaking the truth. I looked into the screen and at once all my doubts if I had any, soon went. There looking back at me was Mannus; the lord of the higher regions.’ I was amazed; I felt like a new teacher feels as he starts a new job and meets the headmaster.  Of course Mannus was much more than that but he was also love personified. He knew my feelings, and said:

‘If I am the headmaster, I want you to meet my deputy.’

I almost fell on my back as an intense light filled the small space we were in. I then became aware of a beautiful woman standing there, and the overpowering aroma of roses.

The feeling of divine love that was Mannus could not, of course, be over shadowed but the feeling I got with this woman was of a deep basic instinct, if I could put it that way.

How could I still feel this urge if I am a Guardian?

‘Don`t worry,’ Mannus said. ‘The feeling that you are having is not unusual. Zelda3 is a Guardian but she is also a female.’

The love that was coming out of Zelda3 was something I wasn`t used to, I felt I was letting Elaine and Reeas down. This woman standing in front of me was everything that any man could ever wish for in every way, physically, mentally and spiritually. I couldn`t take my eyes off her, she had blue eyes and then they were brown, then green.

‘Please don`t be alarmed,’ she said in a voice that made my legs turn to jelly. ‘You are experiencing what is known as a physical-change-over reaction; you are about to make the biggest change from one Universe to the other. Take my hand.’ Again, the feeling was over powering. My body (although it was only the astral body) was tingling with a sense of warmth and love.

‘Look into the screen,’ she said. I felt like my heart was being ripped out.

‘Your consciousness is being renewed.’

I could see the little people on the ship were also holding hands as in Far-Station with the Yalton.

With everything that has happened to me over the past weeks, yes weeks! How can this be happening? I have been through unbelievable things, and now I’m about to start another even more unbelievable thing!


Chapter 30-Universe 10973 (Halffa)


I woke up in the sub base at Halffa. Reeas was looking at me

in a strange way as I came out of the dream state. I said,

‘What’s wrong?’

‘I don’t know, Maybe it’s the change over from one Universe to


‘Yes, I feel the emotions here are different. I feel I want to

Protect you more,’

‘Yes, Dan, but I feel very real danger.’

‘Yes, but they will have a fight on their hands eh, Reeas.’

‘I feel we should just let them kill us straight away, Dan.’


‘Well, we will have to die sometime and we have to get the information needed quickly.’

‘Yes, but not that quickly.’

‘Deria can access their telepathic ability, so all we have to do is get caught and eaten or consumed, as it were.’

I felt depressed as she said that! Maybe she was encountering the emotional-change-over reaction!

‘Please, Reeas,’ I said, ‘we will be OK.’

‘I know, but I just want to get this job over, Dan. I can’t stand the low down feeling of the place. Don’t forget you have lower consciousness levels,’

‘Yes, I know, but you have more training than me, you should be used to these things.’

‘No, Dan, no training can equip one for this place.’

You were at Far-Station for years, Reeas, and that was very low in consciousness, wasn’t it?’

‘No, Dan, it is something else. It must be the physiology of the place!’

‘OK, that’s it then, you can stay here, Reeas!’

‘No, I’m going with you.’

‘Listen, Reeas, I can get the necessary data we need by myself.

I can see you are affected by this place, please let me go alone this time. I will be back soon as you know, and I will let them take me quickly, also Deria will be with me.’

‘Are you sure, Dan?’

‘Yes, also I won’t like you being eaten before me.’

‘Dan, I sense danger other than the physical presence of the Llantrea.’

‘Yes, I know, it is the telepathic ability.’

‘Yes, be very careful.’

‘OK, Reeas, don’t worry, we will always be together.’

Now I knew what to do. I have the consciousness needed to get this job done.

Reeas came over and hugged me. I could see a tear in her eye, that’s something I haven’t seen very often.

‘Don’t worry,’ I said, ‘I will be back before you know. Oh, and I love you! I know I don’t say it enough!’

‘You don’t have to.’ she said.

We boarded the lightship, this time without Reeas.

Deria was her usual higher Guardian self, totally secure in her abilities. I on the other hand, was only secure in the knowledge that I had the highest beings in the Universe or Multiverse to help me. I felt scared again. Why can’t I rise above this depression? It always seems the same whenever I go into action, especially without Reeas, but more so in this Universe. I know I can handle things when I am actually on the planet. The ship was ready. Debra was her usual self which was a mixture of calmness and confidence with a little comedy thrown in. Debra was the name I gave to the ships computer, as you know, or rather the ship itself. I named her after an old girlfriend who I had at school back in one of my last life times in the U.S.A. She was a lovely girl, but I was too young, just a year younger than her, but that was too young in her eyes, in my eyes I would have loved her forever. Funny after all these years and life times, I still feel the emotion I had as a boy. I looked her up in the past life records section. She got killed at the age of 18, a passenger in her boyfriend’s car. God, why didn’t she have me as a boyfriend, I would have made sure I had a license to drive before I took her out in the car, unlike her boyfriend! I looked him up in the records section also. He survived the crash but got badly injured and died just eight years later an alcoholic! I didn’t know this at the time as she and her family moved out of the district, so I lost touch, she didn’t even say goodbye. All I can say is it was karma. Yes, I know I’m always saying it was karma, but it is. For students who can access these thought records you already know, sorry; you will also know karma is a universal law of God and cannot be changed.

We were now coming up on Halffa 2 which was only a relatively short 38 light-years, it only took us eighteen minutes to get there. We scanned the nearby space for any alarm messages. One last outpost to be still functioning as a trading post is called Mergon. Space tankers call there regularly to resupply planets in the five solar systems that made up the Delemar Star Region with gas from super-giant gas planets like Jupiter and Saturn. Now I understood how important this job is, not only for the life forms that were on nearby planets, but other neighboring planets that needed to trade and visit the star region of Delemar, trillions of souls.

OK, I say to myself, time to pay a visit to some plant people. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be sarcastic as I’m a Trainee-Guardian, but I feel a little anger coming on. You know I am now Cloft, don’t you? So you can forgive me for feeling a little grumpy.

For students who are wondering how the Llantrea manage to travel in space. They simply place spores on unsuspecting space vehicles who happen to visit any of the planets that they have inhabited.  Yes I know it sounds utterly fantastic. Don’t forget, they have the ability to communicate telepathically with each other, and time has no meaning to them. It has taken a very long time for them to reach this point. We came out of orbit in the cloaking mode. We could see the destruction the Llantrea had done to the landscape. Any buildings that are still up had been engulfed by Greenery, but not ordinary greenery, this greenery was a menace to the whole galaxy. We accessed the computer on board to find out that there were only a few dozen small areas of land left that are free of the Llantrea and that is because they are mostly concrete or rock. I suppose the Llantrea needed soil to grow or exist in. OK, I thought, let’s get this show on the road. We landed in a clearing near to a small fortress like building. We couldn’t contact the people by radio or other means as I suppose communications had broken down. Right, I said, let’s meet the locals. I made sure I brought an axe just for comfort. A double bladed battle axe in fact! If I was going to be eaten then I wanted to even the score. Yes, I know you students will say your Karma is going to increase. I know, I say, and I don’t care, I don’t feel very spiritual in this body, Yes, I also know we could blast a hell of a lot of Llantrea with our cannon from the ship, but in reality it would only be a fraction of the entire population, so let me have my fun. We approached the base at an easy walking pace. I saw a meeting party of about eight beings. Three are Tourgens and the others are different life forms, all humanoid. When we got to within fifteen feet they said ‘Stop right there, intruder.’

Of course they couldn’t see Deria as she was using her invisibility shield.

‘What do you want?’

‘I just want to chop a little Llantrea.’

Before they could answer, I noticed that there was a sudden Panic from the group as Llantrea were approaching fast from the wooded area to the North of the base. They started to run back to the base, but I could see they wouldn’t make it in time. I started to run at speed, but not for the base, but for the Llantrea! I reached the leading large tree like creature. I hit it with the axe, slicing it in two. It fell dead. Apparently, if you cut a Llantrea in two it dies, but that wouldn’t actually be an option, would it? It would take a lot more than that to stop them, like me being eaten, and the data being analyzed to find an answer to their feeding process. But for now I’m going to enjoy the show. I could see the group was impressed as they also joined in slicing and cutting at the Llantrea with an assortment of weapons. Now I was getting into it. I killed another four before one got hold of my arm, I had to let go of the axe. The pressure from the Llantrea on my arm was intense! I started to bite at it, when another branch type arm grabbed my other arm. Now I was stuck. I could now see the mouth of the creature; it was something like an Octopus, a sort of beak. All of a sudden one of the Tourgens from the group saw my predicament and sliced off the branch that was holding me. I grabbed the axe and swung it killing the Llantrea. Now our small group was in a sort of semi-circle with the Llantrea all around us. Three of the group were now dead and being eaten as we looked on. I could now sense a telepathic message coming from one of the Llantrea, although it was protected by the others, and several yards behind them. I told the rest of the group to stay together. I then jumped over the front line of Llantrea then bringing the axe down as I fell; I hit the leader which split it in two. The leader was now dead. The result was surprising! All the Llantrea within about one hundred yards suddenly fell dead! This had a profound effect on the rest of the Llantrea as they started to retreat back into the wood.

‘Who are you?’ said one of the Tourgen’s.

‘I have come to help you.’

‘Are you a clone?’

‘Yes, does it matter?’

‘How can you jump so high?’

I’ll explain it later. Let us get into the base camp first.’

I Instructed Debra to take a sample from a dead Llantrea to analyse. In the base camp I told everyone that I would help them to overcome the Llantrea. Most of them didn’t even want my help, so I had to persuade them by having trials of strength; arm-wrestling and lifting things. Yes, I know it is asinine, but that is the way these people are. I instructed the ship to park herself outside in invisibility mode. The people in the base camp now trusted me. I said I would be back in a short while. I then accessed my recent conscious brain patterns to get the telepathic frequencies to access the Llantrea leaders, this was relatively easy to do; the hard part was fabricating some sort of device to give to the people at the base so they could fight the Llantrea. In two days I had several machines to combat the Llantrea. Yes, my student friends, I know we could just blast them with the ship, but that was not an option. It is not up to me. I contacted Halffa sub base for instructions and was told to give the machines to the people to help in the fight, you see it is not up to the Guardians to annihilate a species, all we can do is help a little. It will take a long time to restore the balance but it will happen, (Thought message coming through) a large part of the Llantrea leaders would be destroyed by Guardian ships, that means an enormous part of the whole Llantrea population would be gotten rid of. OK, I was wrong; maybe the Guardians do help more than they should, all I know is I didn’t need to get eaten! Good news eh? Halffa sub-base also said they would supply weapons such as cutting machines like chain-saws to combat the Llantrea, by the people, it will give them something to do and there will be lots of wood to build things.

Now for another lesson, Yes, I know we said that this Universe wasn’t humanoid! But don’t forget life forms such as the Tourgen are man-made and have been brought here by man also other beings like the ones at base camp are immigrants so to speak, it is the Llantrea which are native to this Universe. Yes, I hear you say, Man is poking his nose into things again! Enough said eh?

Deria said we had a return-to-base-signal from the ship, so we said our goodbyes and simply walked into the ship which was invisible. Don’t worry, no one saw us leave, if they did what a story that would make for future generations, a Tourgen clone that battled the Llantrea and could jump further and was stronger than any other life form, which brought magic weapons that defeated the enemy then simply disappeared! Even I’m impressed!

Test three…What is the base called under the northern ice cap on the planet Antarra?


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