The Return of the Beasts Shadow

Beast man 001

The Return of the Beasts Shadow


By Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2014

Please be aware that this script has adult content.

Table of Content

David Joyce-The Beasts Shadow

Susan Ashton-Shop Assistant

John Stokes-Shop Manager

Gerald Claymore-Coward

Old Tom-Tramp

Mary Wilson-Former Hostage of the Beast

Dan Casey-Police Chief


A man called David Joyce has just come out of the asylum on day release. He managed to get away from his security guard, and is now wondering around the town. He believes he is invisible and that he can also create miracles. Two years ago he was involved in an incident which caused outrage and hilarity when he held people hostage while believing himself to be a super-hero called the-Shadow, and also an entity called the-Beast.

Scene 1-Grocers Shop

David Joyce starts to take items from the shelves and puts them in the stores own basket, he then he walks to the door.

Shop assistant: Susan.

Excuse me!

David Joyce looks at Susan and stands still, but doesn’t speak.


Can you please come to the counter and pay for those items?

David Joyce is still looking at Susan and getting agitated.


Are you OK?

David Joyce:

Can you see me?


Of course I can see you.

David Joyce:

Bloody hell, now I will have to exterminate you.

Susan: (shouting for the manager.) John. Please come here. We have a problem!

David Joyce:

It’s no use trying to get anyone to help you because they won’t be able to touch me.

I’m known as the-Shadow.

Susan: (now getting scared.) John! For God’s sake, please come here, we have a raving-lunatic in here.


What the hells all the noise?


This man is threatening me!


OK, what’s the problem, buddy?

David Joyce ignores John, and just stands still.


I’m talking to you. Do you want me to get the police?


He thinks he’s invisible.


Please God, not now. I’m supposed to get home early today.

David Joyce:

Oh, I know what the problem is. I should have used my own bag to put the items in and then you wouldn’t have seen me. The shops basket is the key, you see? It made me visible.

John: (whispering to Susan.) Get on the phone and get the police here right away.

David Joyce:

Drops the basket, but grabs a knife which was one of the items which he wanted to take away. ‘Now I am invisible again. You are at my mercy.’

Gerald Claymore walks in (he was one of the original hostages of the Beast) sees David Joyce with the knife and shits himself.

To be continued…


Gerald Claymore:

Bloody-hell, you made me crap myself!

David Joyce: (thinking he is now invisible, runs to the door to block anyone from leaving.)

Nobody leaves here or comes in without my say-so.

John Stokes:

I’m calling the police, and you better not try and stop me.

David Joyce:

Oh, I see! You can see the knife!  Well that’s easily taken care of. (He throws the knife at Gerald who ducks and farts at the same time.)

Now you are at my mercy. You can’t see me and I am about to transform myself back into the Beast, and I won’t need one of your Halloween masks this time Mr. Stokes!

John Stokes:

I remember now, you are the lunatic who brought in the readymade meal with a cockroach in it to claim compensation.

Susan Ashton:

Yes, I remember, he said it was his pet cockroach and that the food had killed it!

David Joyce:

The food did kill it, but did I get any sympathy from you? No!

John Stokes:

We don’t even sell that brand!

Gerald Claymore:

Can I use the toilet please?

David Joyce:

No, you shitty bastard, you are going to be ripped apart by the Beast when I transform myself. All I have to do is to think angry thoughts.

John Stokes:

You do know that we can still see you, don’t you?

David Joyce:

I know what the problem is! Yes, it is obvious. I have to remove all my clothes.

Susan Ashton:

Hurry up, John, call the police.

John Stokes: (runs up to David Joyce to restrain him, but David Joyce kick him in the balls.)

Bloody-Hell, I’ve been crippled.

David Joyce:

I’ll do the same to anyone who thinks I am a soft target. I have been learning Karate, so stay back.

Susan Ashton grabs a bottle of bleach from the shelf.

David Joyce: (is in the process of taking his underpants down when Susan squirts bleach up his bum.)

Argggh, I’m on fire, what did you do?

Susan Ashton:

Now, stay back or I will give you some more.

Gerald Claymore: (Laughing.)

How does it feel Mr. Beast man?

David Joyce: (trying to wipe his balls with a toilet roll he grabbed from the shelf)

I’m on fire someone please get some water.

Gerald Claymore grabs a fire extinguisher and squirts foam over David Joyce.

David Joyce is looking like a large version of a lemon meringue gone wrong runs at Gerald and karate kicks him in the chest knocking him through the daily paper rack and laying him out at the feet of Mary Wilson who has just walked in.

Mary Wilson:

What in heaven’s name is going on here?

David Joyce:

Arrggue! I knew my time of revenge would come. Mary Wilson couldn’t stop herself from being guided by my mind to this spot.

Mary Wilson:

I just called in for some toilet paper but now I’ve gone off the idea.

Gerald Claymore wakes up sits up shits himself and falls back.


Mary Wilson:

Let me get the ambulance, I think Gerald is ill.

David Joyce:

No, he is just a shitty arse. Let him stew in it.

Mary Wilson:

David, how on Earth did you manage to get here?

David Joyce:

I am now the Beast again so you can all fear for your lives. Prepare to be tortured.

John Stokes makes a dash for the telephone but the Beast runs at him and tries to do a flying drop kick. John steps to the side and David hits the chest freezer crashing through into frozen fish compartment.

Bloody hell, I’m hurt, but I will not give in. (he then starts to throw frozen fish packets at everyone.)

John Stokes is getting fed up of this mess goes to his office and comes back with a baseball bat.

Now, will you give it up or do I have to cave your head in?

David Joyce:

I am the Beast and I will rip you to pieces.

John Stokes swings the bat David ducks and the bat flies out of his hands and hits Gerald who has sat up again squarely in the face breaking several teeth.

Gerald Claymore shits himself and collapses.

Mary Wilson tries to get phone out of her bag.

David Joyce sees this and makes a run for her. John Stokes tries to rugby tackle him and they both crash through a display of baked beans. David rolls over and bites John on the nose.

John Stokes:

Arrrgg you bloody little shit bag, I’ll kill you.

David Joyce:

I am now the Beast, and I will kill you!

Susan Ashton is too shocked to move, lights a cigarette to calm her nerves, the discarded match is thrown into the waste basket which starts a fire.

Mary Wilson tries to calls police and fire services but her phone won’t work.

Old Tom the tramp walks in and starts to shoplift.

David Joyce sees this and runs over to old Tom.

This is my show you old bleeder, get the hell away!

Old Tom laughs and gives David Joyce the finger while holding a bottle of whisky.

David Joyce grabs old Tom by his dirty old raincoat and swings him around throwing him through the toilet door, he then pushes over a length of shelving which then blocks the main door, by this time the fire has set off the fire extinguishers in the ceiling and water is now pouring in.

Susan Ashton;

Help! We are all going to die! Help!

John Stokes slaps her across the face to bring her to her senses.

David Joyce kicks him up the backside and as he turns around he knees him in the scrotum.

John Stokes collapses in a heap.)


Police and Fire services arrive at the scene, but by this time the fire is now out.

David Joyce is standing at the window believing he is invisible.

Police chief: (shouting)

Get away from the window we are going to break it!

David Joyce naked and foam riddled looks on expressionless as the Police Chief looks back.

Police Chief:

What the hell is wrong with you?

David Joyce: (shouting)

Can you see me?

Police Chief: (screaming)

Get the hell away from the window you nut case!

David Joyce:

Oh, I know what has happened. I have now fully changed into the Beast again so everyone now will have to beware! I can pull your head off if I want.

Police Chief: (whispering to his deputy) get a marksman in place we might have to blow his brains out.

Mary Wilson:

David, you are still ill. Please realize that you need help. I can arrange for you to go back to the hospital where you will rest and receive whatever you need to get well.

David Joyce:

You bloody witch! I would rather go to hell than that place again. Prepare to be slaughtered!

Susan Ashton can’t stand the stress anymore, she screams and grabs a bottle of beer from the shelf and runs at David Joyce.

David Joyce karate kicks her squarely in the chest sending her through the toilet door landing on top of Old Tom who is still out cold. The beer bottle hits David Joyce on the side of his head but doesn’t break until it hits the floor he then stands in it with his bare feet.

David Joyce:

Blood hell, that does it, you are all doomed!

Mary Wilson is now banging on the window and shouting to the Police Chief to rescue them.

The Police Chief has now started the process of positioning an officer in front of the window with his gun ready to shoot out the window.

David Joyce is now squatting down and feeling his bloody feet and howling like a wolf.

The Police Chief is about to give the order to fire when David Joyce grabs the discarded baseball bat and charges.

The officer fires his gun. The window shatters into ten thousand pieces. David Joyce flings himself at the Police Chief and they fall to the floor. David gives a wolf cry as he raises the baseball bat when a police officer shoots a high voltage stun gun into his bare bottom.

David Joyce lets out a scream of high intensity as he collapses on the floor.

The security guard who was supposed to keep a check on David Joyce turns up and says,

I can’t understand it? I was standing next to him in the Mall when he suddenly disappeared!

Will the Beast be back? Can they keep the Shadow in check?

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Colin J Platt.


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