The Inner Dragon Book Eleven

Dragon snake book cover .1 001

The Inner Dragon Book Eleven

TV script

By Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2015


Grunwald Magnusson

Grun’s mum

Cafe manager

Derek Weston: bully from school days

Anna Godfrey: friend

Kyle Simonson: friend

Grun’s father

Mr. Thomson: next door neighbor

Alec Macnee: Detective Inspector

John Watkins: Detective sergeant

Jenkins: Police constable

Chief Superintendent Barton

Police Inspector Jackson

Cafe Manager

Swat team members

Ian: Newspaper store manager

Janet: Newspaper shop assistant

Lieutenant Colonel Roberts

Captain Bridge

Major Elliot

Editor Ellis

Reporter Winfield

Detective Inspector Hudson

Detective Sergeant Walker

General Taylor

Colonel Hampson

Major Park

Peggy Allen

Peggy’s mum Sarah Allen

General Lloyd-Hewitt

Agent Forty Two Special Branch

Lieutenant Colonel Parker: Bomb Squad

Major Dorchester Bomb Squad

Colonel Phillips Intelligence Corps

Head of the armed services General Sir Charles Humphries

Prime Minister

Home Secretary

Please be aware that this is part eleven of an ongoing script


Grunwald Magnusson was always a lonely person, ever since childhood where he struggled to understand people. People were his antagonists. People were always interfering in his life. Why did his father give him this ridiculous name and leave him when he was only five years old? Only his father could tell him what to do with his life. He left him a coded message which took Grun months to decipher. The message was locked in a cabinet under the mirror which Grun was always frightened to look into. It had runic symbols running around it. His mother had given Grun the key when he turned twenty one. Grun had found another key in the cabinet and a letter. The letter was from his father. It said he must begin the quest? After much work Grun finally managed to find the hidden box. Why didn’t his mother know anything about it, or anything relevant about his father? All she said was she was told by Grun’s father never to sell the house and to give him the key.

Grun was on the threshold of something which would alter his life forever.  The box which was buried in the outhouse under the floor contained an assortment of things. It would take Grun three years to even begin to understand them. The main thing was the book.

After another three months of decoding he found the second letter hidden behind the fitted bookshelf. The letter said that he should stand in front of the mirror at a certain time and he would be given certain powers!

The time was the spring equinox. Grun stood in front of the mirror at twelve o clock. He meditated for several minutes with his eyes closed. When he opened them he could see a man writing a message on the inside of the mirror. He knew this man to be his father.

Grun had copied the message which remained for ten minutes after his father disappeared. Grun was disappointed at not being able to talk with his father but he knew that his father had Grun’s welfare at heart. Grun started to practice the exercises which were given him. The details are too secret to reveal here.

Scene Thirty Nine: Secret Location

Grun was now untied but handcuffed; he was led to the toilet. Grun knew that he could now influence the agents by simply being in the same room. He was confident and sure in his ability.

Agent Forty two:

OK, now you are finished relieving yourself, you are going to be submitted to a new and not very nice system of interrogation which involves noise and sleep deprivation, so if I was you I would comply fully with everything we ask of you, is that understood?


I want to have a nice cup of tea and some muffins, is that understood?

Agent Forty two:

Absolutely, my colleague will get them. Max, nip to the canteen and get Grun some refreshment, he wants muffins and tea.

Agent Fifty three (Max)

OK, anything else? What about bringing the TV in here, I’m sure he is a football fan.

Agent Forty two:

Yes and maybe some beer.


No beer, thanks, listen, I have to leave here in ten minutes, don’t make a fuss or there may be trouble, just sit here quietly and then arrange for my departure, say that I am being transferred to another location. Is that understood?

Agent Forty two:

Yes, no problem.

The agents are now sat quietly and Grun feels good. The spell is working well, Grun then asks for his coin back; agent forty two gets up and moves to the other room where he unlocks a drawer and takes out the coin, he then comes back and offers it to Grun.


Tomorrow you will go to the British Library and tell them that you are taking the relic out. You will not give any information to the people who will try to stop you; just say the plans have changed and that you are responsible for it. Show them your I.D. cards and reassure them that you will take care of the relic. Then bring the relic to me at the location I will give you later. Give me one of the spare mobile phones that you keep here and inform me when you will meet me to give me the relic, you will not go home tonight, you will sleep in the van and tomorrow you will wash in the toilets at the railway station before going to the library; do not tell anyone where you are going or what you are doing, is that understood?


Grun finishes his tea and muffins and then they leave the building in a van, Grun is taken to the underground where they take off the handcuffs and wish him well, they then drive off.

Scene Forty: Special Branch HQ

Agent Forty Eight:

OK, Miss. Godfrey, I want you to tell me why you contacted Grun Magnusson and what he said.


If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.

Agent Forty Eight:

I have to tell you that if you don’t cooperate you will be held indefinitely as a collaborator.


I had a dream which said I must contact Grun and apologize.

Agent Forty Eight:

And the dream told you where to find him?



Agent Forty Eight:

You can’t expect me to believe that.

Agent Forty Eight is summoned by his colleague in the other room who tells him that the recording device won’t work.

Agent Forty Eight:

This is just what happened with Magnusson; the cameras and other recording equipment wouldn’t work. OK, get it down in shorthand.

Agent Fifty One:

I can’t do shorthand.

Agent Forty Eight:

Well any hand, just write it down.

He walks back to the interview room.

Agent Forty Eight:

Miss. Godfrey, tell me all you know of Grun Magnusson.


We are friends from school; he was way ahead of anyone else in all subjects. He could have been a top university graduate, he said he could figure out the Hodge Conjecture and the Riemann Hypothesis but he wanted to leave high school and do his own thing; we lost touch after that.

Agent Forty Eight:

What about the mystical side of things?


He was into it even at school; he would meditate at break time; the other kids would rib him over it but he wouldn’t let it get to him even if they used force.

Agent Forty Eight:

Did he use force?

No, he said it would hurt them, so he had to take the bullying.

Agent Forty Eight:

Did he ever invent things like weapons?


Not that I know of but he did work on things like body-armor, I remember he said he could improve the armor plate on military vehicles also.

Agent Forty Eight: (looks across to his colleague as if to say are you getting all this down?)

Scene Forty One: Grun’s House

The authorities were now in a panic as the area around the Magnusson house was creating havoc, the police had lost two officers, the Intelligence corps had lost three people and the newspapers and media had lost seven. The dragon had expanded its area around the house by fifty yards. All the victims had been burnt to a crisp. Anything that strayed into the circle was killed.

Scene Forty Two:  10 Downing Street

Prime Minister:

We need to get to the bottom of this nightmare, what are the reasons given for these deaths?

General Sir Charles Humphries:

We simply don’t know at this time, the ferocity of the attacks is unbelievable. We can’t pinpoint any reference point of origin. The house is sitting there as before with no damage, and the ground underneath it has been filled in, but we don’t know how.

Prime Minister:

Home secretary, did you manage to locate Grun Magnusson?

Home secretary:

I have been on to the Special Branch and have been told that he has been taken to a new location.

Prime Minister:

What information did they get from him?

Home secretary:

We don’t know, sir they wouldn’t say.

Prime Minister:

This is ridiculous, get back to them at once and order them to bring him to Army HQ.

Scene Forty Three: The streets of London

Grun had spent the night walking the streets, he didn’t need sleep, but he needed to have a clear mind and alert senses. The power in him had increased and he knew it had also increased in the dragon, he also knew what had happened at the house and that he didn’t have much time left to get the relic key; he had thought of just going to the library and asking for it with the help of the influence spell but the spell would only worked in a small space with few people, although now he had this extra power and maybe the spell would work in large spaces like the British Library, he would have to wait until the agents have done their job.

Scene Forty Four: British Library

The agents walk into the library at opening time show their I.D cards and ask for the manager. They are shown into his office; the manager arrives and asks what they want.

Agent Forty Two:

We have come to collect the relic that is supposed to be going to New York.


It is going to New York.

Agent Forty Two:

Not any more, we have authorization to take it to a secret location where it will be examined.


Where is your written authorization?

Agent Forty Two:

We in the Special Branch don’t need such things.


Then you won’t get it.

Agent Forty Two:

Do you want to be arrested?


I’m going to call the police; you will get nothing from me.

Agent Forty Two: (pulls out his gun and aims it at the manager)

I’m trying to be nice but I can see you are one of those people who cause trouble. Now, get the relic. I am putting the gun into my pocket but it will still be aimed at your back, now, get marching and stay calm.

Manager: (turns pale and starts to walk)

I have to get the keys from my assistant, he has a set and I have another.

Agent Forty Two:

OK, just remember to be normal or things could turn out nasty.


George, these gentlemen have special authorization to take the relic out, please assist me in getting it and preparing it for them.


But it was supposed to be going to New York Tomorrow.


Yes, but now it is not.

They get to the vault and use their respective keys to access it, once inside they make their way to another room; they open it and go inside.

Agent Forty Two:

Hurry up and get the relic.

George realizes that there is something wrong and starts to edge near to the alarm button which is on the wall.

Agent Forty Two:

Easy does it, Pal, just take it easy and you will be OK, now get the relic.


You can’t get away with this, it is chipped, and you will be tracked.

Agent Forty Two:

Let me worry about that, now, hurry it up.

They fetch the relic which is in a special box.

Agent Forty Two:

Open it up.


We can’t, it is genetically sealed.

Agent Forty Two:

Then I will have to shoot it open, we can’t carry it out like that.


Are you mad?

Agent Forty Two:

I am starting to take a dislike to you, pal…

They look around and Grun is stood there.


I thought you might need some assistance.


Who are you?

Mickey Mouse, now let me look at the relic. Grun scans the relic and realizes that it is the wrong one.


Where are the substitute relics?


They are in sealed drawers in the next room.


Get them and hurry. Grun realizes that George the assistant is about to lock the main vault door.

George, you get the substitutes and help us to take them and the relic to the van; the manager will also help us, you will feel happy and content and remember nothing of this event.


I feel a bit dizzy, but I will help all I can. I will fetch the substitutes.


I feel the same, I hope you will all come back sometime and use our services.


Thank you.

Grun scans the substitutes and finds the original relic with no chip. He always was suspicious about the idea that they would risk putting a chip into such a valuable thing.

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