The Inner Dragon Book Nine

Dragon snake book cover .1 001

The Inner Dragon Book Nine

TV script

By Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2015


Grunwald Magnusson

Grun’s mum

Cafe manager

Derek Weston: bully from school days

Anna Godfrey: friend

Kyle Simonson: friend

Grun’s father

Mr. Thomson: next door neighbor

Alec Macnee: Detective Inspector

John Watkins: Detective sergeant

Jenkins: Police constable

Chief Superintendent Barton

Police Inspector Jackson

Cafe Manager

Swat team members

Ian: Newspaper store manager

Janet: Newspaper shop assistant

Lieutenant Colonel Roberts

Captain Bridge

Major Elliot

Editor Ellis

Reporter Winfield

Detective Inspector Hudson

Detective Sergeant Walker

General Taylor

Colonel Hampson

Major Park

Peggy Allen

Peggy’s mum Sarah Allen

General Lloyd-Hewitt

Please be aware that this is part nine of an ongoing script


Grunwald Magnusson was always a lonely person, ever since childhood where he struggled to understand people. People were his antagonists. People were always interfering in his life. Why did his father give him this ridiculous name and leave him when he was only five years old? Only his father could tell him what to do with his life. He left him a coded message which took Grun months to decipher. The message was locked in a cabinet under the mirror which Grun was always frightened to look into. It had runic symbols running around it. His mother had given Grun the key when he turned twenty one. Grun had found another key in the cabinet and a letter. The letter was from his father. It said he must begin the quest? After much work Grun finally managed to find the hidden box. Why didn’t his mother know anything about it, or anything relevant about his father? All she said was she was told by Grun’s father never to sell the house and to give him the key.

Grun was on the threshold of something which would alter his life forever.  The box which was buried in the outhouse under the floor contained an assortment of things. It would take Grun three years to even begin to understand them. The main thing was the book.

After another three months of decoding he found the second letter hidden behind the fitted bookshelf. The letter said that he should stand in front of the mirror at a certain time and he would be given certain powers!

The time was the spring equinox. Grun stood in front of the mirror at twelve o clock. He meditated for several minutes with his eyes closed. When he opened them he could see a man writing a message on the inside of the mirror. He knew this man to be his father.

Grun had copied the message which remained for ten minutes after his father disappeared. Grun was disappointed at not being able to talk with his father but he knew that his father had Grun’s welfare at heart. Grun started to practice the exercises which were given him. The details are too secret to reveal here.

Scene Twenty Nine: Parliament

Home Secretary:

Mister Speaker, the events at the Magnusson house over the last few weeks have stunned the world. The accident with the fighter plane is another unexplained incident. Some people are even saying that there is a mystical snake of some sorts which is causing these unfortunate events. I say we have to be down to earth and put the blame on the Magnusson family; Grunwald Magnusson is a man who is capable of inventing any number of weapons. We have evidence to put forward that he nearly killed three boys with some sort of stun gun when he was only a teenager. He is a very able and cunning person; top of his class in every subject. We have his school record here; Math’s, Chemistry, Physics, Science; he was head and shoulders above anyone else, his marks are on par with the best in the world.  The trouble is he became a loner and a fanatic. We cannot let this situation go on; he has to be brought to justice. The world’s press is saying that we cannot even get into one house. I give way to the honorable gentleman.

MP for Glasgow:

Can we not just leave things for the moment and simply wait him out; he is bound to run out of food and the power and water has been cut off.

Home Secretary:

We believe he has a store of these things, plus a generator, we also believe he has been planning this situation for a long time. A friend of his said that he asked her to help him steal a valuable relic from the British Library so he could stop this so called dragon. I say that this was ruse to move the blame away from him. I give way to the honorable gentleman.

MP for Liverpool;

Have you not found out why the photos and recordings of the events have not been released?

Home Secretary:

This is another strange thing that I believe Grun Magnusson is responsible for. We have to get into the house to assess the situation; I can’t release any details as yet for security reasons.

The debate went on for a long time, as usual, but the real reason for the catastrophe was ignored.

Scene Thirty: Kyle Simonson’s Apartment

Kyle is on his pc and hacking into the British Library’s computer files; he had been working at this for two days straight; he  has found out that the relic is so valuable that it has been chipped and has several counterfeit replicas ready to be brought into play if need be. The original relic is now being stored and made ready to be taken to New York where it will be placed in a secure state-of-the-art container which has been specially made for it. Kyle believes that the relic is known to certain people as a potential weapon of destruction; it could be used to cause countrywide or worldwide disaster. Kyle was now pondering how in the world Grun could even get near to it when there was a knock at the door. Kyle felt scared; the spell that Grun had given him had made his senses tingle and his mind alert to danger and that danger was at the door. Kyle knew it was the police but not the special branch. He shut down the pc and went to the door.

Kyle: (waiting at the door)

Detective Inspector Hudson:

Mister Simonson, we have a search warrant here; if you don’t answer the door we will break it down.

Kyle: (opens the door)

Yes, what can I do for you?

Detective Inspector Hudson:

Are you Kyle Simonson?



Detective Inspector Hudson:

I am Detective Inspector Hudson and this is my Colleague Detective sergeant Walker. We have a warrant to search your apartment.



Detective Inspector Hudson:

Can we just come in and I will explain.


OK, but you will find nothing.

Kyle knows he has to be sure of himself and just let the spell take its course. They enter the apartment and suddenly the police are confused; Detective Inspector Hudson is now looking around and asking to sit down while his colleague is asking if he can turn on the TV. The rest of the crew is stood around in a trance. Kyle is smiling to himself and wondering what to do next when Detective Inspector Hudson looks like he is ready to fall asleep. Kyle asks him what he wants and the Inspector then gets up and walks to the door saying he has to get home because his granddaughter needs to be fed.  His colleague asks Kyle if he has pay for view TV. Kyle says yes and the sergeant says he will order it tomorrow. They walk to the door with faltering steps. Kyle knows he has to put the idea into their minds that they found nothing of consequence so he says,

I’m glad you are satisfied with the search, Detective Inspector; you know I don’t have a computer don’t you? Please give my regards to your granddaughter.

Detective Inspector Hudson:

Thank you, mister Simonson, it is nice to see a young man like you getting through life without a pc, it is refreshing. I hope we didn’t cause you much inconvenience?


Not at all, I enjoyed our talk.

Everyone was now back to normal but they believed that they had thoroughly searched Kyle’s apartment.

Kyle was now alone and was worried; he knew the police would be back and it would be the Flying Squad or the Special Branch. He had the info that Grun wanted, so he could now hide his pc or get rid of it; he also knew that he must move from his home.

Scene Thirty one: Grun’s House

The Royal Engineers are now at the site and had tunneled from beyond the garden to several feet under the house with no mishaps. They didn’t want to get too close to the foundations as yet.

Captain Smyth:

We can excavate most of the earth out to within two meters from the foundations then prop it up and then lay another foundation underneath; this will be many times larger and stronger thus enabling us to place high explosives on it, we would then concrete it in in such a way that the blast would have to go upwards.

Colonel Peters:

Make sure you don’t get any nearer than two meters to the foundations. We don’t know what Magnusson has up there; he knows we are tunneling that’s for sure, but with luck he won’t be able to do anything about it.

The dragon has now increased in power, it seems to comprehend what the intension of the Army is; it is waiting to strike. The events of the last few weeks have influenced the dragon. Grun is partly to blame as he has increased in consciousness through the initiations.

Scene Thirty two: Peggy’s house


I am eternally grateful to you and Peggy, Sarah. I feel rejuvenated and at peace.

Peggy’s Mother Sarah:

You are most welcome, Grun, you are such a gentle soul. I feel happy now that you are here. It would be lovely if you two got married, why don’t you ask her?


We haven’t got around to even talking about such things yet.


But she said you have known each other for a long time; surely you have thought about it.

Peggy is such a wonderful daughter; you know she passed the test to be a St John’s Ambulance helper, she didn’t even get discouraged over the man who said he had been injured at the football match and wanted Peggy to rub him in an embarrassing place. You could be married at Easter time; oh, how lovely that would be. Promise me you will ask her; promise me, do you hear!

Grun knew that the influence spell was causing this to happen. He had to decide what to do about and quick.


I have to go out for a while, Sarah, tell Peggy I will come back later. You will not become too attached to me you think I am rude condescending and big headed; you also think that I smell of B.O. Bye for now.

Grun leaves the house and makes his way to the canal crossing to meet Kyle.

Peggy comes back half an hour later.


Where is Grun, mum?


He went out for a while; I don’t think you should see him so much.


What? Why do you say that?


He is condescending, big headed, rude, and smells of B.O.


What? How can you say that? He didn’t say anything bad to you, did he?


No, it is just how I feel about him, I know I liked him before but now I don’t; I mean, how can you like someone who smells.


He doesn’t smell to me.


You are smitten with him I can see that; he has influenced you to such an extent that you can’t smell him; well, I can smell him and I can tell you that it is a cross between a wet dog and a dung heap.


Oh, Mother, please stop this. I am going to my room.


If you marry him I won’t allow him into this house smelling like a dung heap!

Scene Thirty three: Canal Crossing

Grun could see Kyle standing, shuffling his feet and looking at the floor. Grun knew Kyle was worried.


Where have you been, I have been waiting ten minutes.


What’s wrong?


The police came around, but the spell worked; they went away thinking they had searched my apartment thoroughly but they will be back; and it will be the Flying Squad or Special Branch. I have already dumped the pc and smashed the disc.


What did you find out about the relic?


It is going to New York where it will be place in a secure container. If you want to get it you will have to do so before it gets there. They have put a tracking chip into it.


That’s good as I will be able to track it also.


How will you be able to do that?


Just trust me. When does it leave?


On Tuesday at eleven am; they will use a Sure-Thing security van plus escort.

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