What is God

Portrait Buddha 001

What is God?

Is it the Power?

Or is it a man?

Could it be an Alien?

I like to think it’s a person

But I’m probably mistaken

All the knowledge in the mind

Just makes it harder to define

I’d like to dream and go to heaven

Just to ask to see the boss there

I would ask him why the world is so troubled

He would have to admit it is a muddle

I wouldn’t trouble him with little things like the weather

Although I would ask why people have to die in earthquakes and floods

I’m sure he would understand the needs of a simple man

To want something to believe in besides religion

Religion doesn’t help they are all the same

Professing to be better than the rest is a silly game

I think I’ll get into yoga it might help me pass over to Nirvana

Then I would know all the secrets of the ages just like the sages

And I could share it with everyone and say it was from above

But people would probably laugh at me for telling them to love

So I will just tell you my friend I’m sure you’ll understand

Simply love, that’s all

And now I’ll go to bed

I think it’s for the best and I do need the rest.

Good night.


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