The Inner Dragon Book Five

Dragon snake book cover .1 001

The Inner Dragon Book Five

TV script

By Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2015


Grunwald Magnusson

Grun’s mum

Cafe manager

Derek Weston: bully from school days

Anna Godfrey: friend

Kyle Simonson: friend

Grun’s father

Mr. Thomson: next door neighbor

Alec Macnee: Detective Inspector

John Watkins: Detective sergeant

Jenkins: Police constable

Chief Superintendent Barton

Cafe Manager

Swat team members

Ian: Newspaper store manager

Janet: Newspaper shop assistant

Please be aware that this is part five of an ongoing script


Grunwald Magnusson was always a lonely person, ever since childhood where he struggled to understand people. People were his antagonists. People were always interfering in his life. Why did his father give him this ridiculous name and leave him when he was only five years old? Only his father could tell him what to do with his life. He left him a coded message which took Grun months to decipher. The message was locked in a cabinet under the mirror which Grun was always frightened to look into. It had runic symbols running around it. His mother had given Grun the key when he had turned twenty one. Grun had found another key in the cabinet and a letter. The letter was from his father. It said he must begin the quest? After much work Grun finally managed to find the hidden box. Why didn’t his mother know anything about it, or anything relevant about his father? All she said was she was told by Grun’s father never to sell the house and to give him the key.

Grun was on the threshold of something which would alter his life forever.  The box which was buried in the outhouse under the floor contained an assortment of things. It would take Grun three years to even begin to understand them. The main thing was the book.

After another three months of decoding he found the second letter hidden behind the fitted bookshelf. The letter said that he should stand in front of the mirror at a certain time and he would be given certain powers!

The time was the spring equinox. Grun stood in front of the mirror at twelve o clock. He meditated for several minutes with his eyes closed. When he opened them he could see a man writing a message on the inside of the mirror. He knew this man to be his father.

Grun had copied the message which remained for ten minutes after his father disappeared. Grun was disappointed at not being able to talk with his father but he knew that his father had Grun’s welfare at heart. Grun started to practice the exercises which were given him. The details are too secret to reveal here.

Scene thirteen: Newsagents shop

Grun was now in depression. Anna had betrayed him to the police. His name was all over the newspapers with pictures of his home and everything else the papers could get hold of. This would take some serious meditation. The relic key was now locked up again and would be hard to steal.

Grun: (thinking to himself)

Dad told me to contact Kyle Simonson. I can’t see how that would help me. Things have changed and my only hope is to find out where the relic is and get in there in invisibility mode.

Grun was now getting an inner message from his father to buy the paper and to scan the announcements. He would have to risk coming out of invisibility mode. He walked around the back of the shop and scanned the area and then he pressed the coin to reappear. He then walked around to the front and walked inside. Grun picks up the newspaper from the rack and goes to the counter.

Shop assistant Janet 😦 looks at Grun and shouts)

Hey, you are the guy in the papers.

Grun looks around for an escape but the door is blocked with two men who hear the assistant shout. Grun runs into the back of the shop looking for the back door; Grun finds it but it is locked. The manager has now blocked the way back so all Grun can do is run into the storeroom; he locks it behind him. He scans the area but there is no escape. All he can do is climb up onto the shelving and lie low. He rips the announcement page out of the paper and puts it in his pocket he doesn’t have room for the rest of the paper so he throws it out of the window.  It doesn’t take long for the police to arrive.

Grun (thinking to himself)

Why didn’t dad know about this? Is all this some sort of test for me? Am I dad’s special envoy on Earth? Why do I always have to take the crappy end of whatever I come up against?

Grun receives an inner message from his father… because you are learning and learning to be proficient in the right way is not easy, just rest in meditation, it won’t take long for the police to go.

Detective sergeant Watkins: (looking around the storeroom)

Are you sure he came into this room?


Yes, he must be in there, there is no other exit.

Detective sergeant Watkins:

Look for yourself; there is only the toilet over there and it has only a very small window and bars on it. The other window has bars too.


I can’t understand it; the only place he could hide is behind the coat rack and on the shelving.

Grun: (keeps very still as they look directly at him.)

Detective sergeant Watkins:

Well, there is no one here.

A police constable arrives and says, I found this newspaper outside the storeroom window, sir.


Yes, that is the paper he took.

Detective sergeant Watkins:

I’ll take that.

Grun was now wishing he had hidden the paper better. The police will find out he ripped the announcement page out and maybe they will be able to decode whatever the message is. Grun realizes that being proficient is not easy as his dad said. All Grun could do now was lie low and rest. At five o clock the shops workers are getting ready to leave. The police had gone but Grun knew there was still an officer posted outside. He knew also the detective sergeant Watkins was a person who believed in mysticism and would be able to understand partly what Grun was trying to do. Grun also knew that Inspector Macnee was taking leave on health grounds; he was no fool and knew there was not going to be a happy ending.

The workers came in to get their coats.

Shop assistant Janet 😦 looking around)

I’m not going to come in here again; I’ll keep my coat in the other room from now on.


Don’t be silly, there’s nothing to be afraid of.


How did he get out then?

Manager: (laughing)

I don’t know, maybe he is good at concealment.


It’s no joke, I’m frightened. I feel dizzy being here.


Don’t be daft, Janet, You’ll feel different tomorrow.


That’s another thing, I’ll be taking a few days off, Ian; I need to get away for a while.


What? Why didn’t you tell me before?


I’m telling you now, in fact, you can call this my last day, I’m resigning.


Well thanks a lot you bloody little swine.

Janet; (looks around the room and shudders)

Let me out, I feel ill.

Manager 😦 follows her out and leaves the door open)

Be reasonable, I can’t get anyone to fill in for you so soon.

Grun makes his way to the door and looks around. He quickly walks to the main shop front and stands near the door waiting for Janet to go. Grun can see the officer stood outside looking around.


Hurry up and get my wages, I want to go. Never mind I will collect…no, you can bring them or send them.


Janet, please be reasonable.

Janet: (pushes by him and feels she is going to be ill.

Manager: (grabs her arm and turns her round)

Janet, please…

Janet: (looks at him and then vomits over his shirt and trousers)


You bloody little cow.


Stuff you, I’m off.

Janet opens the door and walks out. Grun walks out after her making sure he doesn’t step in the vomit while the manager is stood still in a pool of sick. Grun then quietly walks out of the town center and towards his house. He looks back to see the police officer smiling to himself at the manager’s predicament.

Scene Fourteen: Grun’s house

Grun reaches home and can see the cordon around it plus police at the front gate.  He can also see the dragon which is moving around the house in a snakelike manner inside the circle. It is fully alert and ready to strike. He walks around to the back and sees another officer stationed at the gate near the hedge. Grun walks towards the back door. The dragon sees him and stops in front of the door. Grun feels scared but knows he is protected. Grun takes out the dragon coin and holds it up. The dragon moves back and Grun walks to the door and then looks around, he waits till the officer is not looking and then he quickly moves inside the house. He goes up to his bedroom and takes out the mirror from behind the bookcase. He realizes that he didn’t need to hide it as the police couldn’t get in the house, but it is human nature and what people do. They want to make sure that everything in life is protected. Grun now knows that in this physical world everything is liable to be lost, stolen, broken, or will someday die. He puts the mirror back on the wall and meditates in front of it. He can’t put the light on not because the police will see it but because they have turned off the power. He then realizes that the phone is about to ring; two seconds later it rings and he knows it is the police, he ignores it. Grun knows it is not yet time to talk with his father so he goes over to his bed and sits down. He takes out the paper from his pocket and scans it. He sees one announcement that grabs his interest; it is in a code that he invented at school. He realizes that only he and Kyle knew about it; Kyle was very good at making and using codes also. It was worded in a way to make it seem as though it was an ordinary letter but certain words were used to mask the first ones. It was from Kyle and he wanted to meet up with Grun. All Grun had to do was meet Kyle at secret location which only he and Grun knew about.  The meeting would take place tomorrow. Grun felt tired which was something he didn’t usually feel. He lay down to sleep secure in the knowledge that he was safe.

He became aware in the dream state. He was stood in the middle of a large circle of people who were dressed in druid robes. Grun’s father walks over to him.

Grun’s father:

Grunwald, (Grun’s father was the only person who called him by his full name) you are to be initiated; this is the first of many, I want to tell you that you can refuse. Please think about this for a few minutes while we chant the sacred names.


Father, I am worried about the dragon, why can’t you send it away?

Grun’s father:

I have to say that it is my fault. I brought the dragon to protect you and your mother while I was gone. I was young and foolish. I wanted power and everything that goes with it. I am to be reprimanded. The officer who was burned at the rear of the house has now died; he saw the dragon and people who see the dragon are doomed to die.


How can we stop it?

Grun’s father:

The only way to stop the dragon is to acquire the relic key; it alone has the power to send the dragon back to its abode.


We could tell the authorities and then they would help us.

Grun’s father:

No! That would bring disaster. Do you not know that?

I feel unsure of where my life is leading me. All I want is to be at peace.

Grun’s father:

You will feel different after the initiation; you know there is no need to look into the mirror now as you will receive whatever you need through dreams. Tell me now, do you want it?



To be continued in book six.

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